Đồng nghĩa của concluded

Alternative for concluded

concludes, concluded, concluding

Đồng nghĩa: assume, close, end, finish, gather, infer, presume, reason, stop, suppose, terminate,

Trái nghĩa: begin, commence, start,


Finished or having been brought to an end
completed complete finished done finalised finalized fulfilled over realised realized accomplished clinched closed decided determined effected ended resolved settled terminated achieved consummated discharged down established through up effectuated executed over with out of the way at an end carried out finished off done with wrapped up wrapped-up brought about sewn up sorted out wound up all over buttoned up full-fledged in the bag in the can over and done with brought to pass performed attained gone compassed dead extinct polished off defunct final past bygone lapsed perfected expired satisfied ancient history actualized dispatched no more vanished out of hand nonextant departed bypast produced set rendered happy contented pleased content made worked out gratified comfortable in the past obtained crowned matured brought to a close a thing of the past made good at ease passé built elapsed out-of-the-way irrelevant invalid materialized substantiated dated exhausted depleted spent full prepared effete wrought handled organized organised discontinued kaputt obsolete kaput a wrap used up run out materialised ceased relaxed perf entire consummate taken care of run forgotten all-inclusive sweeping all-embracing that's it fini all over but the shouting home free all up knocked off tied up finished with dispensed with dead and buried dead and gone over and done come to an end decreed serene placid ordained designated chosen destined prescribed delighted reached untroubled rewarded allotted agreed fated fixed concrete put into effect at peace nailed prearranged predetermined set in stone gone by former ancient earlier olden ripe long-ago foregone of old of yore out of date caused unrenewed void passed left removed voided induced developed elaborate mature previous lost antiquated one-time dissolved dissipated dried up burned up moved on conclusive thorough faultless arranged ago nonexistent quelled outmoded erstwhile extinguished quashed stifled sometime quondam old-fashioned archaic belated late forepassed out-of-date long-gone old-time oldfangled quenched smothered suppressed past recall in oblivion sunk in oblivion ready down memory lane in readiness water over the dam water under the bridge all systems go done and dusted good to go




To have carried out an action to the end
completed finished achieved finalized fulfilled consummated nailed accomplished did effectuated executed performed settled realized capped perfected actualized crowned ended polished terminated carried off carried out complemented did thoroughly finalised finished off got through polished off realised rounded off rounded out sewed up sorted out topped off went through with wound up wrapped up added the final touch to added the finishing touch to brought to a conclusion brought to an end brought to fruition brought to maturity called it a day made good on made perfect made up put the finishing touches on put the last touches on put to bed ultimated closed out closed climaxed topped brought to a close effected brought off put through made negotiated pulled off discharged done implemented brought about perpetrated conducted managed prosecuted wrought committed compassed followed through with operated handled carried through engineered run worked administered enacted attained controlled succeeded in manipulated piloted observed produced maneuvered commanded organized manoeuvred plied directed hit ran wielded carried on organised reached clinched administrated used dispatched steered engaged exercised succeeded caused dealt with applied undertook practised practiced engaged in acted out contrived overlooked stewarded delivered wreaked presided over kept scored put the final touches to satisfied made good utilized engagde in put finishing touch on put into practice delivered on lived up to put into effect put the tin lid on put the finishing touches to created undertaken inflicted enforced established supervised superintended guided governed led leaded fixed headed engendered regulated occasioned employed secured met setted the seal on tended to captained bossed transacted sewn up brought on translated into headed up called the shots pulled something off racked up followed through on utilised meted out chalked up clocked up held down initiated acted pursued made to happen made happen ruled oversaw overseen put in place brought generated followed bestowed dispensed arranged distributed took set up worked out tended bred yielded spawned prompted invoked catalyzed induced passed imposed exacted dominated fielded brought to pass rendered acquired actuated officiated procured addressed bagged gotten through gone through with ministered struck put lid on made short work of run with the ball put the finishing touch to won doled out pulled the strings run the show watched over made it made it through put it over cared for coped with notched up nailed it catalysed taken care of got there swung set off put away arrived at called the tune in called the shots in took care of buttoned down survived disposed of determined put across hit upon had underwent hitten taken drawn on drew on been through gone through went through launched cleared crossed unleashed doled dealt meted allocated apportioned issued vented surmounted provoked framed finessed machinated finagled masterminded wangled ordered called forth pulled reified visited expressed indulged expedited refined originated hegemonized swayed incarnated occupied redeemed answered held driven drove precipitated started begot yolden begat begotten yold given rise to gave rise to got over triggered maintained influenced overcome caused to happen caused to occur reigned over gratified found went whole hog gone whole hog done thoroughly went the limit gone the limit made real hacked mastered honoured grasped conquered landed seized earned honored were responsible for was responsible for had control of transgressed been responsible for exercised control over kindled stricken acted upon overleaped vaulted called the signals netted assigned dealt out brought home the bacon acquitted jockeyed took the helm lived out tyrannised accelerated got past instructed been in charge developed were in charge pulled the wires turned out done justice to held office cleaned up devoted oneself to reached the summit of scored a success instigated latched onto held sway over acquited fitted in called a day made concrete hammered out harnessed ticked gained materialised gained fulfillment folded up turned acquitted oneself of fulfilled one's potential laid down the law reorganized occupied throne filled reigned fulfilled your potential served out delivered the goods wrecked got done navigated brought to completion idealized made it over ran the show processed wrested activated proceeded with hurdled was in charge juggled made a reality leaped over pushed through thrashed out corporealized laid on angled specialized in forced upon carried to completion found a way brought to perfection shifted mopped up held dominion made work waged forced traversed worked it treated made it past buttoned up ran with the ball topped it off watched complied with passed over made it round presided held sway materialized looked after tyrannized held the reins fought abided by did justice to logged brought forth run things exhibited reorganised turned the trick stood by passed through saw through knocked off snagged overleapt gotten done kept faith with elaborated sat on top of taken the helm exercised authority ruled over got round made hay wrangled cogitated idealised wrapped played games worked at made the grade overruled engineered a way projected made ready served the people called upon seen through called the tune undergone arranged for ran things canned overcame gotten over swang it swung it got out of the way gotten out of the way taken up took up did proud bore out done proud borne out rung up rang up were in the driving seat worn the crown was in the driving seat wore the crown been in the driving seat assumed command gone on with went on with been successful were successful was successful did the trick did one proud gotten someplace got someplace done the trick done a bang-up job done one proud did a bang-up job took on taken on acted on gave given lay on gave free rein to given free rein to gave vent to given vent to gotten around gone around went around got around gotten past took care of business went that route did to a turn done to a turn gone that route taken care of business honchoed taken over took forward taken forward took over began begun done business did business seen to saw to upped and done upped and did


To have considered or estimated to be
made estimated derived gaged inferred reckoned suspected approximated assessed believed calculated considered counted determined forecast forecasted gathered gauged judged regarded appraised deduced evaluated guessed put supposed surmised thought calculated roughly called conjectured counted up figured guesstimated numbered predicted doped out put a figure on worked out deemed esteemed held adjudged perceived adjudicated appreciated viewed ranked sized up discerned computed tallied totalled totaled rated enumerated totted up valued cast set summed cast up placed added up quantified measured summed up added figured out accounted weighed set down totted ciphered told totalized toted looked upon cost putten numerated summated run down toted up weighed up set at classed assayed valuated imagined ascertained sized figured up reasoned calibrated regarded as ticked off footed pegged list held to be looked on as solved graded recorded reckoned up conceived priced surveyed understood fixed scored expected looked on kept tabs looked over put a value on read put down as made an estimate of typecast put down for checked classified resolved added together decided squared costed allowed felt metered scaled presumed assumed marked thought of viewed as classed as interpreted as formed an opinion of checked out thought likely counted out found the sum of thought of as ran down quantitated taken account of took account of listed itemized put a price on established categorized postulated aggregated examined hypothesized speculated budgeted inventoried spanned fathomed extrapolated hazarded intuited theorized prophesied registered put a stopwatch on distinguished analysed daresaid daresayed ventured cost out audited anticipated fancied divided subtracted multiplied predicated divined suggested positioned saw as seen as foretold run over eyed set a figure cut ice hazarded a guess counted off roughly calculated cast something up figured in looked into worked something out racked up kept score picked timed put in order counted heads come to the conclusion counted noses analyzed theorised thought through typecasted set store by itemised categorised buttoned down put together footed up jumped to a conclusion made a guess at made out pigeonholed hypothesised dared say had one's number did addition done addition clocked deciphered grouped detailed recited rehearsed devised formulated ordered reviewed sorted settled plused plussed said explained arranged apprehended setted a price on plumbed gleaned premised assigned found reeled off decoded span inspected seen saw recognized presupposed grasped savvied opined cognized combined reputed previsioned got realized comprehended tumbled to implied ratiocinated estimated as sensed syllogized credited recce'd recced priced out gradated maintained drew drawn branded stood twigged discovered sussed forefelt taken for took for schemed taxed planned outlined compartmented compartmentalised decided on visualized adapted balanced number crunched took a shot at gotten the measure of amounted ranked as paced off formed opinion dare-said cataloged marked out tallyhoed averaged totalled up kept kept a record noted formed an impression of judged to be realised distributed taken a shot at considered to be meted trusted made rough guess banked on deemed to be counted one by one translated caught on to budgeted for got the measure of stacked up selected adjusted gone out on a limb kept a running record portioned picked out marked down as guessed at transposed took a stab at tallied up felt to be found to be made of formed the opinion conceived to be went out on a limb tagged kept tally marked down transliterated cooked up had a sneaking suspicion of visualised kept a tally puzzled out eyed up codified came to the conclusion cottoned on to recognised ranged construed separated taled typed piled up tested lined up broke down ran over assorted indexed catalogued kept the score measured out took to be taken a stab at figured something out specified calculated to be taken to be had a hunch rated as kept count thought to be imagined to be reckoned to be chanced tabbed compartmentalized latched on to counted on accounted for kept a tally of happened upon dreamt up wrote written known knew broken down gotten foresaw foreseen taken one's measure took one's measure took the measure of taken the measure of believed to be wrote down written down drew conclusions drawn conclusions took taken took stock of something taken stock of something foreknown foreknew taken stock of took stock of taken the measurements of took the measurements of taken account took account got the picture took a stab taken for granted gotten the picture took for granted took a shot taken a shot taken a stab did done looked at


To have demonstrated to be true based on facts
established proved demonstrated showed indicated signified signaled signalled displayed exhibited manifested denoted ascertained attested to corroborated evidenced substantiated determined validated confirmed verified certified affirmed ratified settled revealed sustained testified to upheld authenticated bespoke evinced justified exposed expressed illustrated proclaimed supported bore out declared made clear made evident presented showed clearly spelled out spelt out underscored vouched for assured backed up cleared up documented endorsed espoused expounded got across guaranteed ostended showcased showed once and for all asserted attested vouched circumstantiated noted reinforced elucidated proven shown pointed out borne out registered predicated pointed projected prescribed ensured laid out made plain made out laid bare clarified made known explained witnessed seen discovered made sure testified checked produced evidence produced proof flagged up insured submitted proof established evidence submitted evidence double-checked satisfied oneself demonstrated the truth witnessed to the fact that made certain bore witness gave substance to the fact that showed beyond doubt saw to it did not forget saw took care borne witness taken care seen to it given substance to the fact that shown beyond doubt disclosed betrayed communicated suggested broadcast conveyed represented symbolized intimated prove bespoken betokened divulged bespake symbolised pointed to imparted implied argued aired uncovered given away gave away announced read reflected connoted embodied marked personified broadcasted epitomized let out let slip let drop told of beared witness to let the cat out of the bag exemplified designated typified unveiled instantiated pointed toward advertised spilled spilt made manifest published publicized hinted at publicised epitomised incorporated incarnated meaned meant externalized materialized unmasked told evoked inferred advertized hinted bodied insinuated personalized made obvious exteriorized flashed set forth externalised personalised materialised put on view put across promulgated stated sweared realized pointed at pinned down encapsulated unearthed bared released leaked professed blabbed actualized emblematized concretized uttered upholden spelled voiced relayed pinpointed reified related vented stood for come out with hypostatized objectified realised witnessed to added up to mirrored specified said relaid brandished featured depicted deposed pronounced talked sayed enunciated carried heralded alleged asseverated mouthed uncloaked portrayed claimed averred cited exclaimed backed detailed sounded reported maintained protested warranted paraded brought to light unbosomed disseminated addrest spouted purported addressed shown clearly put into words passed on put forth signposted put on display referred to put one in mind of put over put in mind of signed spread it around brought out into the open made public smacked of let it all hang out let cat out of bag completed let on about put on show put forward tested beared spieled put you in mind of demonstrated the truth of sworn swore readen came out with spoke gave the game away gotten across given the game away spoken alluded to spake highlighted articulated unfolded had trumpeted labelled labeled spotlighted vindicated spotlit mattered distinguished identified mentioned blazed blazoned informed verbalized avowed vocalized flagged delineated alluded furnished predicted underlined notated characterized described recorded promoted submitted worded remarked limelit pressed vivified prest opined recited limelighted instanced posted annunciated found blared circulated placarded shewed detected outed flaunted unclosed conjured up turned up disported portended foretold gave out given out shown to be true showed to be true ticked tagged branded imaged tabbed ticketed imported shouted offered phrased mumbled muttered delivered blurted avouched contended chattered cried repeated admitted enounced outlined pleaded orated pled proposed blazed abroad constituted proof of constituted evidence of shouted out pegged drawled sounded off shouted something from the rooftops adduced developt mounted yammered denuded murmured developed stood up for characterised jawed waved around arranged passed leaded you to believe summoned up allowed to be seen blew wide open referred brought to mind yakked called had the attributes of appeared convinced presented oneself as blurted out emphasised pulled the plug on trotted out reminded one of had a case verbalised engaged asked caught out discussed gestured towards blasted stated on oath reminded pointed in direction of crossed the mind translated naked ventilated shot off mouth popped off soliloquized retold stipulated stumped bodied forth summarised found out shown once and for all talked about resulted from vocalised winked served as evidence of augured reminded you of gabbed showed up brought out promised quoted adverted strutted piped unclothed adumbrated shouted from the housetops called to mind got at leaded to the belief occurred summarized sounded out chirped resulted crossed one's heart bewrayed fixed cracked fixt decreed marked off piped up with checked off spilled the beans on exposed to view passed the word buttoned down added up said so recounted narrated given substance to accosted declaimed shadowed emphasized pictured regurgitated tipped off smoked out bore blown wide open stated publicly tokened gave substance to gassed led to believe stressed intoned confessed reeled off borne got off rehearsed made you think of sported modulated exposed information traced had the qualities of lipped called up whispered blazoned abroad perorated shewn lay out amounted to got on a soapbox gotten on a soapbox founden fand gotten off thrown out spoken about given voice to spoke about given utterance to gave utterance to gave voice to threw out gave credence to given credence to given shape to gave shape to gotten at drove at driven at shown the position of showed the position of given human form to gave human shape to given human shape to gave human form to blown the whistle on blew the whistle on took the wraps off taken the wraps off given the show away gave the show away shown evidence of showed evidence of taken the lid off took the lid off gave testimony given testimony gave the impression given the impression given the idea gave the idea sang swore up and down sworn up and down gave facts given facts sworn to swore to gave one's word given one's word sungen sung partaken of partook partook of partaken

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