Đồng nghĩa của hep

Alternative for hep

hep /hep/
  • tính từ
    • (từ Mỹ,nghĩa Mỹ), (từ lóng) biết thừa, biết tỏng
      • to be hep to someone's trick: biết tỏng cái trò chơi khăm của ai
    • am hiểu những cái mới

Tính từ

Up-to-date on current fashion and trends
trendy in cool hip now groovy mod def downtown turned-on with-it au courant fashionable modish happening stylish chic voguish sharp smart modern big trendsetting in vogue swish snappy supercool in fashion fly fresh exclusive with it all the rage in thing a la mode up to the minute popular hot funky latest tony spiffy swell kicking kicky sassy contemporary swinging natty up-to-date up to date all the go sophisticated swagger snazzy current faddy schmick chichi new up-to-the-minute in-thing swank in style le dernier cri on fleek bang up to date latest thing excellent down cosmopolitan elegant classy glamorous attractive impressive appealing gnarly massive thrilled high-toned large popularized favorite pop red-hot vogue faddish crowd-pleasing prevailing cutting-edge favoured genteel trig swanky upscale customary du jour favourite popularised newfangled posh usual favored dashing rakish de rigueur aroused excited inspired animated elated touched stirred moved atingle electrified à la mode a go-go well-liked last word worked up fired up designer flash nifty culty avant-garde dapper ultra-modern state-of-the-art dressy debonair newest new-fashioned modernistic ritzy recent ultramodern spruce prevalent sought-after present-day space-age advanced trim new age neat in demand jaunty leading edge progressive novel well dressed innovative well turned out well turned-out cutting edge brand-new jazzy flashy dressed to kill high-class showy as if one had just stepped out of a bandbox tasteful wanted in favour desirable fancy the new well-dressed in favor slick neoteric well-groomed fab innovatory latter-day high-tech expensive unconventional topical sexy formal styleworthy loud polished high-fashion understated flattering desired ornate gay coveted present stylin' preferred sporty forward-looking flamboyant dap extant clean modernized modernised updated modern-day leading-edge nouvelle immediate ostentatious uptown beautiful hi-tech timely ongoing unique contemporaneous plugged-in smartly dressed clever pioneering in the mainstream present-time futuristic ingenious trailblazing fashionably dressed twenty-first-century dressed to the nines like gold dust well-heeled far-out earthy offbeat admired accepted flippant undercool wicked party young finest Sunday youthful smartest nice nicest upmarket fashion-conscious period last-word hottest crisp on trend rich gimmicky exciting celebrated distinctive first-class well groomed rage elaborate swaggy good smooth besuited spiff suave legendary liked well-known shiny casual informal lovely lively stunning gorgeous fine high-society well-off dress bling revolutionary big thing fancy-pants widespread commercially successful successful pizazzy splashy pizzazzy must-see dope quite recent urbane sleek pretentious steezy bang up-to-date with style colorful bright craze fad chi-chi in good taste active spirited avant colourful forefront approved super glorious well loved well liked zeitgeisty well put together dernier cri latest fashion latest wrinkle latest fad new look dressed up looking sharp longed-for hot off press just out in high feather in with it jet-setting well-turned-out crucial highly developed SOTA vivacious dainty prim awake perceptive familiar observant alive conscious savvy knowledgeable versed knowing informed apprehensive aware raffish dressed to the teeth to-die-for enviable on the cutting edge in the latest style spruced up switched on hep to on to plugged in turned on tuned in up on in on wise to hip to existing latter glittering gaudy glitzy flaunting glittery brazen marketable requested go-ahead instant in the know newsworthy required nowadays coeval prompt being commenced already today started begun existent leading newly discovered groundbreaking recently developed never-before-seen ground-breaking vendible salable merchandisable merchantable for the time being in duration going on ad hoc at this moment just now even now in process under consideration relevant at a premium vital pressing important creative original to die for in great demand buzzworthy innovational artistic unprecedented imaginative inventive strange unheard-of far out modernist different unaccustomed way out unfamiliar unexplored visionary out-of-the-box unhackneyed experimental unknown unexampled pathbreaking nontraditional subjective interesting nominal thematic in the news most recent

Tính từ

Experienced, familiar with
conversant abreast acquainted familiar familiar with informed knowledgeable up up-to-date versed well-informed abreast of acquainted with alive apprehensive aware cognizant comprehending conscious cool experienced hip informed about into knowing knowledgeable about learned perceptive percipient practised practiced proficient sensible sentient skilled versant witting apprised of at home at home with au courant au fait with experienced in no stranger to practised in proficient in skilled in well informed about well up on well versed in au courant with au fait clued up on cognizant of down with genned up on in the know kept posted perfect in plugged in plugged into on the beam up to date on up to speed on savvy up to date apprised clued-up enlightened mindful expert up on switched-on down wise to hip to up with well-read tuned in sussed in the know about understanding well informed educated in the loop with it in on ware observant in touch competent judicious discerning aware of sophisticated grounded posted well versed clued up genned up up to speed in the picture schooled erudite observing seasoned well-grounded sure well-versed intelligent sharp plugged-in alive to versed in sensible of alert to used to privy on to apperceptive enlightened about certain well-educated across alert genned up about clued up about cultured literate accustomed illuminated attentive introduced watchful instructed switched on to awake well educated omniscient sage apprized clever sensitive to awake to vigilant clued in on tuned-in sagacious well briefed conversant with with-it at ease with filled in brainy on the ball ware of hep to well-rounded well up in regardful of recognizant of well-briefed skillful skilful current up-to-the-minute primed well instructed trained in well-acquainted sensible to au parfum having your finger on the pulse up to snuff confident capable briefed on top of things advised cognizant in familiarised familiarized appraised in control confident with competent at up to date with cluey clued recognizant plugged in to careful abreast of the facts clued in thoughtful wary respectful heedful chary regardful noting perceiving recognizing noticing assured prescient scholarly remarking recognising keen lettered conscious of conscientious cautious solicitous cagey observative wide-awake responsive to mindful of able to recognize seized of clued-up on percipient of appreciative leet chary of wary of careful of watchful of heedful of intellectual shrewd astute on the job on one's toes be up on know ins and outs with eyes peeled know all the answers academic cultivated bookish literary highbrow canny acute studious civilized worldly cunning urbane unprovincial calculating qualified pedantic wise esoteric recondite brilliant insightful bright smart wily widely read donnish well read cerebral sapient switched on perspicacious with a knowledge of with an understanding of genius quick solid philosophical abstruse philosophic accomplished deep civilised sound polymath solemn scientific grave studied pansophic professorial sharp-witted clear-sighted clear-eyed worldly-wise having been around quick-witted sensitive penetrating intuitive discriminating subtle piercing responsive prudent living animate live politic penetrative breathing incisive profound ingenious feeling reactive fine farsighted delicate adroit seeing discreet dexterous argute gnostic insighted deft dextrous with great knowledge whip-smart razor-sharp ear to the ground knows what's what searching probing critical sharp-sighted keen-witted far-seeing refined tasteful inquisitive intent selective suss open-eyed thinking heads-up downy visionary imaginative cute heady long-headed functioning showing great knowledge full of insight contemplative reflective foresighted informed of diplomatic sentimental emotional flesh-and-blood receptive self-aware sensate precocious analytical cagy ready clear partaking of privileged switched-on to party to advised of sharing in sussed of complex exacting analytic intriguing ratiocinative detailed tutored polite considerate rational sophic sleepless supraliminal capable of feeling fly well-taught insomniac seemly cordial courteous decorous polished existent razor-like rapier-like compos mentis wide awake in right mind organic existing extant biological gentle civil poised mannerly sympathetic suave kind tactical in the right mind tactful lively treating something with kid gloves treating with kid gloves among the living having life in the land of the living

Tính từ

Informed about latest trends

Tính từ

Not objectionable
unobjectionable acceptable adequate admissible agreeable A-OK average big common cool copacetic decent delightful fair harmless hip hunky-dory innocuous inoffensive kosher large okay passable pleasant pleasing respectable standard sufficient swell tolerable trendy unexceptional welcome all right peachy keen right on cooking with gas in the swim on the ball on the beam up to code up to snuff moderate fairish goodish satisfactory unexceptionable fine reasonable OK tame good unoffending innocent in order serviceable so-so up to scratch mild unremarkable middling gentle appropriate commensurate safe proper alright not bad competent anodyne jake innoxious good enough peaceable run-of-the-mill suitable palatable correct fitting fit peaceful sufficing comfortable fairly good neutral fair-to-middling up to standard up to par up to the mark bland benign commonplace white hurtless sound valid solid copasetic presentable plenty minimal vanilla satisfying pretty good quite good tickety-boo middle-of-the-road plain vanilla bog-standard insipid faultless beyond reproach irreproachable mediocre on the money on the mark spot on ordinary undistinguished medium indifferent non-provocative non-controversial flourishing fine and dandy as it should be able cromulent enough half-pie nothing to shout about nothing to write home about no great shakes providential fortunate prosperous useful lucky well happy bright convenient ample commensurable wholesome unprovocative uncontroversial assuaging assuasive appeasing abundant snug risk-free riskless unoffensive sufficiently good requisite proportionate completely understandable totally fine unmalicious uninjurious inobnoxious offenseless unhurtful congruous playful plentiful suited plenteous apposite apropos bounteous quiet retiring well-suited necessary fitted enow as much as is necessary aplenty copious as much as you need bountiful unintended well-intentioned unintentional humble unobtrusive non-injurious nonprovocative well-meant ducky non-aggressive non-combative non-violent calm friendly clean dull okey-dokey fair to middling

Tính từ

Highly trained or skilled in a particular activity
accomplished expert masterly skilled able adept consummate proficient gifted practised talented virtuoso master polished professional skilful experienced fine outstanding adroit capable deft dextrous dexterous excellent splendid versed brilliant competent efficient good marvelous marvellous seasoned trained formidable great impressive ingenious magnificent masterful savvy apt artful clever crack crackerjack handy skillful ace complete nifty practiced professed sharp deadly mean ready smart veteran brainy compleat cool first-class habile hip tasty wicked wizard first-rate well versed wised up with it a dab hand at qualified educated knowledgeable genius stellar workmanlike superb elite quick bravura slick delicate intelligent exceptional top-notch effective pro suitable facile superior superlative practical vet bright well-versed keen nimble up to speed learned world-class resourceful schooled astute supreme tested fit au fait mature demon on the ball hot conversant hotshot nimble-fingered all-around well trained versatile hardened peerless familiar agile tried whiz inventive precocious class all-round old smooth magic finished wonderful disciplined faultless perfect multitalented neat exquisite out of this world big league long-serving creative alert wise remarkable equal battle-scarred ambidextrous effectual dynamite flawless up to snuff impeccable multiskilled ingenuous top-hole whip-smart certified useful proper dazzling terrific tremendous acute intellectual canny specialist extraordinary suited equipped quick-witted versant refined nippy established topflight profound adaptable smashing perceptive fitted leading awesome fab adequate knowing choice instructed prepared multifaceted productive precise well-rounded there phenomenal endowed artistic prompt tip-top very good worldly-wise many-sided finely judged plastic varied mobile pliable functional elastic all-purpose protean puttylike various worldly fluent highly skilled exceptionally skilled immensely skilled highly qualified extraordinarily skilled very skilled highly trained up to it old hand tuned in top-drawer a hand at imaginative businesslike reliable powerful unrivaled champion time-served accurate eligible serviceable flexible complex complicated unrivalled strong sensational fantastic fabulous admirable scholarly exercised effortless erudite penetrating discerning cerebral perspicacious working cunning best rational fast sure-handed taught tutored numerate brill eggheaded supersmart ultrasmart whip hyperintelligent active long-time variable star sharp-witted weathered sophisticated exceptionally good knowing the score very intelligent mathematically competent A1 Einstein having know-how on the beam know the ropes whiz kid good with numbers not born yesterday class act no slouch been around no dummy shining at impeccably credentialed satisfactory very well prodigious select quintessential prolific specialized well-endowed exemplary ultimate sensible balanced golden classic specialised intuitive mighty organized handpicked capital deluxe well credentialed virtuosic shrewd redoubtable voluble preeminent transcendent switched-on well-informed acquainted licensed chartered drilled phenom invincible indomitable elegant certificated right on errorless dead-on well sporting on-target trustworthy spot-on thorough sure-fire exact stringent rangé sussed dynamic ultraefficient dominant appropriate perfected organised sly sik exo advanced first class fleet cute top topnotch distinguished super forward habituated feasible credentialed universal cultivated graceful perfectly-executed well-executed well executed stirring well up leet sufficient hardy hot tamale puissant amazing toughened matured teachable urbane supremely skilled rad phat schmick crisp having the know-how right fitting authorized killer useable realizable realisable hyperefficient usable practicable arty astounding up on malleable having good hands inspiring affecting quick to learn deep licenced proved authorised accepted cultured cut out for having a knack for nimble-witted incisive ideal desirable preferable multilayered polygonal manifold multidimensional in the know exciting clean rounded sport accustomed out of the ordinary adapted of long standing past your prime patriarchal full of years have the goods ahead of one's peers have smarts old beyond one's years got it advanced for one's age steady old-time inured know one's business know ins and outs know the score all around know one's stuff know the answers adjustable multiform polymorphic polymorphous nobody's fool quick on the trigger quick on the uptake well up in worldly wise been there versed in influential momentous consequential broken in intense cracking vital rousing crash-hot gee-whizz important forcible thrilling having the goods knowing the ropes green thumb old-timer easy the right stuff knowing one's stuff knows one's stuff from way back wise to ways of the old school well suited well qualified crafty having the right stuff has what it takes like a one-man band able to perform impassioned worthy responsible very able sharp as a tack know stuff like a pistol equal to the task up there discriminating amazeballs highly endowed artsy-craftsy know one's onions innovative well-done know backwards and forwards original innovational inspired applied firsthand experient fertile real empirical objective hands-on innovatory originative Promethean ground-breaking existential actual experiential experimental empiric causative teeming constructive avant-garde demiurgic forgetive formative deviceful fruitful poetical pragmatic heuristic non-theoretical factual in the field how-to breaking new ground au courant conscious informed abreast up-to-date aware cognizant up amenable eager docile confident no stranger to at home plugged in lithe lissom understanding limber supple across spry apprised lissome lithesome light familiar with gracile feline lightsome featly at home with cognizant of clued up genned up well versed in skilled in proficient in well up on au fait with experienced in springy kept posted used to light-footed au courant with light-foot bred aimed methodic methodical careful systematic decent immaculate pure painstaking trainable kosher straight decisive employable long-term pitch-perfect happy beautiful sure-footed adept physically good enough strict express categorical clever with one's hands good with one's hands well versed well informed inch-perfect up to scratch sure lively prescient swift on top of things privy omniscient acrobatic in control competent at conversant with confident with top-shelf sprightly posted down appreciative brisk tuned-in zippy quick-moving fleet-footed athletic clued-up up to date with-it sylphlike twinkle-toed switched on with an understanding of with a knowledge of in the loop tripping knowledgeable about percipient sentient abreast of informed about witting alive comprehending into acquainted with apprehensive practised in well informed about apprised of willowy grounded flowing up to speed on plugged into up to date on perfect in genned up on clued up on down with introduced mindful fluid natural pliant in on gracious balletic at ease with

Tính từ

Having or showing shrewdness and good judgement, especially in money or business matters
canny shrewd astute sharp acute clever wise careful sharp-witted artful cautious judicious perspicacious prudent sagacious circumspect intelligent knowing smart crafty cunning discerning discriminating penetrating perceptive savvy wily sensible subtle calculating clear-eyed clear-sighted hard-boiled hardheaded heads-up heady pawky suss sussed whip-smart argute long-headed sapient worldly-wise able adroit cagey dextrous dexterous discreet foxy frugal ingenious nimble-witted quick quick-witted skilful skillful slick slippery sly smooth streetwise wary watchful on the ball street smart street-smart with it as sharp as a tack having fancy footwork keen insightful sage brilliant bright guileful scheming devious alert intuitive observant percipient brainy designing cute tricky rational sneaky genius politic knowledgeable farsighted Machiavellian resourceful experienced thoughtful profound incisive beguiling dodgy shifty deceitful fly cagy conniving piercing aware sensitive deep logical informed quick on the uptake chary sound enlightened nimble dishonest vigilant deceptive heedful learned deft slim intellectual insidious practical inventive erudite duplicitous razor-sharp unscrupulous underhand intriguing attentive reasonable shady apt gifted considerate manipulative fast fine disingenuous scholarly ready adept precocious vulpine guarded double-dealing exceptional carny gingerly safe far-seeing quick off the mark supersmart crooked understanding imaginative proficient ultrasmart accurate sane rapier-like masterly hyperintelligent analytical witty capable good seasoned worldly sober provident educated foresighted treacherous agile expert plotting delicate commonsensical pragmatic sophisticated leery untrustworthy whiz well-informed conservative well-advised sharp as a tack nifty sharp-sighted not born yesterday responsive media-savvy contemplative astucious gnostic realistic thinking downy desirable strategic reflective underhanded clear philosophical tactful accomplished critical precise handy open-eyed down-to-earth tactical cheating matter-of-fact neat cluey dishonorable fiendish well-reasoned penetrative reasoned cerebral well-founded cool skilled creative full of insight Janus-faced no-nonsense responsible probing quick-thinking competent talented analytic dishonourable on guard quick on the draw wide awake mean advisable exquisite expedient quick on the trigger all there on the lookout on the qui vive sharpened forethoughtful fraudulent keen-witted hardened furtive roguish stealthy conscious arch forehanded crisp mindful sentient efficient apprehensive trenchant showing great knowledge with great knowledge seemly scrupulous solid justified awake original well judged well advised razor-like exact diplomatic well-thought-out businesslike level-headed in the know sophic crack balanced practised suspicious qualified reluctant hip evasive dissembling elusive captious delusive bluffing illusory traitorous levelheaded commonsense well thought out shonky finely honed mature virtuoso prompt impressive just restrained conversant practiced grounded together hesitant searching thorough all ears wired effective thrifty not missing a trick crazy like a fox on the alert knowing how many beans make five nobody's fool sparing having been around with all one's wits about one self-aware contriving conspiring einstein premeditating joined-up razor sharp forearmed secret facile dirty complicitous craft covert concerned considered greasy concise receptive hard-headed straight decisive complex exacting ratiocinative detailed appropriate pragmatical acuminous trained unbelieving been around battle-scarred tricksy malicious succinct punchy pithy impish mischievous secretive beneficial advantageous profitable recommended on your guard powerful proper hard-nosed deliberated complicit strong effectual smart as a tack having smarts innovative insighted gainful worthwhile active vigorous mercurial curt urbane unprovincial genial well-read well read well educated strict effortless express categorical with one's feet on the ground with both feet on the ground judgmatical judgmatic steely reserved reticent sneaking tuned in wise to smart as a whip cognizant fitting crazy like fox to the point efficacious inspired enterprising cogitative knows what's what ear to the ground no fool prescient seasonable judicial sly like a fox heightened visionary intractable tough unsentimental resolute hard-bitten defrauding misleading exploitative lying deceiving swindling insincere hoodwinking immoral corrupt rascally unprincipled inch-perfect clean instructed alive highbrow comprehending common-sense shark calculated inside well a good idea innovational elaborate trailblazing innovatory fertile originative Promethean deliberate well-judged non-committal wide-awake finely tuned very smart clued-up tuned-in pioneering bent rogue vague unrevealing moderate controlled valid walking on eggs thinking twice handling with kid gloves keeping on one's toes doubting unwasteful watching one's step saving watching out foreseeing well informed artistic thinking outside the box deviceful having a good head on one's shoulders know how many beans make five having no flies on hard coherent firm consequent well-grounded serious-minded commonsensible wised up on the inside with-it noncommittal well reasoned farseeing on top of up on consummate versed veteran nimble-fingered masterful punctilious examining exploratory inquisitive enquiring researching intense interested pointed investigative curious inquiring overcautious with eyes peeled overcareful with reservations well-developed well-honed full of common sense forward polished dynamic ultraefficient proactive professional softly-softly stand pat locked in tough nut hang tough salty ornery hostile two-faced illicit unethical illegal snaky au courant having all one's marbles in right mind steady-going prophetic wizard ace nippy wicked workmanlike bravura killer useable serviceable working realizable realisable hyperefficient usable reliable practicable feasible finely judged habile playing one's cards close to one's chest fleet clairvoyant forward-looking uneasy having good hands having know-how prepared tentie tenty loath sceptical dubious shy doubtful distrustful mistrustful keeping a weather eye on psyched up on your toes keeping a weather eye open switched on keeping one's eyes open keeping one's eyes peeled on the job on one's toes fast on the draw on the watch Argus-eyed averse afraid nervous disinclined parsimonious stingy iffy inhibited constrained skeptical miserly economical particular fastidious master great excellent tasty crackerjack well versed cultured complete first-rate compleat elite top-notch cultivated professed first-class refined stellar academic bookish a dab hand at outstanding schooled hot sharp-eyed eagle-eyed keen-eyed hotshot hawk-eyed on tiptoe lively literate extraordinary spirited razor-edged knife-like magnificent concentrating specialist marvellous formidable regardful wakeful pro beady-eyed au fait intent there with eyes like a hawk marvelous tasteful top-drawer bright-eyed and bushy-tailed immensely skilled highly qualified very skilled gimlet-eyed highly skilled exceptionally skilled out of this world extraordinarily skilled up to speed heads up highly trained big league selective lettered familiar acquainted questioning brisk studious apprised tutored certain phenomenal civilized splendid scientific superior widely read sure versant illuminated remarkable philosophic eggheaded choice whip class no dummy certified agog anxious topflight endowed deadly unsleeping very intelligent well-rounded old vet clued up civilised Einstein keeping your eyes peeled keeping a weather eye on things well-versed paying attention top-hole waiting on on the beam on toes whiz kid good hands looking for with weather eye open looking to on alert class act shining at a hand at superintelligent in-depth bluestocking sprightly swift PDQ minute swotty streamlined smooth-running teachable superlative wonderful dazzling star superb whetted mentally keen quick to learn fluent appreciative fit leading polite egghead leet supreme keeping one's eyes skinned with one's eyes open book smart drilled phenom well-organized well organized sharp-edged in one's best interests privy appraised literary hooked glued with one's eyes skinned cool-headed clear-thinking with your wits about you clued-in on the stick vital recognizant clued dominant suitable fitted well run supremely skilled smashing fab peerless pedantic esoteric recondite brill magic abreast witting well-taught finished A1 very able tip-top know stuff no slouch very good suited equal adequate donnish apperceptive fully developed treating with kid gloves gracious courteous opportunistic conciliatory bland suave equipped easy observing dynamite up to it highly endowed up to snuff know one's onions worthy know backwards and forwards know the ropes liberal open-minded ware posted well-educated polymath professorial abstruse omniscient solemn pansophic grave studied having a knack for cut out for broad-minded well versed focused perky fully awake wide-eyed genned up surveying deducing correct eager considering intentive discovering detecting contemplating focussed advertent observative specialized top-shelf developed advanced have smarts advanced for one's age have the goods ahead of one's peers out of the ordinary old beyond one's years got it specialised progressive tolerant free-thinking discriminative discriminatory discriminational differential plausible justifiable veridical faultless collected unquestionable veracious deductive synthetic credible objective infallible trustable reasoning knowing what's what hip to in the picture plugged in aesthetic nice rigorous substantiated secure confirmed errorless proven corroborated colorable meticulous truthful sincere impeccable cogent inerrant validated verified choosy with good taste picky individualising opinionated individualizing choicy esthetic finical select eclectic persnickety fussy finicky defensible maintainable definite defendable calculable explicit supportable tenable sustainable empirical cognitive open stringent empiric flippant facetious cheeky jazzed sarcastic sassy on-target letter-perfect clear-cut dead-on spot-on flip bantering smarty-pants bold tongue-in-cheek smart-alecky droll jesting saucy highbrowed humorous fresh whimsical insolent smart-aleck brazen jocular

Trái nghĩa của hep

hep Thành ngữ, tục ngữ

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