Đồng nghĩa của blaring

Alternative for blaring

blares, blared, blaring

Đồng nghĩa: beep, blaring, blast, cacophony, clamor, claxon, din, honk, toot,

Tính từ

Producing or capable of producing significant noise
blasting booming clamorous clangorous deafening earsplitting loud piercing plangent resounding ringing roaring slam-bang sonorous stentorian thundering thunderous cacophonous ear-piercing noisy raucous rowdy shrieking strident reverberating powerful ear-splitting resonant reverberant tumultuous echoing full deep carrying rich very loud vibrant uproarious boisterous reverberative vociferous deep-toned ear-popping clattery strong rackety orotund rambunctious riotous rotund pulsating throbbing heightened intensified pulsing sonorant consonant electrifying enhanced mellow harsh disorderly lusty crashing clattering screaming fortissimo dinning obstreperous stentorious beating profound thrilling round intense golden shrill reverberatory ear-shattering turned up head-splitting rumbling forte clearly audible strepitous forceful overpowering full-throated vehement thundery blatant clear tremendous almighty baritone canorous loud-voiced pleasant pure rolling penetrating resonating sounding trumpeting inspiring sharp bellowing full-toned brassy discordant bass insistent throaty importunate shouting vocal big fulminating heavy turbulent blustering pealing full-mouthed emphatic high-sounding loudmouth raspy jumping blusterous harmonious lively oscillating melodious fruity palpitating definite mournful plummy low robust aquiver demanding mighty extremely noisy overwhelming plaintive clamorsome full-bodied full-voiced raising Cain melancholy raising the roof at full volume clarion wakes the dead wild unruly unmanageable undisciplined rough unrestrained uncontrollable disruptive ungovernable rumbustious wayward refractory roisterous lawless out of control uncontrolled intractable rollicking fractious contumacious irrepressible out of hand rebellious difficult recalcitrant disobedient robustious ill-disciplined wilful knockabout stroppy violent incorrigible rampageous hell-raising tempestuous mutinous insubordinate defiant willful untoward froward anarchic chaotic lawbreaking rugged unbridled intemperate badly behaved jarring mischievous loudmouthed rip-roaring troublemaking contrary rebel recusant incompliant balky restive impossible headstrong bolshie tough gruff anarchical incontrollable troublesome hysterical termagant exuberant vigorous gleeful unquiet swashbuckling swaggering cavalier confused wild and woolly loutish rootin'-tootin delinquent brutal rude roughhouse aggressive chattering stubborn vicious brusque non-compliant excited belligerent thuggish hard pugnacious restless nuts outrageous madcap crazy insurmountable berserk inharmonious talkative brash two-fisted attention-seeking grating bawling rough-and-tumble ugly radge raging fierce passionate agitated rasping romping heedless reckless full-on stormy screeching frenzied impulsive impetuous impervious drunken opinionated perverse rash bawdy ornery imprudent forward inexorable unyielding assertive quarrelsome mean antisocial stridulous unmusical rowdydowdy disturbed irregular in turmoil out of line unlawful clashing stridulant insurgent insurrectionary uncompliant unmelodious jangling dissonant unharmonious rioting seditious indisciplined drunk out-of-order out-of-line on-a-tear out-of-control stridulatory hoarse stertorous persuasive squawky vociferant baying squeaky rampaging truculent uncooperative roistering

Tính từ

Making or constituting a disturbingly harsh and loud noise
raucous grating harsh discordant rasping jarring strident rough hoarse dissonant screeching cacophonous unmelodious husky sharp piercing shrill unmusical noisy loud inharmonious scratchy squawky unharmonious tumultuous squawking brassy penetrating grinding riotous clamorous absonant atonal acute blatant braying stertorous ear-piercing ear-splitting gruff jangling squeaky deafening metallic croaky croaking raspy booming tuneless tinny jangly forceful high-pitched screechy earsplitting guttural gravelly throaty gravel rusty coarse stridulant growling growly clashing creaking stridulous astringent caterwauling out-of-tune out-of-key off-key maddening irritating annoying vexatious thunderous unvocal fierce rabid rugged ferocious boisterous high disharmonic horrisonant ill-sounding unmelodic clinking immusical sour explosive convulsive furious shrieking piping paroxysmal turbulent volcanic blustering stridulent forcible buffeting harsh sounding whistling treble strong shattering air-rending intrusive squeaking argute clanging thin clangorous brazen saucy bold brash insolent thundering impudent bold-faced cocksure impertinent cheeky forward gaudy arch cocky sassy wise nervy flashy brazen-faced pert brassbound vulgar audacious fresh pushy barefaced loud-mouthed showy jazzy obtrusive garish unblushing overbearing rude unabashed loudmouthed flirtatious overbold hard arrogant arrant shameless thick dry cracked deep unpleasant low wild inappropriate unsuitable disagreeable disharmonious inharmonic stridulatory out of place ringing incongruous tempestuous offensive violent vociferant vociferous obstreperous displeasing irksome incompatible rough-sounding raging choppy agitated grotesque unaesthetic creaky flat plinky jingling jingly stormy blustery squally uneven ragged jagged roily harsh-sounding craggy roiled inclement dirty heavy ugly stentorian shrieky head-splitting brittle monotone monotonous droning stentorious gular jugular inarticulate glottal sepulchral scratching croupy breathy whispering indistinct persuasive vocal baying rowdy cacophonic bell-like resounding resonant rocky infuriating snarling abrasive lively lacking harmony at variance at odds uncongenial out of keeping tickly acrid glaring unrelenting rigid severe uncomfortable bitter disturbing disagreeing bleak asperous grim unlevel exasperating rankling galling reedy tough niggling tiresome aggravating troublesome out of tune knockabout vociferating yowling yawping yauping clamant insensitive vexing ill suited rough-and-tumble not smooth conflicting contrasting scraping steep cragged unbearable upsetting uncharacteristic restless swirling screaming crying scurrilous disturbed storming roaring stormful carrying penetrant crisp clearly audible pointed entering puncturing clear-cut infiltrating permeating all-pervading forcing ingoing edged going through passing through

Danh từ

A loud and confused noise, especially that of people shouting
clamour din racket shouting babel uproar commotion hubbub baying brouhaha hullabaloo noise outcry roaring screaming tumult yelling agitation bedlam blare clangor clangour pandemonium rumpus stramash vociferation charivari loud noise row shout ululation hue and cry turmoil furore fuss ruckus furor disturbance hoo-ha clamor ruction ballyhoo hurly-burly stir confusion storm kerfuffle to-do riot bustle chaos ado mayhem disorder fracas bluster squall clatter hoopla pother stew moil shindy coil turbulence bother upheaval blather whirl welter bobbery foofaraw williwaw clutter hurly splore corroboree hurry hurricane zoo do fun helter-skelter hubble-bubble hoo-hah hurry-skurry hurry-scurry roar alarums and excursions hassle unrest howl bangarang trouble stink melee frenzy excitement disquiet brawl havoc maelstrom ferment jangle flap convulsion protest carry-on anarchy babble disruption affray perturbation flurry cacophony lather aggro discord ructions dither fight disquietude argy-bargy palaver big scene complaint objection hell broke loose protestation dissent indignation opposition quarrel lawlessness outburst chatter broil violence discomposure uneasiness strife bagarre restlessness fermentation snafu splash scene upturn tizzy annoyance imbroglio free-for-all breach of the peace song and dance bobsy-die outrage criticism madness outbreak altercation disarray madhouse fever unsettlement wildness seething craziness howl of protest roughhouse shivaree bickering rowdydow sound all hell broken loose hype shambles all hell breaking loose glow heat bugle call discordance katzenjammer rattle bowwow babbling decibels bruit unquietness restiveness rioting rebellion insurrection confused noise chaotic situation fighting mutiny ailment uprising rumble jargon clang tower shindig scrimmage Sturm und Drang car crash unruliness wilding biffo state of unrest entanglement discombobulation misrule static revolution strike anarchism terrorism scandal rage hysteria controversy clamouring cry mob rule firestorm argument anger reign of terror disapproval exclamation temper rabidity demurral hullaballoo bouleversement cataclysm earthquake tempest worry hubba-hubba clamoring flak howls of protest war of words formal complaint alarm anxiety upset chorus of disapproval squabble wrangle concern distraction distress stimulation anxiousness apprehension concernment arousal sweat nervousness fluster fear agita care solicitude apprehensiveness nervosity unease incitement disconcertment mixing tension rocking tizzy, tizz nervous excitement folderol activity donnybrook excitation action fireworks pantomime hustle tamasha backwash production combustion hustle and bustle fuss and bother big stink drama performance disorganization rigmarole buzz disorganisation whirlwind jumble animation disorderliness rampage carrying-on mess busyness disarrangement mix-up comings and goings movement liveliness sensation fray storm in a teacup tempest in a teapot nuisance muddle melodrama panic fury eruption goings-on disorderedness scuffle explosion events business hell incidents hijinks delirium fuss and feathers happenings disorderly conduct public nuisance proceedings occurrences mare's nest conflict fret thrill histrionics flutter adventure elation tremor public disturbance dishevelment enthusiasm paroxysm fisticuffs misorder messiness muss tumble toing and froing huff much ado about nothing shock dislocation a madhouse snake pit haste a three-ring circus passion deliriousness activeness feverishness tizz bombshell nonsense wingding life uncertainty caterwauling dynamism bomb hysterics instability destruction boisterousness swirl hazard craze peril trepidation monkey business rush mania danger entropy provocation stirring topsy-turviness interruption spectacle chance-medley heck confrontation surprise procedure street fight twitter contretemps grief harassment rout three-ring circus incident state seething mass theatrics dramatics twit derangement disaster theatre nervous state theater rat's nest holy mess utter confusion exaggeration tempest in a teacup tempest in a tea-kettle federal case state of agitation state of anxiety mountain out of a molehill big deal struggle hurrah scrap stooshie dust-up jiggery-pokery upheavals big fuss rhubarb scrum circus draft draught shemozzle an outcry convulsions spin whirlpool rampancy flash to do tohubohu feeling emotion skirmish party carousal frolic dance bash revel fancy merrymaking spree work moving hurly burly hell to pay devil to pay thrills spot of bother hectic activity rough house wild disarray clash hectic lunacy fad vandalism enterprise wow mêlée tizz-woz swivet swelter incitation farce farcicality ridiculousness senselessness energy kick-up calamity flare-up motion scuffling quake talk afters mishap encounter hindrance scramble fussing discontent omnishambles spasm boiling troubles street fighting snarl distemper burst insurgence brannigan mob violence violent disorder demonstration shower run-in revolt dissatisfaction kicks spirit eventualities high jinks episodes roughness flurry of activity ride soap opera seesaw saga actions tintamarre stunner lament remonstrance protesting clinker lamentation bewailing yelp uproariousness fanfare bellow squawk shaking trembling quaking seism tottering carryings-on chain of events a maelstrom ataxia mobocracy threat ritual mistake misunderstanding overthrow menace boilover riskiness perilousness hazardousness risk warmth dangerousness a mess a muddle a shambles high winds rollercoaster flip-flop alteration turnaround shakeout switch catastrophe violent change about-face temblor lengthy process red tape tedious business topsy-turvydom topsy-turvyness an omnishambles tantrum hubbubs gaieties excitements fervor untidiness eagerness exciting experience precariousness a car crash stage dramaturgy acting consternation movements dramas fit blowup hissy new deal major change seismic shift sudden change new ball-game wilderness complication dismay tangle error hullabaloos tumults exhibition haze intricacy irritation inconvenience fright vexation discomfiture miscalculation fankle botch puzzle slip-up hurry-scurries activities high spirits to-dos pothers fervours fervour hurt grievance disappointment defeat shake-up torment distressed state hissy fit temper tantrum a buzz a charge a kick reversion exhibition of oneself letdown affront problem display of emotion queasiness turn-up subversion tiz-woz state of panic disconcertion circumstance crisis interference theatricals affair disarranging disordering unsettling confusing upsetting stoppage ruining obstruction impeding discontinuation wrecking suspension hampering spoiling perilous experiences dangerous experiences exciting experiences undermining delay retardation delaying holding up division splitting break separation severance

Danh từ

A loud or explosive sound or noise
blast blare wail honk bellow boom hoot clang peal roar slam smash snap toot trumpet bang blow clamor clamour clap crack crash din pop resound scream screech whomp whump report thunderclap thwack wham whack thunder sound explosion burst rumble clash detonation shot reverberation resounding noise racket thud clangor thump clangour pounding smack roaring discharge clatter beep ring tootle rumbling crashing tap clunk clonk discordance cacophony thundering decibels bump rattle roll blasting drumming booming knock bruit banging loud noise ringing echo crackle barrage smashing cannonade drumfire uproar sharp noise clattering explosive noise shriek loud sound gunshot strike pat meep percussion click clink whistle thunderbolt tick clap of thunder flash of lightning crash of thunder tumult row pandemonium thudding babel stomp clump clomp thumping growl grumble chatter brawl katzenjammer rap stamp bowwow howl hammering stridency jangle sonance carillon chime bluster knocking crump rataplan drumbeat cracking tattoo pealing resonance echoing fireworks eruption thrumming thundercrack fulmination outburst tolling knell tintinnabulation re-echoing toll sounding bellowing shrieking honking change touch tocsin death knell ding-dong clank wallop whang throb bong beat drum thrum striking flash whop bop whap tapping plunk pound battering flump plop blowing up gurgle patter throbbing thrashing palpitation jingling jangling clunking clinking rattling clanging murmur jingle dong bonk boing charivari confused noise

Danh từ

A mooing sound

Động từ

Present participle for to declare loudly, openly or publicly
announcing publishing broadcasting proclaiming publicising publicizing declaring promulgating advertising blazoning trumpeting heralding enunciating posting annunciating releasing blazing placarding sounding flashing giving out advertizing made known communicating circulating making public revealing disclosing disseminating divulging airing reporting spreading stating pronouncing imparting shouting from the rooftops issuing bringing to public notice presenting transmitting notifying showing drumming putting out promoting setting forth expressing displaying distributing uttering telling advancing exposing voicing splashing bringing to public attention leaking touting billing raising professing asserting affirming propounding ventilating venting indicating endorsing articulating spotting informing exhibiting delivering calling noising abroad giving notice of blazoning abroad cracking up coming out with running with putting on the map putting into words shouting out spreading around passing the word puffing hyping pushing marketing plugging propagating flogging flaunting boosting ballyhooing peddling unfolding intimating tabling mentioning pitching spruiking mooting saying trailing advising trailering praising submitting extolling propagandizing conveying decreeing blurbing uncovering unmasking selling flacking circularizing apprising huckstering alerting acquainting sponsoring preconizing passing maintaining expounding propagandising spotlighting merchandising circularising intoning blasting crying putting forward shouting giving voice to giving utterance to giving expression to calling attention to building up beating the drum for giving a puff to spelling out sounding off hyping up giving a plug to bringing into the open banging the drum for beating the drum talking about giving publicity to soft selling getting on soapbox for making a pitch laying down shouting something from the rooftops spreading abroad naming celebrating breaking baring purveying unveiling splattering flourishing sounding loudly spilling projecting showcasing passing round trolling tooting inscribing boasting describing depicting gazetting beating the drum about tweeting making something known printing making official bruiting about signaling signalling putting in print having printed blowing wide open letting it be known springing issuing a statement about speaking of ringing out calling out screaming running off at mouth reading out preaching postulating outlining clarifying detailing immortalising skywriting soft-selling headlining immortalizing playing up making a pitch for writing up wording vocalizing phrasing purporting proposing broaching verbalizing discussing couching claiming citing suggesting arguing mouthing speaking debating denoting framing alleging opining testifying formulating looking giving avowing importing averring designating advocating recounting connoting admitting putting inflecting asseverating hinting confessing emphasizing intonating insinuating stressing avouching bespeaking muttering vocalising emphasising roaring repeating modulating clothing reasserting rendering allegating yelling reaffirming verbalising protesting blazing abroad illustrating spieling evincing spouting ostending evidencing marking stumping putting over giving vent to pointing out attesting to pouring out putting in words making out giving expression giving testimony popping off getting over speaking out bringing forward talking of testifying to putting across giving utterance bearing witness giving away getting across going into getting on a soapbox shooting off mouth stating publicly spreading it around shouting from the housetops packaging passing on reciting relating explaining relaying attesting narrating swearing bringing out contending blabbing exclaiming noting talking remarking reading warranting setting out signifying representing betraying discovering giving an account of declaiming rehearsing letting out reeling off specifying letting slip delineating letting on insisting blurting witnessing addressing enouncing letting on about throwing out holding letting drop offering reflecting summarizing commenting confirming demonstrating guaranteeing summarising unbosoming orating filling in clueing in stipulating bruiting abroad interjecting interposing whispering acknowledging chronicling babbling putting forth betokening weighing in pointing to vouching for transferring speaking about enlightening registering letting in on bearing witness to transfusing vowing briefing conducting corroborating portraying positing returning vouchsafing certifying keeping posted allowing making substantiating opening up verifying editorializing producing pressing handing down observing quoting telling of proving laying bare letting know blurting out commenting on editorialising introducing breaking the news ejaculating elucidating bringing in sounding out lipping jawing spreading about documenting piping up with referring to cataloguing bringing out into the open particularizing swearing to mouthing off spilling the beans familiarizing listing bursting out charting diffusing itemizing wiring cabling sharing adjudicating providing details writing warning meaning giving the facts uncloaking enumerating itemising giving notice cataloging informing of versing clearing particularising teaching symbolizing manifesting handing on authenticating breathing instructing implying flagging up putting about setting down familiarising vouching judging deciding mumbling serving predicating adding moving establishing deposing catching up elaborating soliloquizing yakking gabbing apprising of animadverting supporting commentating wisecracking letting fall making known to validating explicating chirping drawling murmuring making clear symbolising piping identifying chiming in giving facts bearing out going public with giving forth touching on passing comment giving evidence alluding to taking the wraps off putting on the air letting cat out of the bag laying down the law blowing the gaff blowing the lid off hawking espousing barking bandying about rumouring bruiting jabbering sending previewing bugling chipping in tossing about recording coming to uttering suddenly crying out running off at the mouth letting the cat ouf of the bag bursting out with giving details of radioing telephoning cueing debriefing making plain pledging reiterating contributing putting in two cents interpreting providing dropping having one's say speaking coherently speaking clearly squealing about subscribing arriving at rumoring bandying adducing remarking on bringing up sending out getting out volunteering venturing letting somebody in on giving rundown giving blow-by-blow having a say going chinning giving words to chiming letting the cat out of the bag about spilling the beans about responding making it known scattering dispersing insisting on telling all about brandishing featuring pointing toward pointing at pinning down cracking sending word tipping off passing out administering breaking silence replying answering giving voice flapping requesting enforcing confiding unburdening buzzing dissipating putting in circulation churning out giving advance notice paraphrasing shooting one's wad shooting off one's mouth cautioning putting it on record charging nailing debunking undressing doping out clearing up resolving figuring out deciphering solving showing excerpts of getting through ringing up sowing predicting taking a stand pressing for painting spinning showing up rejoining rapping blabbering spelling foretelling giving advance notice of unloading on spilling to cracking to saying something about passing comment on tabulating restating alerting to levelling gossipping sketching leveling weaving retailing gossiping bringing to light unearthing blowing the whistle on unclothing conceding coughing numerating disjecting strewing radiating laying the gaff bending an ear laying it on opening your heart sharing a confidence accosting asking arranging acclaiming engaging saying aloud saying out loud reading out loud giving a recitation reading aloud defining going public on coming clean about circumstantiating recapitulating instancing epitomizing embellishing passing down giving the game away dishing the dirt giving the show away telling on leaving word putting before calling upon laying open getting out of system bringing out into open letting the cat out of the bag putting cards on table getting off your chest taking the lid off giving the low-down specialising individuating individualising individualizing analysing analyzing epitomising putting on the airwaves covering drawing up specializing sending word of putting in the picture ushering in seeing acquainting with spitting it out typifying reporting on getting down to brass tacks sweating details ticking off laying out quoting chapter and verse flying speck giving evidence of sealing giving one's word appearing tokening mounting witnessing to saying so crossing one's heart standing up for singing swearing up and down making evident arbitrating ruling ratifying invoking championing determining adumbrating popularizing vindicating characterizing equaling equalling recommending backing hailing as adjuring supplying encouraging distinguishing standing for pleading chattering sticking up for sustaining giving proof of countersigning throwing one's weight behind backing up deposing to upholding giving credence to providing evidence of bringing word communicating information accounting for bringing word on giving details yammering translating retelling regurgitating gassing perorating fingering corresponding to tabbing adding up substituting for equating with putting finger on putting down for pegging characterising hanging sign on tagging aggrandizing ruling on giving a ruling on sitting in judgement on making a ruling on passing judgement on giving a verdict on sitting in judgment deciding on passing judgment settling on giving an account trafficking in screening simulcasting campaigning for popularising dealing in getting behind making familiar telecasting beaming accustoming to making conversant hipping getting off crying up puffing up talking up priming on advising of grounding in making aware of televising briefing as to cluing instructing in educating in habituating introing schooling in keeping up to date indoctrinating in giving information about initiating into teaching in clueing getting up to date going on the airwaves putting on television going on the air putting on air filling in on fixing up cluing up about running by knocking down giving the gen about cluing in on making aware giving a rundown of getting together giving the low-down on genning up on putting in the picture about making familiar with keeping up to speed with

Động từ

Present participle for to make a whirring or hissing sound

Trái nghĩa của blaring

blaring Thành ngữ, tục ngữ

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