Đồng nghĩa của detailed

Alternative for detailed

details, detailed, detailing

Đồng nghĩa: assign, commission, delegate, division, dwell on, elaborate, fraction, fragment, itemize, part, portion, segment,

Tính từ

Having many details
full thorough complete comprehensive exhaustive minute specific elaborate exact meticulous particular particularised particularized all-inclusive circumstantial itemised itemized accurate precise all-embracing blow-by-blow definite explicit extensive painstaking developed encyclopaedic encyclopedic elaborated enumerated finicky seriatim in depth point-by-point at length careful scrupulous in-depth rigorous correct strict punctilious close conscientious methodical thoroughgoing absolute clear-cut total intensive sweeping unambiguous diligent definitive proper fastidious fussy demanding all-out assiduous true unequivocal categorical distinct right perfect profound literal concentrated unmistakable defined systematic faithful error-free nice inclusive compendious out-and-out all-encompassing universal embracive far-reaching cyclopedic panoramic omnibus persnickety nitpicking attentive deep studious pinpoint on the money all-in exacting cover-all clear broad-gauge broad-gauged unerring picky finical delicate spot-on veracious certain faultless pernickety global errorless searching whole intense pedantic on the button focused direct full-scale rigid express genuine choosy bang on dead-on widespread actual perfectionist punctual ample clean radical authentic focussed entire sharp critical clocklike unqualified flawless on the nose ultra-careful overnice efficient hair-splitting crystal clear whole-hog full-dress good fine keen from A to Z judicious on-target spot on severe inch-perfect serious exclusive factual concerted intent veridical sedulous dainty authoritative plentiful copious abundant specialized specialised formal fussbudgety finicking choosey old-maidish reliable umbrella broad mathematical concrete catholic infallible religious consummate broad-ranging univocal dedicated fast laborious wall-to-wall manifest unquestionable conscionable heedful substantial conclusive grand intact understandable integral plenary lucid compleat nit-picky nit-picking unbroken fixed well-defined fiddly considered right on clearly expressed bull's-eye on target lock stock and barrel soup to nuts tough all the way royal plenty slam-bang counted selective topical intrinsic thoroughpaced technical appropriate solid matter-of-fact ultraprecise discriminating just deft discriminative skilful truthful skillful regular scientific expert functional hairline refined unwavering unabridged rich profuse lavish earnest considerable stage by stage step by step stringent liberal sufficient alert plenteous adequate complex complicated thoroughly extensively full-blown meaningful significant long choate uncut largest personal immediate satisfying valid unlimited specially designed uncompromising intricate experienced the word most identical in detail canonical no stone unturned vigorous strenuous all-absorbing straightforward plain impeccable stilted decorous stiff stiff-necked ceremonious starchy obvious purposeful scholarly well researched downright overt firsthand penetrating textbook verbatim straight official final irrefutable undeniable undisputed unimpeachable unrefuted wide blunt stark blanket overarching nailed down on the nail dead on on the beam on the mark on the numbers emphatic word for word essential elemental explosive heavy-duty violent vehement excruciating vicious exquisite fearsome hard ghastly high-pressure fierce heavy terrible resolute frightful hellacious dreadful determined blistering furious acute ferocious almighty fearful picture-book dead right model to a T picture-perfect perfected letter-perfect classic inerrant to a turn polished civil seemly observant formalistic conventional overconscientious overscrupulous polite courteous patent without error unambivalent indubitable evident nonambiguous extremely particular scrutinising hard-to-please scrutinizing wholesale perspicuous special intimate persistent accelerated insistent speeded-up wide-ranging eclectic sure stated transparent unblurred real coast-to-coast interdisciplinary nationwide countrywide cross-disciplinary well reasoned well informed well argued first-hand good eye expansive across the board multidisciplinary general spelled out over-fastidious difficult carping faddish over-particular encircling infinite across-the-board synoptic containing overall comprising discursive easily understandable black and white cut-and-dried open-and-shut sharply defined hard and fast cut and dried black-and-white positive faddy pass-remarkable overcritical tricky effective surgical determinate decisive individual wholehearted undistracted collective existent the works leaving no stone unturned overprecise hairsplitting unadulterated unmitigated engrossed unshared unreserved consistent unalloyed very well defined the big picture of great scope the whole shebang unswerving united absorbed unflagging sincere firm unanimous committed continued tangible objective difficult to please deliberate circumspect all steady undivided vigilant decided material sensible clearly defined corporeal de facto bona fide sure-enough set in stone microscopic duteous stickling cautious crossing the t's white-glove dotting the i's

Tính từ

Detailed and complicated in design and planning, involving many carefully arranged elements
intricate elaborate complex complicated fancy involved meticulous sophisticated convoluted tangled labyrinthine byzantine difficult knotty involute labyrinthian entangled tricky tortuous confusing daedal bewildering baroque complicate hard involuted impenetrable multifaceted fiddly confused baffling Byzantine unfathomable jumbled Gordian ornate advanced serpentine interlaced puzzling nuanced multifarious perplexing thorny abstruse delicate obscure Daedalian cryptic inscrutable undecipherable enigmatic winding recondite dense knotted mixed muddled minute painstaking difficult to understand full of twists and turns exact refined tough cumbersome deep problematical troublesome sinuous circuitous high-tech mixed up mazy heterogeneous variegated hi-tech Daedalean awkward finicky inordinate subtle dainty layered devious fine ramified clever gimmicky new twisted ravelled rococo raveled challenging long-drawn-out can of worms maze-like drawn-out elite demanding top-level high-level higher-level incomprehensible confounding mystifying unintelligible abstract unclear beyond one's grasp ambiguous gnarly esoteric enigmatical unsolvable mind-boggling hard to explain above one's head mysterious paradoxical hard to solve mind-bending inexplicable profound vexing beyond comprehension hazy mystical thought-provoking rambling opaque over one's head fathomless compound composite manifold compounded miscellaneous collective multiform conglomerate multiplex mixed-up motley multipart interwoven mosaic meandering mingled multiple problematic arduous thorough particularized extensive particular full studied precise perfected laboured careful skillful prodigious inextricable labored circumstantial skilful imposing gingerbread overworked many-faceted particularised overdone blow-by-blow highly wrought high tech ticklish spiny sticky hairy sensitive prickly catchy tricksy dodgy touchy taxing nasty worrying trying unaccountable irksome controversial bothersome chaotic disconcerting vexed uncertain messy heavy long-winded wildering ponderous vexatious concerning unanswerable prolix insoluble over-elaborate beyond one formidable nettlesome dicey precarious critical contrived forced strained affected stiff unnatural stilted artificial overwrought befuddling upsetting disorienting serious impossible risky misleading verbose laborious embarrassing insolvable volatile unstable rocky plotty scrambled perplexed mazelike state-of-the-art amazing surprising intractable labyrinthial labyrinthical searching labyrinthal penetrating labyrinthiform labyrinthic touch-and-go reticular effortful uphill terrible radical intertwined unpleasant stunning astonishing eye-popping staggering pluridimensional frustrating bemusing indivisible inseparable harassing disorganized disarranged dark weird strange severe stupefying astounding like herding cats problem loaded not fluent fiendish contradictory inconsistent varied disordered quirky undependable drastic kittle funny peculiar odd weighty murky hidden concealed daunting operose strenuous contentious muddling devilish multidimensional nice kaleidoscopic disorganised sweeping extreme revolutionary complete provocative indirect roundabout uncanny unsteady heated irreducible blurring unsettling major inconstant unresolvable unexplainable capricious fickle temperamental mercurial chancy dangerous variable changeable emotive divisive scandalous untold indissoluble impossible to separate very devil of a devil of a muddlesome mistakable unpredictable uncomfortable indecipherable unstraightforward as clear as mud hard to understand clear as mud overlong deceptive lengthy hair-trigger irresolvable without a solution unsolved unresolved unable to be solved unconcluded pointed echinated briery annoying stimulating cunning perverse difficult to follow over-embellished mannered unconvincing turgid inelegant clumsy blended amalgamated windy synthesized combined fused not spontaneous synthesised multifactorial not simple

Tính từ

Constituting or referring to all of something
whole entire complete full total comprehensive exhaustive unabridged completed overall consummate outright unblemished conclusive thorough uncondensed unexpurgated grand integral perfect unqualified maximum undivided untouched broad inclusive intact unflawed compleat extensive gross undiminished unabbreviated undamaged unmarred unreduced plenary unbroken uncut aggregate uninterrupted unmarked utter all-inclusive full-blown full-length full-scale wide-ranging integrated unimpaired uncensored faultless global thoroughgoing replete universal general all-embracing solid all lock stock and barrel whole enchilada whole nine yards combined the works in one piece encyclopedic absolute unedited compendious imperforate sweeping embracive whole-hog whole-length full-dress hook line and sinker organic overarching encyclopaedic all-in cyclopedic panoramic undocked unitary omnibus in-depth widespread all-encompassing broad-gauge cover-all broad-gauged maximal blanket unlimited composite catholic ample sound across-the-board unshortened unified round choate finished all-out far-reaching unharmed umbrella worldwide ecumenical unspoilt generic even unrestricted cosmopolitan all-round diffuse continuous long wall-to-wall full-fledged across the board single exact full-blooded inviolate prevalent categorical collective wide pervasive full-on flat eclectic common omnipresent ubiquitous precise rampant seamless all-around expansive pandemic cosmic planetary in depth multinational mundane worldly regular astronomical accepted all-over unrevised standard-length full-out open joined final livelong consolidated categoric unmitigated impeccable decent pure sheer wholistic rounded indivisible quorate holistic unscathed epidemic rife all-in-one fully constituted flawless uninjured bulletproof airtight long-range long-term big picture scatheless unviolated undefiled one-piece clear virgin unhurt wholesale added out-and-out unmutilated together unsevered before tax before deductions empyrean undisputed terrestrial usual stellar customary celestial coast-to-coast interdisciplinary nationwide countrywide cross-disciplinary broad-ranging radical clean unsullied pristine advanced multidisciplinary accumulated whole schmear whole shebang in sum indiscrete encircling containing infinite the whole shebang the big picture comprising of great scope discursive synoptic developed international catchall full-sized fully developed whole ball of wax pervading all in one piece collected corporate mixed permeating fully fledged inescapable in toto catch-all all together with everything included ball-of-wax without exception all-together unanimous assembled cumulative broad-minded diverse liberal tolerant unsectarian unbigoted diversified fully formed fully grown broad-based flexible undogmatic indiscriminate broad-brush one-size-fits-all heaped amassed piled summative abundant plentiful plenteous copious adequate general-purpose multiculti open-minded world-wide varied all-purpose unprejudiced unspecialized itemised itemized largest wide-reaching large-scale indeterminate charitable receptive most all-encompassing all-embracing

Tính từ

Giving clear and vividly explicit details
graphic vivid explicit striking clear expressive forceful descriptive illustrative lively pictorial picturesque telling uninhibited cogent colourful lucid lurid powerful punchy realistic rich shocking startling delineated visual effective highly coloured photographic well-drawn colorful compelling comprehensible concrete convincing definite distinct eloquent figurative forcible full incisive intelligible lifelike moving perspicuous precise stirring strong unequivocal well defined well delineated well drawn well expressed leaving nothing to the imagination faithful evocative true-to-life true to life exact stimulating natural dramatic interesting arresting authentic filmic cinematic scintillating naturalistic fascinating unusual animated definitive characterful distinctive imaginative narrative revealing accurate minute affecting undistorted retentive memorable unforgettable haunting naturalist three-dimensional near photo-realistic living representational impressive sharp intense acute photogenic camera-friendly emotive credible speaking believable representative factual real true original graphical active theatrical fresh crystal clear sharply-etched meaningful persuasive energetic influential authoritative emphatic hard-hitting touching irresistible impactful suggestive poignant passionate artistic symbolic pictographic pregnant indicative significant pointed enthusiastic dynamic vigorous exciting effectual potent inspiring inspirational pivotal aggressive motivating articulate efficacious zappy swayful alluring masterful motivational efficient impelling capable able purposeful successful material imposing far-reaching eye-catching bold chocolate-box pleasant reminiscent vivacious zestful bright redolent resonant remindful invigorating racy noticeable great resonant with remindful of in-your-face envigorating refreshing illustrated calling up succinct terse pithy crucial instrumental scenic rousing fluent provocative guiding enticing seductive sketched engraved etched seen portrayed pictoric painted illustrational pictured marked-out outlined blocked-out diagrammatic traced depicted iconographic competent fateful formative monumental useful swaying central responsible contributory decisive controlling encouraging momentous operative consequential robust inducing critical considerable animating coherent authoritarian rational reasoned pertinent sufficient plausible on the ball weighty logical puissant reasonable vehement unanswerable grand charming mighty direct theatric histrionical trenchant sound graceful well-founded important relevant well founded well reasoned performant satisfying powerhouse high-powered emotional meaning charged ardent sympathetic revelatory allusive inspired visionary indicating emotion indicating feeling demonstrative deeply felt understanding pathetic full of emotion thoughtful representing open warm ingenious easy-to-read full of feeling spirited brilliant mobile communicative sensitive alive indicating tender masterly showy silver-tongued responsive signifying

Tính từ

Visually impressive or showy
elaborate baroque ornate decorated fancy ornamented embellished extravagant intricate decorative flashy florid ostentatious plush showy adorned elegant fussy posh busy garnished luxurious rich sophisticated sumptuous flash rococo skilful skillful wedding-cake over-elaborate with all the extras with all the options with bells and whistles beautiful complex gingerbread complicated overwrought gingerbreaded flowery overdecorated gingerbready bedizened aureate overelaborate high-wrought bedecked resplendent jewelled superficial fine metaphorical opulent dazzling tawdry gilded luscious glossy bright jeweled flaunting magnificent glamorous ornamental sparkling meretricious splashy colored brilliant lavish gaudy glitzy coloured wordy verbose embroidered variegated fancily decorated highly wrought flamboyant garish pretentious lurid colorful loud colourful towering extreme devilish bold exaggerated jazzy over the top chichi outrageous swank bombastic arabesque overstated grandiose impressive vivid intense overdone striking strong eye-catching glowing bizarre vibrant unconscionable grotesque undue excessive overextravagant steep overdue insane overweening stiff overmuch immoderate intolerable inordinate plethoric exorbitant convoluted unmerciful curlicued gee-whizz whimsical glaring very elaborate gilt theatrical animated lucid obtrusive convivial merry vulgar tasteless peacockish exciting camp dashing classy swish deluxe naff luxuriant sporty fun flaming select spiffy quality snazzy ritzy superior kitsch glittering prime fanciful special tacky brash swashbuckling froufrou frilly fancible unusual cushy highfalutin custom beautifying chintzy brassy trashy swanky gimcrack flaring razzle-dazzle high-class high-quality fancy-pants OTT

Tính từ

Involving the use of exaggerated or flowery writing or language
inflated grandiloquent bombastic rhetorical flowery magniloquent pompous pretentious florid oratorical ornate orotund fustian verbose highfalutin turgid grandiose overripe euphuistic purple affected overwrought elaborate aureate wordy extravagant overdone declamatory lofty prolix ostentatious fancy showy fussy ranting ornamented puffed complex complicated decorated involved hyperbolic excessive exalted overestimated rhapsodical high-flown la-di-da overblown high-sounding windy tumid pleonastic rhetoric flatulent Ossianic sonorous convoluted long-winded flamboyant strained laboured hifalutin magnific hyperventilated labored periphrastic stilted arty-farty gassy gaseous over-elaborate diffuse tedious swollen fulsome baroque rambling voluble redundant circumlocutory circuitous theatrical discursive garrulous tautological histrionic loquacious lengthy palaverous exaggerated sesquipedalian haughty repetitious logorrheic eloquent tortuous gabby chatty boastful ponderous pedantic self-important portentous dramatic grand-sounding figurative stagy tumescent protracted long-drawn-out fluent elocutionary big-talking windbag rococo Ciceronian embellished ornamental epideictic talkative talky ambagious Demosthenic Demosthenean silver-tongued imposing big mannered actorly curlicued roundabout high over-the-top egotistic rotund wedding-cake busy gingerbread meandering braggart Falstaffian boasting bragging bold prim high-falutin solemn Miltonian epic Homeric very elaborate elegant tiresome high-minded snobbish pontifical wandering indirect empty overlong prolonged oratorial overinflated tall decorative garnished rich luscious euphemistic euphistic tall-talking blathering blustering circumlocutionary arty overelaborate high-wrought stodgy booming melodramatic arresting formal flashy rhapsodic loudmouthed balderdash shallow superficial breezy stuffy verbal linguistic digressive maundering serious arrogant grave stylistic waffly highly decorated stuffed shirt contrived glib mouthy vocal grand effusive articulate logorrhoeic full of hot air superfluous fervid impassioned persuasive gesturing vivid forceful gesticulative senatorial loud noisy expressive intoning important noble stentorian full of verbiage iterative erudite scholarly bombast heroic long overwritten puffed-up majestic impressive vast monumental elevated lexiphanic overheated splendid yellow brilliant golden learned effervescent fizzy carbonated sparkling bubbly over the top over-embellished over-ornate overworked gingerbreaded bedizened overdecorated gingerbready overornate excessively ornate overembellished flattering well-spoken smooth-talking prattling expansive prating jabbering babbling gushing yakking multiloquent big-mouthed multiloquous gobby wittering tautologous repeating yacking repetitive full of air with the gift of the gab having kissed the Blarney stone

Tính từ

Very fine in texture or structure, especially of intricate workmanship or quality
delicate fine dainty exquisite intricate elegant subtle airy graceful nice soft nuanced sheer wispy chiffony diaphanous feathery flimsy floaty gauzy gentle gossamer gossamery insubstantial light papery silky thin choice ethereal filmy gauzelike recherche shimmering threadlike translucent transparent fine-grained fine-spun wafer-thin see-through refined precise exact hairsplitting minute elaborate meticulous finespun hairline fastidious fine-drawn methodical ultra-fine involved fancy narrow overnice perfect strict sophisticated minuscule abstruse well-made well-crafted well-executed accurate faultless particular finicky painstaking skillful careful skilful thorough finical finicking persnickety orderly nifty superior hair-splitting unerring definite incorrupted dead on close winning fragile cobwebby lightweight frail unsubstantial gossamer-like select rare beautiful slight gossamer-thin tiffany chiffon silken lovely lacy pellucid luxurious opulent fluffy grand charming tasteful transpicuous translucid plush lucid classy slim pretty stylish lavish cultivated tenuous sumptuous frothy sleazy waiflike handsome artistic vaporous pleasing floating attractive ornate comely cultured smart polished deluxe lush luxuriant rich discerning recherché courtly tissuelike high-class chic majestic urbane stately aesthetic pure swanky first-class smooth limpid very thin swank posh clear esthetic splendiferous summery frangible superfine skimpy wisplike nebulous cobweblike cottony incorporeal subtile permeable deficient glossy iridescent gauze-like exotic feather-like flyaway filigree floatable attenuated slender far-fetched esoteric arcane fibrous cobweb loose frilly open porous spongy flowing cut-rate slapdash superficial tacky meager unsound rinkydink infirm defective meagre decrepit meshy paperlike weightless downy atmospheric reedy twiggy fairy aerial rarefied papyraceous discriminating lacelike lace-like patterned netlike net net-like intangible impalpable shadowy harmonious chartaceous neat exclusive palatial expensive house of cards otherworldly ghostly unworldly wraithlike vapory gaseous eerie trim petite restrained splendid costly fit becoming sensitive fitting paper balletic lithe quality special magnificent luxury paper-thin ultra-thin dinky upmarket plushy Lucullan spiffy quiet snazzy in good taste chaste unaffected gratifying classical unobtrusive subdued uptown luxe loaded palace gorgeous Lucullian swish ritzy fancy-pants pricey Babylonian flowy palatian well appointed luscious super cute sweet bonny darling delightful fair deft tender precious feeble aesthetically pleasing fashionable extravagant classic modish dignified distinguished dashing suave noble decorous ostentatious ornamented genteel affected debonair august schmick aristocratic overdone stylized well-designed well-dressed a la mode well-bred

Tính từ

(literally or figuratively) Very great in size, amount, degree, intensity, or extent
vast wide elephantine humongous mighty astronomical colossal enormous expansive gigantic grand huge immense incalculable massive monstrous monumental prodigious substantial tremendous big eternal gargantuan ginormous mega mountainous stupendous unlimited ample boundless broad comprehensive considerable endless epic extensive giant great humungous immeasurable infinite large limitless super voluminous astronomic capacious gross herculean mammoth sizable sizeable almighty cosmic grandiose heavy hefty illimitable inordinate measureless monster terrific titanic weighty whopping widespread awesome bulky cosmical excessive exorbitant expanded extreme formidable generous gigantesque heroic imposing interminable leviathan oceanic overwhelming towering unwieldy walloping whacking abundant bumper commodious cyclopean galactic Gargantuan handsome heroical hulking jumbo mundo overgrown oversized pharaonic planetary plenteous prolific spacious sweeping thumping unbounded vasty Brobdingnagian Herculean supersize Himalayan king-size king-sized never-ending supersized thumping great very big very great very large whacking great whopping great far-flung far-reaching spread-out stretched-out super-duper whale of a all-inclusive king size wide-ranging global wholesale exhaustive wide-reaching mass nationwide universal husky intercontinental roomy copious leading good awash major fat worldwide international all-encompassing mondo strapping whopper thundering significant important large-scale bull full heavyweight oversize ponderous chock-full brimming burly packed across-the-board crowded stuffed healthy heavy-duty a whale of a super colossal extraordinary stellar goodly brobdingnagian impressive outsized outsize tidy cavernous fantastic deep Bunyanesque biggish profuse extended magnificent largish behemoth blimp lavish high lofty striking serious extravagant pythonic solid staggering plentiful open appreciable princely mastodonic unfathomable Homeric dirty great long bottomless massy comfortable extra-large majestic fathomless boxcar phenomenal remarkable complete thorough outstanding whaling giant-sized tall behemothic substantive bountiful superabundant cumbersome splendid liberal exceptional gaping rambling yawning inexhaustible wide open august pronounced notable airy chasmal imperial marvellous unending marked magnific all-embracing respectable catholic inclusive palatial marvelous interdisciplinary multidisciplinary roaring rangy stately cross-disciplinary glorious severe resounding abysmal noble memorable numerous awe-inspiring regal bounteous gallant royal baronial rich uncrowded astounding rip-roaring unusual titan intense super-colossal cumbrous surpassing strong superior awful thick unfathomed untold sturdy terrible monolithic steep immoderate everlasting giant-size indefinite immensurable horizonless elevated profound superb unfailing extremely large sky-high inestimable man-size of considerable size man-sized material ambitious barn door proud larger-than-life wonderful decisive conclusive emphatic exalted consequential decent outspread numberless fabulous noteworthy unmistakable unqualified rolling great big amazing no end of incredible no end to panoramic out-and-out general encyclopedic compendious lumbering bombastic awkward brawny mind-blowing spacey spectacular breathtaking kingly stunning cavelike beefy utmost ungainly mind-boggling extremely big thunderous clumsy cracking sunken disproportionate unsounded pervasive abnormal stiff jumbo-sized excellent classic hunky mortal paramount encyclopaedic meaty hulky Cyclopean spread out eminent mahoosive deep-set protracted historic countless far-ranging unconfined dreadful undue lengthy unplumbed powerfully built solidly built illustrious unrestricted transcendent permanent supreme fearful unconscionable overmuch swelling fine across the board intemperate plethoric abounding plumbless prodigal momentous multitudinous various fair unreasonable insane overdue overweening intolerable impenetrable prevalent overextravagant devilish plummetless sundry legion several many multifarious resplendent sublime megalithic scopious scopic full-size exceeding lank teeming reasonable unmeasurable good-size good-sized no strings mastodontic much socking great without limit lordly without end not to be sneezed at steady earthshaking earth-shattering Moby grandiloquent Miltonian daunting booming deafening ear-splitting ear-piercing thrashing superhuman lasting Brobdignagian high-ceilinged laborious startling miraculous dilatable distensible expandable enduring unforgettable crashing astonishing immortal cosmogonic interstellar intergalactic interplanetary cosmopolitan empyrean cosmogonal space ecumenical moving renowned irresistible dynamic wide-open pleasing wicked top maximum unbelievable sensational flabbergasting dramatic soaring appalling very loud OS through the ceiling frightful fantabulous billowing high-flown high-sounding elephantic uttermost wondrous desperate loud prolonged distinguished epoch-making baggy chasmic muscly powerful fleshy heavyset muscular chunky stout thickset fierce harsh horrific crucial vital statuesque profitable spanking ominous shattering heightened increased escalated jacked up well-built decided abiding sky-scraping multistorey radical acute rare max outstretched Falstaffian paunchy flabby fubsy maxi devastating featureless immovable intractable faceless characterless oafish lumpish decent-sized bonny arduous unhandy measurable loose-fitting larger buxom greater zaftig baroque fancy unmerciful altitudinous prime latitudinous beamy marathon noticeable above average intensified unmanageable unplumbable unmeasured in-depth loutish heavily built clodhopping well built mesomorphic clunky fair-sized family-sized economy-size life-size swelled family-size fair-size economy-sized superlative pre-eminent abyssal blanket simple convoluted covering unmanoeuvrable consistent very long critical urgent fundamental incommodious ceaseless undying girthy big and strong not inconsiderable roly-poly muscle-bound broad in the beam broad-shouldered corn-fed well upholstered well fed extra large unco thewy stark indiscriminate comprising soundless gorgeous crushing paralysing preeminent spiring aerial unmatchable ultimate towery skyscraping central pressing essential unfading unbottomed unceasing tolerable dignified undetermined ethereal unexclusive far reaching pretty haughty splendiferous hollow elaborate paralyzing overcoming unreal thoroughgoing wide physically meaningful worth taking into account sepulchral opulent plush classy luxurious very deep inflatable expanding stretching elastic dilating something else exciting eye-opening broad-gauge cover-all broad-gauged broad-ranging broad-based cyclopedic embracive all-in omnibus wall to wall no catch ultra dark flash flashy swanky real worthwhile key extending far down thorough-going wall-to-wall discursive encyclopedical encyclopaedical stretchy extendable enlargeable distending streets ahead no holds barred no strings attached luxuriant eventful firm sound gloomy echoing concave resonant reverberant dismal splashy purple egotistic high-falutin' complex theatrical fustian high-flying dilatant unsuppressed sprawling expansile unrepressed useful durable valuable principal aplenty plenty galore cornucopian exuberant alveolate socketed chambered big-deal tectonic major-league proliferous myriad innumerable rife multifold manifold full-out incomprehensible full-blown all-out totalitarian full-scale curved inward overflowing thick on the ground uncountable multiple motley disparate replete unremitting assorted diverse miscellaneous well-provided varied incomputable populous unnumbered mixed uncounted multiplied rampant well-supplied frequent crawling with stink with a dime a dozen on tap ad nauseam unwarranted unbridled exaggerated superfluous unrestrained gratuitous needless extortionate surplus uncontrolled profligate wanton improvident indulgent overabundant imprudent dizzying redundant outrageous wasteful dissipated uncurbed unhampered ridiculous unchecked supernatural overkill overgenerous extra unnecessary silly more preposterous recrementitious stratospheric overindulgent ludicrous overboard unfettered uninhibited self-indulgent too many O.T.T. too much OTT over the top out of all proportion over the odds way out uncalled for a bit much

Tính từ

Capable of making fine distinctions
subtle astute shrewd keen sharp acute clever fine ingenious intelligent perceptive percipient quick sagacious adroit aware canny discerning insightful intuitive penetrating sapient sensitive bright brilliant cerebral dextrous dexterous discriminating incisive smart thoughtful wise analytical cagey cagy genius intellectual knowing perspicacious piercing politic precocious savvy skilful analytic brainy complex deep deft exacting experienced intriguing judicious quick-witted ratiocinative skillful vigilant fly on the ball whip-smart rapier-like razor-like razor-sharp sharp-witted prudent profound cunning artful crafty wily sly observant critical delicate calculating argute foxy guileful sage alert discreet clear-sighted ready pawky heads-up scheming long-headed sophisticated knowledgeable careful tactful erudite hardheaded streetwise heady suss cautious tricky clear-eyed hard-boiled smooth devious enlightened slick designing cute dodgy diplomatic considerate polite gnostic nimble trenchant clear understanding penetrative rational courteous slippery probing tactical beguiling searching quick off the mark quick on the uptake razor-edged knife-like sensible refined fast supersmart media-savvy ultrasmart insighted respectful skilled gentle suave exceptional sympathetic sharpened capable resourceful gracious accurate hyperintelligent nimble-witted agile sharp as a tack treating with kid gloves wary enquiring inquiring able not born yesterday finely honed leery cultivated tasteful exquisite cultured whiz good einstein selective precise responsive apt circumspect razor sharp heedful fastidious keen-witted foresighted sussed minute acuminous worldly-wise Machiavellian sneaky seemly cordial decorous polished awake conscious sophic questioning watchful hep frugal softly-softly kid-glove inventive creative original exact witty shifty urbane civil poised mannerly kind not missing a trick tuned in ear to the ground knows what's what wise to smart as a tack having smarts quick on the trigger knowing how many beans make five nobody's fool with all one's wits about one with it street smart street-smart manipulative unscrupulous as sharp as a tack having fancy footwork imaginative innovative insidious learned masterly examining pointed thorough exploratory inquisitive researching investigative intense curious interested scholarly inspired gifted enterprising adept talented philosophical treating something with kid gloves innovational fertile elaborate trailblazing innovatory originative Promethean abstruse serious informed recondite strategic conciliatory conniving arch bland contriving opportunistic pioneering weighty esoteric arcane difficult artistic deviceful reflective hermetic hermetical occult orphic acroamatic secret thinking outside the box complicated tough full of insight showing great knowledge with great knowledge prickly thorny intricate hairy sticky fiddly knotty underhand problematical problematic disingenuous farsighted inside shark astucious calculated far-sighted tricksy spiny catchy far-seeing wised up in the know on the inside on top of up on cognizant sentient alive mindful thinking receptive witting familiar acquainted active educated abreast apperceptive versed sharp-sighted conversant ware proficient worldly apprehensive quick-thinking cognitive mature apprised well-informed competent wide awake visionary reasoning particular observing logical fussy sensatory finicky aesthetic accomplished choosy sensorial sensory nice finical picky seasoned sensile feeling practical reactive wired unprovincial persnickety mental intent emotional perceiving seeing esthetic all there well-read prescient having been around versant open-eyed downy cluey reasonable responsible cosmopolitan enthusiastic academic discriminatory expressive animate attentive familiar with bookish extraordinary expert demanding lively scrupulous acquainted with consummate pernickety comprehending crack spirited cool knowledgeable about poetic vigorous appreciative squeamish faddish dainty ace master choosey well informed well read well educated brisk fussbudgety finicking meticulous quick on the draw au fait with hotshot faddy clued-up sensitive to well versed in well informed about au courant well up on no stranger to old-maidish au courant with genial hard to please genned up on on the beam plugged in in on down with impeccable diagnostic differentiating powerful handy strong reliable beady hawklike concise adult dependable steely umbrageous irritable impressible easily affected unstable turned on to ticklish oversensitive touchy touchy feely supersensitive tense hung up high-strung nervous susceptible precarious emotionable impressionable hypersensitive psychic crisp succinct punchy pithy eloquent heightened elite swift PDQ prompt finely tuned lettered sprightly psychological egghead mincing mentally keen qualified arty bright-eyed and bushy-tailed to the point grown-up well-developed well-honed virtuoso star up-to-date up effectual effective level-headed schooled literate scientific mercurial curt intrapersonal instructed highbrow together abreast of practiced informed about into hip sensuous with-it tuned-in tutored widely read live living thought intellective very smart susceptive moving well-taught having a good head on one's shoulders know how many beans make five having no flies on smart as a whip practised in practised skilled in proficient in apprised of at home with experienced in at home ambitious adventurous energetic brain elevated figurative elegant symbolic flowery graceful discriminative venturesome nifty sentimental breathing self-aware sensate flesh-and-blood recognizing noticing aggressive discriminational differential kept posted up to speed on plugged into up to date on perfect in clued up on cognizant of au fait beautiful recognising admiring supportive able to recognize in the right mind capable of feeling full of feeling learning select individualising eclectic opinionated individualizing choicy forward tasty first-rate phenomenal selfish materialistic grasping blasé privy appraised hot wizard remarkable worldly-minded avaricious greedy covetous pleased recognizant clued with good taste disenchanted callous hardened uptown self-centered power-loving mondain unprincipled self-centred switched-on commendatory applauding complimentary favorable positive approving friendly approbatory top-notch top-drawer alive to grounded sensible to sensible of alert to well versed in the ways of the world worldly wise been around have the goods top-hole ahead of one's peers class act out of the ordinary have smarts old beyond one's years got it shining at advanced for one's age certain encouraging regardful sure up with conversant with hip to cooperative satisfied favourable generous affectionate clued in on ware of in the picture hep to on to in the know about up to date with up to date inflexible puritanical prim pure prudish stuffy pedantic proper punctilious prissy perfectionist nitpicking overdelicate overparticular overnice hypercritical Victorian strait-laced difficult to please schoolmarmish over-particular impossible to please nit-picking nit-picky

Động từ

To have depicted pictorially or artistically
shown depicted characterized described exhibited given a picture of illustrated modeled modelled outlined portrayed presented reflected represented delineated embodied epitomized exemplified mirrored pictured characterised epitomised illuminated symbolised symbolized mimicked rendered gave a picture of showed set apart distinguished set out marked set forth identified sketched defined painted individualized differentiated designated individualised singularized branded expressed singled out individuated typified typecast charactered indicated signified classified categorized featured categorised discriminated personified denoted signalized narrated displayed evoked imaged set off constituted pegged tabbed signalised recounted separated unfolded pinpointed demarcated demonstrated meaned meant related specified classed reported qualified limned drafted evidenced stamped typecasted instantiated marked off emblematized personalized interpreted stood for draughted marked out personalised drawn drew told explained chronicled honoured praised immortalized admired celebrated dignified honored acknowledged determined tagged fingered named sifted parted enacted styled incarnated manifested skeletoned adumbrated sorted out told between chalked told from planned paid tribute to suggested charted pigeonholed reproduced stated bodied immortalised made distinctive peculiarized roughed out made something stand out laid out realized summed up realised put down for put finger on made different designed highlighted prepared recited recognized decided exalted elevated analyzed labeled collated divided estimated placed spotted acted ascertained diagnosed ennobled performed selected judged labelled extricated staged betokened rehearsed counted figured out heralded told apart articulated determinated diagnosticated bespoke isolated blocked out made out communicated pronounced relayed relaid made manifest externalized evinced materialized silhouetted traced particularized instanced implied equaled incorporated equalled signalled signaled substantiated imported earmarked introduced expatiated retailed repeated proclaimed descanted recorded revealed discoursed voice-overed spun enumerated disclosed pencilled penciled delimited caught segregated quoted hinted painted a picture insinuated ID'ed run down told of enlightened served as a typical example of argued cited proved referred to developt held forth painted a picture of summarized differentialized spelt out developed blueprinted particularised spelled out analysed announced made up presented as elucidated plotted made known figured served as an example of recognised lined hallmarked IDed hung sign on externalised referred considered buttoned down run through cleared up added up flashed sketched out materialised drawn a picture of blocked in made diagramed corresponded to clarified tracked drew a picture of made unique skeletonized informed made a drawing of told a story conjured up substituted for met the requirements of profiled caught a likeness of lay out mapped out pointed to doodled bodied forth diagrammed summarised gave an account of equated with given an account of known knew bespake bespoken span ran through ran down were belonged to gave a report of given a report of prove proven alluded to shown to be showed to be gave expression to given expression to written an article about wrote an article about written about wrote about

Trái nghĩa của detailed

detailed Thành ngữ, tục ngữ

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