Đồng nghĩa của endorsed

Alternative for endorsed

endorses, endorsed, endorsing

Đồng nghĩa: O.K., accept, approve, certify, confirm, pass, ratify, sign, support, validate,

Tính từ

Having the approval or authorization of an authority or public body
official authorised authorized approved sanctioned accredited authentic formal licenced licensed authoritative certified legitimate proper authenticated recognised recognized validated accepted documented true valid verified warranted lawful legal ratified sealed signed bona fide kosher allowed canonical cathedral cleared conclusive correct customary decided decisive definite established ex cathedra fitting okay ordered orthodox positive precise real rightful suitable and delivered ex officio signed and sealed straight from the horse's mouth qualified ascribed attributed credited vouched for prescribed confirmed explicit methodical pro forma appointed genuine commissioned deputed guaranteed empowered acceptable bonafide licit credible sound binding legit legalized deputized constitutional permissible certifiable supported actual undisputed veritable effective usable contractual passed cashable deputised legalised unexpired right alleged substantiated officially recognized legally acceptable legally binding in effect true-blue sworn to in force within the law witnessed permitted classic definitive classical magisterial best statutory okayed countenanced echt honest dinkum sure-enough pucka pukka registered just expert professional acknowledged due credentialed chartered vested de jure codified constituted for real tolerated representative democratic ensured allowable consented by law by virtue of position tolerable exhaustive in accordance with the constitution reliable consummate standard finest ultimate greatest commanding sovereign superlative executive supreme mandatory bureaucratic imperial ruling administrative departmental mother of all most scholarly most reliable most perfect most complete most significant

Tính từ

Generally approved, believed, or recognized
accepted acknowledged recognised recognized agreed approved conventional customary normal regular standard traditional usual common confirmed established orthodox popular received universal acceptable authorised authorized general habitual prevailing sanctioned typical accustomed admitted expected fixed routine set settled stock understood classic familiar household predominant prevalent wonted fashionable going mainstream ordinary prescribed regulation touted classical current everyday legit okayed passed plain preferred prescriptive unopposed time-honoured well-known agreed upon long-established time-honored bog-standard well worn in vogue tried and tested tried and true arrived at official certified affirmed ratified backed validated OK'd vouched for appropriate correct allowed legalized proven permitted chosen certain supported legalised determined made official done proper authoritative undisputed formal decorous legal seemly lawful sound respectable suitable arranged right fitting befitting true fit decent given apt ceremonious legitimate unquestioned undoubted declared de rigueur comme il faut uncontested canonical rightful known professed nice stipulated well-established punctilious kosher documented polite valid refined old-fashioned traditionalistic becoming OK genteel civilized widely recognized commonly accepted generally accepted ceremonial conforming civilised bona fide statutory natural canonic voted for definitive prearranged protocol in order carried dyed-in-the-wool inveterate characteristic believed renowned exhaustive done thing recognizable identified perceived strict entrenched apposite predictable realized remembered regimented express orderly methodical realised recognisable good tasteful dignified representative contracted granted decided guaranteed accredited comely pukka presentable trusted explicit systematic prudent stated historic stable ingrained deep-rooted widely used widespread ceremonialistic formalistic ritualistic ritual definite predetermined old old-style officially recognized confessed rooted secure unshakable vested permanent returned proclaimed answered unsuspected tried and trusted avowed sworn conceded unchallenged just genuine couth moral courtly mannerly well-mannered conservative conformist diplomatic stiff stiff-necked stilted starchy okay careful doctrinal traditionalist button-down unoriginal buttoned-down hidebound mossbacked ultraconservative old-line old-school unprogressive standpat reactionary die-hard brassbound paleoconservative archconservative unheretical derivative well established right stuff religious straight pious square bien pensant straight arrow in line by the numbers according to the book most complete most reliable

Tính từ

Treated or regarded with partiality
preferred favored favoured favourite favorite choice chosen elect fancied ideal selected handpicked picked popular adopted approved culled elected liked sanctioned select in recommended decided upon settled upon singled out of choice well-liked cherry-picked first-line fave hand-picked pet elite most-liked exclusive designated fav carefully chosen particular nominated best-liked best-loved default desired appointed weeded named special tabbed dearest certain recherché preferable recherche preferential screened pegged conscripted closest to one's heart sought after adored blue-eyed instinctive sweetheart advantaged privileged lucky blessed primary standard prize blue-ribbon called finest crack desirable much-loved first-choice go-to destination specially selected with the nod number one top-quality must-see first-picked treasured esteemed golden identified specified anointed assigned cited ordained commissioned delegated announced declared authorized classified consecrated certified individuated deputed vested entrusted supported authorised mentioned drafted opted for settled on fixed agreed set arranged settled allotted determined established scheduled prearranged noble voted picked out invited aristocratic vetted voted in advocated commended specially chosen praised suggested upper-class decided predetermined rarefied limited entitled honoured cliquish honored installed prescribed preordained decreed programmed planned preset controlled pre-planned given arranged in advance preplanned pre-established intended indulged fortunate posh private arranged beforehand advance decided beforehand cliquey restricted

Tính từ

Permitted given the place, situation or condition
permissible admissible allowable acceptable authorised authorized lawful legal legit legitimate licit permitted proper sanctioned allowed all right excusable kosher pardonable tolerable tolerated accepted approved bearable legalised legalized OK okay unforbidden unprohibited venial in order within accepted bounds on the up and up recognized recognised welcome granted unobjectionable totally fine A-OK constitutional just rightful warranted justifiable justified valid commanded condign juridical innocent official warrantable protected ruled legislated canonical judged judicial enacted statutory decriminalised enjoined jurisprudent vested passed mandated legitimatized established enforced ordered decreed above board card-carrying decriminalized ordained due jural within the law going by the rules by the book bona fide of right on the level defensible understandable condonable forgivable reasonable passable right remissible suitable minor tenable appropriate slight supportable remittable vindicable explainable satisfactory sound sensible pukka licensed defendable not serious trivial fitting consented logical plausible fair well founded fit sanctionable licenced applicable rational insignificant unimportant sustainable explicable probable maintainable arguable well-founded correct not too bad able to hold water let conceded chartered favored accorded sufferable petty necessary accountable favoured fine exculpatory moderate reprievable vindicatory specious temperate trifling mild within limits strong apt befitting expedient deserved felicitous timely likely pertinent concedable possible relevant worthy rock-solid cast-iron becoming meet seasonable apropos worthwhile not unlikely not impossible comme il faut in keeping

Động từ

To have tolerated
allowed tolerated approved beared brooked endured warranted accepted condoned lived with put up with stood for suffered withstood stood underwent braved faced weathered confronted shouldered assumed swallowed experienced encountered sustained stomached supported took on toughed out abided bore with countenanced resigned oneself to bode took admitted coped with met with beared the brunt of stuck out grinned and bear came up against sweated out submitted to lived through came to grips with submitted oneself to bided subjected oneself to permitted carried abode tholed rode out went through sat through hacked bore borne handled absorbed absorpt met taken pocketed worn wore sanctioned bidden undergone sticked stuck let authorized consented to been through gone through had borne with authorised abided by gone went indulged received tasted passed resisted admitted of sweat grinned and bear it felt went along with gone along with digested legalized okayed conceded dealt with stood up to agreed to granted licensed witnessed seen saw survived consented OKed come up against faced up to yielded to acknowledged acquiesced humored coped come to grips with stuck it out licenced heard of legalised stayed the course humoured let pass sat still for defied submitted lumped it made legal agreed held with allowed for approved of acceded to acquiesced in sweated sat and took it gave the green light to grappled with green-lighted bowed to winked at hung tough stuck with given the green light to waited out nodded at green-lit letten leet known knew legitimized gave the thumbs up to ridden out decriminalized given the thumbs up to made allowance for enabled empowered ignored entitled tackled dared yielded excused approbated observed fought accredited confirmed risked concurred favoured favored respected caused legitimatized acceded fulfilled crossed challenged come into contact with come across participated in had experience of capitulated run into deferred assented to abetted bearded courted cleared bought managed reconciled put John Hancock on decriminalised contended with lived out outfaced conformed to become accustomed to reconciled oneself to signed off on hung in held out against come in for made allowance ventured blessed realized sat tight realised outbraved breasted prevailed against blest legitimised cut your coat according to your cloth cut a deal given the go-ahead to toed the line hung in there complied with made allowances for blinked at conceded to become resigned to learned to live with gave the go-ahead to become reconciled to made the best of turned a blind eye to said the word shown forbearance showed forbearance took kindly to taken kindly to taken on werepatient gave green light gave leave been patient given permission given the nod considered was patient given leave gave the nod gave permission given green light conceived bit the bullet forbore forborne regulated consumed fretted worried fussed disregarded overlooked stressed feared ratified stewed waited declared lawful complied agonized understood engaged troubled conformed made surrendered encouraged yolden bothered yold succumbed assented qualified panicked helped backed foughten ate eaten become familiar with maintained assimilated followed obeyed enjoyed shared bowed battled chafed validated recognized overcome outlasted subscribed honoured appeased honored pardoned dithered legitimated championed commended aided came across ran into came into contact with eyeballed opposed engagde in engaged in homologated surmounted adapted greenlit greenlighted bent adjusted bended accommodated heeded dreaded tortured exerted gave permission to given permission to boughten said yes freed up got used to given something the nod yessed bitten the bullet left smiled on brazened rolled over and play dead sanctified gotten used to certified became reconciled to boosted took it connived at lumped gave the go-ahead acquiesced to became resigned to finalised got commissioned accepted apology for capitulated to chartered given the go-ahead permitted to applauded cried uncle persevered against went up against flew in face of come into contact onfanged sampled jibed taken something lying down stood up against beheld given the green light caved in gone for sat and take tried went for signed finalized met head on comprehended stooped to brazened out shook on granted the right to advocated stood firm against formalised braced for apprehended played the game given the OK to cooperated with looked the other way withstood subjection to stomached something said uncle pretended not to notice surrendered to flown in face of toughed out it took patiently come round franchised lost sleep over agonised given one's consent to beared up under heard said yes to tormented oneself facilitated granted someone the right come through appreciated pulled through met head-on made do took something lying down upheld found resigned oneself strung along concurred with played against taken patiently tortured oneself played by the rules gave one's assent to laughed off lost sleep faced the music invited acclimatized oneself to privileged granted permission to watched taken it made a stand recognised stood fast lived dittoed accommodated oneself to affronted died hard against played ball kept up with played it by the book given one's assent to outdared formalized shaken on gave one's consent to stood by passed through saw through kept in step run the gauntlet accosted vouched for braced oneself for persevered came in for sat out squared off taken one's lumps reconciled oneself hoisted the white flag squared off against allowed to gave the green light said the magic word perceived persisted with gone up against became accustomed to held out affirmed gave something the nod braved out gave the OK to played seen through persisted undertaken undertook overcame given permission for gave permission for took the bull by the horns taken the bull by the horns fallen for fell for withtaken withtook adjusted to partook partaken became familiar with gave someone authorization given someone authorization given someone leave gave someone leave took it lying down adhered to taken it lying down took one's medicine taken one's medicine forgave forgiven holp holpen borne up bore up came through gotten through got through beared up against flown in the face of flew in the face of gave your blessing gave carte blanche given your blessing given carte blanche saw out saw through to the bitter end seen out seen through to the bitter end gave authority for rubber-stamped gave the go-ahead for gave a blank cheque to gave the green light for given the green light for given the go-ahead for given authority for given a blank cheque to came into contact beholden ran the gauntlet gotten gat founden partook in fallen on fell on partaken in took part in taken part in fand got on with gotten on with went along gave one's blessing to gave the nod to given the nod to given in gave in to given in to came round accepted tacitly given one's blessing to gave in gone along got behind gotten behind given stamp of approval given the okay to upholden gave the go ahead to gave the okay to gave stamp of approval given leave to gave leave to gave assent to given assent to gave given okay given given the O.K. gave the O.K. gave okay showed forbearance towards shown forbearance towards taken it easy gone easy went easy took it easy

Động từ

To have established a fact to be true
shown confirmed demonstrated established determined illustrated affirmed asserted attested corroborated proved proven verified backed up borne witness indicated pointed out ratified substantiated supported upheld validated vouched ascertained borne out certified circumstantiated elucidated evidenced evinced exposed noted pointed predicated prescribed projected registered reinforced showcased clarified explained expounded justified laid bare laid out made evident made known made out made plain revealed sustained testified to witnessed discovered authenticated demonstrated the truth documented established evidence given substance to the fact that produced evidence produced proof shown beyond doubt submitted evidence submitted proof testified witnessed to the fact that flagged up showed bore out bore witness gave substance to the fact that showed beyond doubt signified signalled signaled displayed exhibited manifested denoted attested to settled bespoke proclaimed expressed spelt out presented spelled out made clear showed clearly vouched for declared underscored cleared up got across guaranteed concluded espoused ostended assured showed once and for all disclosed betrayed communicated suggested broadcast conveyed represented symbolized intimated prove bespoken betokened divulged bespake symbolised pointed to imparted implied argued aired uncovered given away gave away announced read reflected connoted embodied marked personified broadcasted epitomized let out let slip let drop told of beared witness to let the cat out of the bag exemplified designated typified unveiled instantiated pointed toward advertised spilled spilt made manifest published publicized hinted at publicised epitomised incorporated incarnated meaned meant externalized materialized unmasked told evoked inferred advertized hinted bodied insinuated personalized made obvious exteriorized flashed set forth externalised personalised materialised put on view put across promulgated stated sweared realized pointed at pinned down encapsulated unearthed bared released leaked professed blabbed actualized emblematized concretized uttered upholden spelled voiced relayed pinpointed reified related vented stood for come out with hypostatized objectified realised witnessed to added up to mirrored specified said relaid brandished featured depicted deposed pronounced talked sayed enunciated carried heralded alleged asseverated mouthed uncloaked portrayed claimed averred cited exclaimed backed detailed checked sounded reported maintained protested warranted paraded brought to light unbosomed disseminated addrest spouted purported addressed shown clearly put into words passed on put forth signposted put on display referred to put one in mind of put over put in mind of signed spread it around brought out into the open made public smacked of let it all hang out let cat out of bag completed let on about put on show put forward tested beared spieled put you in mind of demonstrated the truth of sworn swore readen came out with spoke gave the game away gotten across given the game away spoken alluded to spake highlighted articulated unfolded had trumpeted labelled labeled spotlighted vindicated spotlit mattered distinguished identified mentioned blazed blazoned informed verbalized avowed vocalized flagged delineated alluded furnished predicted underlined notated characterized described recorded promoted submitted worded remarked limelit pressed vivified prest opined recited limelighted instanced posted annunciated found blared circulated placarded shewed detected outed flaunted unclosed conjured up turned up disported portended foretold gave out given out shown to be true showed to be true ticked tagged branded imaged tabbed ticketed imported shouted offered phrased mumbled muttered delivered blurted avouched contended chattered cried repeated admitted enounced outlined pleaded orated pled proposed blazed abroad constituted proof of constituted evidence of shouted out pegged drawled sounded off shouted something from the rooftops adduced developt mounted yammered denuded murmured developed stood up for characterised jawed waved around arranged passed leaded you to believe summoned up allowed to be seen blew wide open referred brought to mind yakked called had the attributes of appeared convinced presented oneself as blurted out emphasised pulled the plug on trotted out reminded one of had a case verbalised engaged asked caught out discussed gestured towards blasted stated on oath reminded pointed in direction of crossed the mind translated naked ventilated shot off mouth popped off soliloquized retold stipulated stumped bodied forth summarised found out shown once and for all talked about resulted from vocalised winked served as evidence of augured reminded you of gabbed showed up brought out promised quoted adverted strutted piped unclothed adumbrated shouted from the housetops called to mind got at leaded to the belief occurred summarized sounded out chirped resulted crossed one's heart bewrayed fixed cracked fixt decreed marked off piped up with checked off spilled the beans on exposed to view passed the word buttoned down added up said so recounted narrated given substance to accosted declaimed shadowed emphasized pictured regurgitated tipped off smoked out bore blown wide open stated publicly tokened gave substance to gassed led to believe stressed intoned confessed reeled off borne got off rehearsed made you think of sported modulated exposed information traced had the qualities of lipped called up whispered blazoned abroad perorated seen shewn lay out amounted to got on a soapbox gotten on a soapbox founden fand gotten off thrown out spoken about given voice to spoke about given utterance to gave utterance to gave voice to threw out gave credence to given credence to given shape to gave shape to gotten at drove at driven at shown the position of showed the position of given human form to gave human shape to given human shape to gave human form to blown the whistle on blew the whistle on took the wraps off taken the wraps off given the show away gave the show away shown evidence of showed evidence of taken the lid off took the lid off gave testimony given testimony gave the impression given the impression given the idea gave the idea sang swore up and down sworn up and down gave facts given facts sworn to swore to gave one's word given one's word sungen sung partaken of partook partook of partaken

Động từ

Past tense for to commercially promote or recommend

Trái nghĩa của endorsed

endorsed Thành ngữ, tục ngữ

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