Đồng nghĩa của full bodied

Tính từ

Characterized by fullness, clarity, strength, and smoothness of sound
resonant sonorous ringing full rich vibrant clear orotund plangent booming deep loud low thundering thunderous baritone bass basso carrying golden resounding reverberant reverberating reverberative rotund round canorous pear-shaped beating clangorous consonant deep-toned earsplitting electrifying enhanced heightened intensified mellow noisy powerful profound pulsing roaring sonorant stentorian strident thrilling throbbing mellifluous strong fruity melodious full-toned rounded dulcet mellifluent pulsating echoing phat harmonious full-voiced loud-voiced magniloquent grandiloquent pompous prominent smooth vibrating sounding bright eloquent expressive significant silvery cacophonous stentorious throaty lusty reverberatory rambunctious raucous vociferous blaring lively oscillating clamorous riotous palpitating piercing forceful plummy fortissimo harsh robust deafening overpowering blasting intense boisterous dinning obstreperous aquiver full-throated very loud ear-piercing ear-splitting ear-popping head-splitting ear-shattering clearly audible slam-bang rumbling low-pitched low-toned tumultuous grave distinct low-voiced crashing emphatic big tremendous almighty alto rowdy turned up mournful penetrating plaintive bellowing melancholy resonating trumpeting imposing thundery contralto mighty extremely noisy screaming overwhelming fulminating forte heavy blatant turbulent blustering vehement uproarious pealing full-mouthed wakes the dead high-sounding at full volume unwavering sharp clarion audible bell-like as clear as a bell

Tính từ

(of a person) Possessing strength and athleticism
powerful athletic fit muscular tough healthy ripped burly muscly physical sporty vigorous buff Herculean manly shredded active agile beefy brawny energetic hunky husky jacked lithe lusty nimble robust stark strapping strong sturdy thewy well built masculine manful well-built able-bodied built sinewy stalwart well-developed hardy rugged stout hefty powerfully built thickset hulking solid mesomorphic broad-shouldered brave bold courageous gallant bulky stout-hearted resolute stocky fearless red-blooded valiant daring valorous heroic intrepid virile big male well muscled lionhearted doughty mighty muscle-bound herculean chivalrous plucky hunk two-fisted dauntless macho gutsy solidly built all-male ballsy as strong as an ox manlike audacious undaunted spunky noble mannish man-size man-sized lion-hearted confident butch heavy beefcake mettlesome well knit adventurous stouthearted gritty greathearted heroical gutty toned undauntable swashbuckling fleshy hearty substantial well-knit powerhouse trim determined meaty potent chunky jock stud sturdily built bruising hulky generative pumped up tiger hale and hearty fighting fit in good shape vital in trim in good trim in fine fettle in good health in tip-top condition unflinching as fit as a fiddle as fit as a flea muscled as strong as a horse as strong as a lion sound hard spirited unshrinking unblenching unabashed staunch venturous venturesome nervy redoubtable unafraid assertive unfearful puissant rock-ribbed worthy dashing unalarmed fire-eating game finely honed lean portly gorillalike broad gigantic big and strong musclebound wiry ropy stringy swole aerobicized well made fertile studly forceful fecund laddish heavily built indomitable vibrant reproductive procreative driving sexually potent well-proportioned bursting with health firm colt jockstrap stately he-man self-reliant dignified in rude health tall hulk ox well in shape hale Ramboesque well set-up wholesome abled slim whole fine right as rain fit as a fiddle toned up well-conditioned as right as rain in top form in good condition daredevil adventuresome spartan ape adult stallion honourable boyish hairy caveman honorable resilient dogged aggressive hardened unyielding obdurate stubborn obstinate feisty cynical as tough as old boots tough as old boots hard as nails hard-nosed self-assertive self-confident hard-bitten high-powered

Trái nghĩa của full bodied

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