Đồng nghĩa của hunk

Alternative for hunk


Đồng nghĩa: bulk, chunk, gob, lump, mass, piece, wad,


A small quantity of something
bit speck trace particle crumb touch hint spot scrap shred smidgen scintilla tad suspicion mite ounce little morsel dab grain scruple atom fragment lick piece splash sprinkling smidgeon glimmer drop shade dash nip iota jot spatter smack strain ray shadow modicum tittle streak spark suggestion driblet molecule dram fleck skosh whit sliver smell pinch snap tinge granule ace dribble taste smidge mote snip peanuts nugget slice chunk shaving segment fraction bite chip flyspeck splinter dot mouthful nubbin share lump spoonful shard dollop paring trickle flake droplet extract dose snatch moiety skerrick butt gobbet smitch pin small piece small portion tiny piece chicken feed part portion section cut division slab wedge parcel snippet end member sample wodge proportion subdivision allotment quota quantity gob allowance lot smithereen take partition component instalment block installment length offcut remnant patch item wafer helping split bar cake knob article tablet wisp stick percentage brick cube half sampling dole ration amount apportionment constituent articulation tranche unit element measure corner module quantum tier shiver soupçon stretch tatter blob smithereens spall oddment skelf spillikin stim scantling whisper joint minim stump glob slip jot or tittle area field slot sector part of something aspect allocation branch office department cross section contribution ratio wing subsection equity divvy entitlement stake meed detail factor feature side excerpt distribution assignment due rasher collop round escalope cross-section serving dividend segmentation commission partage whack interest appropriation hunch scallop fricandeau scaloppina quotum piece of the cake rake-off cut of pie slice of the cake claim piece of the action vestige stub remainder trifle residue remains leftover specimen selection ingredient splint tiny bit whiff leftovers leavings relic smattering cutting small amount tiny amount flicker dregs minimum memento evidence fag end instance strip little bit tail end scale rest building block mark ort ghost sign token remnants representative piece odds and ends test piece rag ribbon spell gallet fig whoop syllable continental balance track swatch inkling leaving impression rap hoot durn darn imprint semblance degree footprint niggle indication spoor breath residuum tiny part footstep survival bits lees clipping legacy speckle souvenir nucleus step tidbit least bit reminder trophy excess surplus layer rump remembrancer hangover bits and pieces refuse heel link makings ruins integral part small bit small quantity drop in the bucket chippings potsherd passage scattering trail needle trimming pellet small part inch seed clove scent slither footmark matchwood flinders stitch corn cantlet peeling spit gleam arc beam rove flash column paragraph nuance intimation tincture example representative wood chipping drip globule wink glow glitter thorn sparkle subgroup subcategory subclass subspace bead infinitesimal tang small thing break attribute tag end dog end smallest part wee bit hair's breadth partial quotient case batch group chapter offshoot record nib proof peck squama entity whole incomplete number tiniest bit titbit tear pellicle skin cell snowflake peel scab membrane foil sheet class cog snack integrant principle tutorial scard part of the pack part of a set essential plug-in component part board fixins gnaw part and parcel digit integer arm square echo residual dross orts subset nibble print antique discrete item last part end piece antiquity stain artefact heirloom curio memorandum memory remembrance keepsake historical object fossil mottle blotch dapple pip eyespot blemish splotch point pinprick mélange smudge blot archaism testimonial ancient object monument memorial artifact museum piece curiosity rubbish mishmash notions litter sundries knickknacks potpourri debris motley miscellany jumble particles patchwork hodgepodge oddments rummage novelties scraps melee medley rags assortment etcetera olio others defect flaw fault remaining quantity overspill remaining part vestiges remaining number superfluity extra difference overflow object of virtu off cut number left over those left wreck junk garbage bottom of barrel extra material waste number that is left over additional things quantity that is left over carry-over extra things what's left extra people salvage wreckage the rest of obverse quantity left over additional people additional material detritus part left over part that is left over overplus mixed bag miscellaneous paraphernalia sundry items scourings crumbs slops end of a line this and that castoff scrapings offscourings pieces discard bits and bobs


A quantity or group of accumulated items
accumulation collection stockpile stock mass reserve hoard pile heap store fund reservoir quantity stack pool bank aggregation agglomeration mine chunk conglomeration assemblage gob trove rick agglomerate buildup pileup bunch cumulation bundle stash amassment clump cluster deposit lump build-up cache inventory supply wealth accretion mound deposition growth plethora abundance lot profusion load plenitude mess passel volume oodles loads good deal repertoire array plenty slew cornucopia raft spate mountain ton myriad bushel reams wad source plentitude copiousness yard boatload bucket fistful scads basketful barrel pack pot multiplicity truckload nest egg shipload lashings sheaf potful carload tonne set great deal repertory backlog budget force treasury sight opulence bounty affluence bountifulness luxury armory armoury prosperity much feast fruitfulness peck bounteousness gobs superabundance lots stacks masses piles heaps shedload swag plateful mountains plenteousness sufficiency torrent flood deluge capacity enough avalanche full house arsenal surplus gathering lashins deal hundred excess dozen large number range variety accrual group selection assortment sea amplitude richness wares produce clutch suite batch aggregate repository ocean commodities choice merchandise vein storehouse constellation block band clot grouping battery acquisition caboodle huddle parcel package knot muster fullness goods pharmacopeia pharmacopoeia articles lodgement congeries combination cumulus kit lodgment armamentarium treasure house well fount provision fountain lode treasure


Large, well-built, and muscular
burly beefy brawny hefty hulking big bulky husky muscly muscular stocky strapping strong sturdy thickset lusty mesomorphic rugged athletic broad-shouldered buff Herculean hunky jacked powerful powerfully built ripped robust shredded stout sturdily built vigorous well-built able-bodied beefcake bruising gorillalike hulky portly stalwart stark thewy well muscled solid chunky heavy substantial meaty fat plump fleshy healthy large heavyset sinewy tough chubby corpulent dumpy ample weighty gross rotund tubby fubsy roly-poly pudgy solidly built obese overweight paunchy massive broad round fit podgy well upholstered mighty pursy heavily built blubbery porky hearty poddy stubby full well padded abdominous buxom sizable broad in the beam stumpy thick zaftig squat corn-fed hardy muscle-bound nuggety pyknic oversize elephantine biggish well covered goodly lardy replete squatty largish considerable great hale of ample proportions gargantuan huge manly tidy sizeable well rounded extensive handsome fattish cobby hale and hearty energetic gigantic ponderous rounded beer-bellied major pot-bellied flabby firm enormous wide Falstaffian grand oversized active boxcar spacious capacious outsized jumbo whopping in fine fettle squabby tremendous sound colossal powerhouse voluminous good herculean heavyweight significant mammoth fighting fit porcine in good shape in good health as strong as an ox formidable comprehensive respectable outsize towering bull-necked tall muscled vast immense virile vital well substantive big and strong well-developed hard thick-bodied blimp well-padded well knit staunch well-conditioned in good trim bursting with health overgrown potbellied in rude health as fit as a fiddle decent decent-sized as fit as a flea as strong as a horse sporty plumpish fit as a fiddle monumental sensible lumbering physical titanic short trim agile nimble lithe lively humongous prodigious monster stodgy manful well-knit imposing walloping commodious whole musclebound cumbersome roomy aerobicized large-scale of ample build fresh bouncing wholesome red-blooded iron peppy dynamic flush capable forceful gingery not inconsiderable in trim pumped up able in tip-top condition obdurate physically fit bulging well-covered adipose in good condition filled generous in the pink as strong as a lion swollen morbidly obese whalelike bull clumsy girthy awkward ungainly lean fine studly oafish lumpish macho butch curvy splay blooming scrub loutish unwieldy clodhopping clunky toned masculine young potent full-figured sarcous overpowering overblown embonpoint well set-up unco built like an ox avoirdupois redoubtable wiry ropy stringy tiger swole full-bodied built right as rain in shape compact curved healthful blocky baby elephant bursting with good health well-made strenuous spunky chiseled good-sized comfortable well-upholstered chiselled bloated overstuffed overfed overnourished overheavy clinically obese two-fisted A1 full of life well-proportioned full-blooded sonsy having a bay window having a spare tire bulbous lard-arsed bovine inflated distended lard butterball jelly-belly rude serious fairly large bonny strong-featured cast-iron hardened toughened hard-bitten inured giant not to be sneezed at reasonable roaring thriving rough flourishing enduring acclimatised unflagging resistant acclimatized resilient tenacious indefatigable seasoned super wide-ranging sweeping big-boned alive and kicking as strong as a ox monstrous cosmic inordinate lofty ginormous grandiose astronomical global wholesale far-reaching Bunyanesque pharaonic leviathan vasty galactic humungous stupendous brobdingnagian cosmical cyclopean extreme mountainous astronomic stellar mastodonic staggering cavernous monolithic upholstered plenitudinous liberal thumping appreciable expansive wide-reaching exhaustive mass on the large larger greater universal nationwide giant-sized man-size thumping great of considerable size king-size whopping great man-sized dirty great giant-size whacking great king-sized barn door well fed leading heavy-duty super colossal packed copious across-the-board international whopper chock-full thundering stuffed intercontinental a whale of a mondo detailed awash all-encompassing worldwide important brimming crowded king size bumper mega whacking Brobdingnagian gigantesque heroic super-duper supersized supersize Himalayan oceanic heroical planetary epic very large very big immeasurable cumbrous behemoth abundant almighty high pythonic boundless plentiful lavish excessive massy whale of a unhandy long unmanageable magnificent princely whaling plenteous infinite limitless extraordinary profuse impressive burdensome leaden behemothic extravagant marked exorbitant unmanoeuvrable cranky bunglesome incalculable unlimited extremely large measureless very great prosperous profitable full-size noticeable sufficient advantageous super-colossal lucrative entire superabundant great big complete statuesque incommodious elevated striking inconvenient dense majestic notable superior eminent august endless sublime cracking extra-large eternal titan mahoosive imperial awful extremely big terrific kingly bountiful prolific overwhelming mastodontic illustrious magnific Cyclopean jumbo-sized interminable fantastic bounteous illimitable numerous megalithic weighing a ton socking great terrible unbounded good-size pronounced much worthwhile adequate rewarding laborious paying material ill-shaped maxi daunting OS remunerative gainful extra large bullish Moby elephantic Brobdignagian steady astounding unfathomable fathomless difficult moving intense renowned irresistible resounding deafening ear-splitting thunderous ear-piercing booming widespread measurable unsparing billowing glorious appalling dreadful splendid stately protracted lengthy decided extended prolonged awesome expanded crashing swelled deep fair-sized family-sized family-size fair-size economy-size life-size economy-sized frightful fearful baggy noble superb far-flung spread-out mundo never-ending Gargantuan all-inclusive stretched-out onerous encumbering uncontrollable interplanetary catholic cosmopolitan cosmogonic empyrean interstellar cosmogonal space intergalactic ecumenical very loud palatial spacey loose-fitting regal larger-than-life desperate severe loud featureless impenetrable intractable faceless characterless immovable resplendent gorgeous lordly proud royal ambitious gallant baronial dignified legion sundry several convoluted many multifarious swelling simple multitudinous covering various soaring splendiferous exalted haughty consistent permanent rich unreal steep impractical awe-inspiring something else Homeric lumbersome multistorey sky-high supreme sky-scraping hard-wearing durable clunking galumphing tiresome clunker embarrassing oppressive wearisome lubberly sluggish plodding outstanding immoderate paramount unconscionable overextravagant overmuch undue overdue insane overweening stiff intolerable plethoric baroque surpassing fancy unmerciful devilish altitudinous strongly made invincible stable indomitable transcendent shambling airy preeminent spiring aerial unmatchable ultimate towery unmeasurable skyscraping lead-footed heavy-footed

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