Đồng nghĩa của preferred

Alternative for preferred

prefers, preferred, preferring

Đồng nghĩa: choose, desire, fancy, favor, pick, rather, select,

Tính từ

Treated or regarded with partiality
favored favoured favourite favorite choice chosen elect fancied ideal selected endorsed handpicked picked popular adopted approved culled elected liked sanctioned select in recommended decided upon settled upon singled out of choice well-liked cherry-picked first-line fave hand-picked pet elite most-liked exclusive designated fav carefully chosen particular nominated best-liked best-loved default desired appointed weeded named special tabbed dearest certain recherché preferable recherche preferential screened pegged conscripted closest to one's heart sought after adored blue-eyed instinctive sweetheart advantaged privileged lucky blessed primary standard prize blue-ribbon called finest crack desirable much-loved first-choice go-to destination specially selected with the nod number one top-quality must-see first-picked treasured esteemed golden identified specified anointed assigned cited ordained commissioned delegated announced declared authorized classified consecrated certified individuated deputed vested entrusted supported authorised mentioned drafted opted for settled on fixed agreed set arranged settled allotted determined established scheduled prearranged noble voted picked out invited aristocratic vetted voted in advocated commended specially chosen praised suggested upper-class decided predetermined rarefied limited entitled honoured cliquish honored installed prescribed preordained decreed programmed planned preset controlled pre-planned given arranged in advance preplanned pre-established intended indulged fortunate posh private arranged beforehand advance decided beforehand cliquey restricted

Tính từ

Better than some other option
preferable better choice superior best chosen recommended favoured worthier advantageous nicer desirable excellent favored of choice predilect special privileged favourable fine favorite preferential favorable favourite partisan dominant partial commanding powerful important dominating biased discriminatory good win-win select prime prize first-class exclusive quality first-rate hand-picked elect top fantastic bad high-quality premier great nice exquisite tip-top grand phat exceptional wonderful terrific top-quality dainty hot elite high-grade top-notch fabulous finest superb crucial optimal fab sensational splendid beautiful 10 groovy swell popular famous heavenly awesome marvellous marvelous sterling fantabulous topflight unsurpassed lovely stellar divine dynamite rad neat top-shelf slick handpicked frontline vintage dandy gangbusters schmick elegant precious righteous cool superlative classic capital rare immense plum prizewinning bang-up noble bumper gangbuster bonny boffo banner nifty peachy high-class corking mean def cherry-picked solid gold bonnie carefully chosen cracking of the first water blue-ribbon valuable boss five-star out-of-sight jim-dandy first-line brag 24-karat gilt-edge top-drawer crackerjack peachy keen par excellence number one grade A first-string unusual top-of-the-line A-1 keen blue-chip numero uno uncommon primo top of the line gilt-edged radical top of the range dope A-OK supernal more desirable more suitable more advisable more eligible more expedient most desirable

Tính từ

Offering or producing the greatest advantage
best advantageous appropriate correct right acceptable advisable apt expedient favourable favorable judicious practical pragmatic prudent rational reasoned wise beneficial desirable effective fitting logical opportune productive proper sensible sound strategic timely applicable effectual fit gainful helpful necessary recommended suitable useful worthwhile best suited clear definitive efficacious presentable sagacious suggested tactical valid compelling convenient seemly preferable profitable valuable commonsensical politic recommendable propitious auspicious well desired commendable counselable required needed essential fruitful beneficent behooveful indicated to one's advantage for the best of benefit in one's interest of service called-for called for perfect happy good felicitous becoming ideal golden promising lucky fortunate reasonable providential done befitting benign ripe fitted due rightful seasonable adequate sufficient well timed comme il faut satisfactory comely suited heaven-sent requisite shrewd provident astute circumspect discerning sage insightful sapient worthy of use well judged well advised canny constructive considered thoughtful discreet smart positive far-sighted rewarding vigilant perceptive savvy intelligent judgmatic judgmatical sane meet common-sense of value serviceable remunerative lucrative of assistance meritorious considerate well-advised worldly-wise well thought out worth it nice just levelheaded level-headed healthy a good idea meaningful justifiable usable purposeful utilitarian excellent substantial significant important of help exemplary paying money-making priceless estimable invaluable worth the effort self-serving to one's own advantage in one's own interests leery farsighted informed diplomatic discriminating cautious careful enlightened playing safe thinking twice wholesome prosperous hedging one's bets percipient acute agreeable benevolent instrumental supportive clever sober perspicacious pawky skilful benefic kindly gratifying benignant encouraging toward friendly argute accurate skillful sophisticated thorough wary profound calculating judicial sharp keen uplifting win-win inspiring clear-sighted well-judged in one's interests in one's best interests quick-witted heads-up long-headed pertinent relevant apposite germane commodious condign handy cut out for user friendly deserved in keeping fit for purpose righteous right up someone's street up to standard to the point good enough in keeping with okay merited swell copacetic in character up to snuff legit kosher well-timed most correct

Tính từ

Imperative or essential for one's well-being or goals
necessary required essential needed requisite vital compulsory imperative indispensable needful obligatory demanded mandatory important key central consequential incumbent intrinsic must-have pivotal all-important core critical forced integral involuntary necessitous nonelective peremptory appropriate called for compulsatory high-priority inherent innate rudimentary substantive all important basic binding bottom-line cardinal chief compelling crucial decisive desired elementary exigent expedient fundamental momentous paramount prerequisite pressing prime principal proper quintessential recommended significant specified urgent wanted de rigueur vitally important incumbent on life-and-death pre-eminent name of game of great consequence of the essence of the utmost importance primary burning acute major main elemental constitutive capital foremost underlying leading serious focal inescapable meat-and-potatoes dominant radical constitutional staple salient unavoidable rudimental basal first predominant preeminent great stipulated material structural beginning introductory imperious foundational premier root dire ingrained meaningful prescribed big overriding influential heavy grave statutory enforced prominent primitive determining abecedarian importunate supreme clamant emergent particular expected crying grand number one master natural primal anticipated strategic nitty-gritty called-for deciding arch top deep-seated very important considerable outstanding immanent weighty conclusive initial final far-reaching looked-for characteristic set telling original permanent sovereign profound organic overbearing ruling commanding native immediate overmastering true inborn inbred special sovran numero uno earth-shattering life-or-death determinative congenital high much needed fatal connate intense powerful indigenous hardwired engrained conspicuous deep-rooted uppermost built-in hard-wired deep-down heavy-duty earnest high-level big-time monumental life-preserving life-sustaining lacking hoped-for foreseen awaited lacked king easy basilar lowest bread-and-butter right-hand contractual enforceable lead coercive OB everything operative keynote overruling irremissible fixed climacteric standard underlined climactic nuclear indissoluble irrevocable unalterable of vital importance the law causal desperate predestined foreordained inevitable fateful doomed destined business-critical mission-critical name-of-the-game world-shaking number-one unbreakable coal-and-ice a matter of life and death emergency drastic sore impelling extreme primordial constituent definitive absolute last settling clear in demand popular real terrible driving parlous component connected genuine inseparable unlucky elevated maximum indelible large-scale historic germane tough pertinent substantial extensive dynamic ponderous invaluable emphatic head ineradicable ingrain ineffaceable at the heart of hereditary intimate indwelling inmost connatural deep sustaining axiomatic axiological ultimate supporting substratal substrative grass-roots theoretical bottom underived groundlaying top-priority life and death very great bounden in one's blood demanding right correct fitting counted upon constraining instant prevailing prior highest greatest controlling suitable chosen intended star stellar No. 1 clamouring hurry-up persuasive clamoring requiring obliging heat-on irresistible exacting claiming distressing forcing unyielding selected accurate express exact rightful distinguished seminal now or never noted trusted reputable noteworthy celebrated illustrious sought after major league high profile high-up notable honourable honoured well known mighty top-notch big time noble big-league top-ranking high-powered honorable highly regarded puissant major-league superior eminent high-ranking skookum top-drawer of high standing honored big league prefatory initiatory inbuilt earliest early preparatory preliminary opening primeval appreciable instinctive sizable precursory aboriginal uncomplicated distinctive pristine simple of consequence in-built inductive primaeval simplest utmost latent inherited topmost severe pronounced presiding supereminent implicit intuitive exceptional imposing rooted trial instrumental test pilot internal formative eventful instinctual exploratory preceding autochthonous autochthonic earthshaking readying preparing in the blood relevant applicable ancient ABCs primo uncomplex simplified simplex plain foundation apposite prehistoric large apropos pointed incorporated duck soup child's play preparative bog-standard antique antediluvian striking pioneer marked inner senior meat and potatoes impactful subjective integrant especial prototype prototypal prelusive landmark top-level heavyweight almighty prodigious tectonic prelim primigenial arch- life-changing prestigious hefty embryonic maiden epoch-making resonant previous in your blood of moment in the family natural-born bred in the bone underivative everyday part and parcel mere qualifying sheer prevalent pure contained larval nuts-and-bolts uncompleted alpha axial causative contributory contributing connecting natal apt composing actual included embedded entrenched chad authoritative inveterate gut spontaneous unlearned untaught indicative brassbound executive infused instilled ingrown inaugural chronic confirmed base lead-in prolegomenous transcendental sublime categorical unacquired normal typical regular strongest immense tremendous implanted wild inwrought difficult first-gen advance prodromal precursive experimental explorative en suite dyed-in-the-wool empyrean empyreal lower ur- proto- super solemn firsthand direct inexpungible enormous sizeable huge starting prodromic preludial prelusory unalienable inward resident genetic individual integrated headmost inceptive sombre super colossal hard mammoth of great import no joke sober valuable no laughing matter of significance somber responsible unmediated decision-making nascent exceeding ultra titanic vast astronomic astronomical ample first-edition first-ever testing virgin commencing leadoff creative trying searching second-to-none facile straightforward uncivilised unevolved old uncivilized coarse barbaric first-hand infant demanding attention goodly biggish psychological extraordinary innovative forceful milestone relative clamorous imaginative groundbreaking recognized famous respected noticeable signal memorable carrying a lot of weight impressive remarkable ponderable touchy insistent showdown climatic appurtenant applicative renowned touch and go hanging by thread on thin ice pioneering productive ground-breaking sensational much rare portentous uncommon glaring front-page unusual newsworthy well-known famed first-generation pointful associated strong headline preponderant obvious unforgettable worthy of attention quantum generous unordinary potent glorious sweeping formational constructional esteemed iconic acclaimed dignified precautionary prep before historical formidable recognised public worthwhile ad rem to the point to the purpose fractional composite ingredient divisional organizational configurational oustanding germinal prior to inspiring in anticipation of inspirational in advance of generative overshadowing dangerous grievous of concern high-profile of note of influence of mark well thought of in the public eye partial factorial combinative part constituting systemic constructural formalistic skeletal organisational architectural anatomical anatomic most important most prominent most influential

Tính từ

Generally approved, believed, or recognized
accepted acknowledged recognised recognized agreed approved conventional customary normal regular standard traditional usual common confirmed established orthodox popular received universal acceptable authorised authorized general habitual prevailing sanctioned typical accustomed admitted endorsed expected fixed routine set settled stock understood classic familiar household predominant prevalent wonted fashionable going mainstream ordinary prescribed regulation touted classical current everyday legit okayed passed plain prescriptive unopposed time-honoured well-known agreed upon long-established time-honored bog-standard well worn in vogue tried and tested tried and true arrived at frequent given habituated used daily of choice in the habit of chosen widespread official valid ubiquitous certified authoritative proper legitimate rife lawful rampant pervasive commonplace legal true correct natural accredited chronic overall licensed run-of-the-mill sound allowed average documented validated public authentic proven rightful known bona fide ruling reliable undisputed kosher licenced genuine inveterate majority entrenched formal dyed-in-the-wool shared ratified renowned canonical declared generic ingrained deep-rooted proved broad well established predictable seasoned staid proverbial conformist widely held in circulation warranted extensive verified characteristic stereotyped hardened unquestioned ritual supported confessed stereotypical inured hard-shell firmly established deep-seated undoubted ineradicable comprehensive definitive sweeping across the board endemic permanent professed permitted affirmed in force avowed exhaustive dominant constant irradicable just legalized traditionalist collective authenticated global appropriate doctrinal right verifiable rooted worn widely used recognizable representative ceremonial credible methodical ritualistic legalised sworn steady real worldwide by the numbers total standard-issue catholic ecumenical well-established all-embracing uncontested enduring famous notorious existing statutory lasting traditionalistic old-fashioned proclaimed straight unforgettable recognisable backed fair present sincere reasonable quotidian wide OK'd vanilla stipulated admissible above board square traditionary pervading adopted identified definite middle-of-the-road sensible prosaic overt trustworthy permissible constitutional garden-variety self-confessed logical magisterial best cogent convincing preponderant regnant typic vouched for unremarkable licit common or garden commonly accepted generally accepted stated good coherent solid unexceptional ongoing widely recognized ceremonious blanket explicit conclusive immemorial matter-of-course effective vulgar congruous plausible well known overarching rational favourite favorite omnipresent consistent epidemic cut-and-dry cut-and-dried cleared in style systematic in fashion unlimited pandemic ex cathedra precise cosmopolitan whole signed and sealed multinational mundane indestructible within the law across-the-board diffuse well-founded all-over undestroyable all-inclusive worldly unrestricted broad-brush unremovable all-round astronomical ex officio well founded widely believed lamestream empowered canonic central self-proclaimed core contemporary latest extant modern allowable open staple certain abiding primary legendary famed uneventful humdrum believed strict tralatitious determined statutable undistinguished immortal ageless enrolled qualified seeded eligible nominated perceived garden acquired honored mutual voted for regimented orderly express net timeless persistent realized remembered unadventurous avowedly asserted comfortable sop wont hackneyed derived workaday done historic stable val in established usage realised reigning cashable archetypal self-evident axiomatic circulating embraced united like old old-style officially recognized numerous honoured pro forma made official bonafide plastic white-bread so-so grind simple secure unshakable vested same old memorable undying deathless ceremonialistic formalistic mass tried and trusted noted binding reputed infamous superior commanding sovereign standard operating procedure playing it safe in a rut in the groove according to Hoyle honest celebrated intermutual commutual certifiable taken for granted in use sanctioned by law by the book going by the rules garden variety indelible stubborn ineffaceable trusted national communal joint outright afoot contractual veritable actual usable commonest returned answered complete full imperial executive mandatory bureaucratic departmental supreme administrative notable about predominating international thorough inclusive unexpired straightforward conceded unchallenged carried nationwide societal wholesale compendious repeated periodical periodic influential operative main preponderating principal bruited about making the rounds doing the rounds in general use going around in the air talked of inherent symptomatic panoramic entire encyclopedic cyclopedic broad-spectrum all-around tested fundamental obvious published anticipated foreseeable indicative foreseen emblematic unsuspected true-blue legally acceptable in effect legally binding permeating embracive on everyone's lips aboveboard straight-shooting honest-to-goodness truthful upfront for real formulaic distinctive likely unsurprising idiosyncratic distinguishing short-listed conservative tried demonstrated publicized inescapable omnibus repetitious practised practiced mechanical reiterative iterated automatic long-term addicting iterative disciplined perfunctory cyclic individualistic native clichéd cliched finest consummate ultimate greatest unanimous in-depth encyclopaedic wall-to-wall broad-gauge cover-all broad-gauged all-in one-size-fits-all attested checked dependable publicised revealed patent manifest branded firm inannihilable in keeping in character superlative true to form to be expected ultraconservative unprogressive reactionary unheretical button-down unoriginal buttoned-down hidebound mossbacked old-line old-school standpat die-hard brassbound paleoconservative archconservative publicly known widely known generally known sure establishable upheld demonstrable right as rain telling the truth on the level fair and square on the up-and-up old hat only to be expected par for the course on the cards … all over true to type derivative down pat sustained pious religious punctilious respected mother of all justifiable cosmic planetary celestial all empyrean terrestrial stellar bien pensant on the up and up supportable tenable sustainable compelling reasoned defensible straight arrow in line pragmatic lucid believable congruent warrantable viable workable grounded justified realistic signed sealed handed down long-standing according to the book tried-and-true persuasive understandable dinkum ordered suitable decisive cathedral positive decided okay fitting and delivered weighty analytic analytical consequent prudent pukka telling satisfying sober thoughtful satisfactory straight from the horse's mouth all there holding water watertight profound well-advised holding up responsible holding up in wash got it together faultless well grounded together intellectual commonsensical unassailable accurate flawless levelheaded impeccable advisable right-thinking standing up well-grounded exact cool right-minded most reliable most complete most scholarly most usual most frequent most perfect most significant

Động từ

To have picked one option over another
took picked chose favoured selected favored elected embraced went for decided on handpicked opted for settled on wanted to cherry-picked decided upon elected to choose felt disposed to fixed on fixed upon hand-picked made a choice to picked out plumped for singled out took up voted for desired adopted optated wished elected for wanted chosen taken forechosen gone for forechose decided appointed named settled upon determined nominated designated set resolved opted specified concluded tagged established marked put in power identified agreed agreed on pinned down figured decreed made a decision put down for pitched on come to a decision fixed made sifted out settled voted culled ordained returned pegged fingered accepted plumped on plumped made your mind up committed oneself to assigned sorted out discriminated between arranged delegated stipulated commissioned allotted purposed constituted placed installed proposed voted in indicated tapped made a choice put in came to a decision made a decision on made up one's mind on settled on a plan of action set aside made a choice on taken up pointed out put finger on made up your mind made a selection resolved on cast the die come down in favour of reached a decision arrived at pondered weighed considered came to come to scheduled deputed committed flagged aimed announced declared intended confirmed allocated earmarked labeled labelled ruled reached planned imposed inducted guessed cinched branded denoted employed prescribed cited recognized moved for come to the conclusion deliberated on balloted received signed up came down in favour of charged awarded come to decision fancied made choice had in mind committed yourself fixed up instructed come to agreement predestined admitted deputised formed opinion flagged up marked out voted into office taken a stand recognised committed oneself ended up co-opted detailed deputized willed surmised buttoned down picked and choose authorized conjectured come to a conclusion classified dictated made the decision to made up one's mind had the intention laid down made a point of called shots slotted took a stand settled for had final word reached decision come to an agreement on reached a conclusion capped come to conclusion come to a decision on come to a conclusion on ended with judged made the choice of tabbed made up mind reached a decision on pointed to made a selection on remained firm authorised mediated exercised choice polled determined on called for taken on took on agreed upon lay down seen fit to saw fit to saw fit seen fit chosen by ballot chose by ballot gone down the line went down the line undertaken undertook arrived at conclusion came to a conclusion came to agreement went down line drew a conclusion gone down line drawn a conclusion came to conclusion came to decision came to a conclusion on came to a decision on came to an agreement on took a stand on taken a stand on came to the conclusion taken a decision took a decision

Động từ

(formal) Past tense for to submit (a charge or a piece of information) for consideration

Động từ

(archaic) Past tense for to advance or promote (someone or something), especially to a prestigious position

Trái nghĩa của preferred

preferred Thành ngữ, tục ngữ

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