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Alternative for irrevocable

Trái nghĩa: revocable,

Tính từ

Unable to be retracted or reversed
irreversible immutable unalterable fated fixed irremediable settled unchangeable invariable irretrievable predestined predetermined unrectifiable absolute binding changeless final irreparable permanent unrepairable unreversible certain conclusive constant doomed established indelible inevitable lasting lost peremptory unappealable unrepealable beyond repair irrecoverable irredeemable incurable unrecoverable hopeless unredeemable incorrigible beyond hope past hope unsalvageable irreformable decisive determinate severe set uncorrectable written off beyond recall cureless ultimate gone definitive categorical definite incontrovertible firm decided determinative emphatic past mending authoritative irreclaimable inexpugnable unrestorable beyond cure lost and gone impossible remediless fatal terminal hard-and-fast helpless ill-fated abiding enduring unreclaimable irrefutable indisputable independent unsavable unregainable gone forever deadly unmitigable mortal unchallengeable unanswerable unquestionable rigid absolutist bad no-win up the creek beyond redress sad worsening finished given up gone for ever irremedial broken ruined destroyed irreplaceable deciding unmovable unwavering unshakeable unfixable uncurable non-relative non-variable official principal determining frozen flat hard stable fruitless serious grave in black and white closing clear past remedy despaired of beyond remedy beyond recovery past cure key concluding settling clinching prime unequivocal last strict dictated mandatory exacting unbending written carved in stone set in concrete compulsory inflexible unchanging specified hard and fast determined express defined precise explicit agreed arranged rooted steadfast preset unvarying incommutable inalterable immovable unyielding stiff undeviating ironclad inveterate cast-iron set in stone pegged commanding compelling imperative unconditional obligatory undeniable unfluctuating regular straight uniform consistent positive quantified nonnegotiable known limited distinct not changeable fixed as the laws of the Medes and the Persians entrenched deep-rooted concrete intent hardheaded ingrained hardened deep-seated stubborn solid obstinate stringent well-set hidebound solid as a rock pigheaded stiff-necked bound locked in jelled unflappable hard-line tight rigorous allotted confirmed prearranged decreed prescribed steady exact planned fast uncompromising unmoving resolved unblinking sure still stated unqualified unmodifiable stipulated dyed-in-the-wool hard-nosed unbreakable iron-fisted writ in stone in the bag not subject to change never-failing

Tính từ

Imposing an obligation or duty
binding indissoluble mandatory obligatory unalterable compulsory conclusive imperative necessary unbreakable permanent required requisite bounden essential counted upon incumbent on certain unavoidable inescapable sure ineluctable unpreventable inexorable assured imminent fated preordained predictable predestined predetermined settled expected impending ineludible destined fixed foreseeable decreed ordained reliable guaranteed undeniable impreventable fateful prescribed unescapable unfailing decided foreordained natural effective doomed for sure inevasible bound to happen no ifs ands or buts without recourse inevitable dependable all locked up determined to be anticipated for certain certain to happen in the bag open and shut in the cards to be expected ineliminable irresistible sure to happen forced peremptory involuntary demanded incumbent nonelective de rigueur compulsatory compelling enforced urgent stipulated coercive necessitous statutory imposed imperious pressing constrained coerced contractual compelled critical needed exacted exigent indispensable needful prerequisite integral must-have called for enforceable set unwilling unconsenting reluctant grudging begrudging against your will will-less against one's wishes commanding irremissible dictated importunate instant dire emergent clamant acute crying burning called-for overriding lasting necessitated obliged impelled vital pressed invoked charged executed advocated sanctioned established prevalent enjoined kept enduring eternal key important abiding imperishable solid inseparable consequential pivotal intrinsic central carried out forced upon all-important core OB appropriate rudimentary innate inherent substantive high-priority firm everlasting indestructible incorruptible quintessential expedient decisive prime momentous wanted name of game life-and-death fundamental specified desired preferred of the utmost importance of the essence cardinal significant all important elementary bottom-line paramount basic of great consequence crucial proper principal chief recommended vitally important pre-eminent the law

Tính từ

Able to be relied on or trusted
sure certain assured categorical conclusive guaranteed infallible unfailing absolute clear definite indisputable inevitable irrefutable unambiguous undeniable unequivocal authoritative concrete decisive foolproof genuine incontrovertible indubitable palpable true unerring unmistakable confirmable confirmed doubtless manifest obvious patent real recognised recognized resolute surefire unquestionable verifiable demonstrable determinate firm incontestable positive secure accurate convincing failsafe inerrant precise questionless safe solid transparent undoubted unqualified fail-safe in the bag sure-fire as sure as eggs is eggs can't-miss definitive clinching final ultimate unanswerable unarguable unassailable demonstrative deciding last beyond question uncontroversial airtight beyond doubt watertight beyond dispute beyond a shadow of a doubt what you see is what you get revealing flat-out litmus test irrefrangible all out settling straight out determinative resolving irrefragable unconditional determinant reliable dependable exact sound trustworthy effective fixed impeccable faultless correct spot on decided deadly inch-perfect settled set perfect flawless efficacious sealed unimpeachable ensured nailed-on insured certified unquestioned unchallenged accepted acknowledged uncontested never-failing tried and true tried and tested on target on ice on the mark bang on clear-cut plain direct evident undisputable tested undisputed inarguable not in doubt not in question established inerrable ascertained known hard meticulous never failing dead lethal supreme provable establishable spot-on sure thing concluded affirmed having down pat cinched cast-iron bound tyrannous admitted dogmatic arbitrary excellent good not disputed freely admitted sovereign warranted stated stipulated unbreakable idiot-proof tried goofproof frozen unchallengeable accomplished flat inexpugnable hard-and-fast stable unswerving error-free unshakable secured attested uncanny scrupulous open-and-shut a sure thing a dead cert iron-clad errorless just unmistaken invariable clinched there are no two ways about it copper-bottomed all sewn up pinpoint predestined determined destined pronounced racked close precision fine rigorous salted away nailed on unbeatable hairline refined nailed down made certain absolutely certain sewed up delicate mathematical well aimed painstaking careful handy agreeable effectual right acceptable satisfactory helpful useful steady undeceivable always effective efficient omniscient apodictic satisfying a lock for sure for a fact sure enough

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