Đồng nghĩa của inquisitive

Alternative for inquisitive

Đồng nghĩa: curious, meddlesome, prying,

Tính từ

Eager to acquire knowledge
curious prying nosy intrusive probing questioning snooping snoopy scrutinising scrutinizing inquiring peering agog eavesdropping intrigued over-curious over-interested spying busybody enquiring interested interfering meddlesome meddling nosey nosy-parker nosy-parkering analytical big-eyed busy challenging forward impertinent inquisitorial investigative keen nebby officious personal poking presumptuous prurient searching sifting speculative burning with curiosity obtrusive intruding presuming protrusive pushy interrogative examining pushing quizzical peeping inspecting inquisitory intermeddling tampering querying analytic fact-finding penetrating disquisitive importunate interrupting wondering catechistic deep puzzled exploratory pragmatic in-depth gossipy interviewing interrogational cross-examining incisive sharp quizzing doubtful research catechistical exploring butting in investigatory outward-looking studious heuristic Socratic voyeuristic nosing investigating undercover inspective researching pondering interloping meddlesomeness nosiness interruptive interference bumptious bustling speculating annoying dying to know busybodied overbearing bossy self-important overzealous opinionated dictatorial guessing invasive unwanted self-assertive overbusy domineering mischievous unwelcome trespassing disturbing encumbering troublesome kibitzing hindering obstructive impeding chiseling interposing rude fussy bureaucratic uncalled-for piercing chiselling insensitive unpleasant protruding upsetting indiscreet explorative pointed investigational thorough minute enthusiastic fascinated excited eager moved attentive captivated riveted gripped engrossed absorbed affected intent stimulated focused enticed inspired entranced enthused hooked inspirited ambitious roused desirous avid ardent impressed focussed beady-eyed

Tính từ

(keen on) Having an attraction to
keen into attracted besotted bewitched captivated enamored enamoured crazed enticed fond agog drawn mesmerised smitten absorbed caught intrigued predisposed curious fascinated mesmerized riveted spellbound eager gripped interested impressed moved roused sold attentive entranced intent obsessed hooked inspired touched affected engrossed lured stimulated excited inspirited mad rapt taken devoted to enthralled by keen on passionate about addicted to fixated by mad about struck on attached to hooked on interested in riveted by attracted to enthusiastic about mesmerized by twitterpated by crazy about gone on nuts about turned on besotted with bewitched by hungry for infatuated with eager for fascinated by intent on smitten with charmed by enchanted by love-struck by sweet on captivated by fond of hung up wild about beguiled by enamored of enamoured of obsessed with taken with gripped by intrigued by partial to in love with focused enquiring earnest snoopy beady-eyed nosy responsive awakened fired inquiring gone all ears focussed occupied struck sympathetic open burning with curiosity on the case eat sleep and breathe enthralled hypnotized hypnotised charmed beguiled preoccupied enraptured immersed enchanted engaged involved consumed infatuated transfixed wrapped up delighted deep thrilled caught up lost stunned overwhelmed taken up dazzled busy head over heels awestruck awestricken fixated buried intense preoccupied by caught up in held stuck on bedazzled up to here won over tied up devoted fanatical passionate single-minded monomaniacal transported distracted really into wrapped up in preoccupied with single-minded about hell-bent obsessive about possessed by hung up on intoxicated engrossed in dedicated to immersed in happy potty about wild on dotty about under a spell locked in dialed in starstruck fixed submerged concerned tantalized seduced titillated concentrated enrapt observant aroused sent queer wrapped bound-up ravished sunk in taken over absorbed in absent-minded abstracted heavily into up to here in focused on in a brown study tantalised moonstruck involved in tempted up to your ears wound up deep in thought having a one-track mind awed steeped snowed connected set centered overpowered very interested bound up centred enfolded extremely curious sold on very inquisitive highly interested extremely interested very curious rapturous ecstatic ensorcelled have a thing about fallen for gaga about rhapsodic giddy elevated euphoric elated exhilarated rhapsodical heady attached blissful ignorant steady absent joyful inattentive carried away dreaming content blissed out daydreaming employed unconscious oblivious breathless amazed taken up with watchful agape concentrating absentminded somewhere else entranced by in a world of one's own with one's head in the clouds distracted by wool-gathering not there taken up by distrait miles away dreamy all wound up not with us spellbound by open-mouthed under someone's spell steadfast studious prepossessed settled enthusiastic alert set on deep in wackadoodle wackadoo fanatical about paranoid neurotic in the grip of

Tính từ

Impatient, or having a great desire or enthusiasm for something
itching eager keen longing raring impatient avid agog dying burning spoiling aquiver atremble mad keen spoiling for enthusiastic hungry desirous excited anxious yearning thirsty pumped voracious solicitous crazy juiced ardent enthused antsy stoked hopped-up hot wild athirst geeked gung ho hepped up nuts greedy zealous aching craving hankering intent ready gagging raring to go willing fervent champing at the bit passionate great appetent pining keen as mustard ambitious determined desiring wishing ready and willing wholehearted interested hot to trot vehement intent on thirsting as keen as mustard chomping at the bit fervid exuberant vivacious desirous of exhilarated ebullient animated committed lively sprightly dedicated spirited devoted thrilled pleased motivated energetic animate fanatical titillated driven high-spirited keyed up psyched hoping desperate earnest restless game itchy bursting breathless straining at the leash wishful inclined rarin' to go dying to in a hurry bright-eyed and bushy-tailed waiting with bated breath in want of hankering after striving expectant impetuous restored refreshed revitalized lusting hopeful edgy revitalised amenable prepared ripe heated restive disposed lacking wanting set on bent on on pins and needles on tenterhooks self-starting on the edge of one's seat chafing straining psyched up full of enthusiasm bone-dry cottonmouthed sapless juiceless warm vigorous up urgently requiring hearty blazing feverish set chafing at the bit partial to crazy for itching for wild for consumed with desire dying for dry as dust fain rabid obsessed minded fiery dynamic in urgent need crying out in great need of up for it fascinated passional zestful up for in the mood on for of a mind favourably inclined pysched up covetous rhapsodic aflame nutty wacky perfervid forceful tantalized industrious concerned afire unqualified intense active diligent assiduous conscientious gaga turnt gone on tantalised full of beans red-hot bugged zesty warmblooded insatiable inflamed aroused predatious ravenous gluttonous edacious hoggish rapacious ravening piggish unsatisfied hungered intemperate swinish esurient unfilled insatiate with an appetite covetous of lusting after with a yen in need of inspired moved fired up delighted stirred acquisitive stimulated awakened beside oneself worked up elated unquenchable electrified unappeasable prodigious engaged glad charged high happy uncontrollable aspiring lustful hung up wolfish piggy gutsy gannet-like grasping pumped up juiced up geared up cranked up on fire in suspense approving touched atingle aspirant wannabe would-be curious enthralled diehard aggressive proactive bullish banzai for ok with sympathetic habitual longful daydreaming take-charge can-do extremely enthusiastic all agog all a-gog impassioned mad potty supportive quenchless longing for hoping for unreluctant daft dotty enamoured of nutso hot for smitten with infatuated with devoted to keen on anxious for yearning for eager for ambitious for unslakable inextinguishable inappeasable in love with enamored of very keen on hooked on ready for willing for avid for importunate clamorous insistent crying pressing urgent unsatisfiable exigent limitless demanding joyful buoyant joyous jovial aspiring towards prehensile amorous keen for hopeful for envious never satisfied encouraged excitable enlivened euphoric enraptured ecstatic overjoyed in favour in favor thirsty for craving for greedy for ravening for wishing for hungry for jolly roused exultant uncontrolled giddy piqued peppy elevated tickled tickled pink sparky on cloud nine intoxicated unable to be satisfied turned on aspiring to omnivorous compulsive blissful jubilant tumultuous alive anticipatory devouring waiting expecting cock-a-hoop starving empty starved gorging dog-hungry gross sating awaiting anticipant anticipating agape watchful apprehensive very hungry starved to death on edge with bated breath alert looking for anticipative vigilant waiting on

Tính từ

Wanting to know

Tính từ

Disrespectful or rude
impertinent rude bold brazen cheeky insolent forward fresh impolite impudent sassy discourteous disrespectful saucy uncivil unmannerly brash flip ill-mannered presumptuous audacious pert bad-mannered nervy shameless arch bold-faced brassbound brass-necked brassy brazen-faced cocksure cocky contumelious ill-bred inconsiderate personal tactless thoughtless uncalled-for undiplomatic ungracious unhandsome unmannered unsubtle wise lippy malapert mannerless arrogant disgracious incongruous interfering intrusive meddlesome meddling nosy offensive procacious prying smart unsuitable off base smart alecky out of line smart-alecky pushy insulting bumptious irreverent boorish overconfident presuming abusive disdainful flippant churlish immodest crude familiar insubordinate self-assertive barefaced uncouth uppity pompous contemptuous disparaging vulgar smug unabashed mouthy coarse loutish overbold ungentlemanly unladylike haughty overweening conceited supercilious unrefined assuming overfamiliar bold as brass unblushing confident ungallant cavalier blunt rough derogatory oafish self-confident lordly lofty offhand blatant peremptory pretentious sharp uppish assumptive crass derisive self-asserting self-assured scornful short ignorant arrant indelicate overbearing out-of-line brusque curt graceless snippy defiant self-important hubristic egotistical facetious forceful boldfaced high-hat loud abrupt assertive hurtful cool boastful patronizing mischievous free smart-arsed imperious blasphemous disagreeable hifalutin unchivalrous highfalutin scurrilous huffy chesty sniffy huffish cute toplofty toploftical masterful unpleasant smart-aleck gruff smart-assed smarty-pants aggressive insensitive high-handed high-and-mighty crusty proud vain unkind uncomplimentary inappropriate degrading slighting vainglorious patronising gross important improper obtrusive uncharitable off-base outrageous uncivilized sacrilegious profane impious snobbish objectionable snooty aweless unceremonious self-satisfied snobby domineering vituperative surly high and mighty uncivilised egotistic humiliating stuck-up indecorous impetuous ungodly unholy sullen rash impolitic breezy shocking opinionated thrusting affronting wounding unpolished blustering uncultured ungenteel underbred magisterial swaggering superior selfish self-centered hasty obnoxious full of yourself iconoclastic uninhibited bossy loud-mouthed unreserved bigheaded as bold as brass playful condescending stiff-necked misbehaved witty irreverential unhallowed jocular glib jokey sarcastic whimsical tongue-in-cheek badly behaved frivolous hotheaded impulsive funny humorous in-your-face over-free unashamed belittling displeasing dismissive flagrant uncultivated unfriendly impish uncaring protrusive snippety denigratory deprecatory bright dictatorial provocative exceptionable self-centred common bearish presumptive unembarrassed bantam inaffable barbaric hotshot daring defamatory unconcerned provoking pejorative unsophisticated strident swollen-headed rustic savage heedless philistine precipitate showy unacceptable reprehensible vexing flashy indecent barbarian roughneck primitive officious incautious censurable barbarous unsympathetic raunchy raw pushing gritty bluff upsetting elitist full of oneself persnickety Neanderthal know-it-all yobbish pushful over-assertive slobbish loudmouthed rugged snotty coming on strong beyond the pale toffee-nosed low-bred vituperatory scurrile scurril invective vitriolic truculent opprobrious fearless brave plucky bad naughty ballsy lacking civility bad mannered braggart self-affected pontificating self-complacent pontifical self-promoting egoistic self-flattering self-engrossed authoritarian self-congratulatory bragging self-applauding dominating egoistical self-opinionated extraverted bombastic self-loving braggy narcissistic self-contented self-pleased self-adulatory swellheaded self-glorifying prideful holier-than-thou complacent self-conceited self-gratulatory self-dramatizing blustery egocentric extroverted assured blusterous imperative combative volatile weisenheiming gauche temeritous indulgent overindulgent relaxed ill-behaved unfilial profanatory tart put down smart-mouthed chirpy dapper dashing keen terse hostile ill irritable moody uncourteous off feisty ambitious throwing one's weight around antisocial inurbane unshrinking offish overhasty previous premature foolhardy tolerant free-and-easy spirited inhospitable unfortunate asocial affected bullish undisguised tacky cheap forthright unthinking overassertive direct careless nosey busy intruding snoopy effervescent trashy headlong untactful brazenfaced vivacious maladroit wild overfriendly casual clever inane intolerant meretricious tawdry spunky gutsy bald-faced remote swanky ostentatious tony aloof overfree too big for your boots unthoughtful unmindful not backwards in coming forwards uneducated brutish distasteful noisy blaring harsh ridiculous sardonic silly wisecracking mortifying callous indiscreet high-flown throwing one's weight about hoity-toity putting on airs go-ahead insistent unduly familiar critical bare-faced grating jarring unfair heartless reckless disgusting deplorable unwelcome abhorrent undesirable contemptible insufferable repugnant benighted depreciating wry roguish joking waggish jocose lighthearted droll precious cutesy jesting satirical piercing raucous heathen heathenish Neandertal thuggish natural demeaning derogative depreciative vilifying calumniatory deprecating negative damaging derisory depreciatory spiteful denigrative annoying irritating insupportable intolerable chatting up making passes at making advances towards downright short-spoken brusk cacophonous deafening jangling dissonant thundering booming shrill illiterate amusing slanderous discrediting libellous libelous mincingly clever blithe unfeeling gaudy ear-splitting discordant in a state of nature unconscionable wicked uncontrolled nasty frank outspoken catty repulsive ridiculing biting out of order jazzy tinny garish cruel unconsiderate exasperating superficial low shallow irresponsible carefree plebeian hard high-pitched metallic flirtatious galling embarrassing insouciant hooligan provincial out of sorts brief tetchy sharp-tongued potty scandalous crabbed comical yokelish bounderish clownish clumsy awkward ungainly unseemly aristocratic ritzy speaking as one finds uncalled for plain-spoken calling a spade a spade puckish detestable classless tasteless gawky hick incult hillbilly insensible backwoods lowbrow cloddish lowbred raffish illiberal light-hearted clodhopping highfalutin' inelegant puffed up la-de-da rough-hewn foul-mouthed heavy-handed smarty sure positive certain jaunty wise guy smart aleck smart guy smarty pants sneering mocking scathing stuck up bloated autocratic scoffing biggity biggety withering reproachful reviling self-righteous self-serving unrepentant cold-shoulder big-headed orgulous obloquious calumniating overt despotic tyrannical hardened abandoned jeering depraved profligate unconcealed dissolute incorrigible unprincipled censorious reprobate maligning unchaste lewd immoral fancy-pants detractive full of contempt without shame jumped up obvious foul on an ego trip violent berating indifferent scolding oppressive transparent open castigating coercive snide decrying wanton upbraiding traducing naked iron-handed malign disapproving tyrannous autocratical authoritative tyrannic malicious injurious unapologetic despicable imperial regnant commanding on your high horse on high horse too big for one's breeches too big for one's boots self-respecting boldface heavy acerbic virulent uninterested amoral undismayed undaunted cursory perfunctory highhanded bitter grandiose ranting denunciatory take-it-or-leave-it pococurante cynical hypercritical unawed unflinching temerarious standoffish self-aggrandizing loudmouth high puffed-up ill-humored corrupt poised composed abashless unaffected unshamed unrestrained airy wiseguy bullying rejecting contemning averse despising antipathetic scouting repudiating ill-humoured overproud dogmatic reproving castigatory impenitent remorseless lording it turning up your nose at looking down your nose at preponderant demanding ascendant prevalent stuffy on one's high horse hateful venomous patent glaring aspersive calumnious autarchic pointed ingenious strict iron-fisted subjugating controlling draconian libeling denigrating debasing excoriating offending defaming malevolent libelling shaming disgracing damning dishonoring despiteful injuring dishonouring hurting abasing vile malignant reproaching manifest evident severe dominant strong-willed arbitrary palpable agile highbrowed highbrow bantering apt incisive quick adept nimble ready smooth nifty quick-witted unmistakable pronounced conspicuous sheer clear in driver's seat crack the whip straightforward bald outright noticeable undeniable flaunting rank indisputable cut-and-dried striking unmitigated egregious taunting snazzy deliberate glitzy prominent screaming crying in plain sight hard-nosed temperamental upstage high hat dog it

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