Đồng nghĩa của fulminating

Alternative for fulminating

fulminates, fulminated, fulminating

Đồng nghĩa: rail,

Động từ

Present participle for to talk in a loud, angry and aggressive way
raving ranting storming raging fuming blustering roaring spouting shouting declaiming huffing bellowing thundering haranguing railing babbling ranting and raving losing control going crazy going mad having a fit blowing a fuse going bananas hitting the roof foaming at the mouth freaking out going off the deep end going wild holding forth going up the wall flying off the handle going ape frothing at the mouth delivering a tirade going crackers blowing your top losing one's temper running amuck delivering a harangue exploding in anger carrying on going into a frenzy going spare going through the roof talking wildly coming unglued rattling on talking endlessly flipping your lid making a to-do losing your cool flipping one's wig going on sounding off orating pontificating mouthing off spieling perorating speaking out talking yelling expatiating sermonizing speechifying talking at length speaking up sermonising speaking having your say discoursing preaching lecturing seething sizzling exploding preachifying speaking at length piping up talking up spouting off droning on shooting keeping on spellbinding vaporing uttering bragging boasting rambling chattering shooting one's mouth off bursting talking forcefully rambling on rabbiting on shooting off one's mouth vociferating protesting crying trumpeting flipping becoming very angry steaming rankling bristling clamouring scolding mouthing bloviating objurgating soapboxing clamoring stumping foaming getting in a rage saying your piece speaking your mind smouldering going on and on flaring sputtering opining boiling smoldering taking on going ballistic seeing red going berserk wigging out spitting feathers getting worked up cracking up getting steamed up flaring up blowing up throwing a tantrum simmering chafing spitting burning angering raising the roof getting hot champing at the bit chomping at the bit getting steamed up about getting hot under the collar erupting becoming angry throwing a wobbly hitting the ceiling losing it going postal losing the plot going into a rage flying into a rage losing your temper going crook getting angry flying into a temper blowing a gasket bursting a blood vessel becoming enraged

Động từ

Present participle for to complain, speak or write about with great hostility
inveighing decrying complaining condemning declaiming disparaging objecting protesting remonstrating admonishing castigating criticising criticizing denouncing fussing griping grizzling grouching grumbling impugning lambasting lashing moaning railing ranting reviling upbraiding vituperating whining whingeing beefing bellyaching berating blasting bleating carping caterwauling censuring crabbing crying grousing growling grumping keening nagging recriminating repining reproaching roasting scolding screaming trashing vilifying wailing abusing blaming croaking denigrating hollering kvetching maundering murmuring muttering raging scorching squawking squealing storming whimpering yammering yawping bawling expostulating kicking yapping yauping yelping yowling grouching about laying into laying out ripping into sounding off tongue-lashing cracking down on going after having at kicking up a fuss letting someone have it sounding off about working over beefing about bellyaching about inveighing against jumping down one's throat kicking up a fuss about kicking up a stink about taking exception running down complaining vehemently about attacking opposing strongly protesting strongly at jawing disagreeing violently with complaining vociferously about chewing out bawling out making a fuss about swearing at cursing fulminating against thundering against raging against expostulating about remonstrating about challenging criticizing severely declaiming against expressing disapproval of making a stand against rating making a protest against taking issue with whipping fuming taking great exception to kicking up thundering raising objections to putting up a fight against objecting to complaining bitterly about kicking against speaking out against vociferating taking a stand against slating flaying belaboring lampooning blistering flaming basting ridiculing satirizing exprobating belabouring satirising telling off tearing into putting down

Tính từ

Very loud or having a high volume
roaring blaring booming clamorous deafening earsplitting loud piercing resounding ringing sonorous stentorian thundering thunderous blasting clangorous plangent slam-bang reverberating big blatant blustering boisterous cacophonous crashing deep ear-piercing ear-splitting emphatic forte full full-mouthed heavy high-sounding intense loud-voiced lusty noisy obstreperous pealing powerful rambunctious raucous resonant rich rotund rowdy strident strong tumultuous turbulent uproarious vehement vociferous turned up wakes the dead reverberant carrying echoing vibrant reverberative very loud deep-toned orotund beating throbbing heightened electrifying consonant intensified pulsing enhanced profound mellow thrilling sonorant pulsating golden round ear-popping rumbling thundery screaming stentorious reverberatory clear baritone bass tremendous almighty ear-shattering canorous shrieking pleasant pure head-splitting trumpeting rolling harsh resonating sounding overpowering clearly audible shrill full-bodied penetrating dinning riotous bellowing full-toned low forceful disorderly full-throated basso rackety mighty extremely noisy overwhelming fortissimo clattery mournful strepitous pear-shaped plaintive melancholy at full volume wild unruly unmanageable undisciplined rough unrestrained uncontrollable disruptive ungovernable rumbustious wayward refractory roisterous lawless out of control uncontrolled intractable rollicking fractious contumacious irrepressible out of hand rebellious difficult recalcitrant disobedient robustious ill-disciplined wilful clattering knockabout stroppy violent incorrigible rampageous hell-raising tempestuous mutinous insubordinate defiant willful untoward froward anarchic chaotic lively lawbreaking rugged unbridled intemperate badly behaved jarring mischievous loudmouthed rip-roaring robust vocal troublemaking shouting contrary rebel recusant incompliant balky restive impossible headstrong bolshie tough gruff anarchical incontrollable troublesome hysterical termagant exuberant vigorous gleeful insistent unquiet swashbuckling swaggering cavalier confused importunate demanding clamorsome wild and woolly loutish rootin'-tootin delinquent brutal rude roughhouse aggressive chattering stubborn vicious brusque non-compliant excited belligerent thuggish hard pugnacious restless nuts outrageous madcap crazy insurmountable berserk inharmonious talkative brash two-fisted attention-seeking grating bawling rough-and-tumble ugly radge raging fierce passionate agitated rasping romping heedless reckless full-on stormy screeching discordant frenzied impulsive impetuous impervious drunken opinionated perverse rash bawdy ornery imprudent forward inexorable unyielding assertive quarrelsome mean throaty antisocial stridulous unmusical rowdydowdy disturbed irregular in turmoil oscillating fruity palpitating harmonious melodious out of line unlawful aquiver plummy clashing stridulant insurgent insurrectionary uncompliant unmelodious jangling dissonant unharmonious rioting seditious indisciplined full-voiced drunk out-of-order out-of-line on-a-tear out-of-control stridulatory hoarse stertorous persuasive squawky vociferant baying squeaky rampaging truculent uncooperative roistering blusterous raising Cain raising the roof

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