Đồng nghĩa của comprehensive

Alternative for comprehensive

Trái nghĩa: incomprehensive,

Tính từ

Of broad scope or content
complete exhaustive full inclusive thorough all-inclusive extensive all-embracing broad encyclopaedic encyclopedic sweeping universal wide blanket catholic in-depth overarching umbrella all-out compendious far-reaching total detailed full-scale wholesale eclectic out-and-out wide-ranging widespread absolute all-in broad-gauge broad-gauged broad-ranging clean coast-to-coast countrywide cover-all cross-disciplinary cyclopedic embracive global interdisciplinary nationwide omnibus panoramic radical thoroughgoing wall-to-wall across the board entire expansive general grand multidisciplinary across-the-board all-encompassing ample compleat comprising containing discursive encircling infinite intact integral overall perfect plenary synoptic whole in depth the works of great scope the big picture the whole shebang lock stock and barrel deep profound worldwide unlimited all-around outright all-round extended common large-scale utter rangy pervasive indiscriminate unqualified far-flung painstaking unrestricted meticulous full-blown intensive minute gross international undivided unbroken broad-brush careful categorical regular generic unabridged unmitigated particular consummate ecumenical prevalent unconditional elaborate pandemic rigorous aggregate pure uncut scrupulous blow-by-blow ubiquitous specific rampant major popular undiminished predominant particularized collective mass downright vast serious omnipresent exact full-dress definite circumstantial arrant maximal sheer whole-hog concentrated categoric integrated large fair straight-out dreadful rife broad-spectrum extreme combined broad-based varied diffuse unimpaired unblemished severe particularised significant scopic prevailing real violent right itemized rank proper unadulterated faultless cosmopolitan stark assiduous unalloyed plumb flat simple planetary liberal customary company-wide usual cosmic bodacious blooming abundant precise overwhelming wide-reaching full-length in one piece accepted composite flat-out explicit copious pervading boundless ruling systematic itemised cotton-picking inescapable positive permeating scopious bird's-eye astronomical all worldly conscientious outspread royal finished seamless far-ranging sound unified immense full-on stone diverse choate panoptic dead intense uncondensed deadly very standard undisputed efficient crashing diversified blank all-over conclusive epidemic from A to Z national unreduced supreme expanded replete untouched multinational maximum unabbreviated methodical vigorous undamaged main principal majority deep-dyed full-fledged fierce unflawed mixed accurate public elaborated determined plentiful full-out received resolute searching great seriatim sedulous unmarred drastic big sizable long all-purpose unrestrained encompassing thorough-going unmarked catchall everywhere nonspecific desperate stringent all-pervading uninterrupted draconian forceful heavy veritable generalised generalized protracted uncompromising whole enchilada whole nine yards one-size-fits-all considerable excessive limitless state mainstream considered diligent all over the place surpassing without exception ordinary established inviolate influential mundane stock solid conventional through and through full-bore in circulation dyed-in-the-wool in vogue right-down soup to nuts clocklike tough all the way plenty slam-bang enlarged balanced resounding unambiguous emphatic panned final encyclopedical encyclopaedical unbounded broadly-based rich profuse lavish systemwide everything widened definitive full-spectrum plenipotentiary one-to-one life-size true thoroughpaced sufficient master non-specific non-sectarian non-denominational unifying open vague spread uneaten continuous bodywide impeccable unshortened unspoiled overdrawn unselective exaggerated overstated earnest unconfined intercontinental all in unanimous huge satisfying the word personal immediate thoroughly extensively unmistaken broad-minded tolerant unsectarian unbigoted wholistic prize basic nonexclusive latitudinous plenteous adequate endless technical preponderate no stone unturned lengthy rounded world key central primary intricate experienced broad in content including all members including all categories important ultimate unequivocal largest consolidated in detail flexible undogmatic holistic well-rounded totalitarian unreserved massive humongous bulk quantitative whole-length full-blooded hook line and sinker added outstretched exclusive momentous all-comprehensive meaningful substantial unspecified hazy nebulous obscure relentless on a large scale advanced ultra iconoclastic hefty most general-purpose open-minded world-wide unspecialized multiculti unprejudiced airtight revolutionary dedicated expert focused functional all-in-one quorate firsthand penetrating direct completed accumulated non-selective organic indivisible celestial empyrean terrestrial stellar unexclusive big picture statewide indeterminate receptive charitable in quantity in bulk bulletproof taken as a whole inveterate blatant life-changing ambitious unexpurgated one-piece essential elemental fully constituted all-together catch-all overt brazen systemic leaving no stone unturned in the mass inflatable expanding stretching elastic dilating swelling specialized focussed specialised weighty consequential purposeful regional special intimate wall to wall barefaced naked flagrant in toto all together with everything included ball-of-wax ubiquitary concerted spacious extendable stretchy voluminous enlargeable distending root-and-branch obvious glaring undiluted shameless top-to-bottom corporate collected immoderate harsh marked of moment of significance heterogeneous current all-encompassing all-embracing first-hand strenuous demanding all-absorbing intensified roomy dilatant spread-out capacious expansile unsuppressed sprawling unrepressed average shared orthodox interstate studious of consequence of great import specially designed communal joint wonted close cumulative assembled unscathed many-sided assorted developed set in every respect through-and-through routine flawless uninjured unharmed all over the country from Land's End to John O'Groats unstinted true-blue existing explosive heavy-duty vehement excruciating vicious exquisite fearsome hard ghastly high-pressure terrible frightful hellacious blistering furious keen acute ferocious almighty fearful miscellaneous multifarious enumerated finicky scatheless unviolated undefiled vulgar habitual typical natural societal commonplace far-stretched far-spread whole schmear before tax without end whole ball of wax in sum wide-extending far-going widely distributed before deductions whole shebang wide-stretching far-extending optimum unremitting fashionable heaped amassed piled summative authoritative point-by-point virgin unhurt piebald raggle-taggle ragtag magpie manifold non-exclusive motley patchwork multifaceted kitchen-sink promiscuous selective in force middle-of-the-road widely held persistent accelerated fast insistent speeded-up commonest unmutilated together unsevered unspoilt at length dilettantish recognized going predominating acknowledged all-pervasive very common all-present ever-present present everywhere unsullied pristine operative dominant preponderating multiform mingled indiscrete imperforate familiar preponderant by the numbers in style regnant fundamental in fashion recognised steady normal scholarly well researched all in one piece well reasoned well informed well argued most usual most frequent

Tính từ

A hefty amount or abundant
large abundant hefty considerable extensive significant substantial immeasurable populous ample boundless bountiful bumper deep full galore global good handsome lavish numerous opulent overflowing plenteous plentiful profuse substantive sufficient superabundant sweeping teeming unlimited wholesale booming copious excessive generous measureless voluminous exhaustive exorbitant extravagant Himalayan immoderate tidy unwieldy Brobdingnagian cumbersome epic high major mega outsize whacking far-reaching large-scale wide-ranging wide-reaching generously proportioned sizable sizeable big spacious capacious goodly great largish massive biggish bulky hulking vast immense expansive grand oversized oversize commodious husky huge jumbo whopping healthy wide broad respectable roomy outsized gross ponderous boxcar strapping burly enormous gigantic tremendous humongous colossal prodigious mammoth monster decent-sized decent walloping sensible spacey prolific giant monumental mountainous monstrous mighty gargantuan ginormous stupendous astronomical elephantine grandiose widespread inordinate titanic almighty extended towering thumping overgrown humungous astronomic king-size king-sized cosmic comfortable mondo leviathan extreme cosmical thumping great good-sized supersize far-flung pharaonic cyclopean detailed galactic whacking great whopping great a whale of a king size super colossal supersized super-duper thundering whopper all-encompassing across-the-board billowing baggy loose-fitting cavernous many multifarious swelling legion sundry several convoluted simple multitudinous covering various full-size fairly large serious bonny good-size tall not inconsiderable reasonable pervasive dilatable liberal distensible expandable man-size great big socking great of considerable size life-size man-sized far-ranging massy fair-size fair-sized megalithic lofty family-sized family-size not to be sneezed at rangy radical Bunyanesque swelled economy-size magnific economy-sized mastodonic staggering brobdingnagian dirty great mass nationwide universal leading stuffed heavy-duty intercontinental heavyweight packed awash fat bull worldwide international important chock-full brimming crowded incalculable eternal infinite endless limitless super herculean weighty illimitable heavy terrific oceanic gigantesque interminable awesome formidable expanded overwhelming heroic imposing planetary heroical mundo vasty Gargantuan unbounded Herculean very big never-ending very great very large spread-out stretched-out whale of a all-inclusive

Tính từ

Containing or presenting the essential facts of something in a comprehensive but concise way
compendious concise brief succinct summary compact condensed contracted pithy crisp summarised summarized thumbnail abbreviated epigrammatic abridged aphoristic compressed potted short shortened synoptic abstracted apothegmatic capsule curt elliptic elliptical laconic lapidary monosyllabic sententious short and sweet snappy telegraphic terse gnomic breviloquent close compendiary in a nutshell short and to the point in a few well-chosen words to the point pointed clipped incisive sparing boiled down truncated brusque economical tight curtailed economic sharp perfunctory abrupt blunt tart trenchant gruff rapid cut to the bone quick little small witty cursory meaningful cut short precise meaty finely honed snippety in few words neat recapped precipitate compacted taut rehashed run-down lean outline concentrated epigrammatical limited straightforward summarizing epitomized epitomised hurried hasty shortened form clever amusing piquant quick-witted summarising run-through decreased uncommunicative snippy fast marrowy pungent ingenious diminished reduced axiomatic ephemeral unprolonged lessened apophthegmatic forceful expressive cut swift rude making a long story short decurtate censorious judgmental pretentious critical disapproving abounding snappish exact cryptic clear-cut well tuned abbreviate well structured telling significant cogent curtate shorter pruned in well-chosen words transient bare cutting short-and-sweet acute honed effective trimmed not protracted constricted shrunk telescoped cropped cut down edited pared down down to brass tacks edited down discourteous offhand unceremonious impolite uncivil bluff ungracious crusty caustic short-spoken brisk brusk harsh no-nonsense downright churlish rough surly plain-spoken tactless cavalier direct frank outspoken unmannerly abrasive impatient undiplomatic matter-of-fact distant indelicate standoffish dusty upfront crude impetuous bad-mannered ill-mannered straight from the shoulder unfriendly decisive thoughtless businesslike off forthright peremptory candid brutal bald unequivocal not afraid to call a spade a spade pulling no punches honest not beating about the bush not mincing one's words calling a spade a spade speaking one's mind distinct controlled reticent taciturn vigorous testy memorable catchy aloof imperious irascible petulant cool graceless bad-tempered dismissive short-tempered ill-tempered unforthcoming open hearty offish good-natured genial approachable unconstrained callous inelegant rushed friendly slashing scathing drilling acerb severe biting acid sarcastic sardonic acerbic satirical mordant cheery sincere bearish blustering barefaced speaking as one finds loud disrespectful point-blank stark explicit simple unadorned uncouth impertinent hard-hitting undisguised unvarnished unqualified unembellished unpolished uncompromising insolent unladylike boorish impudent gauche inconsiderate ungallant ill-bred unhandsome ungentlemanly unmannered uncalled-for hostile straight-talking straight-shooting insensitive unkind offensive inhospitable unpleasant unfortunate

Tính từ

Having a clear definition or value
defined clear definitive categorical definite distinct detailed explicit specific stark unambiguous unequivocal evident exact indubitable manifest nonambiguous precise sharp unambivalent understandable unmistakable lucid transparent unblurred clear-cut spelled out well-defined black-and-white crystal clear cut-and-dried open-and-shut sharply defined black and white clearly expressed hard and fast cut and dried express straightforward plain obvious overt blunt absolute direct emphatic univocal patent certain unqualified exhaustive minute perspicuous accurate sure on the nose easily understandable stated decided apparent intelligible pellucid comprehensible palpable luculent particular bald-faced bald luminous ringing barefaced coherent broad well defined set bright-line established concrete determined fixed unquestionable positive graspable literal settled strict outright correct simple meticulous fathomable indisputable conclusive legible pronounced regular self-evident self-explanatory true user friendly user-friendly veracious faithful undeniable methodical logical faultless marked proper striking glaring confirmed hard prescribed limpid specified lucent careful accessible rigorous digestible right conspicuous unerring recognized decisive comprehendible apprehensible judicious systematic close rigid authentic veridical final knowable flat firm downright errorless crisp noticeable clearly defined graphic recognised error-free easy to understand scrupulous punctilious audible proven articulate distinctive spot-on truthful scrutable clear cut straight distinguishable limited penetrable formal open genuine perfect actual transpicuous thorough recognizable cogent infallible vivid crystalline determinate valid on the button undisputed authoritative certified crystal on the money predetermined assured as plain as the nose on your face readable clean-cut visible recognisable crystal-clear standard good easily understood very conventional spot on bang on open and shut pinpoint dead-on on-target quantified factual inveterate conscientious candid painstaking identified just severe unwavering forthright unreserved stringent solid discriminating deft discriminative skilful skillful punctual scientific matter-of-fact ultraprecise legal authorized reliable incontrovertible known perceptible undoubted official flawless stipulated approved realistic narrow documented convinced inexpugnable stable frozen point-blank assigned validated bold lawful blatant sensible guaranteed verified hard-and-fast irrefutable confident sanctioned accepted straight from the shoulder preset significant given allotted prearranged impeccable legitimate orderly unalterable verbatim dead on well-marked well-grounded authorised on the nail on the beam on the mark as plain as daylight in the bag no ifs ands or buts bona fide clear as day monosemous res ipsa loquitur cut and dry frank joined-up abrupt noncontroversial undisguised straight-from-the-shoulder complete easily grasped imaginable glanceable prominent unquestioned conceivable crystalling appreciable runaway indicated declared observable instantly recognizable ultimate well constructed telltale outstanding enunciated dramatic understood designated listed unique obtrusive mainstream familiar rooted universal expected usual vested typical accustomed acknowledged cinched stunning decipherable inimitable clear as a bell especial special peculiar for sure on ice endorsed in focus well focused finite circumscribed bounded restricted measured intent determining identical concise plain as day unimaginative pure see-through bright liquid canonical noted easily distinguishable incontestable uncontestable undisputable translucent in depth singular diaphanous thin filmy sheer uncomplicated unimpeachable unrefuted meaningful no catch licensed accredited right on nailed down bull's-eye blow-by-blow inch-perfect on target on the numbers beyond question beyond a doubt for certain of one syllable word for word lacking nuance authenticated ratified flat-out straight out forceful unarguable easily seen without error over-literal lacking subtlety easy to read flowing tidy fluent easily deciphered smooth qualified laid down postulated licenced kosher beyond doubt vigorous energetic commissioned laid out nominated no holds barred no strings attached no fine print nailed-on pro forma vehement fastidious tangible undubitable silhouetted full incisive noteworthy earnest assertive insistent forcible uninvolved agreed inflexible arranged wholehearted not vague unchangeable out-and-out ardent decreed single resounding aggressive violent full-blooded muscular strenuous unconditional dynamic incommutable immutable steady planned inalterable invariable discrete resolved undeviating unblinking irreversible unbending enduring abiding unmovable unmodifiable still trenchant impressive pointed sober accented dogmatic potent stressed important solemn uncompromising delicate cast-iron one hundred per cent lifelike fair convincing rational practical writ in stone never-failing not subject to change regimented traditional orthodox no mistake enlightened plausible analytic justifiable sagacious analytical reasoned deductive thinking circumspect intellectual synthetic intelligent credible objective thoughtful discerning philosophic reflective reasonable ratiocinative commonsense trustable reasoning collected cerebral perspicacious sound veristic verisimilar nice for a face ceremonious specialised selective corroborated colorable commonsensical substantiated levelheaded shrewd sincere secure inerrant knowing commonsensible informed true to life reserved sole specialized identifiable straight-out ceremonialistic formalistic ritualistic ritual routine ceremonial telling it like it is fact-based supportable tenable sustainable defensible empirical maintainable cognitive defendable prudent calculable empiric word-perfect as it really happened well-thought-out well-reasoned well-advised letter-perfect

Tính từ

Multiple services in one location

Trái nghĩa của comprehensive

comprehensive Thành ngữ, tục ngữ

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