Đồng nghĩa của steeled

Alternative for steeled

steels, steeled, steeling

Đồng nghĩa: blade, brand, nerve, sword,


Past tense for to suffuse with vigor, life, energy, or spirit
emboldened encouraged heartened inspired inspirited animated bore up borne up bucked up buoyed up cheered cheered up chirked up girded girt prepared rallied reinforced motivated energized spurred roused invigorated energised stirred stimulated galvanized incited envigorated buoyed boosted exhilarated galvanised uplifted instigated aroused spurred on excited strengthened sparked vitalized swayed goaded moved enlivened pushed reassured provoked empowered incentivized fired up stirred up impassioned piqued fortified activated influenced assured lift gladdened impelled revitalized whipped up pumped up refreshed impressed cheered on bolstered drave driven druv drove fired elated psyched up revitalised pepped up instilled geed up triggered comforted brightened filliped consoled revivified incentified enheartened enthused persuaded urged boosted up inclined raised your spirits helped built revved up kindled built up restored caused nudged quickened lifted pricked inflamed disposed elevated prodded stiffened the resolve of supported occasioned prompted got struck perked up let the sun shine in fired the imagination of set up fired with enthusiasm put on top of the world put on cloud nine egged on applauded holp holpen disinhibited enforced jumpstarted egged ignited reenforced raised praised lifted the spirits of raised the morale of propped up bielded boosted morale spirited up stimulated spiritually lit a fire under induced emphasized soothed compelled revived given a boost to gave a boost to nerved made brave solaced promoted underlined intensified stressed fostered cemented coaxed coerced gave shot in arm given shot in arm braced led prest propelled leaded convinced pressed made elicited pressured cajoled heightened deepened enhanced championed given a shot in the arm to gave a shot in the arm to imbued touched forced evoked infused brought actuated exhorted livened up warmed made braver upheld underpinned improved corroborated assisted aided buttressed maintained rewarded upraised impacted converted advised inveigled tempted gotten gat stricken exalted pressurised necessitated sparked off pressurized beghasted infected endued affected commoved gingered up highlighted whetted backed broadened enriched emphasised defended substantiated lifted the morale of carried boosted moral picked up worked up snapped out of it hinted to bolstered up backed up braced up raised spirits started off won over shored up prevailed on suggested to talked into gave courage given courage gave hope to given confidence to gave confidence to given hope to upholden gave confidence given confidence gotten going got going given pep talk gave pep talk gave one an idea been responsible for were responsible for was responsible for given impetus given one an idea gave impetus given a lift to gave a lift to gave a lift given a lift


Past tense for to make stronger or more solid
hardened fortified toughened strengthened inured indurated seasoned reinforced braced bolstered buttressed consolidated girt girded stiffened readied beefed up supported prepared psyched up case-hardened built up nerved substantiated encouraged tempered invigorated envigorated shored up galvanized made stronger thickened poised forearmed annealed secured galvanised harshened heartened confirmed propped corroborated bulwarked made ready restored inspirited emboldened cemented augmented enheartened animated rejuvenated set up stepped up firmed up backed up geared up got ready forged ruggedised tensed given strength to gave strength to steadied brutalized stabilized boosted intensified rigidified magnified fueled deepened enhanced fuelled shored protected defended upheld increased psyched redoubled heightened vitalized cheered motivated renewed coarsened established accentuated amplified garrisoned brutalised authenticated stabilised mounted justified sustained nourished embattled extended regenerated empowered sinewed multiplied enlarged backed rallied burgeoned geed up buoyed up toned waxed braced up toughened up made resilient made unfeeling made callous entrenched safeguarded walled toned up climatized amped up developt developed acclimatised acclimated acclimatized made stable prospered refreshed enlivened made healthy made firm held up charged up souped up lent more weight to given a boost to wound up gave a boost to made more forceful shore upholden added to added fuel to added fuel to fire bore out borne out given new energy to gave new energy to gave weight to given weight to tightened roughened underpinned pillared underpropped solidified carried made stricter abraded propped up re-enforced bolstered up made more severe made secure scratched roughed up roughed added force to


Having a hardened or solid texture or surface
concrete firm strong solid solidified unyielding hardened indurate compact consolidated set congealed caked calcified cemented compressed conglomerated dried monolithic petrified poured precast set in stone hard rigid stiff sturdy tough impermeable concentrated impenetrable robust adamantine close inflexible thick impervious rocklike dense stiffened rock-hard rock-solid unmalleable steely frozen rocky stony as hard as stone as hard as iron rock-like refractory close-grained inelastic fine-grained substantial heavy condensed nonporous jelled incompressible unpliable indurated unbreakable durable renitent as hard as a rock stout massed husky fixed taut sealed immutable blocked resolute unrelenting rugged dimensional unchangeable rigorous unwavering compacted impliable uncompromising jellied brick wall non-flexible like a rock really hard very hard tight cast-iron vigorous resistant unbending hard as nails hardy toughened inured indestructible iron immalleable hard-bitten lusty tense waterproof impregnable impassable unbendable hard-wearing closed gelatinous hermetic well-built unflexible hermetically sealed hearty adamant forceful resilient strapping obdurate invulnerable stalwart inviolable impassible watertight brawny unpierceable mighty water-resistant unsupple heavy-duty imperviable water-repellent strongly made stiff as a board rainproof like granite unmoving granite unshakable gelled walkable airtight stark jellified muscular athletic flinty damp-proof chiseled chiselled nonflexible hulking beefy able-bodied thickset starched leak-proof invincible tenacious indomitable stable built to last ungiving brittle incompliant cynical hard-nosed case-hardened annealed numbed steel hard-boiled unsentimental hard-headed shrewd practical realistic down-to-earth matter-of-fact callous world-weary hard-edged hard-handed packed stubborn rock hard lacking sentiment puncture-proof as tough as old boots toughened by experience as hard as nails unmoved unaffected untouched immune unattackable unassailable secure safe unswayable unreceptive proof murky unpiercable bulletproof flexed leathery sound seasoned unfeeling impassive unapproachable inaccessible unmovable tightly packed fit cohesive healthy molded conditioned moulded tightened tensed fortress-like withstanding long-lasting stretched strained stressed made to last tough as nails snug extended worried wired nervous anxious edgy on edge tightly drawn strung out


Very experienced in a particular job or activity and therefore not easily upset by its more unpleasant aspects
hardened inured accustomed habituated toughened cast-iron deadened desensitised desensitized experienced hard hard-bitten hardy rugged seasoned stout strong sturdy tough vigorous acclimatised acclimatized coarsened indurate used benumbed callous case-hardened coldhearted contemptuous cruel cynical disdainful hard-as-nails hard-boiled hard-edged hardhearted heartless impenetrable impious inaccessible indurated irreverent obtuse prepared resistant unashamed uncaring uncompassionate unemotional unfeeling unrepenting unsentimental unsubmissive resilient durable firm solid rigid stiff inflexible sound unbreakable leathery substantial hard-wearing indestructible fit strapping robust stalwart brawny tight lusty dense mighty moulded cohesive healthy molded conditioned well-built withstanding long-lasting heavy-duty made to last tough as nails hard as nails obdurate pitiless stony thick-skinned merciless ruthless unsparing unsympathetic insensitive cold-blooded inhuman hard-hearted affectless uncharitable compassionless pachydermatous insensate remorseless stonyhearted inhumane stoney slash-and-burn take-no-prisoners unmerciful ironhearted soulless hard-nosed unkind stubborn unconcerned obstinate unbending resolute unsusceptible determined harsh cold unyielding cold-hearted dogged stern stony-hearted adamantine relentless unmoved lacking compassion as hard as nails with a heart of stone as tough as old boots hard-headed uncompromising world-weary impervious strict indifferent aggressive brutal inconsiderate hard-line headstrong lacking sentiment unloving adamant toughened by experience savage iron crass unwavering unresponsive bullheaded mean-spirited tactless imperceptive feelingless single-minded incurious bloodless aloof without sentiment hard-shelled rough thoughtless unpitying inattentive unaffected unsensitive oblivious cold fish inured to intolerant unforgiving gritty hearty powerful feisty doughty forceful shrewd practical realistic red-blooded two-fisted self-assertive down-to-earth matter-of-fact steel tough as old boots self-confident high-powered steely competitive vicious bloodthirsty fierce dog-eat-dog ferocious barbarous heavy consolidated set compressed compacted hard-handed packed compact concentrated rocky impassive unimpressionable impassible insusceptible thick rock hard cutthroat severe stolid unrelenting armour-plated invulnerable intransigent unfaltering immovable hardheaded willful self-willed inconvincible wilful implacable mulish ossified pat opinionated pigheaded stiff-necked perverse inexorable hardline self-opinionated pertinacious dour formidable indefatigable intractable unswayable crisp fixed dogmatic unflexible incompliant doctrinaire do or die hold the line sticking to one's guns dug in hold your ground locked in hold the fort standing one's ground standing pat set in stone with a hide like an elephant unflagging persistent unshakable steadfast tenacious

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