Đồng nghĩa của brazen

Alternative for brazen

brazens, brazened, brazening

Đồng nghĩa: bold, forward, immodest, shameless,

Tính từ

Táo bạo và không xấu hổ
bold brash forward insolent saucy shameless defiant impudent unabashed unashamed audacious brassy brazen-faced cheeky immodest impertinent pert barefaced unblushing blatant presumptuous pushy unembarrassed arch bold-faced brassbound cocksure cocky flagrant fresh nervy sassy undisguised wise bald-faced contumelious flashy flip gritty gutsy hotshot indecent loud meretricious overbold smart-alecky spunky tawdry as bold as brass rude arrogant malapert disrespectful smart overconfident bumptious presuming self-assertive familiar assuming lippy bold as brass arrant discourteous brass-necked pompous overweening assumptive mouthy uppity disdainful flippant high-handed haughty irreverent impolite supercilious outrageous hubristic lordly lofty inconsiderate boldfaced smug uppish procacious unmannerly self-asserting overbearing improper cool conceited insubordinate confident ill-mannered self-confident abandoned overfamiliar pretentious boastful indecorous hardened cavalier rash incorrigible daring hifalutin highfalutin insulting crude egotistical brazenfaced snippy imperious bad-mannered opinionated mannerless patronizing vain blustering offensive superior self-important free adventurous huffy chesty sniffy huffish toplofty toploftical fearless unrepentant out of line peremptory brave self-assured patronising vainglorious ballsy proud high and mighty contemptuous indelicate high-and-mighty egotistic stiff-necked high-hat uncivil shocking forceful immoral smart-arsed swollen-headed reckless smart-assed affected unapologetic remorseless snobbish intrusive abusive off-base wanton showy undaunted depraved profligate foolhardy impenitent dissolute unprincipled venturous adventuresome venturesome reprobate aggressive impulsive crass daredevil unchaste lewd scornful impetuous tactless swaggering indiscreet ostentatious ungracious facetious mischievous undiplomatic full of oneself thoughtless smarty-pants cute smart-aleck coarse smarty bigheaded ill-bred important snobby elitist know-it-all masterful full of yourself obtrusive snotty snooty condescending unconcealed toffee-nosed hoity-toity stuck-up gaudy unseemly wise guy assertive puffed up unconcerned courageous hotheaded too big for your boots headstrong obdurate impolitic pontifical egoistic egoistical narcissistic prideful egocentric dauntless unshrinking naughty uncontrite unafraid unremorseful unrepenting in-your-face loud-mouthed vulgar forthright thrusting heedless plucky game unflinching untactful vivacious self-affected bloated selfish self-promoting self-serving self-engrossed self-congratulatory self-opinionated self-centered self-righteous self-contented self-adulatory swellheaded biggity self-glorifying mocking self-conceited self-centred meddlesome snippety bantam precipitate hasty feisty unmannered presumptive scoffing orgulous sneering spirited bright uncalled-for conscienceless unhandsome breezy self-satisfied unladylike fancy-pants big-headed bragging biggety cold-shoulder bossy autocratic disgracious ungentlemanly dictatorial bare-faced hardy devil-may-care stuck up dashing out-of-line smart alecky coming on strong jumped up sharp on an ego trip boldface obvious heavy open macho undismayed sheer amoral flamboyant striking eye-catching startling unawed vituperatory scurrile scurrilous scurril invective vitriolic vituperative truculent opprobrious temeritous impish madcap poised composed abashless unaffected unshamed unrestrained unspeakable dazzling unreserved combative volatile weisenheiming throwing one's weight around overhasty previous premature lacking civility bad mannered uninhibited smart-mouthed overassertive direct bullish risk-taking imperative magisterial inappropriate overfriendly effervescent trashy pushing headlong incautious maladroit swashbuckling domineering derisive humiliating chirpy dapper keen relentless officious corrupt unfitting unbecoming strident noisy blaring harsh put down remote swanky tony pushful persnickety aloof overt grating jarring personal unsubtle high-flown throwing one's weight about putting on airs not backwards in coming forwards unreformed hardhearted recidivistic piercing raucous transparent over-assertive undignified suggestive grandiose prying inquisitive incongruous interfering meddling unsuitable nosy cacophonous deafening jangling dissonant thundering booming shrill over-free without regret without remorse curt churlish disagreeable risqué smutty scandalous unwholesome untoward distasteful ear-splitting discordant overfree brusque without shame blunt off base callous unregenerate nerveless jazzy tinny garish graceless unduly familiar chatting up making passes at making advances towards off-colour unpleasant highfaluting inflated temerarious hard loudmouthed high-pitched metallic flirtatious derogatory out of keeping disparaging high-minded la-di-da la-de-da unchivalrous uncharitable boorish uncouth offhand irredeemable unreformable inveterate incurable confirmed unrefined uncomplimentary ungenteel loutish ungallant surly sullen oafish rough gruff abrupt underbred inaffable ignorant short crabbed yokelish bounderish intrepid valiant dogged tenacious witty tough heroical valorous mettlesome lionhearted gallant not contrite unblenching heroic frightless unfearing unfearful manful sporting stout-hearted as game as Ned Kelly gung ho lion-hearted clever pointed ingenious sure positive certain sarcastic incisive adept smooth jaunty agile highbrowed humorous whimsical highbrow bantering apt tongue-in-cheek droll quick nimble jocular jesting ready nifty quick-witted smart aleck smart guy smarty pants assured complacent consequential dismissive strutting authoritarian above oneself tyrannical despotic authoritative self-loving oppressive puffed-up dominating sententious self-admiring crusty vaunting blusterous holier-than-thou boasting dogmatic pontificating obnoxious loudmouth peacockish self-aggrandizing doughty stout braggart heavy-handed self-regarding self-applauding bombastic iron-handed tyrannous autocratical tyrannic stouthearted aweless commanding playful stiff gutty in love with oneself pleased with oneself glib jokey too big for one's boots full of hot air frivolous funny ambitious ridiculous silly crowing sardonic satirical arbitrary comical iconoclastic egomaniac high carefree sacrilegious profane impious blasphemous windbag stalwart self-absorbed repressive undemocratic draconian enterprising aristocratic posh pleased with yourself willful rigid inflexible wilful stuffy irreverential unhallowed ungodly unholy strict severe greathearted anti-democratic dominant have-a-go insistent on high horse undauntable think too highly of oneself think a lot of oneself go-ahead too big for one's breeches have an excessively high opinion of oneself too big for your breeches too big for one's britches icy self-respecting self-complacent self-flattering extraverted braggy self-pleased self-gratulatory self-dramatizing blustery extroverted puffed perky highhanded self-obsessed standoffish indulgent overindulgent relaxed offensively self-assertive insufferable wrapped up in oneself airy autarchic blowhard driven tolerant free-and-easy casual inane riding for a fall overoptimistic careless subjugating controlling individualistic swollen egomaniacal protrusive nosey busy intruding snoopy swanking big-mouthed reserved distant detached indifferent nose in the air potty wiseguy high-pressure fierce go-getting militant wisecracking big exultant ritzy on one's high horse on your high horse blowing one's own horn overpowering emphatic think one is the cat's whiskers think one is God's gift think one is the cat's pyjamas steely unworried unapprehensive ironhanded coercive bullying indomitable sharp-elbowed iron-fisted wry roguish joking waggish jocose lighthearted precious cutesy highfalutin' inner-directed impervious fire-eating resolute undisturbed unalarmed overproud stuck on oneself heading for a fall hot stuff self-reliant lording it Neronian dogmatical unyielding mincingly clever blithe stubborn clamorous crack-the-whip doctrinaire stern firm dictative preponderant imperial demanding regnant ascendant prevalent on ego trip high falutin can-do secure self-possessed throwing weight around free-swinging nerved peppy emboldened believing expectant expecting well-balanced ridiculing jeering amusing salty fire eating go for broke hot shot dareful out on a limb taunting jibing superficial sure of yourself believing in oneself sure of oneself teasing snide denigratory slighting detracting derisory pillorying shallow irresponsible insouciant scathing absurd ludicrous cockamamie pathetic lampooning cockamamy caustic laughable risible farcical preposterous puckish unabashed by unshakable undaunted by cynical snidey gally sarky light-hearted unscared unalarmed by unfrightened for the birds having nerves of steel not scared brag boast conceity ham phony gall phoney snot-nosed big talking blowing one's own trumpet

Tính từ

Làm bằng đồng thau

Tính từ

Rõ ràng hay hiển nhiên
transparent blatant flagrant obvious patent manifest undisguised unconcealed barefaced glaring shameless bold unmistakable clear plain visible noticeable recognisable recognizable distinct evident apparent perceptible discernible palpable arrant open overt naked frank conspicuous straightforward bald audacious downright bare-faced pronounced direct complete candid blunt forthright explicit honest outright out-and-out straight unreserved outrageous plainspoken real plain-spoken matter-of-fact egregious gross striking rank outspoken stark guileless unequivocal uninhibited unambiguous natural upright upfront plain to see brass-necked unhidden utter observable avowed unashamed unfeigned crying unvarnished truthful sincere free forthcoming unsparing artless brutal ingenuous unrestricted unguarded capital aboveboard free-spoken no-nonsense lay it on the line flat-out call a spade a spade saying what one thinks up front from the hip like it is undeniable unrestrained flaunting sheer shocking ostentatious obtrusive unsubtle impudent unabashed dreadful heinous enormous scandalous atrocious recognized clear-cut unembellished unmitigated prominent brash notorious public brassy unadorned insolent unblushing deliberate unembarrassed recognised unstinting protrusive unrepentant disgraceful terrible reprehensible monstrous wicked shameful without shame immodest iniquitous villainous openhearted inordinate easy familiar naive scrupulous heart-to-heart as plain as a pikestaff unqualified extreme excessive freehearted standing out a mile straight-out plainly seen sticking out a mile up-front out and out straight-talking sticking out like a sore thumb standing out like a sore thumb straight from the shoulder straight-shooting simple well-known much in evidence basic outstanding unmissable inescapable unevasive bare categorical temerarious serious straight-from-the-shoulder harsh grim absolute grievous as plain as day laying it on the line point-blank calling spade a spade round definite exorbitant significant major staring someone in the face immoderate published exposed out-front bluff foursquare above board publicized pointed thoroughgoing wholehearted unfiltered to the point on the up and up not afraid to call a spade a spade on the level warts and all revealed acknowledged writ large unchallenged accepted uncontested shared publicised broadcast known as clear as day indisputable cut-and-dried in circulation man-to-man freely available snazzy flashy screaming meretricious overbold loud gaudy showy garish glitzy public knowledge in the public domain in the open on show widely known in plain sight severe heartless total awful infamous flagitious flagitous flaming grody bald-faced stick out like sore thumb hanging out

Tính từ

Về mọi mặt, hoàn toàn và hoàn toàn
out-and-out categorical absolute complete outright total unqualified definite thorough utter consummate full pure thoroughgoing unconditional categoric comprehensive downright positive profound rank unadulterated blatant exhaustive inveterate real regular sheer simple stark unalloyed undiminished unmitigated arrant fair overt perfect plumb uncompromising whole barefaced dead flagrant flat naked right blank blooming bodacious clean crashing deadly dreadful glaring obvious shameless stone surpassing undiluted very all-out flat-out straight-out through and through cotton-picking full-scale in every respect through-and-through deep-dyed dyed-in-the-wool full-bore right-down true-blue gross egregious monstrous infamous notorious unregenerate extreme undisguised vile atrocious veritable unequivocal entire infernal unreserved unlimited unrestricted patent plain proper blasted wholehearted unstinting unambiguous undivided ultimate without reservations unmixed mere confounded single altogether quite blessed nothing other than palpable undeniable prize inclusive unbroken solid uninterrupted full-blown sweeping undisputed infinite without reservation unvarnished totalitarian overarching limitless in-depth gushing effusive emphatic explicit express genuine firm resounding direct forthright wholesale definitive clear decisive conclusive sure unquestionable indubitable final assured no strings no strings attached no holds barred no fine print no catch one hundred per cent plenary unconstrained certain open apodictic no ifs ands or buts actual determinate unquestioning point-blank all out unmistakable straight out wide specific no kicker clear-cut

Tính từ

Tự tin hay tự tin
assured confident positive assertive poised self-confident self-assured self-possessed calm certain collected composed cool phlegmatic self-reliant bold complacent cool-headed imperturbable level-headed nonchalant unflappable unperturbed audacious clear cocksure doubtless fearless impassive implicit pushy relaxed sanguine self-asserting serene sure together tranquil unfazed unruffled dauntless equanimous filled with aplomb laid-back nonplussed overconfident sure of oneself at ease gutsy high rosy secure unhesitating upbeat gung ho puffed up pumped up sure of yourself cool, calm and collected self-controlled placid sedate undisturbed equable untroubled unflustered unagitated unbothered even-tempered believing in oneself unmoved controlled well-balanced brave possessed unworried coolheaded unshaken level self-composed levelheaded self-assertive limpid peaceful equal recollected smooth unexcitable unemotional steady commanding authoritative can-do courageous dignified self-respecting urbane suave balanced elegant sane sensible reasonable sound rational grounded stable sober mature clearheaded dispassionate stolid unshakable at peace unaffected chilled well adjusted cool as a cucumber as cool as a cucumber casual unexcited well balanced settled self-sufficient intrepid surefooted sure-footed swaggy hotdog undoubtful know-it-all hotshot self-secure strong cocky believing unafraid expecting expectant firm unabashed quiet aggressive defiant forward dashing militant graceful full of oneself philosophical deliberate civil debonair strong-willed neutral stress-free centred centered passionless in control mild-mannered detached unimpassioned patient nerveless easygoing stoical stoic coherent lucid easy-going easy reserved normal undismayed thick-skinned smug self-satisfied untouched disimpassioned immovable practical wise pragmatic prudent calmed circumspect realistic right businesslike judicious reliable dependable commonsensical roll with punches hard as nails cool as cucumber stiff upper lip compos mentis in possession of all your faculties all there down-to-earth matter-of-fact of sound mind clear-headed able to reason clearly sound of mind having all marbles mentally sound with both one's feet on the ground able to think clearly right in the head moderate straight with one's feet on the ground full of common sense well-adjusted insouciant unconcerned still logical blithe mellow staid somber intelligent carefree temperate sombre thoughtful serious mild proper halcyon stilly right-minded well-grounded happy-go-lucky hushed seemly in one's right mind lown decorous even knowing informed stiff formal solemn stately devil-may-care valid reasoned commonsensible just good solid analytical analytic well-founded well-advised discerning discreet unstirred pacific astute grave fair well-thought-out free and easy sagacious justified commonsense informal in your right mind well grounded fair-minded tolerant low-key uninterrupted unbroken unanxious no-nonsense discriminating blasé understated having all one's marbles breezy content undemanding unhurried forbearing hard-headed constant peaceable trouble-free agreeable without a care in the world unflinching restful keeping your cool gentle downbeat unflurried easy-peasy consistent unfluctuating serious-minded good-natured cogent shrewd credible consequent well good-tempered responsible objective steady-going sage advisable plausible hard sapient politic intellectual in right mind well reasoned playing with a full deck well advised abled undaunted regular fine deliberative farsighted resolute unalarmed unchanging unvarying unperturbable unvexed even-keeled liberal earnest uniform muted subdued undistracted indulgent demure happy measured invariable soothed repressed suppressed quieted flexible lenient with both feet on the ground clubby benign not moved bovine blissful subtle unostentatious inconspicuous complaisant euthymic stabile orderly systematic methodical irenic docile unaltering unalterable proportional symmetrical well-proportioned prim stuffy conciliatory amenable permissive well-disposed pellucid satisfied reconciled resting quiescent comfortable stick-in-the-mud boring starchy got head together in possession of one's faculties with all one's marbles easeful reposeful calm and collected broad-minded considerate amiable harmonious mentally stable aware cognizant keeping a stiff upper lip have one's act together anxiety-free enlightened not turn a hair keeping one's shirt on understanding open-minded cordial good-humored pleasant generous good-humoured cold sober at rest in repose fit playing with full deck both oars in water oriented healthy perceptive played down unpretentious downhome toned down unidealistic lax hard-boiled clear-sighted deductive joined-up clear-eyed philosophic common-sense perspicacious affable friendly leisurely equitable tenable acceptable decent far-sighted canny sharp impartial justifiable believable legitimate viable understandable well-informed clever percipient restrained conservative reflective unprejudiced feasible convincing low-pressure thought-out unexcessive evenhanded based on good sense thinking legit cognitive open to reason admissible ratiocinative making sense clear-cut unbiased standing to reason cerebral well thought out unextreme well-reasoned au courant attentive conversant live-and-let-live weighty chilled out telling satisfying satisfactory recognized holding water watertight correct profound holding up holding up in wash got it together faultless true unassailable accurate flawless impeccable right-thinking recognised standing up exact precise established orthodox accepted well founded whole mentally healthy in good mental health

Tính từ

Rất sặc sỡ hoặc trang trí, đặc biệt là khi quá mức, hoặc một cách vô vị hoặc thô tục
gaudy garish flashy loud glaring ostentatious tacky tasteless vulgar brilliant flash showy bright jazzy brash florid gay raffish tawdry brummagem glittering harsh over-bright violent bilious brassy distasteful flamboyant flaring glitzy lurid nauseating noisy razzle-dazzle sickly splashy swank swanky unattractive blatant bling-bling catchpenny cheap chichi chintzy coarse colourful colorful crude extravagant flaunting frou-frou gross kitschy meretricious obtrusive pzazz pizzazz pretentious ritzy screaming snazzy splendiferous tinsel trumpery gussied up in bad taste putting on the ritz naff ornate tinselly trashy Brummagem kitsch cheap and nasty nifty glittery sporty bling blazing clashing glowing jarring shining blinding overwrought overdone conspicuous bold expensive fancy pizazzy pizzazzy fancy-pants over the top sparkling tatty in poor taste plastic gimcrack cheap-jack crass cheapjack rubbishy paltry casual stylish informal shabby junky shoddy worthless trendy jaunty poor dirty offensive twopenny-halfpenny common sleazy natty smart sharp spiffy snappy schmick sassy rakish inferior second-rate low-grade mediocre bad lousy wretched substandard low-rent miserable execrable schlocky rotten two-bit base third-rate bargain-basement low-quality schlock terrible sorry rubbish crummy grotty ropy duff sad junk average ordinary second-class useless middling lemon poor-quality cheesy el cheapo dime-a-dozen imperfect bum hack unsatisfactory cut-rate below standard pitiful dreadful deficient good-for-nothing inadequate poxy poorer below par déclassé awful mean dismal pitiable not up to snuff indifferent subpar atrocious dire lame appalling abysmal pants valueless tinny below average not up to much nasty run-down a load of pants lamentable deplorable diabolical direful low-end low unacceptable dodgy bush-league sub-par ratty cruddy flimsy unsound pathetic disagreeable jerry-built downmarket suboptimal contemptible bodger over-elaborate flawed subnormal unexceptional pedestrian wanting under par dissatisfactory the pits leaving much to be desired scruffy dingy tinhorn broken-down unrefined dilapidated dashing cheapo seedy theatrical OTT pinchbeck affected luxurious makeshift inelegant slipshod grungy tattered cheapie worse poor quality insubstantial a dime a dozen lowbrow two a penny trifling improper unbecoming unsuitable disreputable dud mangy pompous indecorous grubby resplendent sensational opulent sumptuous classy tony peacocky histrionic superfly punk scroungy indelicate dicty scrubby indiscreet rickety rude thrown together frightful threadbare ramshackle uncouth neglected dumpy bombed-out tumbledown moth-eaten beat-up dog-eared tatterdemalion down-at-the-heels down-at-heel timeworn fair graceless impolite rough inept commonplace low-down entry-level of little value unseemly untidy unkempt rinky-dink dime-store of no value bottom-rung piss-poor wild half-pie of no financial value no great shakes of a sort frowzy dazzling thin down scale cheap-looking badly built squalid fakey grandiose sordid down-market specious superficial sham garbagy sucky slummy insalubrious common as muck bombastic outrageous tinpot reject grim faulty abject defective elaborate run down unsaleable down at heel chronic throwaway poopy aureate end-of-the-pier insufficient scuzzy twopenny corny unpleasant cheeseball so-so tenth-rate of negligible value kenspeckle bodacious noticeable striking grabby commanding prominent eye-catching pronounced remarkable dramatic catchy marked arresting emphatic egregious not up to par not good enough not up to scratch second-best bedraggled decrepit worn-out would fetch nothing no good run-of-the-mine passable medium run-of-the-mill run-of-mine insignificant menial meritless strictly for the birds rundown outclassed undistinguished bog-standard uninspired uninspiring second class not much cop splurgy without value inglorious fair to middling of no worth low quality of little worth nickel-and-dime outmoded faded out-of-date stodgy frumpy slovenly waxy poky messy sloppy of poor quality of low quality of little financial value unstylish styleless unfashionable ticky-tack dowdy ticky-tacky gilded prosperous festooned inappropriate ten a penny undignified unbefitting bohemian unconventional careless bogus empty garbage no-good low in quality despicable abandoned barren out of place unfitting unworthy devil-may-care rough-hewn roughneck uncultured incult insensible unpolished tactless lowbred uncultivated rugged ill-bred illiberal incorrect unfit ill-advised perverse inapposite incongruous unhappy amiss unapt untoward unladylike infelicitous discreditable malapropos ungentlemanly inapt wrong dapper louche stupid raunchy hideous foolish unsightly outlandish barbarous off-color unclassy low-down-and-dirty trivial artificial unlovely barbaric shameful malodorous rowdy indecent out of keeping ruffian ungodly out of the way dissolute dissipated decadent debauched fast unusual free-spirited individual

Động từ

Thử thách, thách thức ai đó
dare beard brave confront defy face breast outbrave outface bully cope denounce disregard front insult meet mock oppose outdare resist scorn spurn threaten urge face off laugh at muster courage square off call one's bluff make my day run the gauntlet take one on throw down gauntlet knock chip off shoulder step over the line face up to tackle stand up to challenge withstand meet head-on square up to go up against accost cope with deal with come up against face down come face to face with encounter take on venture fly in face of brazen out meet eyeball-to-eyeball go one-on-one endure bear suffer take handle fight risk tolerate sustain cross stand swallow stomach affront flout court meet head on be confronted by grapple with provoke waylay stand up against take aside face with stare down weather throw down the gauntlet at put up with undergo stick out sit through resign oneself to subject oneself to go through bear the brunt of prevail against brace oneself for stand fast grin and bear ride out outstare put a bold face on it put on a bold front hold your own stand your ground face out stand one's ground face up be defiant stick to your guns stay the course browbeat overawe cow intimidate brave out live out live through fly in the face of sit and take it square off against be patient with disobey engage overcome beat contemn battle experience rebel repulse stick ridicule deride gibe despise slight countenance eyeball stare out look straight in the eye play abide brook allow stick fast call someone's bluff take a stand against hurl defiance at hold out against hang tough treat with contempt put up a fight against brace for contend with submit to play against be drawn against make a stand bit the bullet take the bull by the horns approach assault attack detain nobble collar stop halt call out repel antagonize antagonise tell off

Động từ

Nói một cách ồn ào, hung hăng hoặc phẫn nộ mà không có tác dụng
bluster rant boast swagger brag bully crow fulminate huff rave roar spout storm thunder vaunt bray bulldoze domineer hector roister badger blow bridle bristle browbeat complain cow gloat harangue intimidate protest puff rage strut swell threaten vapour vapor waft yap be overbearing lord it show off talk big ride the high horse shoot off one's mouth gasconade exult swank bull congratulate oneself skite showboat grandstand flaunt flourish big-note oneself blow one's own horn aggrandize pat oneself on the back blow your own horn flatter oneself blow your own trumpet rodomontade triumph glory parade exaggerate preen oneself prate blow hard cock-a-doodle-doo lay it on thick give oneself airs attract attention blow smoke give a good account of oneself trumpet posture pose mouth hotdog jive shuck exult in fake con advertize advertise put on airs blow one's own trumpet sing your own praises fly your own kite sing one's own praises declare proclaim hyperbolize disclose speak for Buncombe shoot the bull overstate divulge reveal talk boastingly rejoice sling flatter yourself shovel shoot preen psych congratulate yourself on be proud of attitudinize sound off pride yourself on hug oneself hot-dog delight lay on thick shoot one's mouth off pontificate sweep peacock swashbuckle sway lord saunter brandish flounce brag about revel crow about show and tell draw attention to joy exuberate strike a pose make a spectacle of cop an attitude swagger around advertize oneself put on an act strike an attitude draw attention to oneself shoot your mouth off self-glorify behave affectedly put on look big kvell parade one's wares play to the gallery play to the crowd jubilate take delight in kick up one's heels glory in be smug pride oneself gurgle cackle call whoop babble gas triumph over rub it in impress play to the cheap seats masquerade prance be ostentatious hot dog flaunt it affect skylark display playact pass off put up a front act up name-drop perform play up ham it up ham up play to audience put on side give yourself airs swash make one's presence felt make a splash make your presence felt draw attention to itself get noticed turn heads be vain act esteem extol acclaim revere feign celebrate profess pretend disguise yourself make believe play the part of sham impersonate purport assume an attitude take off as make out like exhibit flash promote laud hype push make a show do something for effect pass for fake it do for effect try to attract attention do a bit give oneself airs about show off about make much of gloat over boast about

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