Đồng nghĩa của transparent

Alternative for transparent

Trái nghĩa: opaque,

Tính từ

Easily understandable or perceived
obvious explicit unambiguous unequivocal clear lucid straightforward plain apparent bald bald-faced clear-cut luculent nonambiguous perspicuous unmistakable manifest conspicuous patent articulate distinguishable easily seen indisputable self-explanatory understandable self-evident transpicuous as plain as the nose on your face distinct evident unambivalent palpable crystal clear pellucid barefaced open-and-shut decided ringing broad bright-line luminous definite intelligible unblurred definitive categorical limpid indubitable comprehensible easily understood lucent simple clearly expressed direct cut-and-dried graspable sharp specific precise black and white well-defined black-and-white graphic user friendly user-friendly incontrovertible express outright marked crystalline unquestionable stark striking univocal crystal exact well defined cut and dried crystal-clear spelled out open and shut sharply defined hard and fast conclusive coherent irrefutable glaring digestible fathomable detailed comprehensive overt easily grasped blatant accessible unproblematic crystalling defined well-constructed readily comprehensible clear cut undoubted unquestioned crisp undisputed pronounced well-marked legible audible clearly explained easy to follow easy to understand without explanation cogent vivid joined-up absolute certain decisive positive knowable undeniable downright unqualified straight emphatic unreserved blunt candid incontestable uncontestable undisputable no catch no strings attached flat-out no holds barred nailed-on no fine print no ifs ands or buts straight from the shoulder point-blank straight out

Tính từ

Apparent or obvious
blatant flagrant obvious patent manifest undisguised unconcealed barefaced glaring shameless brazen bold unmistakable clear plain visible noticeable recognisable recognizable distinct evident apparent perceptible discernible palpable arrant unequivocal unambiguous clear-cut straightforward lucid conspicuous perspicuous undeniable bald crystal clear overt indisputable unambivalent nonambiguous decided definite pronounced bald-faced open pellucid open-and-shut ringing luminous observable explicit striking unquestionable luculent self-evident bright-line broad incontrovertible certain marked positive indubitable understandable sure incontestable prominent beyond question as plain as a pikestaff irrefutable conclusive beyond doubt perceivable categorical comprehensible absolute detectable naked tangible self-explanatory demonstrable undoubted writ large out-and-out standing out a mile gross sticking out like a sore thumb plain to see salient proven apprehensible audacious sticking out a mile distinguishable stark standing out like a sore thumb rank frank open and shut intelligible utter complete outrageous acknowledged unsubtle axiomatic inescapable accepted egregious inarguable recognized unarguable irrefragable not in doubt unanswerable appreciable unchallengeable true sensible emphatic graspable recognised fathomable confirmed downright staring someone in the face sheer undebatable written all over someone comprehendible unassailable cut-and-dried unhidden knowable definitive as clear as day final accomplished express outright easy to understand compelling obtrusive unqualified coherent real accurate beyond a shadow of a doubt undisputed staring one in the face unashamed accessible unchallenged uncontested thoroughgoing as plain as day user friendly user-friendly digestible direct nailed-on genuine assured decisive unmitigated legible scrutable distinctive verifiable watertight penetrable precise dreadful uncontroversial logical notorious apodictic simple crying beyond dispute outstanding convincing brass-necked revealed confirmable sure thing capital unabashed unquestioned beyond a doubt clear cut as plain as the nose on your face blinding wholehearted brash unblushing sharp unfeigned pure unembarrassed authentic exposed discernable provable flaunting impudent shocking ultimate insolent ostentatious doubtless unrepentant public demonstrative heinous not in question enormous scandalous atrocious audible avowed glaringly obvious significant clinching well-defined immodest pointed as plain as the nose on one's face clear as a bell without shame hard overbold brassy deliberate arresting airtight seeable actual protrusive settled blunt known signal terrible reprehensible disgraceful bare-faced monstrous wicked surefire shameful flat as clear as crystal iniquitous villainous authoritative determinate firm plain as day inordinate no mistake guaranteed extreme excessive much in evidence particular well defined black-and-white safe for sure out and out out in the open in the bag plain as the nose on your face as sure as eggs is eggs under one's nose easy to follow dinkum perspicacious understood full conceivable notable manifestly unrestrained cognizable measurable traceable unmissable exclusive controlled unshakable established well-known sound evinced divulged disclosed prima facie candid attestable evincible obligatory necessary binding compulsory evidenced imaginable glanceable readable uncontestable unequivocable clear as day noncontroversial unimpeachable factual enunciated dramatic plausible believable colorable credible ostensible seeming remarkable patently true serious telltale nailed down undisputable runaway stunning grievous published cut and dried univocal unique verified exorbitant major inimitable immoderate unfailing infallible supportable sustainable checkable empirical empiric well grounded well-founded well-proven publicized clean-cut cinched on ice unalterable no ifs and or buts for certain no ifs ands or buts as plain as daylight staring you in the face inevitable no two ways about it easily distinguishable make no bones foolproof irrevocable unerring concrete deducible ascertainable inferable viewable seen honest ascertained visual discoverable resolute publicised shared broadcast macroscopic ocular set inexpugnable stable frozen sealed fixed hard-and-fast awful secure in view in sight in circulation on view on display infamous hardened corrupt abandoned anywhere to be seen not hidden easily seen big as life to be seen in evidence solid fail-safe inerrant sure-fire can't-miss questionless failsafe freely available establishable supreme truthful fundamental on show plainly seen public knowledge in the public domain in the open widely known depraved indecent profligate improper straight brutal unexaggerated harsh realistic flagitious having down pat dissolute impenitent incorrigible remorseless unprincipled there are no two ways about it all sewn up flagitous thorough unvarnished upfront literal grody flaming reprobate unconditional bare cold snazzy meretricious gaudy glitzy flashy screaming loud showy garish unchaste cheeky presumptuous rude lewd immoral high-handed total consummate wholesale perfect in plain sight hanging out stick out like sore thumb double-checked veridical unfabled true to life unadulterated warts and all all-out unalloyed that's a fact bodacious dead categoric crashing deadly profound blank very cotton-picking unmodified flat-out unrestricted stone straight-out fair plumb regular clean blooming no ifs ands or buts about it deep-dyed entire all whole written all over one right under one's nose

Tính từ

(of an organization or its activities) Having practices that are open and visible to the public
frank open candid honest direct forthright unreserved plain-spoken straight straightforward ingenuous innocent guileless simple artless accountable upfront blunt plain plainspoken outspoken uninhibited real forthcoming truthful unguarded unconcealed free-spoken matter-of-fact sincere natural openhearted downright freehearted lay it on the line bare-faced free unambiguous brazen outright undisguised unrestricted up-front straight-out up front call a spade a spade saying what one thinks from the hip like it is upright unequivocal straight from the shoulder genuine unrestrained bald unembellished unadorned barefaced unvarnished naked explicit clear undissembled unsparing unstinting blatant brutal complete stark aboveboard unfeigned man-to-man out-front straight-shooting flat-out no-nonsense laying it on the line calling spade a spade basic foursquare unfiltered easy apparent familiar naive scrupulous bold heart-to-heart bare harsh grim unevasive categorical unmistakable true unqualified straight-from-the-shoulder straight-talking point-blank clear-cut unpretending unstudied dinkum undesigning unreticent flagrant heartless palpable severe patent total out-and-out communicative fair round above board on the level open-and-shut talking turkey not afraid to call a spade a spade unaffected unpretentious spontaneous bluff childlike without airs relaxed unsophisticated uncontrived unassuming trustworthy undiplomatic on the up and up abrupt easy-going square unceremonious inexperienced green tactless laid-back unworldly unselfconscious informal plain-speaking honest-to-goodness casual unconstrained modest heartfelt free and easy unforced speaking as one finds earnest unpretended hearty reliable wet behind the ears righteous humble unpresumptuous overt childish undissembling kosher straight to the point point blank immature down-to-earth childly veracious positive carefree actual easygoing loose specific unmannered brusque wholehearted distinct friendly express unstilted footloose unartificial profound legit unimposing unostentatious homely vocal to the point pretensionless legal legitimate lawful authentic just literal pure warts and all full-hearted realistic footloose and fancy-free babyish unknowing frivolous not beating around the bush believable self-effacing bona fide straight-arrow no holds barred cavalier personal intimate demonstrative unquestionable unimpeachable valid known well-established off-the-record indiscreet forward extemporary unartful woman-to-woman vociferous not formal insensitive impolitic open-hearted impulsive impetuous free-speaking opinionated strident flat certain uncomplicated unbiased unprejudiced decisive licit pukka speaking straight from the shoulder no lie frontal parrhesiastic well defined crystal clear no beating around the bush cracker-barrel pretenseless level factual right up front unexaggerated exact two-fisted by the book fair and square plain-dealing on the square right-on unspoiled unobtrusive right on correct straight from shoulder regular unveiled square-shooting telling it like it is folksy inelaborate unambitious down homey uncomplex unbeautified discreet free-spirited prosaic raw true to life for real open and shut faithful laid on the line down home definite ignorant trusting callow truth-telling true-blue proper precise veritable absolute ethical credulous unsuspicious trustful gullible unwary curt short honourable trusty dependable honorable naïve airy breezy rough meaning what one says reputable upstanding good gruff moral virtuous principled decent snippy good-natured genial brusk approachable short-spoken crusty silly convivial boon jaunty upbeat nonformal jejune easily taken in cheery rude bearish snippety blustering terse breviloquent tart loud laconic brief liberated instinctive unrepressed free as the wind free as a bird unsuppressed shameless unhampered ungoverned expansive deep dear fervent serious devout off the cuff fancy-free ardent warm cordial meant solemn cut loose enthusiastic eager hanging out from the heart unself-conscious twenty-four carat honest to God deeply felt

Tính từ

Needing very little effort
easy effortless simple straightforward painless unchallenging uncomplicated unproblematic breezy elementary obvious quick rudimental attainable facile mindless smooth uninvolved untroublesome basic cheap fluid perspicuous undemanding downhill evident light palpable piece of cake unambiguous unmistakable weightless workable a bludge a breeze accessible a cinch a doddle a piece of cake a piece of old tackle a pushover as easy as ABC as easy as falling off a log a snap a snip cinch clear clear-cut distinct duck soup easy as pie easy-breezy easy-peasy idiot-proof kids' stuff money for jam money for old rope not difficult ready slight snap trivial trouble-free unequivocal user friendly user-friendly apparent bed of roses hands-down idiotproof no muss no fuss open-and-shut patent child's play easily done inconsiderable little manageable manifest mere no bother no problem no sweat not burdensome nothing to it no trouble paltry picnic plain plain sailing pushover royal simple as ABC wieldy yielding soft unexacting fluent as easy as pie natural comfortable cushy intuitive routine a cakewalk practical a five-finger exercise easygoing flowing rudimentary graceful stress-free comprehensible a doss handy easy to use a snack convenient intelligible casual untroubled useful feasible fundamental essential elegant elemental introductory underlying free-flowing uninterrupted unbroken continuous beginning abecedarian easily operated easy to understand nothing rhythmic regular meat-and-potatoes not hard initial foolproof basal manipulable ergonomic adaptable straight short without a hitch carefree direct easeful unsophisticated fast parsimonious efficient liquid articulate necessary basilar lowest lax unburdensome simplistic leisurely relaxed uninhibited well-ordered down-to-earth unfussy safe spontaneous instinctive easy-going laid-back cursive unforced running offhand unlabored uneventful easy going smooth sailing easy progress straight sailing easy ride a picnic a gift a walk in the park easily accomplished feline sinuous well ordered able to speak or write untaxing moderate easily understood easily grasped easy as ABC bearable tolerable endurable low impact lazy cool minimal superficial cavalier benign mellow soothing bland tender nonabrasive balmy middle-of-the-road ordinary precise non-complex specific runaway functional usable practicable applicable working easily won useable applicative serviceable applied actionable ultrapractical exploitable breeze primary foundational primitive preliminary original ABCs primo prefatory substratal uncomplex simplest simplified simplex meat and potatoes

Tính từ

Not very convincing
flimsy poor unconvincing feeble inadequate weak implausible trivial unsatisfactory unsubstantial insufficient pathetic trifling frivolous paltry shallow tenuous assailable baseless contemptible controvertible fallacious false groundless illogical inane inconceivable incredible inept lame puerile superficial unbelievable ungrounded unpersuasive unreasonable weakly wishful thin half-baked suspect unlikely unsound ineffectual hard to believe hard to swallow phony phoney tame puny hollow faulty unsuitable faltering inefficient unpleasing flabby ineffective improbable doubtful questionable dubious unrealistic fanciful fantastical specious uncompelling incredulous fantastic unthinkable unconceivable unimaginable strained forced remote laboured ponderous fishy labored unimpressive strange far-fetched beyond belief scarcely credible difficult to believe hard to take cock-and-bull full of it not convincing preposterous absurd impossible ridiculous extraordinary farfetched mind-boggling won't wash incogitable full of holes shaky ludicrous bizarre reachy outlandish tall staggering untenable won't hold water rare cock and bull too much insubstantial inconsequential sketchy slight nonsensical obscure puzzling extravagant problematic unsuccessful incoherent incongruous astonishing unimagined vain unheard-of highly unlikely amazing far out mind-blowing for the birds singular out of the question irrational vague nebulous beyond the bounds of possibility flat suspicious unsubstantiated contrived exaggerated astounding unnatural eccentric elaborate debatable overdone insignificant wacky fabulous not likely breathtaking outrageous meager queer fragile dubitable frail misleading crazy meagre incomprehensible faint unknowable insupposable off the wall unreal unique unordinary unheard of exceptional uncommon cockamamie not in the least likely out of the ordinary inauthentic unicorn unplausible threadbare unsupported erroneous flawed vapid contradictory inconclusive unbacked useless fruitless futile profitless unapt spurious unsustainable unsupportable invalid irreconcilable senseless indefensible negligible hokey weak-kneed nonrational airy illegitimate unreasoning fatuous nutty unfounded unreasoned inconsequent imcomprehensible unspecific hazy not on unusual insupportable ill-founded doubtable shonky extremely implausible extremely doubtful extremely unlikely overblown untoward contrary beyond possibility self-contradictory indefinite indeterminate beyond reason extremely difficult to believe won't fly sensational embellished untrue fabricated dishonest untruthful not to be thought of lacking substance unbelieveable recondite shady spectacular laughable hyperbolic farcical outside chance less likely phenomenal harebrained infeasible reaching ineffable flakey kooky scatterbrained flaky cockeyed lamebrained screwy uncredible equivocal untrustworthy embroidered iffy distorted disputable histrionic arguable unreliable undependable wild unweighty unspeakable untold unutterable rings phony blown up indescribable eye-popping jaw-dropping not able to hold water odd past belief open to doubt complicated inapprehensible undreamed-of overwhelming unthought of insane excessive undreamed of weird peculiar whimsical timorous unenthusiastic overdramatic high-flown sensationalized imaginary mad curious not understandable illusory foolish comical grandiose oddball timid spiritless beyond the realm of reason beyond wildest dreams beyond your wildest dreams overstated inflated visionary erratic romantic artificial zany capricious ambitious illusive daft extreme barmy hallucinatory suppositious different potty gentle moderate mild outré uncivilised inordinate uncivilized unconscionable sensationalised extortionate barbarous out of sight off-the-wall hare-brained make-believe cock-eyed half-hearted highly coloured wishy-washy lily-livered faint-hearted low-key last straw out of bounds

Trái nghĩa của transparent

transparent Thành ngữ, tục ngữ

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