Đồng nghĩa của built to last


Robustly built, and not prone to failure
bulletproof robust solid reliable resilient sound sturdy durable foolproof infallible stable rugged strong resolute tough well-built well-made error-tolerant strongly made hard-wearing long-lasting stout hardy hardened inured toughened hard vigorous indestructible imperishable substantial resistant staunch bombproof cast-iron hard-bitten fast serviceable mighty stark stalwart firm perdurable safe secure dependable inexpugnable impervious made to last well-constructed heavy-duty steady steadfast faithful trustworthy constant trusty enduring unwavering true devoted lasting loyal established good unswerving committed tried-and-true fixed unfaltering sure responsible unfailing permanent dedicated tried and true tried and tested tried abiding invincible deep-rooted true-blue long-lived persistent long-standing well-founded immovable close trusted continuing trustable conscientious dutiful reinforced calculable honourable honorable long-term reputable attached unhesitating ardent rock-solid hearty competent compelling forceful capable able-bodied devout heavy allegiant immutable balanced whole inseparable unassailable undamaged dear flawless tenacious valued intact intimate loving effective steely unimpaired normal perfect airtight impregnable cherished special treasured sane unshakable unhurt fortified invulnerable unbreakable rational persisting potent influential undecayed unblemished attested strengthened true-hearted sensible honest patriotic adult fanatical confidential genuine hale redoubtable well fortified familiar well-balanced upright capable of being trusted hard-working passionate everlasting unfading strapping poised copper-bottomed able muscular athletic unyielding indomitable certain inviolable hard as nails boon confident shellproof brick-wall undying fervent emphatic zealous extended lengthy indelible recognized powerful impassioned obdurate supportive bold unerring marathon pious down-the-line inexorable cogent indubitable proven go-to fervid perfervid unflinching lusty stiff inflexible liege strict rocklike important definitive hulking iron husky beefy consistent composed assertive daring significant true to life on an even keel uncorrupted correct close-knit convincing bosom best thick brawny thickset forcible impeccable principled adherent impenetrable keen always there energetic well-defined well-established armoured sterling recognised expedient unspoiled eatable persuasive well judged timely fresh well timed trenchant felicitous favourable seasonable to be counted on carrying the load good as one's word reasonable high-principled valid authentic audacious bound steamroller unafraid determined nervy powerhouse cohesive impassible knockabout unattackable concrete armored sinewy active big mature promising fit to eat well-timed uncontaminated qualified efficient self-reliant discreet puissant well protected eternal in fine feather bound and determined dead set on hanging tough storm-resistant stormproof well defended unchanging favorable well-protected flourishing well-armed seasoned definite safe as houses from the horse's mouth well grounded perennial remaining make good make good on something in good part unchangeable level-headed rigid wholesome fit bouncing healthy well well-conditioned prevailing dyed-in-the-wool on one's side old unshakeable lifetime inveterate vibrant wide-ranging vital rigorous lifelong livelong equable lifetime's settled long-running right as rain alive and kicking hanging together holding together up to snuff in the pink all-time for life for all your life well balanced

Trái nghĩa của built to last

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