Đồng nghĩa của attested

Alternative for attested

attests, attested, attesting

Đồng nghĩa: certify, swear, testify, vouch,

Tính từ

Existing in reality or as a matter of fact
genuine actual concrete real effective true certified existent factual authentic confirmed corroborated definite documented verified considerable proven substantial verifiable clear good indisputable undeniable realistic significant unquestionable veritable absolute essential fundamental tangible categorical certain established indubitable substantiated positive bona fide substantive dependable trustworthy reliable valid sound authenticated sure honest certifiable legit faithful recognized proved demonstrated solid tried legitimate original tried-and-true recognised undisputed official legal lawful pure bonafide definitive echt kosher dinkum pucka pukka accurate trusty unfaked sterling tested stable hard truthful sure-enough honest-to-goodness precise responsible true-blue reputable de facto consistent supported well-founded secure safe safe as houses from the horse's mouth validated copper-bottomed well grounded true-to-life right rightful live implicit tacit on the level implied virtual simon-pure genuine article unacknowledged twenty-four carat your actual real thing strong plain unimaginary manifest existing real McCoy very physical literal learned unfailing trusted irrefutable objective real-world believable incontestable real-life inescapable palpable incontrovertible final unmistakable scholarly calculable steady trustable approved staunch classic constant failsafe steadfast non-fictional clear-cut checked tried and true tried out fail-safe tried and tested used put to the test time-honoured real live straight from horse's mouth convincing righteous respected circumstantiated authoritative proper undoubted upheld establishable accepted demonstrable chronicled for real honest to God sure enough conclusive sustained archival recorded commemorated classical historial historical antique important in truth historic unadulterated unalloyed unfeigned uncounterfeited credible creditable veracious veridical fair dinkum corporeal material bodily natural corporal exact carnal sensible unambiguous direct fleshly unequivocal explicit practical express perfect firm simple evident decisive somatic earthly straight complete animal perceptible human regular empirical correct phenomenal mortal strict thorough specific open assured personal sheer unqualified empiric full experiential out-and-out unpretentious unconditional unaffected downright observational circumstantial worldly incarnate temporal firsthand sincere detailed obvious undesigning intrinsic visible normal patent unimpeachable straightforward secular outright gross inarguable wholehearted unvarnished profound stark emphatic well-established thoroughgoing consummate ultimate rank flawless infallible documentary nonfictional scrupulous dead-on appropriate meticulous fair everyday matter-of-fact unquestioning apodictic applied distinct word for word no ifs ands or buts flat-out stone straight out sensual up front observed heartfelt artless earnest existential mundane decided archetypal minute organic unspiritual anatomical hearty non-spiritual undebatable appreciable fact-based sublunary measurable terrestrial unassailable unexaggerated observable total quantifiable terrene earthborn earthbound fleshy unembellished utter faultless transparent irrefragable unreserved first-hand watertight unarguable beyond question standard self-evident unanswerable verbatim hands-on unpretending errorless last deciding categoric wholesale undistorted undiluted unchallengeable accomplished pronounced marked provable clinching beyond doubt unerring compelling unlimited unmitigated dead on in person card-carrying particular unrefuted entire whole plumb arrant error-free on-target spot-on in the flesh dead unconstrained unrestricted flat not copied bang on beyond a shadow of a doubt as plain as a pikestaff bodacious crashing deadly determinate all-out blank on the money for sure no holds barred no catch spot on all out no kicker cotton-picking no strings no fine print one hundred per cent plenary staring one in the face wide straight-out dreadful open and shut clean blooming justified loyal conforming orthodox tactile aboveboard fair and square prototypical active discernible canonical master obligatory necessary binding compulsory of this world easy frank candid known unpretended the real McCoy without error especial non-fictitious true to life nonspiritual lay striking intelligible living current unimagined untainted unspoiled true blue detectable perceivable honest-to-god no ifs and or buts sure thing present embodied down-to-earth logical confirmable cogent convinced confident supportable touchable field materialistic ponderable blow-by-blow intimate bare seen first generation twenty-four-carat unfaltering lifelike unadorned gospel quantitative honest-to-God sure-thing for-sure no buts about it real stuff on the up-and-up really-truly unmannered well defined guaranteed satisfied unwavering doubtless persuaded nontheoretical narrow particularized itemized in the field non-theoretical well documented veristic verisimilar resolute fixed unbiased unprejudiced scientific characteristic representative guileless typical ingenuous archetypical experimental peremptory well-grounded painstaking unmixed completing nailed down concluding state-of-the-art finishing settling closing limiting terminating ending terminal determining apparent ordinary unembroidered written usual verbal critical methodical self-assured self-conceited self-confident unhesitating telling it like it is true-life as it really happened average fitting close elaborate selective stone cold nailed-on immediate affirmative cold free from doubt biological dinky-di topical punctilious not figurative forceful cocksure forcible set in stone primary uncontaminated refined deep real-time unblended particularised itemised immaculate distilled unprocessed filtered clarified beyond dispute dear unmediated resounding unstinting forthright fine purified word-perfect OK so fervent serious upfront devout demonstrative not in doubt uncontroversial neat acceptable O.K. overt uncompromising eyewitness full-hearted cordial ardent warm meant solemn acknowledged raw unclouded unmingled extreme right on right as rain on the ball on the nail on the right track just on track on the right lines unmistaken rigorous amen impeccable on the beam on target free of error on the nose right stuff along the right lines on the mark okay cooking with gas equitable according to Hoyle on the button unedited eager pretensionless from the heart heart-to-heart enthusiastic undissembled deeply felt double-checked unfabled airtight 100% without reservations through and through in every respect no strings attached full-bore deep-dyed right-down point-blank pure and simple no ifs ands or buts about it that's a fact no mistake straight from the horse's mouth not delayed not pre-recorded not recorded with an audience

Tính từ

Based on, or displaying, common sense
valid reasonable sound rational logical coherent telling convincing good powerful substantial believable compelling credible justifiable plausible reasoned right sensible strong sustainable bona fide cogent congruent defensible grounded just legit lucid prudent realistic solid viable acceptable accurate arguable astute balanced commonsensical confirmed deductive defendable effective informed irrefutable maintainable perceptive perspicuous persuasive probable proven sane supportable true workable analytical authoritative commonsense conclusive determinative discerning germane justified legitimate levelheaded practical pragmatic reliable weighty analytic commonsensible consequent consistent efficacious firm forceful pertinent relevant sober stable vindicable intellectual kosher potent tested trustworthy uncorrupted well advised well-advised well-founded well grounded well-grounded well reasoned well-reasoned well thought out clear-headed down-to-earth able to hold water matter-of-fact holding water proper hard authentic real judicious genuine clear factual actual wise influential impressive tenable verifiable unquestionable intelligent correct honest dependable effectual satisfying fair objective decisive indubitable understandable suitable certain admissible veritable appropriate satisfactory forcible material certified fitting likely faithful precise incontestable warranted indisputable undeniable dinkum concrete fit unmistakable applicable absolute thoughtful definite incontrovertible eloquent official evident demonstrable definitive rightful unanswerable unassailable irresistible accepted categorical sure verified exact circumspect established useful warrantable significant positive sincere sagacious possible apt authenticated certifiable veridical regular level-headed existent lawful supported feasible allowable substantiated systematic clear-cut sure-enough honest-to-goodness unequivocal articulate methodical straight apposite pukka truthful well-established tangible undoubted together discriminating obvious unadulterated well organized salient for real excusable orthodox on the level permissible legal strict righteous de facto trusty emphatic enlightened efficient natural unambiguous orderly advantageous recognized coercive sage puissant shrewd meaningful suasive organized related insightful urgent apropos sharp advisable recognised important pointed sterling literal trenchant inferential helpful knowing palpable cool historical deducible befitting of use worthwhile relative well-thought-out organised perceptible suited verisimilar well-organized necessary holding together appurtenant connected original correlated joined-up linked congruous applicatory creditable up front provable ad rem on the nose to the point to the purpose having direct bearing on having to do with on the button learned validated active mighty energetic pardonable licit compulsive conforming documented artless unaffected simple conceivable straightforward condonable unpretentious undesigning veracious normal confirmable ratiocinative beyond doubt beyond question serviceable inducing physical decent discreet striking convictive above board perspicacious sanctioned glib intelligible productive smooth responsible corporeal smooth-tongued smooth-talking aboveboard sapient stringent demonstrated echt imaginable expedient assuasive establishable thinkable plain pucka moving clever documentary nonfictional felicitous thinking cerebral fair and square substantive incisive beneficial distinct swaying existing politic patent farsighted unimaginary no-nonsense pure rock-solid common-sense unprejudiced operative assured well-informed unqualified real McCoy card-carrying unbiased all there fitted intrinsic scientific colourable on the up-and-up pat becoming clear-sighted clear-eyed full of common sense opportune very within the bounds of possibility compatible well-defined requisite straight from horse's mouth pertaining to right on true-to-life presumable on target from the horse's mouth hard-headed extensional juridicious subtle educated comprehensible uncounterfeited bonafide unfaked knowledgeable copper-bottomed unembellished acknowledged corroborated savvy insistent estimable undistorted conventional respectable identified final allowed passable tolerable permitted tried dispassionate loyal considerable revealing marked formal based on hard data based on hard facts inductive momentous consequential unidealistic well informed potential well balanced inarguable open and shut checked well-expressed considered well-presented prosaic unemotional syllogistic easy heartfelt frank earnest candid known unfeigned unpretended open unimpeachable hearty deliberate philosophic associable cast-iron availing meet well presented well-structured well expressed especial express inescapable sheer unalloyed proved upheld unimpassioned cold crucial accredited straight-shooting upfront authorized square carrying conviction believeable hopeful apropos of formidable great crystalline specious presumptive with both one's feet on the ground endorsed showing great knowledge with great knowledge canny serious-minded mature sustained devastating conspicuous intuitive decided undisputed infallible ingenious fair-spoken okay tolerated pithy non-spiritual reasoning thought through practicable scholarly correspondent harmonious consonant in point accordant concerning pointful referring conformant cognate like enough supposable very likely attentive conversant constraining virile elemental punchy take-over steamroller titanic take-charge punch gutsy electric powerhouse OK watertight profound faultless flawless impeccable rigorous right as rain telling the truth authorised honest-to-God sure-thing for-sure no buts about it real stuff really-truly preferred phenomenal visible attainable operational achievable realizable de règle well considered lifelike unadorned profitable alleged worthy concedable au courant right-thinking right-minded regulated unmannered respected circumstantiated manifest characteristic archetypal representative guileless typical ingenuous archetypical having all one's marbles in right mind steady-going valuable doable manageable operable usable twenty-four-carat honest-to-god checkable sure enough empirical testable empiric circumstantial unvarnished verbatim favorable ordered thorough mathematical true to life violent armed veristic unexaggerated non-fictitious non-fictional explainable forgivable tried-and-true equitable coming on strong ball of fire discernible on the up and up capable dead-on average standard unpretending direct accomplishable anticipated seemly convenient gainful favourable best suggested strategic best suited timely desirable presentable tactical recommended living current unimagined bodily within the law not unlikely not impossible appreciable holding up got it together standing up remissible venial demonstrative aggressive drastic compulsory word for word telling it like it is fact-based true-life as it really happened sworn to vouched for straight-thinking attestable showable evincible functional unconditional within reach within reason dinky-di live present corporal embodied incarnate by the book winning impartial holding up in wash implicit observable measurable vehement vigorous assertive intense militant unarguable percipient moderate restrained conservative controlled reflective temperate competent of help constructive successful of assistance fruitful adequate quantifiable detectable perceivable available unexcessive cognitive making sense standing to reason unextreme thought-out irrefragable impelling silky slick touching silver-tongued evenhanded fair-minded realisable witnessed inveigling suasory enticing actuating stimulating luring wheedling inspiring unctuous alluring seductive open to reason resounding well defined well documented enough based on good sense in one's right mind serious within the realms of possibility within possibility beyond dispute one hundred per cent not taking no for an answer relatable pertaining erudite smart keen brainy businesslike unsentimental acute well founded hardheaded penetrating earthy sharp-witted pragmatical genius philosophical hard-boiled bright brilliant quick quick-witted deep careful studious calculating theoretical alert utilitarian unromantic unfantastic fast gifted supersmart with both feet on the ground nimble ultrasmart precocious exceptional hard-nosed argute hyperintelligent sophisticated studied measured contemplative cogitative open-minded even-handed neutral highbrow heady able academic detached creative indifferent nonpartisan inventive cautious nondiscriminatory aware piercing whip-smart meticulous gnostic observant mundane metaphysical well-argued clearly stated deep-thinking cultured talented disinterested skilful colorable impersonal tough-minded equal skillful non-partisan calculated uninvolved introspective intellective ruminative pensive understanding eggheaded inferrible tuned in on the ball meditative provident premeditated graceful steady derivable aforethought abstract uncolored mental foresighted inferable scholastic determined prepense dull flat accountable conceptual fine deadpan dry whiz expected lifeless unimaginative critical well judged collected secure predictable cultivated resourceful sharpened considerate foreseeable uncreative impregnable tough accomplished rapier-like clear-thinking pedestrian emotionless humdrum vigilant hard-bitten razor-sharp well-judged psychological full of insight explicable phrenic composed apparent civilized unembroidered phlegmatic pawky bookish non-discriminatory scrupulous judicial witty expert streetwise elite adept crack masterly sophic instructed excellent virtuoso a priori earthly ready psychical civilised to be expected worldly-wise superior imaginative conscious quick on the uptake recondite choice whip heads-up long-headed very smart Einstein well-read very intelligent first-rate seeming whiz kid with one's feet on the ground first-class on the cards assertable real-life moral ethical musing reflecting pondering solemn museful grave educational academical enterprising thoughty naturalistic cluey proportional well-proportioned symmetrical well-adjusted deliberative sensitive visionary healthy diplomatic punctilious cool-headed useable working actionable hip cagey foxy astucious robust ruminating deliberating deliberated mentally stable cognizant uninfluenced responsive fastidious contemplated detail oriented sensical synthetic trustable esoteric weighed advised investigated examined plain-spoken suss heedful finicky agile experienced tactful judgmatical judgmatic quick off the mark errorless inerrant conjecturable penetrative earth-bound hardboiled plainspoken common genial egghead computed real-world applicative meditating well-balanced probably honest to God calculable explicit seasonable wary delicate upright mild higher-order well chosen thought-through thought-about well a good idea honourable mindly brain knows what's what wise to awake insighted ear to the ground have one's feet on the ground resolute hang tough stand pat intractable locked in tough nut well thought-out clean inevitable intrapersonal experimental anti-discrimination exquisite able to think clearly capable of thought of sound mind able to reason clearly compos mentis comprehending alive odds-on presumed sober-minded benign even-tempered sobersided definable unsurprising independent without favor unmoved unslanted unbigoted disconnected nondiscriminating on-the-fence unruffled nonpassionate nonaligned bearable endurable supposed postulated suppositional deduced inferred principled impactful letter-perfect spot-on fiduciary credential liberal refined einstein on-target honorable blameless according to the rules civil virtuous on up-and-up having a good head on one's shoulders know how many beans make five having no flies on sufficient resolvable interpretable affordable sufferable brookable broad-minded literate expressive self-evident reserved medium even warm modest comfortable constant curbed muted razor-like soluble answerable solvable exciting charming histrionical imposing theatric performant grand high-powered enthusiastic hard-hitting vivid dramatic a good bet in the cards a reasonable bet ostensible a fair bet ten to one quite possible reasonable to think mortal illusory razor sharp based on theory with a ring of truth psychic sharp as a tack intentional explicatable exponible tutored illuminated developed advanced apprised par for the course progressive tolerant free-thinking intended wilful purposeful purposive willful willed voluntary unselfish witting lettered literary subconscious ideological knowing what's what hip to wised up in the picture plugged in subliminal stoic naked cold-blooded impassive calm apathetic stolid prosy planned set preconceived donnish intellectualistic highbrowed intellectualist psychologic volitional geeky clerkly blue nerdish nerdy free from discrimination without fear or favour self-conscious done on purpose pre-planned on purpose widely read well read well educated most likely most correct

Động từ

To have established a fact to be true
shown confirmed demonstrated established determined illustrated affirmed asserted corroborated proved proven verified backed up borne witness indicated pointed out ratified substantiated supported upheld validated vouched ascertained borne out certified circumstantiated elucidated endorsed evidenced evinced exposed noted pointed predicated prescribed projected registered reinforced showcased clarified explained expounded justified laid bare laid out made evident made known made out made plain revealed sustained testified to witnessed discovered authenticated demonstrated the truth documented established evidence given substance to the fact that produced evidence produced proof shown beyond doubt submitted evidence submitted proof testified witnessed to the fact that flagged up showed manifested exhibited displayed bespoke betokened denoted signified argued prove sweared beared witness to bespake bespoken betrayed signalled signaled expressed bore out reflected communicated implied deposed suggested disclosed pointed to vouched for meaned meant proclaimed conveyed marked connoted intimated avouched told of sworn swore announced pointed toward presented made clear declared imparted upholden represented symbolized spelled bore witness read designated pinpointed attested to pointed at added up to pinned down signposted showed beyond doubt hinted at symbolised witnessed to given away gave away gave substance to the fact that vindicated divulged furnished made manifest predicted evoked made obvious inferred backed recorded shewed foretold checked imported spoke hinted signed and sealed insinuated pegged cited referred to adduced mounted ostended crossed one's heart spelt out stood up for spelled out exclaimed warranted arranged buttoned down subscribed appeared said so signed engaged accosted asked discussed gestured towards spake rubber stamped tokened notarized smacked of stipulated addressed demonstrated the truth of resulted from served as evidence of augured spoken seen lay out gave credence to given credence to alluded to shewn given evidence gave evidence shown clearly given substance to gave substance to showed clearly sworn to sang swore to swore up and down sworn up and down gave one's word gave facts given one's word sung given facts explicated illuminated cleared up got across construed demystified interpreted simplified unriddled described set forth put across defined gotten across unfolded exemplified delineated translated deciphered shed light on detailed untangled unravelled unraveled broke down set out broadcast published told resolved decoded annotated glossed put into words set the scene commented on cut the frills put in a nutshell cut down made perfectly clear put in plain English settled taught specified characterized publicized enlightened reported uncovered cleared sorted out characterised publicised cleaned up unscrambled brought home straightened out tested underlined emphasized instructed thrown light on threw light on broken down trained stated guided labelled labeled broadcasted portrayed developed list released enunciated diagrammed diagramed expanded enucleated flashed abridged tagged disseminated shed let the cat out of the bag run over analysed got over put over shed light hit the high spots uttered expressed in words emphasised spread it around put through its paces put in plain words made easy let it all hang out figured out analyzed reduced to the bare bones solved boiled down put one straight made straightforward let daylight in put away voiced put into plain English fleshed out vented reduced let sunlight in broke it down showed off made easier spelt things out laid something out went into detail espoused gone into detail laid things out spelled things out advertised advertized trumpeted promulgated narrated distinguished identified heralded blazed related coached rendered blazoned pronounced recounted inculcated lectured flagged professed introduced featured termed summarized recited notated charactered denominated depicted formulated expatiated amplified dilated appraised criticized unveiled posted annunciated blared circulated sounded walked one through placarded learnt learned paraphrased listed elaborated gave out given out ticked branded tabbed ticketed named explicitized formalized maintained protested blazed abroad constituted proof of constituted evidence of clued in shouted out experiments with explicitised painted a picture passed on run down tidied assigned entitled sounded off shouted something from the rooftops ciphered ordered highlighted exteriorized spelled it out paraded expanded on waved around told why got something straight spelt it out drew a picture spouted called laid it out summed up trotted out cleaned it up spilled formalised got to the meat blasted tidied up ventilated shot off mouth made public demoed dubbed stumped expounded on doped out summarised made simple talked about commented pointed up disinvolved nailed it down facilitated etched straightened dissolved given an explanation of strutted cleared the air shouted from the housetops briefed straightened up gotten to the meat experimented with demonstrated to bared explained in simple terms puzzled out come out with added a commentary to shortened worked out defogged spilt filled someone in stated precisely shown off made see daylight made reasonable criticised answered marked off decreed gotten over got down to basics made plausible checked off gave an explanation of passed the word transmitted ran over drawn a picture of made explicit drew a picture of discoursed allegorized enlarged upon chastened drawn a picture stated publicly given the details of made intelligible spieled made understood gave the details of cleared the air about disentangled called a spade a spade sported accounted for traced gotten down to basics educated blazoned abroad showed once and for all broken things down broke things down shown to be true showed to be true given details of gave details of got on a soapbox gotten on a soapbox gave the meaning of given the meaning of gave an account of given an account of given a commentary on gave a commentary on shown once and for all got to the bottom of gotten to the bottom of gotten through got through shown the position of showed the position of given the big picture gave the big picture ran down drawn a map of thrown light upon threw light upon drew a map of gave given gave the game away given the game away came out with given the show away gave the show away gave an idea of given an idea of gave a demonstration of shown how something works showed how something is done showed how something works shown how something is done given a demonstration of gave instruction given instruction given someone an idea gave someone an idea shown the ropes showed the ropes underscored concluded guaranteed assured

Động từ

(general) To have made a claim
said stated announced asserted declared exclaimed remarked affirmed alleged alluded argued contended conveyed intimated proclaimed added answered blurted claimed maintained observed opined blabbered commented communicated crowed enounced enunciated imparted indicated insisted intoned mentioned noted piped predicted professed pronounced proposed protested read recited related replied responded spieled stressed suggested testified uttered voiced vouched broadcast cited avouched offered averred held avowed pressed asseverated emphasized predicated pleaded pled emphasised broadcasted put into words put forth sweared put about that put across put forward advanced brought forward rumored upheld adduced certified championed swore rumoured justified made a case espoused talked told submitted articulated advocated advised vocalized expressed verbalized aired vented relayed divulged relaid worded reported promulgated disclosed detailed reaffirmed reasserted delivered shouted revealed advertized spilled cried advertised denoted phrased mumbled repeated outlined sounded presented chattered admitted muttered orated addressed spilt mouthed explained spouted publicized purported yakked brought out quoted recounted verbalised narrated drawled clarified blabbed specified declaimed regurgitated summarized sounded out yammered chirped murmured gassed sworn translated spelt out come out with confessed signalled popped off soliloquized spelled out reeled off made public got across got off retold rehearsed jawed made clear publicised evinced made known modulated signaled summarised exposed talked about lipped passed vocalised piped up with whispered gabbed perorated upholden spoke gave voice to threw out thrown out gotten across given away spoke about came out with spake spoken about given utterance to gave utterance to gave away gotten off given voice to spoken set forth put put over laid down raised ventilated heralded connoted couched published guaranteed tabled propounded annunciated spread framed blared trumpeted broached designated expounded imported formulated blazoned rendered got over bespoke circulated testified to hinted insinuated clad put in words pointed out lay down clothed let it be known gave expression to given expression to disseminated mooted signified discussed putten released posted blazed flashed placarded debated spelled intended given gave looked preached gotten over bespake bespoken inflected informed intonated poured out made plain added up to made a public declaration of told of stood for implied gave out showed roared informed of allegated talked of yelled given out given vent to gave vent to declared publicly made out acknowledged publicly postulated brought into the open shouted from the rooftops given utterance gone into gave testimony gave utterance attested to given testimony borne witness spoke out gave expression bore witness went into given expression spoken out shown

Động từ

Past tense for to confirm or certify the truth of something, especially formally
confirmed certified authenticated corroborated substantiated verified affirmed manifested witnessed supported testified averred declared sealed swore sweared sworn warranted asserted endorsed evidenced invoked ratified argued avouched guaranteed validated vindicated adjured asseverated announced countersigned sustained upheld upholden testified to vouched for swore to sworn to backed up bore witness borne witness beared witness to gave credence to given credence to gave proof of given proof of provided evidence of deposed to gave evidence given evidence stuck up for threw one's weight behind thrown one's weight behind stated avowed professed maintained claimed proved alleged proclaimed contended insisted pronounced vouched established justified vowed purported deposed pledged protested promised demonstrated prove proven advanced laid down put forward assured backed submitted documented lent weight to advocated bore out borne out held acknowledged showed postulated moved adduced buttressed suggested predicated represented said propounded cited opined guarantied attested to lay down stood by pleaded pled made a deposition accredited deponed approved defended implied posited ensured pressed okayed secured checked stated on oath checked out given substance to gave substance to cinched undertaken undertook shown to be true showed to be true given an undertaking gave an undertaking shown made out crossed one's heart reasserted reaffirmed recognized challenged evinced charged ascertained notified reassured reasoned pretended insured recognised put presented covenanted explained put forth seconded solemnly promised volunteered admitted confessed set bolstered ventured repeated rubber-stamped reenforced reinforced answered for sweared on the Bible settled appeared emphasised emphasized authorized said so clinched iced shored up authorised contracted strengthened bound oneself stated under oath stood behind put on ice nailed down locked up taken an oath took an oath set out checked up demonstrated the truth of circumstantiated underpinned showed beyond doubt shown beyond doubt sanctioned formalized legitimized gave testimony given testimony sworn an oath swore an oath gave one's word given one's word given an assurance gave an assurance swore up and down sworn up and down signed off on accounted for determined formalised legitimised indicated hinted insinuated accused intimated imputed stipulated expostulated offered laid recited recounted syllogized questioned pledged oneself expressed voiced stressed gave weight to given weight to found proposed uttered conveyed extenuated sponsored delegated wagered sweared under oath constituted remonstrated told disclosed plighted trusted encouraged promised under oath dictated developed convinced resulted fixed excused allegated passed rendered informed engaged appealed pledged yourself sweared blind provided staked owned protected rehabilitated disproved shielded whitewashed confuted rationalized refuted rationalised disculpated guarded relied on crossed heart objectified realized tried debunked realised actualized completed effected reified tested produced proof submitted proof produced evidence submitted evidence established evidence allowed agreed conceded granted made sure of prevailed upon had confidence in made an affidavit made evident witnessed to added up arranged offered grounds for given assurances gave assurances proved to be genuine swore on bible sworn on bible made a case made a case for gave a pledge given a pledge brought forward had a lock on mouthed off tried out stood for double-checked committed stood up for shot one's wad sussed out committed oneself setted the seal on signed had a case stood bail for passworded notarized popped off checked on crossed one's heart and hope to die made safe pinned down said under oath insisted on locked on pleaded for owned up declared true tried on held up shot off one's mouth sweared to the fact marked dared say made certain of underwritten underwrote putten own disproven spoken out spoke out given grounds for gave grounds for shown clearly showed clearly sewed up sewn up gave reasons for given reasons for given nod gave nod given force to gave force to got behind gotten behind shown once and for all showed once and for all done justice to did justice to drew conclusions drawn conclusions sworn by swore by given witness gave witness shown the truth of showed the truth of were responsible for given assurance of spoke for was responsible for gave assurance of been responsible for spoken for sworn to God swore to God gave your testimony given your testimony given your word gave your word asserted under oath went bail for gone bail for

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