Đồng nghĩa của existing

Alternative for existing

exists, existed, existing

Đồng nghĩa: be, live, occur, prevail, stand,

Tính từ

Being alive and living
living extant surviving alive animate existent live breathing standing vital in existence alive and kicking having life among the living in the land of the living remaining abiding current enduring persisting around present active lasting ongoing continuing contemporary sentient subsisting vigorous quick organic biological operative functioning undestroyed operating running going working operational functional being moving dynamic still existing awake alert lively residual vestigial continuing on conscious aware long-lived lingering ticking developing strong flourishing in use energetic actual real perennial lifelong long-term growing viable mortal not dead not lost in current use incarnate bodily corporeal animated prevailing warm prevalent in the flesh on about in circulation to the fore on-going in operation in force going on on the map on the agenda durable firm long-lasting stable permanent eternal persistent constant steadfast fixed immortal steady long-standing fast everlasting perpetual unending established long-established unchanging imperishable undying deep-rooted dateless ageless timeless immutable indissoluble long-running time-honoured unwavering unfaltering traditional reliable changeless perdurable sempiternal tenacious unshakable about resilient immovable nagging gnawing niggling time-hallowed in circulation leftover well established ancient staunch time-honored age-old stunted token shrunken imperceptible indelible ingrained unceasing secure irreversible never-changing never-ending ceaseless indestructible unfading unbroken uninterrupted interminable dependable endless non-stop unremitting inexpungible incessant old longstanding inexhaustible continual forever in for the long haul till the cows come home

Tính từ

Used or accepted broadly
prevailing current prevalent usual common customary general popular established set widespread ordinary fashionable commonest mainstream rife accepted acknowledged conventional going predominating recognised recognized ruling standard stock dominant influential main operative preponderating principal all-embracing catholic comprehensive ecumenical familiar fundamental in circulation in style normal predominant preponderant rampant regnant regular steady sweeping universal worldwide in fashion in vogue by the numbers extant modern latest contemporary present ubiquitous pervasive reigning in force typical traditional accustomed routine orthodox everyday wonted habitual commonplace expected average fixed settled run-of-the-mill frequent natural public confirmed received quotidian regulation workaday garden-variety unexceptional prosaic unremarkable daily endemic standard-issue extensive approved canonical classical household staple sanctioned cut-and-dried cut-and-dry characteristic time-honoured predictable vanilla day-to-day overall well-known typic well worn prescriptive time-honored authorized classic understood traditionalist basic true admitted long-established plain well established chronic authorised common or garden about garden variety conformist official majority broad pervading shared acceptable well-established humdrum constant representative formal favorite favourite formulaic old-fashioned traditionalistic across the board in the air unoriginal sound stipulated matter-of-course numerous mundane derivative archetypal archetypical profuse bog-standard agreed upon favoured lamestream central wide core valid around net comfortable circulating mediocre undistinguished garden discreet indifferent inconspicuous ongoing agreed middle-of-the-road primary favored great superior repeated ritual plastic grind white-bread simple so-so in existence happening going on abroad orderly methodical afoot standardised standardized endorsed wont sop recurring uneventful in use generic tralatitious touted prescribed same old persistent recurrent bruited about making the rounds doing the rounds talked of in general use going around par for the course mutual preferred unopposed passed legit okayed known standard operating procedure in the groove playing it safe according to Hoyle in a rut in established usage on everyone's lips perpetual believed renowned hackneyed recognizable identified documented perceived declared embraced united widely held proverbial like stereotyped reiterated incessant continual allowed realized remembered boilerplate overused trite banal tried and true tried and tested arrived at professed realised recognisable congruous adopted intermutual commutual overworked platitudinous tired monotonous one-size-fits-all pandemic epidemic corny hacky widely recognized commonly accepted generally accepted conservative correct proper dull abundant global plentiful everywhere omnipresent authoritative ready-made insidious raging permeating inescapable penetrating immanent doctrinal readily available worn out old hat widely available worn-out button-down buttoned-down hidebound mossbacked ultraconservative old-line old-school unprogressive standpat reactionary die-hard brassbound paleoconservative archconservative unheretical permeative permeant present everywhere suffusive kosher religious right straight pious punctilious legitimate rightful square many thronged multitudinous dyed-in-the-wool inveterate bien pensant straight arrow in line entrenched according to the book proven historic stable ingrained deep-rooted widely used old old-style officially recognized rooted secure unshakable vested permanent most frequent most usual

Tính từ

Permanent, fixed, or lasting
standing permanent fixed perpetual continuing regular repeated abiding constant everlasting indefinite lasting open-ended durable established immovable settled eternal enduring unchanging persistent immutable unending steadfast perennial fast steady long-lasting stable timeless indissoluble lifelong undying invariable imperishable unalterable immortal dateless unchangeable endless undeviating changeless never-ending persisting surviving remaining prevailing firm tenacious ongoing ageless indestructible forever unshakable irreversible indelible irreparable deathless ceaseless perdurable ineradicable set unfading perduring continual for keeps forever and a day set in concrete set in stone in for the long haul unvarying uniform stationary static unchanged consistent reliable resolute on an even keel unceasing continuous incessant uninterrupted interminable unremitting unbroken relentless non-stop sustained unfaltering unfailing unwavering unrelenting nonstop sempiternal round-the-clock deep-rooted continued without end infinite unabating long-lived running chronic unrelieved amaranthine long-standing boundless rigid strong solid ingrained unyielding inextinguishable stubborn long-term unbreakable consecutive never-changing incorruptible inflexible irremediable unswerving recurrent resistant frequent prolonged secure unflagging binding deep-seated hard-and-fast long-established ineffaceable always-on day-and-night absolute unabated unforgettable irrevocable illimitable final irretrievable equable unshakeable irredeemable limitless unwaning certain incurable staying repetitive sturdy entrenched hard monotonous dependable stout inextirpable persevering even around-the-clock oft-repeated obstinate inveterate incommutable recurring always immemorial long inevitable inalterable unrectifiable adamantine unfluctuating termless dogged unreversible unappealable habitual irrecoverable unrecoverable indefatigable lost unmodifiable peremptory never dying old unrepealable unredeemable stabile never-ceasing confirmed beyond repair shatterproof connected aeonian lingering balanced without respite undiminished staunch stalwart invariant toughened long-running non-breakable lengthy infrangible frozen hard-wearing protracted heavy-duty sure rock-solid decided hardened unvaried inexpungible classic fated undivided extended memorable accustomed seasoned habituated unrepairable predestined predetermined armoured returning 24-hour resilient rooted longstanding conclusive longevous traditional armored unbending untiring level doomed inexhaustible determinate tireless long-drawn-out unlimited unwearied incorrigible tight adamant without interruption great made to last irreformable inexorable hopeless unbounded immeasurable round the clock interminate overlong beyond recall remediless unfixable uncorrectable uncurable no end to no end of on a treadmill serious cureless sustaining carrying on maintaining progressing advancing pursuing grave ever-abiding inseparable living cast-iron unaltered never-dying time-honoured unmovable undestroyed atemporal agelong predictable unended ever-enduring hard and fast yearlong annual yearly seasonal unbothered unmoved untouched unmodified unaffected without ceasing nonbreakable rugged nagging adherent assiduous remorseless diligent unsparing repetitious repeating reoccurring intermittent pushy tough invulnerable brass-bound inerasable marathon far long-drawn same unalleviated stern sedulous harsh unexpungeable unwearying flat going on death-defying ever living not changeable proved valid hard-shell staid dyed-in-the-wool inannihilable firmly established irradicable worn accepted inured nonperishable phoenixlike undeadly calm haunting closed fixed as the laws of the Medes and the Persians trustworthy well grounded committed homogeneous standardized regularised regularized standardised that will never die that will live forever unerasable stirring rememberable staying put solid as a rock extensive long-winded true solid as rock old as Methuselah full of years drawn out drawn-out faithful tried till the cows come home hard-core deep bred-in-the-bone deep-set intrenched measureless wearisome stretched out responsible with no let-up day and night like the Rock of Gibralter categorical dragging boring for ever and ever without surcease steady-going without a break untold incalculable irrefragable nonbreaking inexterminable unwreckable reinforced undestroyable undestructable unruinable irrefrangible congenital carved in stone etched in stone inestimable abundant abounding irremovable well-established sacrosanct seemingly endless tedious in progress current indeterminate trustable bottomless immensurable not to be forgotten never to be forgotten sound sworn radicated customary indurated usual inbred innate rambling laborious ponderous meandering unfathomable horizonless helpless honourable trusty bulletproof honorable calculable fathomless unbound ill-fated gone fatal looped past cure past remedy past hope strung out spun out beyond remedy dragged out dull beyond recovery despaired of fruitless beyond hope terminal having no end not stopping well balanced well-built well-balanced anchored fastened moored riveted obdurate hitched fixed as the laws of the Medes and Persians decisive definitive attached stiff hooked still irrefutable uncompromising indisputable incontrovertible definite nailed immotile locked immobile stiff-necked determined unchallengeable ultimate hardheaded willful self-willed inconvincible hard-nosed implacable pat pigheaded perverse iron-willed headstrong self-opinionated impassive strong-willed wilful mulish ossified opinionated steely intransigent pertinacious bullheaded determinative inexpugnable unanswerable emphatic stony-hearted unimpressionable unshaken indurate rock-ribbed finished made fast stand pat locked in tough nut stick to guns dug in quiescent dead set dead set on nowhere to go impossible out of time

Phó từ

In fact, whether by right or not
de facto actually in effect in fact really in practice in reality actual genuinely in actuality real tangible truly veritably in actual use in actual existence from fact certainly honestly absolutely admittedly indeed verily assuredly truthfully authentically forsooth easily for real as a matter of fact literally categorically in point of fact frankly beyond doubt undoubtedly surely unquestionably indubitably very clearly positively nothing else but for fair no ifs ands or buts fairly in truth precisely certifiably of course legitimately unmistakably indub confidently well all things considered in the concrete in actual fact if truth be told to all intents and purposes in sooth to tell the truth essentially doubtlessly evidently manifestly undisputedly unequivocally obviously undeniably sure incontrovertibly without a doubt alright inarguably doubtless incontestably unarguably plainly so in all sincerity indisputably definitely all right hands down for sure for certain without doubt by all means decidedly by all odds irrefutably beyond question beyond the shadow of a doubt patently no doubt without question to be sure conclusively to be honest beyond any doubt beyond a doubt completely with certainty without fail emphatically exactly openly demonstrably without dissembling palpably far and away to tell you the truth needless to say for a fact come hell or high water as sure as eggs is eggs totally quite rightly altogether entirely candidly unambiguously just plumb one hundred per cent plain unimpeachably downright simply overtly transparently undoubtably in all honesty distinctly explicitly apparently seemingly there are no two ways about it beyond a shadow of a doubt by a mile firmly verifiably accurately reliably hands-down perfectly ostensibly supposedly exceptionally seriously probably markedly without any question indefensibly even cert posolutely by far beyond shadow of a doubt how almost certainly noticeably right on avowedly agreed inevitably nay visibly as expected inexorably granted allowedly confessedly there's no denying it no ifs ands or buts about it unavoidably acutely conspicuously recognizably prominently perceptibly recognisably discernibly unfailingly infallibly unshakably unerringly fixedly sure as can be sure enough as it happened very much as it happens very well decisively thoroughly utterly beyond any shadow of a doubt beyond shadow of doubt rain or shine come what may unreservedly it goes without saying wholly unconditionally you could say it must be admitted to be fair speaking truthfully naturally speaking frankly it must be said it must be allowed it cannot be denied it must be confessed factually to be frank honest Injun without pretence in plain language dead sure no question sure thing no two ways about it steadily confirmedly veraciously in every respect directly in plain English straight out bluntly forthrightly straightforwardly laying one's cards on the table with all your heart to someone's face with no punches pulled with all one's heart straight freely sincerely point-blank matter-of-factly baldly starkly outspokenly forthcomingly without prevarication level very honestly on the line dead level truth to tell to be frank with you without reserve laid on the line dead on with no holds barred on the level without beating about the bush straight from the shoulder from the hip

Động từ

Present participle for to have existence or life

Động từ

Present participle for to occur or be found

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existing Thành ngữ, tục ngữ

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