Đồng nghĩa của produced

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produces, produced, producing

Trái nghĩa: consume,

Tính từ

(of a person or animal) Reared or brought up in a specified environment or way

Động từ

(led to) To have culminated or resulted in a particular event or consequence
led caused brought on brought about gave rise to effected created engendered generated triggered promoted advanced precipitated prompted contributed to furthered hastened accelerated initiated provoked quickened occasioned pushed forward expedited sped up speeded up induced stirred up sparked off stimulated helped set off added to called forth spurred instigated begat begot set in motion put in motion touched off triggered off drove contributed fomented made happen risked aroused elicited brought to pass catalyzed entailed had a hand in necessitated effectuated ended in had a part in invited roused conduced to cultivated excited fostered incited involved catalysed conduced enkindled introduced affected led to sowed the seeds of kindled evoked inspired hatched bred made for whipped up encouraged moved stirred goaded motivated urged impelled sparked activated inflamed pushed animated prodded influenced fired up galvanized egged on made persuaded galvanised actuated worked up driven drave druv pressed put up to inspirited prest agitated abetted compelled brought propelled spurred on raised awakened piqued started fermented set on leaded fired coerced inclined swayed whetted energized impassioned brewed given rise to rallied enticed pricked nudged set instilled got wakened energised enlivened convinced forced picked invigorated revved up electrified pressured impressed exhorted envigorated prevailed on invoked tempted set going begotten hounded coaxed dragooned revived inveigled vivified wrought worked pressurized incentivized exhilarated disposed pepped up keyed up fired the imagination of talked into pressurised lit a fire under enthused fueled fuelled emboldened cajoled culminated in vitalized procured spawned predisposed fanned yielded touched converted bestirred challenged whipped kick-started obliged translated into set afoot set up won over prevailed upon brought out brought around sicced fanned the flames of gotten gat mobilized mobilised ignited badgered drummed up conditioned developt developed riled forwarded heartened began begun thrilled steeled harassed filliped wheedled bullied increased waked determined finished in titillated needled added up to turned on sounded brought forth fired the enthusiasm of improved stoked up drew strengthened brought round gotten going got going nurtured disturbed holp holpen nursed refreshed played a part in awaked braced spiked yolden yold advised primed livened up asked achieved originated played a role in hassled charged wound up pumped up jump-started realized realised solicited drawn revivified spelled struck gingered up cheered up redounded to terminated in set on foot made possible twisted someone's arm zipped up leaned on talked someone into psyched caused to happen worked into lather put a bomb under rowelled agitated for made waves fed the fire crazed summoned up brought off geed up jazzed up actualized amped up put pressure on sold one on commoved put someone up to something exalted put the heat on waked up put the screws on brought into being juiced up contrived put into action brought back innervated caused to occur innerved roweled sweet-talked set astir fired with enthusiasm started off put in place intensified set in beared sent bucked up livened cost stung amounted to biased biassed woke woken directed gave made to happen impressed on made willing paid off drew forth oriented drawn forth honed refined prevailed corrupted imposed on assisted aided boosted bribed had roiled nourished revitalized begged gladdened bolstered enjoined pleaded pled planted lodged whomped up implanted reinforced besought implored admonished adjured entreated beseeched reawakened startled angered launched fortified resuscitated incensed irked served meaned meant gained satisfied warmed wooed succoured awoken awoke lured sold constrained requested appealed insisted reanimated chivvied reactivated infused commenced imbued intrigued conceived accomplished teased established pleased enriched vexed reasoned counseled vext grilled counselled nagged manoeuvred jumpstarted sanctioned maneuvered summoned educed steered approved reinvigorated sown the seeds of empowered impacted uplifted organised tickled attained engineered opened the door for tantalized organized endowed lit up enlisted propagandized proselytized proposed exercised given propagated stricken reignited rekindled mustered charged up gained confidence of acted upon countenanced started up magnified reassured were responsible for pushed for brought to life psyched up maddened mounted heightened boosted up juiced exerted influence on deepened called on got to had as a consequence cajoled into predetermined worked over drawn out got up steamed up was responsible for wheedled into turned on to breathed new life into prodded someone into drawn on brainwashed recalled called down proved to taunted spooked cheered on called stirred embers jogged memory coaxed into beghasted steamrolled twisted one's arm railroaded into dispatched wheedled someone into prodded into bulldozed into revitalised resurrected propagandised tantalised infected woken up redoubled lashed reminded switched on pulled off shook up sprung bugged drew out proselytised built up brought to senses rooted on suggested to worked on woke up carried through converted to commended mustered up jolted rationalized drew on got someone going rousted made alive fanned the fire proselyted led to do paved the way for insisted on been responsible for sucked in oiled the wheels of made wild called to mind vivificated shaken up carried off suborned costed buoyed up cranked up resulted run soft-soaped conjured cheered pressurized someone into caused to appear hinted to enhanced called into being pleaded with incentified breathed life into succored reasoned someone into buoyed caused to believe won argument had the effect of rationalised used pressure on tried to persuade agitated against spirited up elated heated up caused to be suscitated pressured someone into informed fanned the flames got round bore het up conjured up caused to become endued led to believe chirked up borne squeezed intensated pressed someone into alerted smooth-talked argued into bulldozed carried crowded called up asked for it had as a result did done was a factor in been a factor in were a factor in drove on driven on appealed to gave life to given life to drew in drawn in gotten up sprang grew grown ran added fuel to fire worn down wore down sowed sown gave a leg up given a leg up sown the seeds sowed the seeds shaken shook ridden herd on rode herd on gotten to given one an idea gave one an idea borne up given impetus bore up gave impetus gave incentive to given incentive to given incentive gave incentive been partly responsible for was partly responsible for were partly responsible for gave new life to gave a buzz given a buzz given new life to gave birth to given birth to

Động từ

To have pioneered
established innovated pioneered founded invented built designed developed devised launched originated revolutionized engineered forged introduced set up assembled authored constructed created fashioned made put together ushered in actualized began brought about brought into being came out with catalyzed commenced composed conceived conceived of concocted contrived cooked up crafted discovered drew up fabricated fathered gave rise to initiated instigated instituted issued kicked off modernized spearheaded started threw together turned out brought into existence brought on brought to pass catalysed effectuated hatched inducted knocked off knocked together knocked up machinated modernised put up rang in revolutionised started out threw up generated rendered moulded formed effected molded developt spawned yielded manufactured engendered affected synthesized framed brought invoked caused set off synthesised induced occasioned enacted provoked incited elicited bred triggered begat begot fostered secured shaped constituted prompted erected confected churned out contributed to knocked out begotten evoked processed executed promoted cultivated yold yolden propagated precipitated enkindled compelled shope found setted harvested procured cast pieced rigged drafted worked up brought out translated into mass-produced made for sparked off did modelled modeled hammered out worked draughted wrought organized given rise to led to set down set in motion embarked on materialised realised put in motion organised installed materialized realized put in place inaugurated germinated compiled exercised planned advanced decided started up ran up compounded determined diagramed drummed up carved out choreographed conjured up laid out brewed outlined came up with lay out made up comprised plotted diagrammed arranged dreamt up prepared formulated caused to be coined drew on got going wrote penned pent made out cobbled up completed cobbled together rigged up structured whipped out patched together eked out sculptured implemented fit together rustled up pieced together thought up come up with begun planted whipped up masterminded opened evolved hit on schemed set a trend stirred up worked out started off laid the foundations of brainstormed kindled imagined trumped up started the ball rolling activated projected excogitated beared thought of set about set going set the ball rolling mapped out blazed a trail drawn up aroused orchestrated led the way inspired sparked triggered off done motivated come out with based gotten going thrown together opened up laid the first stone of conducted managed coordinated directed shapen procreated actuated called forth kick-started vamped fired up cogitated drawn on doped out entered into set on set invested accomplished multiplied incorporated got under way gotten under way stimulated fixed fixt run made happen made to happen manipulated negotiated roused manoeuvred influenced spurred wangled moved finagled maneuvered finessed blueprinted envisioned authorized improvised floated charted broke new ground brought in broken new ground bore borne legislated mustered parented sired brought forth ad-libbed spitballed raised got underway fixed up laid the cornerstone of got off predicated laid foundation placed decreed authorised inculcated reproduced gotten off the ground achieved gave birth to given birth to got off the ground brought off fulfilled administered encouraged controlled excited performed touched off administrated trailblazed pulled off proliferated mobilized superintended fomented sprung ordained laid programmed laid the first stone led off persuaded mounted supervised instated minted dreamt dreamed progenerated impregnated mothered concerted bowed introed kicked something off gotten things rolling got things rolling made a start on set afoot got the show on the road put up to blazed set type broken through put pen to paper set forth put on hit the ground running schemed out mapped put one on embarked upon jumped into put into effect vamped up got ready paved the way leaded the way for made the first move put one over struck into put into operation got something moving set on foot got something going got the ball rolling put down got up mobilised put over sown the seeds of set an example run up burst into broke through put in codified sowed the seeds of strategized about got cracking on started ball rolling entered upon set in put through put across got something working stationed ratified ran corroborated built up lodged moored domiciliated implanted thrown up taken up broken the ice broke the ice piloted forged ahead gotten off took up got ahead carried out attained enforced carried off carried through initiated things rested commissioned grounded ground led leaded perpetrated took the initiative taken the initiative objectified writ headed consummated laid the foundation showed the way shown the way finalized incarnated reified hinged pondered appeared conceptualized dawned visualised featured visualized prodded urged impelled goaded heralded discharged succeeded in increased awakened sketched painted necessitated scheduled arranged for enticed indited empowered passed rooted finished fronted prepared the way made a start pushed pressed prest constrained egged on inflamed drew drawn concluded portrayed represented delegated hung regulated made real designated chartered symbolized sprang hanged depended stage-managed commanded captained bossed impassioned stirred ideated conceited spurred on swayed piqued encompassed staged caused to happen caused to occur got prefaced preceded wreaked abetted self-seeded picked fermented summoned educed ordered deputed stemmed rhymed centered derived versed founden fand mooted intrigued stumbled upon uncovered prevailed upon pricked calculated handled budgeted conjured marshalled marshaled presided over launched into reared entered on delivered debuted settled revved come upon coined a phrase jockeyed got in operation brought to life scratched the surface finalised got going on made waves steamed up provided blazed the trail broke in rung in summoned up quarterbacked detected phased in gotten ball rolling scripted resurrected laid the groundwork on tempted batched laid the groundwork for fudged together gotten going on fecundated come into being jammed timed rooted on commenced on laid eggs ringed up the curtain on suggested broken in emanated got show on road pulled strings hinted got weaving rabble-roused angled tossed off centred fangled played it by ear got working stayed slapped together swung guided ad libbed caused to appear doctored counterfeited fathered offspring colonised made up off the top of one's head upstaged lit the way run things mixed up gone out in front gotten up licked into shape took the lead in started on propped helmed conceptualised got functioning taken the lead got something off the ground used as a basis played games made pregnant come out settled up banged out endowed called up brought up noted down had as a result got going with inseminated leaded the way in scammed brought young into the world poetized sorted out come into existence entered gotten show on road fallen to faked it trail-blazed colonized had as a consequence needled made arrangements for comped winged had its origin in brought forward made concrete improved got weaving on readied explored fertilised laid down operated emerged dealt with fixed together embarked had the bright idea of patented fell to budgeted for ushered timetabled got stuck into scored pushed the envelope shepherded insinuated pulled wires turned on prepared the way for went out in front faked got something functioning knocked down admitted cooked looked after revved up prefabbed straightened out symbolised envisaged brought up the curtain on turned the trick jacked up got ball rolling opened the door elaborated rolled out pushed pencil setted the ball rolling on produced offspring taken the lead in matured fertilized purposed took the lead scribbled sired offspring conned unveiled broken ground broke ground written driven drove drave druv arisen broke broken arose brake taken the first step took the first step stung drove on driven on gotten gat lay down sang sung sungen drew forth drawn forth swungen swang oversaw overseen added fuel ran things got the jump on gotten the jump on came upon ghostwritten ghostwrote broken open broken into given forth broke the seal given birth came out broken the seal broke open broke into gave birth gave forth begotten offspring begot offspring was responsible for been responsible for taken care of saw about seen about were responsible for gotten together took care of got together seen to saw to took action on broke the ice on taken action on broken the ice on got feet wet gotten feet wet given life gave life gone about went about showed the way on shown the way on taken the initiative in took the initiative in took the lead on taken the lead on gotten cracking got down to gotten down to torn into got down to business gotten one's feet wet gotten down to business came into existence got one's feet wet came into being tore into got cracking went ahead gone ahead

Động từ

To have been displayed or exhibited
shown displayed exhibited presented aired demoed paraded showcased unveiled brandished flaunted offered sported staged unfurled showed off shown off supplied unfolded arranged exposed to view featured introduced launched put on put on display put on view rolled out set forth trotted out laid out set out bared brought to view dealt in disported laid bare published put on show uncloaked uncovered unmasked delivered put before the public put up cast set up put together showed orchestrated played conducted organized directed performed run previewed coordinated portrayed depicted administrated pulled off organised done did ran lay out exposed revealed flashed broadcast disclosed strutted demonstrated advertized advertised manifested brought to light broadcasted opened flourished unclothed let it all hang out showboated released waved around evinced divulged unwrapped denuded made a show of opened up unearthed vaunted betrayed indicated bespoke stripped stript illustrated unshrouded communicated made known made public made plain flashed about inaugurated displayed ostentatiously made a great show of brought into the open publicized swaggered expressed unleashed registered marketed declared promulgated promoted arrayed unbosomed imparted discovered let drop unclosed dangled suggested come out with drawn attention to drew attention to brought out put on the market dug up let the cat out of the bag left unprotected put on public view made an exhibition of publicised allowed to be seen opened to view laid open put on a display whipped out put on sale bespake bespoken debuted boasted hyped plugged bragged swanked crowed grandstanded gloated wielded posed projected transmitted aggrandized reflected denoted conveyed televised waved modeled modelled undressed proved hanselled established hanseled detected turned up evoked evidenced betokened signalled connoted signaled distributed streaked hotdogged hanged hung disseminated signified proclaimed called attention to unrobed came out with told of outed given away reported taken the wraps off implied exteriorized ostended paraded wares fanned it exulted in took the wraps off spilt voiced uttered vented had on show declared open spilled made available had on made a scene inferred offered for sale made clear strutted stuff pointed to pointed toward smacked with gave away opened officially sprung on swank crew prove proven gave publicity to given publicity to shown to the public showed to the public sprang on broke out thrown in one's face broken out threw in one's face shown evidence of showed evidence of gave the game away gave out given out given the game away given the show away gave the show away blew wide open blown wide open took the lid off taken the lid off

Động từ

To have given what is needed or desired
provided brought contributed delivered supplied gave presented arranged catered imparted offered served transferred yielded accorded conferred dispensed handed over proffered provisioned kicked in laid on lay on bestowed chipped in granted replenished beared passed gifted bequeathed endowed with treated vouchsafed awarded entrusted rendered assigned bequoth acted with showed given bequethen shown put forward tendered advanced submitted put up proposed extended tabled suggested propositioned come up with lodged furnished volunteered introduced propounded posed adduced put out bid donated handed out raised set forth laid filed preferred cited brought forward stated recommended entered afforded posited mooted came up with put put forth put in relinquished placed committed moved registered purveyed laid out trotted out yolden yold declared advocated handed pressed transmitted surrendered outstretched aired stretched out broached put on turned over bounced stumped up put at someone's disposal held out doled out made available let someone have put on record exhibited issued expressed sold exposed pitched carried devoted left quoted proponed distributed advised prescribed exhorted rolled out shared ventured forked out pitched in shelled out voted brought up floated ponied up presented with handed in made a pitch displayed outreached unveiled lay out named mentioned given away gave away illustrated held forth related expounded instanced specified intimated freed allowed announced alleged resigned set ventilated identified staged conveyed released cast disbursed counseled counselled bequested endowed mounted stocked recorded bore borne set before coughed up pointed out bade allocated allotted list brought about urged plugged sacrificed subsidized paid put at disposal put on display put before the public pledged anted up accommodated let oneself in for referred to dealt in traded in put on the map furnished with put in a bid of made reference to put on to something provided with subsidised put on the table stuck out called attention to gifted with put in two cents made a motion reached out gave out given out putten trusted cleared consigned demonstrated availed demoed extracted conceded ceded represented argued estimated organized reported postulated acquainted intrusted confided delegated reposed vested launched referenced apportioned discharged encouraged previewed dished out had invoked manifested priced abdicated figured sponsored funded brought out pulled out dealt recounted initiated projected threw up thrown up essayed adverted opined conjectured speculated deployed said lavished stored gave up given up proved designated kept handled marketed affirmed noted dropped itemized noticed exemplified detailed enumerated listed lent determined brought to light made acquainted with fixed up opened to view canvassed referred ministered staked made a donation of subscribed parted with prorated divvied portioned slipped valued at freed up offered as a suggestion passed on relegated laid aside dealt out touched on touted made an offer stretched catered in organised pressed for made an offer of made mention of spelled out evoked sent in brought to bear tested the popularity of applied made known recalled supplied with renounced steered offered a suggestion had available made over meted setted before someone puffed placed at disposal recollected contended tipped parcelled out sweetened the kitty aggrandized had a supply of administered raffled made a pitch for lotted built up laid forward commended tempted with valuated at exalted moved for meted out come through run something up the flagpole ballyhooed kept in stock spelt out kept on hand proclaimed adverted to sweetened the pot touched upon itemised catered to related to enriched had for sale measured out priced something at come forward dowered stowed away tipped off thrusted out priced at rated at published hyped run something up the flagpole to see who salutes dared to say beat the drum for parceled out extraught forbore forborne forsook forsaken forwent forgone given over gave over prove proven given a donation of gave a donation of did done drawn out drew out came through willed given a tip gave a tip beaten the drum for thrown spotlight on thrown out threw spotlight on threw out attested to spoke of spoken of alluded to ran something up the flagpole to see who salutes ran something up the flagpole gave an introduction given an introduction took out taken out gotten together acquainted with got together gave an estimate gave a price of gave a figure of given a price of given an estimate given a figure of drawn a parallel came forward drew a parallel

Động từ

To have performed or produced a specified action or sound
made performed did executed completed enacted accomplished achieved acted effected finished initiated practiced practised pulled off acted out carried out committed engaged in brought off undertook underwent conducted took effectuated fulfilled had discharged implemented put through perpetrated carried off brought about prosecuted negotiated followed through with compassed realized realised done carried through engineered attained consummated brought to fruition succeeded in hit secured wrought clinched scored managed reached concluded delivered on established enforced finalized fixed fixt worked acquired observed won landed set up finalised succeeded put into effect chalked up got there wrapped up put into practice made it clocked up perfected notched up followed through on put across caused contrived administered wreaked earned actualized catalyzed rendered procured brought to pass satisfied met struck catalysed transacted made to happen made happen arrived at delivered polished off pulled something off made good on racked up created put in place brought generated applied occasioned inflicted obtained engendered netted administrated worked out dispatched invoked bred yielded spawned prompted induced bagged cut hat hitten gained seized conquered swung annexed brought on set on foot come through translated into put the tin lid on put into action set off arranged gone through put over put in force finished off survived acquitted oneself of put on made good made it through went through put it over sewed up nailed it lived up to been through brought to completion put into operation sewn up given rise to gave rise to stricken done the trick did the trick gone through with went through with gotten done got done launched organized got provoked called forth grabbed hooked captured maneuvered manoeuvred wangled pulled reified plied originated incarnated started precipitated actuated begat begot yolden begotten yold exacted served engaged imposed nabbed triggered collared caused to happen caused to occur settled staged nailed found run made real exercised exerted processed honoured grasped honored been responsible for were responsible for was responsible for presented transgressed kindled swang swungen drew on drawn on acted upon came through made a reality earned wings corporealized dealt out taken care of brought home the bacon acquitted sorted out sailed through gotten through carried to completion run with the ball fixed up got through organised made work engagde in played out brought to bear took care of business turned out done justice to materialized brought into play scored a success latched onto took care of acquited brought into effect made concrete abided by did justice to ticked logged authorized brought forth laid the foundation of materialised reorganised turned the trick gained fulfillment disposed of stood by saw through knocked off snagged dealt with kept faith with fulfilled one's potential reorganized made hay pulled down hacked wound up fulfilled your potential served out made the grade delivered the goods taken care of business authorised seen through wrested undertaken gotten gat arranged for founden fand ran got something done gotten something done done the job did to a T done to a T did the job got someplace did one proud gotten someplace done a bang-up job done one proud did a bang-up job been successful were successful was successful gotten hold of got hold of rung up rang up began begun did proud bore out done proud borne out done to a turn ran with the ball went that route did to a turn gone that route upped and done upped and did

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