Đồng nghĩa của sustaining

Alternative for sustaining

sustains, sustained, sustaining

Đồng nghĩa: abide, bear, endure, keep up, maintain, stand, suffer, support, tolerate,

Tính từ

Essential, as an element, principle, or law
fundamental basic essential rudimentary underlying elementary basal central elemental first key primary prime radical cardinal foundational necessary principal original vital indispensable initial intrinsic organic primitive primordial root structural capital chief constitutional important abecedarian beginning crucial ingrained inherent introductory meat-and-potatoes rudimental critical integral pivotal profound axiological axiomatic bottom bottom-line constitutive deep deep-seated grass-roots groundlaying major paramount requisite significant substratal substrative supporting theoretical ultimate underived main innate primal consequential core foremost leading pre-eminent natural urgent native dominant imperative needed premier all-important predominant pressing inborn great big inbred high-priority overriding preeminent immanent focal indigenous prominent material required serious must-have grand deep-rooted supreme hardwired influential congenital salient built-in life-and-death decisive engrained prior master staple acute momentous arch burning ingrain quintessential of great consequence considerable compelling overbearing overmastering necessitous far-reaching prerequisite meaningful of the essence of the utmost importance greatest weighty connate needful heavy number one prefatory sovereign numero uno hard-wired initiatory sovran highest inbuilt grave mandatory outstanding earliest early substantial preparatory characteristic ruling top connatural hereditary exigent substantive powerful preliminary indwelling number-one head heavy-duty noteworthy vitally important opening dire compulsory called for obligatory large-scale monumental intense historic primeval high-level pertinent appreciable in one's blood earth-shattering instinctive lead notable constituent sizable strategic precursory uppermost aboriginal uncomplicated distinctive eminent pristine simple of consequence in-built inductive primaeval big-time big league simplest all important utmost earnest deciding latent prevailing inherited inseparable topmost determining indelible immediate severe commanding permanent pronounced ponderous ineradicable germane climacteric determinative presiding supereminent implicit intuitive component exceptional imposing high rooted trial intimate overruling particular instrumental test pilot internal extensive desperate controlling formative nitty-gritty deep-down eventful instinctual exploratory preceding seminal special mighty autochthonous conspicuous easy autochthonic major-league earthshaking readying preparing high-ranking in the blood relevant applicable ancient true bread-and-butter real ABCs primo uncomplex simplified simplex plain clear foundation causal apposite prehistoric large apropos pointed incorporated genuine ineffaceable distinguished standard duck soup child's play preparative bog-standard antique antediluvian striking fixed pioneer marked celebrated inner telling operative senior meat and potatoes impactful subjective noted integrant especial importunate imperious keynote prototype prototypal inmost prelusive landmark top-level top-priority heavyweight almighty reputable illustrious prodigious tectonic extreme appropriate prelim primigenial clamant emergent arch- demanded life-changing big-league life and death prestigious honoured superior hefty tough crying noble embryonic maiden honourable honorable top-ranking epoch-making resonant previous life-or-death in your blood honored of moment much needed fateful emphatic in the family well known major league high profile high-up natural-born bred in the bone underivative high-powered wanted highly regarded everyday part and parcel life-preserving life-sustaining basilar lowest mere qualifying sheer prevalent pure nuclear contained larval nuts-and-bolts uncompleted alpha axial fitting causative contributory contributing connecting popular absolute climactic natal star stellar No. 1 stipulated underlined apt composing definitive actual trusted included embedded entrenched chad authoritative inveterate dynamic invaluable gut in demand spontaneous unlearned untaught name-of-the-game world-shaking indicative brassbound executive emergency drastic sore impelling infused instilled ingrown coal-and-ice very important inaugural chronic confirmed connected terrible driving parlous right-hand base lead-in prolegomenous transcendental sublime categorical unacquired normal typical regular strongest immense tremendous implanted wild inwrought difficult top-notch big time puissant skookum top-drawer of high standing first-gen mission-critical incumbent advance prodromal precursive experimental explorative en suite maximum dyed-in-the-wool instant at the heart of elevated empyrean empyreal lower ur- proto- super solemn firsthand direct inexpungible enormous sizeable huge called-for very great involuntary nonelective forced peremptory starting prodromic preludial prelusory unalienable inward resident genetic individual integrated compulsatory headmost inceptive sombre super colossal hard mammoth of great import no joke sober valuable no laughing matter of significance somber responsible unmediated decision-making nascent exceeding ultra titanic vast astronomic astronomical ample first-edition first-ever testing expedient desired preferred proper de rigueur binding incumbent on name of game specified recommended virgin commencing leadoff creative trying searching settling second-to-none facile straightforward uncivilised unevolved old uncivilized coarse barbaric first-hand infant demanding attention goodly biggish psychological extraordinary innovative forceful milestone relative clamorous imaginative groundbreaking recognized famous respected noticeable signal memorable carrying a lot of weight impressive remarkable ponderable touchy insistent showdown climatic appurtenant applicative renowned touch and go hanging by thread on thin ice pioneering productive now or never ground-breaking sensational much rare portentous uncommon conclusive glaring front-page unusual newsworthy well-known famed business-critical first-generation pointful associated strong headline preponderant obvious unforgettable worthy of attention quantum generous unordinary potent glorious sweeping formational constructional esteemed iconic acclaimed dignified precautionary prep before historical formidable recognised public worthwhile ad rem to the point to the purpose fractional composite ingredient divisional organizational configurational oustanding fatal germinal prior to inspiring in anticipation of inspirational in advance of generative overshadowing dangerous grievous of concern high-profile of note of influence of mark well thought of in the public eye partial factorial combinative part constituting systemic constructural formalistic skeletal organisational architectural anatomical anatomic arresting palpable dramatic eye-catching evident manifest visible phenomenal perceptible catchy detectable observable discernible singular amazing reasonable solid unmistakable astonishing brilliant distinguishable unique distinct of great importance out of the ordinary sedate staid definite exciting interesting decided unparalleled humourless full humorless patent comprehensive effective tangible measurable massive red-letter bold arrestive broad good wide no-nonsense apparent final expansive big deal satisfying wide-ranging notorious cogent splashy showy kenspeckle widespread flamboyant incredible mind-blowing awesome healthy recognizable apocalyptic incomparable certain earth-shaking trenchant blatant haunting complete superlative sensible extended sound clear-cut unprecedented forcible thorough far-flung spectacular rangy surpassing uncomic treasured wonderful noisy bodacious grabby respectable effectual vivid surprising bright tidy across-the-board recognisable exhaustive convincing discernable persuasive apprehensible perceivable refreshing something else never to be forgotten valid unrivalled defining awe-inspiring epochal redoubtable unsurpassed thrilling useful inimitable peculiar stimulating atypical pervasive cherished stunning precious all-embracing odd abnormal firm rich positive of importance world-shattering astounding unexpected strenuous extraordinaire global bizarre downright lucid unwonted unrivaled mind-boggling unconventional eloquent not to be forgotten ringing attention-grabbing excessive far-out out of this world ominous revealing peerless all-encompassing fair unequalled matchless pithy shaping devastating abundant purposeful consummate efficacious inauspicious shocking overarching threatening meaty staggering worrying last citable in-depth scandalous startling wholesale direful mentionable namable nameable unexampled menacing painful lasting satisfactory strange buzzworthy inclusive settled luminous uncustomary curious far-ranging weird ill-fated electrifying priceless incisive anomalous astral enduring terrific overt breakthrough unfamiliar efficient resounding queer choice unconcealed transparent dazzling harsh unreal remembered rememberable gloomy plausible irresistible crisp dynamite venerable unequivocal transcendent dreadful eye-popping unequaled egregious aberrated freak preternatural aberrant universal distressing fascinating of substance fat mondo bad reasoned credible unanswerable unambiguous uttermost max energetic moving coherent unmatchable awful bitter novel explicit vehement innovatory revolutionary rational logical well-founded articulate audible unsurpassable thundering inconceivable unequalable towering marvellous fixed in the mind sure copious wondrous most outright well reasoned well-grounded detailed unqualified atypic worldwide out-and-out wicked maxi sharp peracute aggressive express assured charming marvelous confident exalted blue-chip expressive reminiscent evocative moderate overwhelming king worthy topical active persistent busy lively affecting impactive careful legit handsome everything of considerable importance evaluative sententious earthshattering intrusive projecting protruding obtrusive jutting largish bountiful identifiable event-filled glum open easily seen undeniable miraculous optimum doomful unlucky resultful competent stern hectic action-packed distingué not to be ignored grim dour ideal best unbelievable champion cognizable perspicuous understandable traceable austere exact revered world-class big-name storied dear written all over one quiet downbeat sad different drop-dead untypical unaccustomed fantastic stupendous cold sober life-saving jaw-dropping gee-whizz uncanny of particular interest worthy of note fearless tenacious vigorous inestimable unheard-of irregular infrequent capable life or death jazzy lofty confounding apogean matter of life and death to be reckoned with worthy of mention murder splash boss hot stand-out cool irreplaceable under one's nose in plain sight in full view right under your nose big as life can't miss it open and shut smashing amazeballs able extremely important of great moment of vital importance uncharacteristic assertive horrifying helpful nth assiduous considered scrupulous diligent meticulous punchy histrionical theatric performant powerhouse on the ball sufficient enthusiastic hard-hitting successful graceful storming gratifying unco world class zero cool gilt-edged diametrical serviceable wholehearted orderly compulsive systematic methodical the end worth mentioning worth taking a look at thumping valorous moulding guiding ardent determined out of the way seldom seen sturdy unthinkable unimaginable ascertainable blanket greater ascendant extremely useful worth its weight in gold extremely helpful beyond price violent full-blooded muscular unconditional triumphant fulfilling august unmatched durable justified consistent convictive inducing suasive a hard nut to crack afflicting damaging stirring sensationalistic lurid appalling ambitious nonpareil larger predominating superabundant steady good-sized estimable heroic uplifting proud forming developmental one hundred per cent no mistake dogmatic stressed for a face accented flat litmus test hurtful agonizing wounding sensationalist breathtaking screaming gee-whiz catchpenny wide-reaching mass well organized flagrant only resplendent cheering magnificent shining pleasurable rewarding pleasing splendid heart-warming prepotent in control prepollent exquisite three-dimensional superb big-deal nationwide injurious yellow shock-horror melodramatic hair-raising across the board excellent sinister involved nourishing hearty molding dominating overpowering life-threatening disastrous fine spacious packed walloping bull whopper chock-full hulking stuffed intercontinental a whale of a colossal humongous voluminous brimming crowded bulky roomy strapping husky capacious oversize international commodious burly whopping jumbo monster awash gigantic super-duper much touted fab doozie something highly rated utter cruel tormenting galling heartrending harrowing excruciating torturous piquant extravagant tabloid vulgar pungent livid X-rated emotional sultry coloured rough colored brutal epigrammatic compact factual outrageous in the ascendancy foreboding select admirable of repute well received of distinction rank unlimited encyclopedic elegant delicate dainty fierce bleak hazardous arduous toilsome ugly taxing audacious barefaced naked heinous brazen shameless harmful calamitous full of interest mellow mellifluous sonorous catholic compendious solid gold arrant undisguised timeless unfading out of sight everlasting immortal eternal perpetual undying disgraceful inordinate shameful atrocious reprehensible eclectic the most sobering exacting punishing precarious grinding perilous minatory warning premonitory alarming foreshadowing to the max unquestionable imperishable enthralling exorbitant villainous unmitigated monstrous iniquitous giving food for thought agonising vibrant mortal umbrella intensive immoderate gross unarguable guaranteed concrete interdisciplinary encyclopaedic scopic multidisciplinary prognosticatory forbidding doomy predictive ill-omened ill-boding baleful ill standout out and out brass-necked recherche specific proven univocal black-and-white full-bodied melodious full of content full of meaning broad-ranging very fine first-rate first-class bodeful unfavorable unfavourable unpropitious unpromising cut-and-dried convinced all-inclusive black and white well-defined as plain as the nose on your face well-marked minute as plain as daylight forthright clearly defined graphic hard and fast cut and dried clean-cut crystal clear undubitable known silhouetted not vague stated fruity booming mellifluent dulcet cross-disciplinary augural fated exhilarating impending doomed intriguing suggestive prophetic destined stamped on your memory silvery phat canorous rotund more powerful more important most important most prominent most influential most significant most powerful

Tính từ

Pleasing to the mind or senses
satisfying pleasing enjoyable gratifying pleasurable fulfilling rewarding agreeable blessed blest congenial constructive darling delectable delicious delightful delightsome dreamy dulcet felicitous good grateful heavenly jolly luscious nice palatable pleasant pretty productive satisfactory savory savoury sweet tasty welcome worthwhile beneficial cheering valuable adequate favourable favorable happiness-inducing nourishing refreshing satiating substantial sufficient hitting the spot lovely great wonderful acceptable charming fine splendid entertaining glorious engaging magnificent marvelous marvellous amusing fair beautiful peachy enchanting neat divine fun brilliant heartening superb fantastic super fabulous happy grand gladdening likable comforting cool appealing joyous captivating groovy terrific comfortable sublime capital genial cheery likeable fascinating attractive cheerful choice suitable excellent swell heartwarming exquisite encouraging exciting desirable prime boss copacetic to one's liking thrilling magical rapturous fab diverting passable alluring smashing hunky-dory fit ducky adorable tasteful appreciated sterling superior positive first-class first-rate magic out of this world commendable sound stupendous ravishing exhilarating honourable honorable cordial pleasureful OK sensational appropriate relaxing inviting dandy glad fine and dandy cracking corking scrumptious topping wizard decent tolerable yummy bonny copasetic joyful average reasonable ripping exceptional supercalifragilisticexpialidocious bright lekker serviceable solid all right fitting good enough worthy precious to one's taste hospitable amazing rad ace reputable admirable spanking heart-warming stunning gorgeous super-eminent shipshape select super-excellent deluxe gnarly recherche soothing blissful seductive winning snug mild bully tip-top dainty amiable bad knockout drop-dead slick perfect suited jovial comely pulchritudinous propitious opportune presentable delicate enticing fetching up to snuff tempting euphoric timely appetizing in order merry ambrosial soft restful not bad hot okay brill keen resplendent intoxicating sapid lush beaut spectacular supreme interesting champion spiffing festive gay succulent delish bonzer upbeat recreative relishable beezer frabjous gladsome respectable enough alright competent piquant irie fairish famous noble A-OK heaven-sent uplifting outrageous colossal greatest ample jake top-hole unexceptional much needed to your liking mooi appetising sufficing easy unobjectionable convenient so-so gladly received solid gold unblemished titillating welcoming silvery adapted beguiling golden extremely enjoyable extremely pleasant crack entire unbroken unimpaired undamaged flawless uninjured whole intact unharmed unhurt sexy well suited wanted promising bodacious babelicious adorbs bootylicious convivial balmy sensual consoling extremely attractive easy to take stirring ineffable renewing rejuvenating restorative solacing long-awaited longed-for desired contenting very pleasant spiffy peach ready pussycat unmarred warming mirthful very agreeable very pleasurable celebratory couthy honouring restoring distracting clubbable very attractive greatly to one's liking to your taste fantastical jaunty astonishing light-hearted honoring flattering optimistic soul-stirring sufficiently good middling moderate fair-to-middling fantabulous quite good sanguine gripping up to par delighting up to standard up to the mark assuaging valid assuasive appeasing cogent up to scratch toothsome dynamite phat out-of-sight gangbusters jim-dandy brag superlative awesome down topflight prizewinning gone blue-chip primo high-class brave bonnie top top-notch bang-up bumper boffo radical top-shelf quality frontline prize righteous crackerjack classic first-string immense four-star stellar hype blue-ribbon five-star gilt-edge top-of-the-line unsurpassed gangbuster gilt-edged banner dope nifty mean supernal enthralling contented edible commensurate commensurable stimulating engrossing absorbing comestible replayable abundant compulsive elegant enviable lovesome flashy affable glamorous photogenic sunny hunky clear cozy cosy mouth-watering flavourful flavoursome requisite proportionate plenty peachy keen par excellence number one numero uno comfy esculent digestible rich congruous proper feel-good A1 dollish glossy snazzy flamboyant taking aesthetic statuesque well-favored foxy showstopping cunning cute splashy eye-catching good-looking beauteous zingy glamourous showy sightly arresting dishy radiant prettyish relief unspoilt memorable unputdownable standard wholesome harmless nectareous ambrosian finger-licking flavorsome moreish nummy toothy flavorful mouthwatering yum-yum scrummy plentiful plenteous apposite apropos bounteous warm cushy paradisiacal telegenic paradisal paradisaical calming paradisaic elating splendorous paradisiac ecstatic esthetic eating yummo very palatable very enjoyable flavorous nectarean eloquent worth reading well-written easy to read clever well written ingenious readable smooth well-suited enow correct aplenty copious as much as you need necessary fitted as much as is necessary minimal bountiful homely homestyle rare plush fair to middling fairly good okey-dokey landmark momentous distinguished fateful consequential celebrated illustrious snuggly homelike nutritive nutritious kosher eatable culinary fit to be consumed dietary fit for consumption fit to eat safe snug as a bug in a rug useful made well eventful historic monumental important notable meaningful material groundbreaking unforgettable pivotal heroic shining extraordinary triumphant exalted august epochal significant remarkable red-letter venerable noteworthy proud far-reaching entrancing tremendous wicked mind-blowing goodly amazeballs bosting outstanding friendly fabby celestial phenomenal immortal bewitching holy crucial superhuman mega idyllic def marvy angelic incredible seraphic empyrean lank kif good-humoured good-humored godlike far out kind supernatural kindly amicable on fleek beatific lovable funny cherubic sociable good-natured humorous extraterrestrial good-tempered intriguing ideal riveting mesmerizing dazzling helpful hypnotic obliging mellow breathtaking well-disposed too good to be true gracious moving tender warmhearted comical witty hilarious mesmerising warm-hearted impressive chucklesome compelling affectionate gentle approachable spellbinding splendiferous considerate personable neighborly neighbourly unique sympathetic wondrous winsome benevolent mesmeric magnetic easygoing majestic eminent inspiring tolerant peaceful very good prepossessing jocular droll striking big common consummate schmick polite lively sovereign companionable elevated picturesque belting pearler rousing barrie sik chillin' provocative Elysian exo loving singular fun-filled caring preeminent mild-mannered calm best renowned awe-inspiring charismatic compassionate civil kind-hearted fairy-tale understanding big-hearted softhearted good-hearted soft-hearted goodhearted accommodating tenderhearted tender-hearted large-hearted kindhearted sweet-tempered large intimate social enchanted endearing matchless formidable facetious to die for peerless irresistible whimsical complaisant conversable chummy halcyon prodigious dreamlike lighthearted side-splitting priceless goodish cooperative attentive buddy-buddy vibrant scenic benign affecting fairylike spiritual heady courteous miraculous romantic animated very nice transcendent premium standout curious electrifying utopian hypnotizing tantalizing thoughtful zero cool Arcadian consuming inspirational unpresumptuous unassuming action-packed immersing involving light bighearted sweet-natured even-tempered thought-provoking hypnotising tantalising nectarous admissible lenient electric galvanizing world-class generous unselfish patient too much hep hip well meaning buzzworthy on the beam in the swim on the ball well intentioned respectful galvanising cooking with gas noted well-known splendrous effulgent time-honored esteemed famed honored skillful masterful virtuoso skilful masterly splendacious unreal dear astounding paradisic saintly deliciously light deliciously tender eye-popping jaw-dropping fantasy escapist surprising agitating most unbelievable superlunary loveable disarming immaculate out of sight bubbly something else paradisical honoured juicy lofty relaxed chocolate-box cutesy way-out decorative confident fly spicy imposing well-prepared quaint ka pai tangy lightweight confiding close faithful outgoing jocose kindred amical peaceable conciliatory fond like-minded loyal receptive attached comradely open happy-go-lucky compatible on good terms responsive above average peng slap-up of a high standard superfine lip-smacking classical stylish enrapturing high humble modest ingratiating self-effacing idealized fit for a king transfixing pastoral rustic attention-grabbing right on up to code trendy inoffensive innocuous special lordly elfin farcical playful luring refined noticeable comic familiar transcendental sacred stately abstract melt-in-your-mouth provoking seducing informal entranced charmed bewitched frivolous trivial trifling laughable one and only uncommon unordinary meaty invigorating preoccupying portentous envigorating eye-opening racy newsworthy worthy of note fresh trenchant topical unboring newsy relatable vivid out of the ordinary emphatic folksy gregarious successful rural Utopian unspoiled bucolic arcadian homey petite trim slight graceful ludicrous waggish rib-tickling the most matey clubby breezy down-home laid-back fiendish conjuring very interesting recreational dry regular flourishing sylvan rip-roaring slim novel rollicking hair-raising prosperous thriving flighty chipper unserious serene out-of-this-world idealised tranquil airy subtle dinky nuanced joshing wacky jokey gut-busting sidesplitting camp screaming campy mushy as nice as pie sensitive simpatico easy to get along with palsy-walsy easy to get on with downright neighborly barley-sugar booming auspicious providential eleemosynary soft touch indulgent merciful liberal fatherly regardful supportive unstinting chivalrous giving pitying brotherly greathearted great-hearted lavish princely benignant fatherlike clement gallant heart in right place philanthropic openhanded unoffensive humane dutiful bleeding-heart public-spirited motherly openhearted magnanimous feeling selfless deferential forbearing beneficent altruistic benefic maternal tactful open-handed humanitarian charitable philanthropical all heart munificent freehanded well-mannered cut up for grins lacy diaphanous well-made deft frail thin ethereal fragile feeble spirited dramatic sensible roaring palmy shaking mind-boggling charged impassioned kicky mind-bending heart-stopping exhilarative emotion-charged emotional trembling passionate emotive galvanic urbane amenable unreserved shivering vibrating anthemic stem-winding shuddering quaking inspiriting lucky prospering healthy boomy chirpy too funny for words frantic swinging blood-tingling overwhelming mad spine-tingling wild bonhomous peak fortunate privileged unequalled unparalleled premier topnotch unexcelled tiptop perky temperate civilized optimum surpassing unrivaled unmatched class unrivalled leading faultless unbeatable incomparable well disposed easy-going tops untouchable accomplished cream star uppermost quintessential effusive excessive elite applaudable highest extreme lead awesomesauce exaggerated worthiest flagship inflated unequaled bosker civilised pre-eminent top-class top-grade top-level top-tier poignant riot scream gas without equal A-1 award-winning prize-winning highest quality very best beyond compare top-drawer of the highest order of the first order of highest order of the first water in a class all by itself of the highest standard of the highest quality above and beyond of high quality be a ball

Tính từ

Producing a profit
profitable commercial gainful lucrative moneymaking paying remunerative money-spinning cost-effective fruitful successful profit-making economic fat juicy money-making rewarding solvent sound worthwhile bankable assisting commercially successful conducive contributive effective effectual financially rewarding going instrumental in the black practical pragmatic saving self-sustaining serviceable sweet well-paying paid off paying well productive thriving flourishing prosperous booming lush beneficial rich advantageous palmy substantial golden prospering roaring healthy boomy burgeoning growing blooming halcyon useful wealthy good buoyant helpful robust expanding going strong opulent strong viable triumphant doing well valuable constructive monied luxuriant large well-to-do well-heeled flush well-off well paid moneyed comfortable win-win loaded vigorous developing high-income mushrooming progressing rampant fast-growing expedient for-profit affluent generous efficient well-paid deep-pocketed efficacious on the up and up fructuous of use prolific of help of assistance improving easy ballooning snowballing exuberant snug profuse blossoming on a roll in full swing on top of heap in top form in the pink sitting pretty economical working renumerative recompensing profitmaking salable high-paying fatness financially worthwhile cost effective potent operative worthy whopping sizeable tidy meaningful justifiable advancing well-spent paid thumping whacking fertile satisfying well spent usable arrived rolling cooking positive purposeful quids in in the money stinking rich whopping great rolling in it rank going places going concern very productive have it made have the wherewithal home free excellent of value significant of service important well-fixed fat-cat cushy silk-stocking fecund well-endowed cornucopian going well faring well in the ascendant thumping great whacking great advisable exemplary meritorious priceless estimable sensible invaluable worth the effort jammy fortunate lucky and up boom on the up worth it auspicious oofy uptown gangbusters boffo in clover main-line on easy street ongoing happy favoured favored blessed joyous advantaged in luck glorious well off blessed with good luck well heeled born under a lucky star joyful idyllic charmed privileged minted cash rich filthy rich rolling in money of means in the chips of substance with deep pockets made of money opportune rosy abounding carefree maturing timely active thrifty busy plentiful plenteous blissful contented upmarket prodigal promising upscale born with a silver spoon in one's mouth providential propitious up-and-coming on velvet leisure-class in easy street upper-class favourable delightful precious best propertied paradisiac peak favorable encouraging set for life worth a bundle worth a packet enviable elite socially advantaged in the gravy

Tính từ

Decadently pleasing to taste
rich heavy creamy fatty delicious full-bodied sweet buttery juicy luscious spicy tasty fattening filling flavorsome flavoursome full-flavoured highly-flavoured savoury succulent calorific cloying comfort flavorful nourishing nutritious oily satisfying savory unhealthy indigestible highly flavored appetizing delectable palatable scrumptious toothsome ambrosial yummy mouthwatering delish dainty appetising scrummy tasteful piquant lush sapid toothy moreish mouth-watering flavourful ambrosian nectareous nectarean finger-licking choice inviting nummy flavorous yummo yum-yum greasy tempting divine heavenly substantial enticing nectarous good hearty delightful ample exquisite big tangy solid smooth velvety stodgy square milky lekker very palatable very enjoyable leaden rare pleasant adorable mellow peng out of this world fit for a king caloric nutritive ripe honeyed enjoyable nice gratifying agreeable comestible moist sumptuous nectarious gorgeous delicate attractive finger-lickin' magnificent titillating pleasing lip-smacking large thick whipped sizable sizeable generous abundant hefty considerable starchy of an even consistency perfumed scented fragrant aromatic redolent soft creamed goopy gunky feathery gooey fluffy gloppy gooky wholesome respectable relishing salt sharp acceptable savorous decent full-flavored aperitive enchanting wonderful appealing well-prepared well-seasoned pleasant-tasting saporous sweetened sugar-coated good-tasting edible eatable flavory tender drinkable desirable tantalizing tantalising deliciously light deliciously tender fair saporific home-cooking cool passable peachy A-OK full of flavor pungent zestful melt-in-your-mouth digestible esculent harmless eating strong strongly flavoured zesty strong-flavored highly seasoned fit dietary fit for consumption fit to eat safe culinary kosher fit to be consumed tart highly-seasoned gingery zingy nippy peppery highly flavoured

Động từ

Being afflicted with something unfortunate
getting experiencing suffering undergoing feeling having enduring going through incurring bearing facing living through coming up against meeting with encountering receiving tasting contracting witnessing coming into contact with knowing having experience of running into swallowing braving submitting oneself to confronting sitting through coping with stomaching tolerating bearing the brunt of grinning and bear putting up with resigning oneself to submitting to withstanding subjecting oneself to coming to grips with taking weathering standing riding out surviving resisting brooking passing sticking out meeting abiding seeing coming across tholing standing up to coming through defying supporting accepting wearing prevailing against hanging tough grappling with getting through living out handling hacking countenancing biding dealing with taking on standing up against sweating out holding out holding out against standing fast taking it sticking it out living fighting daring crossing absorbing allowing participating in outfacing brazening breasting appreciating bearding outbraving sticking fast standing firm against holding the line against persevering in the face of bearing up against coming in for facing up to going the distance against taking patiently hanging on remaining firm flying in the face of sitting and taking it standing firm passing through having dealings in escaping running the gauntlet of fronting enjoying running against falling on finding taking part in partaking in sticking with holding with pocketing standing for going along with abiding by assuming shouldering outlasting overcoming surmounting sticking in there grinning and bear it gutting it out hanging in there taking it like a man sucking it up keeping up bearing the brunt never saying die hanging in toughing it out dying hard against pulling through persisting with persevering against staying the course contending with becoming accustomed to making the best of becoming resigned to eating becoming reconciled to getting used to reconciling oneself to learning to live with admitting permitting carrying bearing with toughing out living with undertaking coming out of bowing sharing engaging in yielding deferring bearing up opposing risking thwarting repelling combatting combating disputing contesting challenging tackling bucking sticking bracing dueling duelling traversing violating coping braving out brazening out going up against venturing courting meeting head on outdaring squaring off against flying in face of bracing oneself for holding one's ground not giving up putting up struggle standing one's ground winning out holding off digesting becoming familiar with observing partaking assimilating apprehending sampling running the gauntlet trying beholding perceiving watching comprehending coming into contact

Động từ

Present participle for to bear or support without breaking or failing

Trái nghĩa của sustaining

sustaining Thành ngữ, tục ngữ

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