Đồng nghĩa của up to date

Tính từ

Using of up-to-date techniques, ideas, styles or equipment
modern fashionable in fashion in in style in vogue up to the minute all the rage trendsetting stylish voguish modish chic smart latest new newest newfangled new-fashioned fresh modernistic advanced progressive forward-looking trendy cool up-to-date flash current with it swinging now hip contemporary happening snazzy cutting edge natty leading edge leading-edge nifty avant-garde go-ahead high-tech kicking kicky recent tony fly hi-tech modern-day spiffy state-of-the-art brand-new sassy modernised modernized stylin' a la mode au courant contemporaneous faddish groundbreaking ground-breaking hot innovative innovatory in-thing latter-day leading neoteric never-before-seen new age newly discovered nouvelle pioneering popular present-day recently developed red-hot space-age updated up-to-the-minute designer mod novel plugged-in ultramodern cutting-edge topical ultra-modern sharp big bang up to date groovy present snappy elegant swish supercool exclusive swank extant classy just out on fleek du jour in thing all the go funky revolutionary swell futuristic sophisticated with-it today ongoing de rigueur existent dashing schmick culty popularized popularised radical chichi late prevalent instant last word latest thing favored faddy favoured avant existing contempo immediate prevailing def hep vogue upscale turned-on swanky favorite glamorous le dernier cri massive high-toned crowd-pleasing favourite high-class trailblazing hot off the press present-time ritzy à la mode dapper attractive debonair offbeat tasteful coeval rakish customary dressy downtown highly developed swagger live well-liked trig pop brand new a go-go large at this moment in the mainstream hot off the fire hot off press concurrent forward coincident unconventional latter unique alive ingenious sought-after newborn in demand in favour complex breakthrough usual fancy twenty-first-century alternative prompt genteel the latest 21st-century commenced started trim relevant high-end high-fashion understated flattering already in favor de nos jours in the news up abreast pressing ad hoc forward-thinking in duration going on even now in process under consideration living actual dap showy of late for the time being just released well turned-out hottest gimmicky period concomitant young lively cosmopolitan forefront appealing impressive sexy nontraditional far-out earthy fab hippest surrealistic quite recent exciting gnarly breathing down bleeding edge last-word active spirited landmark burning automated enlightened dynamic posh twenty- first century future desired the new fine flashy polished disruptive enterprising just issued synchronous vivacious bling coexistent on trend SOTA ahead of its time fancy-pants on front burner simultaneous coexisting bang up-to-date twenty-first century jaunty shiny celebrated styleworthy urbane sleek ostentatious pretentious uptown beautiful jazzy steezy slick coincidental high-style big thing last-ditch common knowledge ultra modern zeitgeisty well put together well-dressed well-groomed clean coetaneous crisp spruce craze fad chi-chi balanced holistic planetary astrological supernaturalist spiritual mystic occult coterminous legendary liked widespread well-known wanted preferred commercially successful successful desirable well groomed well dressed dernier cri latest fashion latest wrinkle latest fad new look dressed to the teeth dressed to kill well turned out smartly dressed coextensive next at present time on hand first up-and-coming in with it higher synchronic developed foremost on the cutting edge in the latest style evolved prime ahead intricate supreme nowadays being begun refined crystal healing awake perceptive familiar observant conscious savvy knowledgeable versed knowing informed apprehensive aware occurring recently complicated elaborate pre-eminent just now newsworthy Age of Aquarius as if one had just stepped out of a bandbox just completed immediately prior just done immediately prior to just finished appearing recently excellent paramount improved extreme precocious exceptional principal switched on hep to on to plugged in turned on tuned in up on in on wise to hip to original in the know different vital timely important far ahead well along far along well ahead inventive unusual creative ahead of the times buzzworthy unorthodox unprecedented imaginative avant garde subjective interesting nominal thematic innovational unwonted uncommon untried originative atypical out-of-the-box out of the ordinary out of the common unheard-of unaccustomed unfamiliar left-field unknown strange this season's new-fangled plush luxurious grand upmarket neat sumptuous graceful deluxe cultivated exquisite lavish opulent suave expensive cultured handsome courtly plushy rich ornate majestic stately glitzy dignified lovely gorgeous formal gracious luxury charming splendid nice civil aesthetic courteous well-bred artistic gentlemanly palatial civilized esthetic splashy lush sporty polite smooth well bred well mannered grandiose discerning dainty gay luxuriant prim lavishly appointed palatian civilised decorous magnificent pleasing comely flamboyant aristocratic costly chivalrous gallant ladylike well-presented clever distinguished select luscious pretty superior good Lucullan classic fashionably dressed stunning presentable besuited raffish casual loud snobbish extravagant cute dicty saucy luxe discriminating decorative choice fastidious couth de luxe sensitive well-designed swankish delicate mannerly affable sublime well-turned-out noble seemly restrained fetching well-mannered perky bonny bonnie svelte handy in good taste clean-cut upper-class high lovesome pompous glittering tidy good-looking lux par excellence five-star pert gaudy ornamental fit for a queen well-appointed well appointed fit for a king proper groomed harmonious resplendent ornamented comfortable august colourful poised overdone confident snooty affected superb precise quality becoming gentle first-class accomplished enhancing imposing aesthetically pleasing stuffy self-possessed obliging striking worldly glossy fit bright worldly-wise punctilious marvelous spiff divine knockout precious la-di-da pleasant sightly princely well-tailored experienced great marvellous wonderful heavenly silken beauteous ravishing likely decent taking fair indulgent colorful Babylonian drop-dead goodly up-market Lucullian intelligent regal dressed to the nines media-savvy soigné immoderate yuppie well-favored immaculate well-heeled well-made peacocky finest Sunday nicest party youthful smartest high-quality coffee-table undercool wicked flippant snobby high-hat toffee-nosed potty snotty elitist persnickety streamlined fashion-conscious swaggy swishy arty soigne informal breezy distinctive well-off aerodynamic flowing palace self-assured ceremonious well produced with good taste wealthy-looking prosperous-looking dress respectable discriminative full-dress with style haute pizzazzy pizazzy high fashion particular critical honorable honourable glib spick and span dolled up spiffed-up crucial devil-may-care looking sharp dressed up agreeable as if you had just stepped out of a bandbox diplomatic tactful correct nonchalant cheerful happy sprightly detached buoyant highbred preux lofty adulatory complimentary high-bred conventional studied spry snug nimble bandbox nobby doggy brisk airy close rigorous accurate pinpoint spot-on mathematical in high feather spruced up personable neat and tidy upper-crust affluent fitting dressed up to the nines turned out zooty metropolitan bland dressed to nines dishy befitting high-minded high-brow flaunting glittery brazen moving emotional expressive fanciable haughty dazzling sensuous uncluttered simple quiet unobtrusive splendiferous pure chaste unaffected gratifying classical subdued distingué hunky beautifying voluptuous comfy subtle well-chosen virile spunky patronizing hollow prudish straitlaced prissy condescending confined intolerant well-behaved discreet patronising artificial priggish abundant exuberant flawless delightful glorious splendorous very nice admirable zingy perfect nice-looking robust well-formed tasty well-proportioned athletic in the lap of luxury strong pulchritudinous drop-dead gorgeous good looking garish musical pictorial rhythmical stimulating ideal dramatic picturesque valuable embellished proud stylistic impeccable bold lurid vibrant eye-catching vivid citified jet-set blasé inviting suitable orderly spotless adorable alluring hospitable welcoming mondaine mature erudite privileged aloof well-born flaring noisy brash razzle-dazzle brilliant beyond price rare sprauncy plummy larney world-weary recherche stylized worldly wise been around brightly coloured brilliantly coloured florid swashbuckling top-drawer sartorial inspired unexplored visionary experimental pathbreaking far out modernist way out unhackneyed unexampled peacockish flaming camp flaky outrageous flakey bombastic gassy peachy dandy terrific quick keen superlative topflight prizewinning gone tip-top brave top famous top-notch capital fantabulous fantastic prize crackerjack first-rate fabulous sterling immense four-star stellar corking hype boss gilt-edge unsurpassed gangbuster banner dope mean sensational dynamite phat agile out-of-sight gangbusters jim-dandy brag topping bully awesome wizard blue-chip primo deft bang-up bumper boffo top-shelf cracking frontline righteous first-string A-OK blue-ribbon top-of-the-line gilt-edged supernal super adroit apt skillful convenient skilful enjoyable number one peachy keen numero uno most recent

Tính từ

Aware of what is going on
au courant acquainted conversant familiar abreast of up with abreast apprised of at home informed in touch knowledgeable knowledgeable about up up-to-date versed well-informed au fait aware of down enlightened about plugged into well informed about aware clued up about clued up on cognizant current enlightened genned up about hip to in the know about no stranger to up-to-the-minute well up on well versed in wise to au parfum switched on to up on up to speed in the know plugged in switched-on versant clued-up knowing sussed familiar with in the loop expert conscious well-read experienced skilled savvy in the picture clued up genned up au courant with tuned in understanding educated schooled learned well-versed apprised competent posted well informed proficient plugged-in acquainted with well versed genned up on with it in on at home with au fait with used to cognizant of experienced in well-grounded erudite comprehending sophisticated across witting sentient alive sensible apprehensive instructed seasoned perceptive practiced informed about accustomed apprized well briefed mindful grounded filled in kept posted conversant with clued in on at ease with on the beam practised skilled in down with proficient in up to speed on up to date on versed in well-educated skillful skilful trained intelligent well-acquainted well-briefed introduced well up in in having your finger on the pulse well instructed hep percipient into cool hip up to snuff confident in control sure confident with on top of things capable competent at perfect in practised in cognizant in familiarised familiarized advised primed plugged in to clued in appreciative with a knowledge of on the ball with-it prescient switched on well-rounded with an understanding of omniscient tuned-in alert leet privy literate illuminated briefed cultured well educated abreast of the facts ware awake on to ware of hep to sensitive to sensible to up to date with sensible of alive to judicious alert to observant discerning observing sharp apperceptive certain attentive watchful sage clever awake to vigilant sagacious brainy regardful of recognizant of appraised cluey clued recognizant careful thoughtful wary respectful heedful chary regardful noting perceiving recognizing noticing assured scholarly remarking recognising keen lettered conscious of conscientious cautious solicitous cagey observative wide-awake responsive to mindful of able to recognize seized of clued-up on percipient of chary of wary of careful of watchful of heedful of intellectual shrewd astute on the job on one's toes be up on know ins and outs with eyes peeled know all the answers academic cultivated bookish literary highbrow canny acute studious civilized worldly cunning urbane unprovincial calculating qualified pedantic wise esoteric recondite brilliant insightful bright smart wily widely read donnish well read cerebral sapient perspicacious genius quick solid philosophical abstruse philosophic accomplished deep civilised sound polymath solemn scientific grave studied pansophic professorial sharp-witted clear-sighted clear-eyed worldly-wise having been around quick-witted

Tính từ

Learned in the ways of civilized society
cultured refined polished accomplished educated intellectual scholarly sophisticated enlightened erudite genteel highbrow knowledgeable urbane advanced civilised civilized cultivated well-informed artistic well-bred artistically aware couth discerning discriminating learned well-read able appreciative arty blue-stocking chivalrous courteous distingue elegant aesthetic esthetic experienced gallant high-class informed intellectually aware intelligent lettered liberal literary literate mannerly polite savant sensitive tasteful tolerant travelled traveled understanding up-to-date versed well educated well-educated well informed well read au courant with good taste civil courtly gracious suave gentlemanly smart graceful stylish well mannered well bred bookish well-mannered decorous worldly dignified academic studious worldly-wise classy ladylike charming widely read formal brainy debonair perceptive proper exquisite cerebral wise aware fine affable fastidious knowing respectable cosmopolitan clever sharp nice smooth scholastic gentle distinguished seemly noble donnish cool mature correct handsome stately respectful obliging impeccable majestic posh well-behaved illuminated developed selective aristocratic sagacious schooled astute swotty shrewd beautiful decent pedantic judicious svelte attractive sapient swanky considerate plush sage lovely deep highbrowed genius diplomatic pleasing unprovincial well-born pleasant critical media-savvy grand delicate self-possessed poised politic sublime fashionable in the know progressive bright bluestocking dashing befitting brilliant spiffy creative insightful switched-on expert tactful trained seasoned thoughtful cordial becoming chic well versed accommodating de rigueur clerkly agreeable superior serious instructed classical worldly wise ceremonious particular discriminative punctilious precise having been around been around elitist aesthete restrained honourable keen broad-minded glib imaginative perspicacious dainty esthete engaging slick charismatic snazzy high esoteric recondite affected acute luxurious appealing skilled prim subtle metropolitan distingué opulent sumptuous egghead likeable likable consummate bland classic honorable streetwise highborn ostentatious expressive harmonious gifted studied comely blue-blooded conversant inventive witty fetching sensible taught patrician upper-crust prudent well travelled posted quick-witted scientific highbred savvy genial gentlemanlike sussed captivating well-versed blasé august lofty rational kind select tutored uptown stimulating finished aesthetically pleasing absorbing intellective blue practical plugged in tuned in in the picture larger than life privileged modest humane good mannered womanly industrialized well schooled attentive obscure well-brought-up pointy-headed smooth-tongued meticulous original well behaved reputable into longhair smooth-talking belletristic bookly adulatory complimentary high-bred imposing conventional flattering preux cavalier eloquent wise up silver-tongued responsible reliable earnest impractical pedagogical ivory-towerish initiated benevolent good-mannered charitable friendly hospitable eager open-minded inspired poetic complaisant educational soft soft-spoken sociable oily ingratiating fulsome unctuous jet-set citified adult dependable highly-developed industrialised labored mondaine with great knowledge well-taught assiduous decorative wellmannered amicable reasonable world-weary profound confident self-assured old with experience matured intellectualistic intellectualist psychologic ornamental laboured sharp-witted fast alert supersmart ultrasmart exceptional quick nimble hyperintelligent well versed in primed eggheaded geeky penetrating ingenious unprejudiced book-learned modish discriminational discriminatory differential apprised trim dapper spruce balanced nerdish nerdy raised percipient piercing whip-smart well-travelled fly swish snappy free-thinking moving emotional familiar acquainted been there old hand level-headed grown-up trig well groomed well dressed choice reared abreast very smart planetary catholic gregarious public ecumenical provocative gripping intriguing thought-provoking fit fitting finical choosy careful picky individualising eclectic opinionated persnickety individualizing fussy choicy finicky ornate rare ornamented fancy casual nonchalant detached buoyant well-groomed well turned out cheerful jaunty happy sprightly cognizant clear-sighted pretty schmick overdone recherche stylized wised up hip to briefed on fleek persuasive seductive gnostic insighted well-designed well-dressed musical pictorial ideal rhythmical dramatic picturesque versant au fait professional knowing what's what masterly quiet rich unobtrusive splendiferous swank pure in good taste chaste unaffected gratifying subdued a la mode selfish materialistic grasping book smart plugged-in apprized well briefed proficient flawless pompous pretentious confined la-di-da intolerant patronizing discreet patronising artificial hollow prudish snooty priggish snobbish straitlaced precious prissy condescending stuffy worldly-minded avaricious greedy covetous enchanting down abreast of the facts filled in clued-up up to speed clued up genned up virtuoso perfect disenchanted callous hardened self-centered power-loving mondain unprincipled opportunistic self-centred endearing in the loop riveting heavy powerful interesting heavyweight fascinating well versed in the ways of the world produced elite upper-class faultless perfected sweet bewitching adorable cute prepossessing winning dexterous talented skilful adroit skillful enticing dreamy lovable delectable alluring entrancing amiable bred brought up evolved airy close improved forward rigorous accurate pinpoint spot-on late higher mathematical divine luring irresistible beguiling winsome adorbs well born upmarket titled high-born wellborn inviting couthy magnetizing magnetic bonny delightful magnetising electrifying dextrous versatile all-around upper crust Brahmin ennobled aristocratical top-drawer great solid polymath professorial philosophical grounded abstruse philosophic well-rounded well-grounded omniscient sound solemn grave pansophic high-brow high-minded ritzy silk-stocking queenly royal regal lordly exalted silver-spoon princely knightly kingly born with a silver spoon in one's mouth trendy hip tony exclusive voguish in natty kicky sassy with it happening dressy fresh supercool modern in vogue now kicking swell upscale groovy mod trendsetting chichi glamorous with-it contemporary canny up to the minute dressed to kill swinging oversophisticated ultra-modern nifty funky big new in fashion all the rage well-off expensive conscious elaborate smarmy intuitive flash hot designer observant argute competent hep turned-on def razor-sharp cunning flashy rakish dap sentient calculating jazzy current neat in style swagger well turned-out latest thing sleek latest bang up to date high-toned in thing tuned-in dressed to the teeth on the ball as if one had just stepped out of a bandbox comfortable high-quality lively coffee-table popular strong fully developed plushy glitzy spirited active flippant high-society dicty high-fashion understated downtown dress assured international global avant-garde specialist gorgeous stunning bling glossy well produced culty vivacious faddy in-thing fancy-pants faddish clean du jour steezy modernistic showy groomed presentable splashy pizzazzy pizazzy together well-traveled smooth-spoken mindful flamboyant colorful gay loud whiz looking sharp dressed up collected facile composed prestigious good einstein last word colourful jet-setting prescient à la mode in the mainstream silky possessed unruffled incisive sharpened in high feather well put together practised privy across coolheaded equable sedate dressed to the nines considered rapier-like razor-like with a knowledge of up on at home practiced switched on with an understanding of no stranger to leet self-composed spick and span well-turned-out dolled up well-tailored well-developed clean-cut spiffed-up besuited fashionably dressed well-presented soigné razor sharp prestige watchful cautious sharp as a tack high-end deluxe lavish expedient impressive circumspect commonsensical gnarly massive advisable art-house logical strategic sober sane pawky tactical judgmatical judgmatic desirable self-aware vigilant stylin' efficacious excellent distinctive first-class innovative well-advised well judged heads-up seasonable far-sighted wary judicial common-sense well advised long-headed just well-judged thorough well thought out analytical resourceful all the go enterprising le dernier cri capable qualified absorbed thinking engrossed ratiocinative innovational trailblazing fertile originative Promethean innovatory wily pioneering crafty sly deviceful ready thinking outside the box clear-eyed

Tính từ

At the right or an appropriate time
timely opportune prompt appropriate expedient punctual seasonable suitable apt convenient fitting felicitous immediate speedy timeous judicious propitious auspicious favourable favorable fit likely meet proper prosperous sensible towardly well-timed well timed at the right time in good time up-to-date up-to-the-minute in the nick of time advantageous happy fortunate good lucky beneficial providential right promising helpful befitting useful fortuitous golden heaven-sent profitable relevant applicable benign apposite fair becoming pertinent welcome correct desirable bright encouraging fitted worthwhile gainful just serendipitous apropos handy effective hopeful seemly nice advisable fluky valuable suited productive satisfactory acceptable ripe rosy to the point practical pat flukey constructive conducive favoured pretty rewarding germane favored fruitful jammy commodious strategic efficacious congruous beneficent worthy of benefit full of promise of use successful of service optimistic heartening ideal blessed comme il faut accidental wise wholesome roseate upbeat decent incidental benefic kindly friendly rose-colored instrumental reasonable politic benignant meritorious toward of assistance necessary requisite worth it best pleasing to the purpose prudent perfect agreeable invaluable coincidental chance neat casual pragmatic belonging related enviable unexpected significant positive recommended reassuring hot decorous unforeseen due salutary cheering well-off gratifying spot on serviceable behooveful deserved of help tactical win-win rightful inspiring sufficient of value uplifting legit kosher presentable right on in keeping on the nose on the button thankful privileged charmed healthy equitable provident rehearsed done material merciful usual inspired favouring favoring dexter brave predictable expected seasonal comely adequate preferred appurtenant conformed reconciled accommodated allowable permitted permissible pointed relative well-chosen choice healthful flattering pleasurable pleasureful pleasant accommodating in order well chosen rational reasoned good for you good for one in one's favor on one's side in one's favour telling well put well expressed convincing joyous halcyon comfortable important in luck logical sound well-suited tasteful benevolent supportive essential vital pivotal crucial effectual remunerative lucrative normal for the time of year appropriate to the time of year paramount indispensable imperative critical blessed with good luck born under a lucky star facilitative to one's advantage that's the ticket just what was ordered cheerful gladdening timeful set disposed sagacious compelling best suited valid definitive clear suggested polite genteel inspiriting enlivening appreciated fundamental key respected needed admired in demand exigent arousing elating stirring exciting promiseful full of hope rousing sunny in one's interests in one's best interests crying out central loved held dear estimable esteemed of the essence worth its weight in gold respectable conventional worthful scarce hot property congenial conforming in good taste de rigueur compatible the done thing consistent consonant done thing okay merited inadvertent unintended utilitarian condign righteous swell copacetic uncertain haphazard unlooked-for unanticipated unpremeditated unintentional unplanned unwitting cut out for user friendly fit for purpose right up someone's street up to standard good enough in keeping with in character up to snuff random chancy incalculable variable self-serving to one's own advantage in one's own interests odd contingent tailor-made at the mercy of events born with a silver spoon in your mouth just right qualified made to order competent warranted justified usable connected functional preferable adapted linked ad rem feasible ample tolerable useable well-matched practicable admissible conformable enough prepared passable earned applicatory legitimate justifiable like-minded complementary ready commonsensical workable equipped desired capable employable anticipated recommendable correspondent required carefully selected all right authorized correlated salient congruent exact matched well deserved well earned sympathetic able optimal precise authorised on target operable well realistic deserving achievable having direct bearing on having to do with doable satisfying relating available chosen equal pertaining commendable specified intended viable commensurate commensurable proportionate indicated abundant sustainable sanctioned unobjectionable lawful sufficing selected true cognate approved within reason real legal bounteous licensed authentic obligatory applicative recognized well suited plentiful plenteous average efficient bountiful very model operative furthersome aplenty quintessential licenced recognised called for official canonical orthodox pertaining to supreme bona fide on the money decisive conclusive for the best just the job made well destined favourite favorite workaday allied awaited slated richly-deserved peculiar unique ordinary everyday well-deserved well disposed complimentary laudatory kind relatable cut out utility wearable good for designed behooving beseeming akin bounden counselable associated with prerequisite particular working actionable well qualified well-earned of a kind analogous right and proper in one's interest accurate express sane kindred on-topic OK weighty harmonious accordant concerning pointful referring conformant trained eligible looked-for according to Hoyle solid real-world O.K. utilizable what the doctor ordered great archetypal consummate absolute ultimate prototypical of interest in point in readiness potent active forceful determinative powerful forcible attainable operational realizable fairly good attractive moderately good not bad called-for quantified listed just the thing coming rhadamanthine scheduled fit to be eaten equal to consumable up to comestible versatile fit for human consumption safe to eat approving common capable of edible plenty possible manageable associable sought after in the running in line for accomplishable matching commendatory salubrious hygienic commending protean not too bad apropos of to your advantage copious minimal tenable within reach just what the doctor ordered the very thing just what one needs excellent wonderful indulgent accommodative obliging utilisable level-headed easy enow as much as you need as much as is necessary bearable habitable endorsed accredited formal wealthy luxurious honest moralistic moral virtuous ethical principled noble card-carrying right-minded certified authoritative well grounded realisable well advised of choice authenticated opulent liberal elegant substantial supportable inhabitable sufferable endurable exploitable validated within the bounds of possibility within the realms of possibility within possibility well thought out holding water on the level twenty-four carat on the up and up in principle optimum documented accepted verified generous licit signed sealed ratified cozy tenantable snug homey enjoyable civilized lodgeable affluent gracious prime peak top genuine constitutional statutory acknowledged -worthy allowed signed and sealed ordered straight from the horse's mouth cleared customary cathedral decided ex cathedra definite established and delivered ex officio idyllic foremost cornucopian livable civilised cosy finest choicest well off well-fixed well-situated fit for human habitation worth living best possible free from hardship well-heeled well-to-do pre-eminent best-case de jure most correct

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