Đồng nghĩa của inextirpable

Alternative for inextirpable

inextirpable /in'ekstə:pəbl/
  • tính từ
    • không nhỗ rễ được, không đào tận gốc được (cây cỏ...); không cắt bỏ được (khối u...)
    • không làm tuyệt giống được, không trừ tiệt được


Impossible to erase or remove
indelible ineffaceable ineradicable enduring ingrained lasting permanent unforgettable indestructible inerasable memorable inexpungible stubborn unexpungeable imperishable persisting unfading haunting deep-rooted deep-seated fast fixed rememberable stirring unerasable never to be forgotten not to be forgotten resistant persistent tenacious obstinate lingering unbreakable durable immortal everlasting inextinguishable shatterproof abiding incorruptible sturdy undying deathless nonperishable non-breakable stout toughened hard-wearing indissoluble heavy-duty perennial endless long-lasting adamantine infrangible unyielding inexterminable undestroyable unchangeable perpetual firm armoured reinforced immutable unwreckable rock-solid undestructable made to last unruinable irrefrangible unalterable armored irrefragable nonbreaking eternal strong solid tough resilient rugged perdurable strengthened invulnerable hard tight substantial sound hardy robust well made strongly made safety binding inseparable nonbreakable non-corroding non-biodegradable wear-resistant unshakable brass-bound well-made weatherproof undecaying not decaying secure bulletproof steel-clad covered protected shielded reliable steel-plated ironclad heavily clad perduring diuturnal long-continued impervious dependable rigid stiff inflexible hardened vigorous leathery seasoned inured fit brawny strapping stalwart lusty mighty cohesive dense steeled moulded healthy molded conditioned cast-iron withstanding well built tough as nails hard as nails hard-bitten

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