Đồng nghĩa của earned

Alternative for earned

earns, earned, earning

Đồng nghĩa: deserve, gain, get, make, merit, obtain, require, secure,

Trái nghĩa: consume, spend,


To have gained or profited from financially
made gained got paid netted reaped reapt received took home acquired fetched got grossed obtained pocketed pulled secured attained brought in came by cleared collected derived drew harvested procured produced profited pulled in realized scored took took in amassed cleaned up hustled realised accumulated picked up pulled down bagged won landed achieved gotten garnered captured hit racked up accomplished chalked up drawn knocked down reached notched up logged carried clocked up snagged raked in recorded scooped clinched grabbed pulled off nabbed taken home hauled in registered gathered copped banked fulfilled gleaned rang up hitten come away with rung up yielded walked away with walked off with accepted returned taken hooked wangled had made a profit of brought home turned in knocked up managed consummated taken in carried off came away with received a salary of had conferred on one gotten paid raised inherited tallied collared potted wrapped up swung gotten hold of got hold of come to have come into annexed arrived at scraped together cashed in on yolden yold adopted assumed made it to grasped notched gathered in contracted taken home earnings of took home earnings of profited with beared nailed worked maneuvered manoeuvred wrought did scraped captivated scrimped done claimed brought snared accrued succeeded in making culled fixed paid retrieved recovered ingathered brought about made a profit completed came to have made a killing carried out sorted out paid off fixed up scratched succeeded in paid dividend enlisted won possession of clocked ameliorated arranged came into brought off scratched out advanced actualized realized a profit of repaid got hands on marked up knocked off paid out eked out wound up built up snapped up brought to fruition stole stolen bore borne gotten hands on gotten done got done given gave got as a result gotten as a result got in gotten in drawn in drew in shown profit showed profit


Past tense for to come into possession of
got gotten acquired obtained came by came to have come to have came into possession of come into possession of received gained won came into come into came in for come in for took possession of taken possession of took receipt of taken receipt of bought purchased procured possessed oneself of secured gathered collected picked up appropriated amassed built up hooked netted landed achieved attained got hold of gotten hold of got hands on gotten hands on grabbed bagged got one's hands on gotten one's hands on got one's mitts on scored snagged gleaned nabbed collared had copped latched onto racked up accessed locked up swung inherited garnered reapt reaped captured annexed realized brought in pulled down realised knocked down carried made drawn drew seized wangled corralled grasped fulfilled chalked up found taken took snapped up got possession of caught derived hit blagged compassed snared hustled laid hold of accomplished clinched nailed conquered effected snatched arrived at carried off put money into gotten your hands on got your hands on fetched logged established retrieved pocketed cinched saved glommed recovered trapped reached salvageed salvaged occupied hoarded reified effectuated insured guarantied ensured iced guaranteed assured held managed drummed up got at gobbled up layed up scraped up scraped together laid up assumed scared up retained owned enjoyed possessed accepted induced solicited made use of clocked up notched up won possession of made sure of made sure commanded glommed onto polished off had conferred on one laid one's hands on agreed to receive accepted delivery of laid hands on brought around redeemed patronized bought up bought out managed to get latched on to made a purchase of succeeded signed for splashed out on invested in dealt in patronised paid for made a haul contracted for made a purchase tied up prevailed upon made a buy made the purchase of traded for shopped for hitten schlentered gotten at own given security gave security begged borrow or steal rung up rang up taken into one's possession took into one's possession taken over acceded to took over gotten in exchange gone shopping for taken up went shopping for got in exchange took up


Past tense for to achieve or complete successfully
accomplished achieved attained fulfilled realised realized completed consummated executed effected effectuated finished managed performed produced reached concluded perpetrated compassed engineered negotiated scored clinched committed conducted conquered grasped hit hitten honored honoured landed met secured seized struck stricken acquired bagged discharged did done fixed gained made netted perfected procured prosecuted satisfied snagged won wrested brought about brought off carried off carried out carried through chalked up clocked up delivered on pulled off arrived at followed through on got done gotten done got there made it notched up succeeded in brought to completion brought to fruition got someplace gotten someplace latched onto lived up to made good on nailed it pulled something off put through racked up sewed up sewn up took care of taken care of wrapped up did justice to done justice to did the trick done the trick followed through with fulfilled one's potential kept faith with made hay did a bang-up job done a bang-up job did one proud done one proud put it over put the tin lid on come through came through hat fixt cut enacted finalized finalised touched put into effect put on put into practice put over got to climbed to implemented administered enforced applied nailed actualized catalyzed catalysed rendered staged swung presented succeeded hacked administrated transacted established logged acted out played out found acquitted oneself of polished off sailed through dealt with finished off earned wings made happen made to happen contrived risen to rose to gotten to run to gained fulfillment made it to made good gained on fulfilled your potential made the grade come to moved to scored a success swungen swang founden fand gone through with went through with did the job done the job took care of business taken care of business went through gone through been through did to a T done to a T were successful was successful been successful did proud done proud bore out borne out rung up rang up ran to overtaken amounted to came to overtook


Rightfully earned because of something done or qualities shown
deserved due just right fair justified fitting merited rightful warranted appropriate condign meet proper suitable justifiable well-earned competent apt equitable fit reasonable well deserved well earned requisite legitimate befitting entitled correct desirable decent sensible rightly due well-deserved felicitous happy anticipated awaited expected slated official moral authorized honest orthodox principled applicable canonical virtuous noble permitted authorised card-carrying ethical moralistic right-minded becoming good obligatory scheduled rhadamanthine coming in principle twenty-four carat holding water on the level on the up and up righteous upright honourable honorable adequate respectable sufficient conscientious satisfactory nice straight kosher upstanding worthy opportune convenient scrupulous timely expedient fitted suited stand-up clean all right square elevated humane true blue high-principled richly-deserved allowed allowable sanctioned certified guaranteed secured assured ample enough high-minded conscionable incorruptible anti-corruption bounden true right and proper lawful rational legal right-thinking fair-minded meritorious commendable praiseworthy perfect advantageous pertinent acceptable relevant estimable laudable propitious favourable handy cut out for politic okay user friendly advisable in keeping swell fit for purpose copacetic in character right up someone's street up to snuff presentable up to standard legit to the point commodious useful apposite good enough well-timed germane in keeping with ideal admirable golden promising fortunate lucky auspicious excellent exemplary fine creditable providential benign ripe seemly done seasonable favorable well timed comely best needy deserving praisable eligible thankworthy comme il faut heaven-sent


Richly deserved, well and truly earnt

Trái nghĩa của earned

earned Thành ngữ, tục ngữ

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