Đồng nghĩa của risk taking


Prone to engaging in risky behaviour or unafraid to do things with uncertain outcomes
audacious daring bold adventurous venturesome brave courageous adventuresome carefree exciting exploratory thrill-seeking daredevil reckless foolhardy rash venturous heedless madcap intrepid enterprising gutsy fearless dashing brash undaunted dauntless impulsive overconfident nervy temerarious hardy headstrong devil-may-care nerved emboldened free-swinging macho brazen ballsy hot-headed death-or-glory hasty wild desperate ill-advised kamikaze impetuous harum-scarum precipitous imprudent overbold irresponsible hell-for-leather incautious hare-brained tearaway bull-in-a-china-shop death-defying hotheaded have-a-go unafraid valorous valiant dangerous risky unshrinking hazardous heroic spunky peppy confident pushy restless on the go dareful seeking presumptuous plucky gallant lionhearted doughty unflinching spirited stalwart mettlesome careless gritty game stout gutty heroical manful stouthearted thoughtless stout-hearted precipitate greathearted undauntable lion-hearted resolute overhasty feisty harebrained negligent injudicious unthinking breakneck headlong chivalrous swashbuckling unabashed ill-considered swaggering tough unheeding foolish unwise fire-eating regardless noble over-adventurous over-venturesome uncareful spartan frivolous aweless inconsiderate assured steely indomitable cocky strong flamboyant unalarmed ostentatious rock-ribbed unfearful dazzling mindless as game as Ned Kelly indiscreet inattentive giddy casual unconcerned cavalier unguarded unwary erratic manly shameless unconsidered unworried positive stupid silly defiant determined decisive hurried unfearing flighty unblenching tenacious capricious impudent helter-skelter out of control abandoned sudden forward abrupt brassy fast and loose suicidal self-destructive crazy impavid crackpot cool dynamic high-risk scatty impractical senseless honourable great-spirited unapprehensive remiss go-ahead unsafe mad assuming bantam aggressive sturdy resourceful crackbrained radge dogged happy-go-lucky nonchalant impervious undisturbed icy ungoverned uncurbed haphazard easy-going redoubtable assertive wide open frightless staunch forceful daft chaotic wacky lively romantic rakish airy flippant insouciant urbane extreme life-threatening quixotic hairy suave dignified thrilling honorable dotty dippy inconstant scatterbrained divvy sporting off deep end out on limb puissant worthy powerful gung ho untroubled breezy indifferent careless of one's duty fly-by-night firm chin-up fortitudinous herolike eye-catching startling flashy striking gaudy showy romping light-minded disorderly salty smart-alecky cheeky smart obtrusive crusty lackadaisical fire eating go for broke out on a limb hot shot roisterous saucy unspeakable pell-mell whirlwind flying cursory drive-by rushed gadarene free and easy rumbustious misguided overventuresome shocking precipitant rough tempestuous rushing uncontrolled unsmart overweening cocksure hubristic smug bumptious conceited uppish self-assured playing with fire outrageous overbearing blustering arrogant self-assertive presuming riding for a fall overoptimistic bullish spontaneous ill-conceived decadent unpremeditated fast-paced full of yourself instinctive extemporaneous impromptu snap involuntary whimsical unplanned intuitive uninhibited licentious self-indulgent self-gratifying unconstrained fast immoderate louche carnal corrupt intemperate slack harsh extravagant profligate wanton salacious unrestrained gadabout heading for a fall emotional freakish unprompted unrepressed unpredictable quick offhand swift unmeditated hectic superficial perfunctory speedy passionate unexpected automatic spur-of-the-moment ad-lib jumping the gun ill-thought-out winging it


Having the spirit, attitude or qualities of an entrepreneur


Valiant deeds in desperate times
derring-do boldness bravado bravery daring guts valour valor adventurousness audacity courage brave deed daring action great courage heroic deed overboldness venturousness fearlessness intrepidity nerve heroism courageousness spirit pluck doughtiness intrepidness gallantry bottle dauntlessness mettle hardihood spunk moxie daringness sand braveness backbone ballsiness fortitude grit balls gutsiness cojones heart prowess virtue stoutness greatheartedness pecker valiance recklessness intestinal fortitude temerity pluckiness manliness stout-heartedness spine audaciousness rashness foolhardiness venturesomeness daredeviltry adventuresomeness daredevilry determination resolution valorousness enterprise face confidence dynamism temerariousness brassiness cockiness salt impudence cheek firmness tenacity valiancy dash stomach lionheartedness fight starch indomitableness defiance invincibility adventure spiritedness gameness civility deference urbanity gentility nobility poise address reverence elegance tact savoir-faire duty manfulness lion-heartedness stoutheartedness valiantness undauntedness endurance bravura pugnacity power élan resolve resoluteness strength indomitability steadfastness strength of character assurance stamina will constancy chivalry gumption will power energy self-assurance toughness conviction Dunkirk spirit certainty purpose perseverance staunchness pertinacity strong-mindedness hardiness fiber fibre brashness moral fibre self-confidence moral fiber faith firmness of purpose force aplomb purposefulness persistence doggedness obstinacy drive intentness dedication tenaciousness indefatigability pertinaciousness steel resilience stoicism perseveration determinedness relentlessness coolness grittiness willpower toughness of spirit vigour life front staying power stick-to-itiveness strength of mind vigor true grit what it takes har T-block T-box pothead chutzpah knighthood spunkiness self-belief self-trust forcefulness mettlesomeness enthusiasm patience mind belief cool-headedness self-possession manhood keenness eagerness stalwartness passion zest gusto gut bravehood potency insolence effrontery fire chivalrousness stuff forbearance long-suffering moral strength pith right stuff ardour might single-mindedness motivation morale decision stubbornness decidedness inner strength quality makeup vitality caliber ardor animation calibre potence powerfulness initiative intensity obdurateness obduracy inflexibility decisiveness earnestness granite intension dogmatism certitude stickability strength of will stiff upper lip stick-to-it-iveness bulldog spirit fixity of purpose sense of purpose sitzfleisch character

Trái nghĩa của risk taking

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