Đồng nghĩa của sturdy

Alternative for sturdy

sturdies, sturdier, sturdiest

Đồng nghĩa: athletic, brawny, durable, firm, hardy, muscular, powerful, robust, rugged, solid, sound, stable, strong, substantial, vigorous, frail,

Tính từ

Able to withstand strain or hardship
robust solid muscular vigorous athletic hardy lusty powerful strong brawny hearty strapping substantial burly hefty mighty rugged stocky thickset tough Herculean sound stalwart well built well made able-bodied fit hale healthy husky powerfully built solidly built beefy buff chunky firm forceful iron jacked meaty ripped secure shredded staunch stout durable stark thewy well-built well-made bulky decisive energetic enthusiastic flourishing hale and hearty hulking in good condition in good health in good shape powerhouse stiff stouthearted strenuous strong-arm built to last fit as a fiddle sound in body and limb muscly heavy hunky mesomorphic big well active fighting fit in fine fettle sinewy dumpy bouncing well-conditioned stubby whole squat stumpy lively in good trim vital wholesome potent thick heavyset in tip-top condition squatty fat alive and kicking hard broad-shouldered virile heavily built red-blooded sturdily built fresh dynamic spirited fine stable blooming toughened right as rain hardened inured in the pink as fit as a fiddle fubsy as strong as an ox nuggety pyknic peppy plump manly bursting with health indefatigable weighty as fit as a flea broad trim cobby in shape cast-iron thriving well muscled in trim steady vibrant portly tenacious enduring sprightly in rude health heavy-duty perky full of life short reliable forcible muscle-bound aerobicized spanking unflagging dependable herculean bull-necked hard-bitten capable large chubby important good significant ball of fire masculine animated ample physically fit vivacious zippy driving enterprising fleshy thick-bodied brisk jaunty daring tireless snappy spry fit as a flea corpulent manful bold steely normal bright-eyed and bushy-tailed massive full of beans flush gingery hunk influential intrepid able safe unbreakable unimpaired invincible reinforced effective indomitable impregnable pudgy sparkling well knit great fast puissant in good kilter fortified dashing bouncy resilient audacious zestful hard as nails well-founded feisty resistant as strong as a horse up to snuff frisky sparky steamroller airy animate all-male pert spunky jazzy springy pizazzy pizzazzy gutsy male gay full of vim sporty kinetic manlike in top form untiring breezy aggressive physical valiant fearless courageous considerable tubby agile nimble lithe man-size mannish man-sized sizeable brave bruising hulky unassailable established buxom rotund well-knit indestructible two-fisted major well-developed beefcake well constructed well-constructed right grand unshakable hard-wearing airtight bombproof resolute pumped up restored diminutive flawless invulnerable built sane pursy abdominous tiger knockabout redoubtable effervescent chipper squabby extensive strong as an ox strengthened muscled intense tried-and-true high-spirited dominant seasoned lasting rock-solid nervy all right OK doughty imperishable in good physical condition in good physical shape as strong as a lion stodgy racy abled in excellent shape unyielding mettlesome plucky well fortified long-lasting fixed determined authoritative in fine feather bubbly fiery useful almighty industrious punchy pushy full of vim and vigour high-powered full of the joys of spring go-go bright and breezy full of get-up-and-go as right as rain fearsome ferocious young gorillalike healthful bursting with good health lean wide stunted full-bodied A1 balanced strongly made well-proportioned gigantic undersized dwarfish swollen better splay upright scrub big and strong healthier intact recovered refreshed rehabilitated ok nondisabled chivalrous swashbuckling gallant barnstorming healed upstanding tall undamaged peart rude mended cured tiptop ox hulk slim toned in peak condition green big-boned heroic lionhearted stout-hearted valorous girthy acclimatised acclimatized not disabled roaring rough commanding invigorated wiry ropy stringy musclebound swole toned up macho wide-ranging undecayed rigorous perfect unhurt unblemished irrepressible impenetrable immovable well set-up fitter moving demoniac motive mobile kinematic dynamical locomotive motile gritty rigid compelling armoured hunky-dory jock stud jockstrap confident noble lion-hearted colt stately he-man self-reliant dignified undaunted formidable headstrong in good form solid as a rock fine and dandy as strong as a ox inviolable adventurous overweight inflexible steel hanging together holding together infallible overwhelming overpowering efficacious adamant largish goodly sizable oversize outsized handsome tidy outsize biggish oversized voluminous boxcar studly fecund fertile butch laddish cogent armored cohesive impassible unattackable concrete trenchant go-getter indubitable everlasting stormproof well-armed storm-resistant well defended well-protected well protected salutiferous rosy-cheeked safe and sound rolling with punches quick to recover difficult to keep down quick to bounce back adamantine fattish round leading reproductive sexually potent procreative generative roly-poly paunchy pot-bellied large-scale tremendous predominant prestigious controlling rock hard bright-eyed bushy-tailed the picture of health adventuresome venturous free-swinging nerved emboldened rounded wieldy omnipotent strengthy boss zaftig playful well-defined well-established well founded blubbery obese well rounded porky well padded corn-fed well upholstered podgy well covered poddy daredevil strong as an lion buoyant strong as an horse loyal faithful upbeat go-getting strong as ox broad in the beam of ample proportions constant wick compact persuasive take-over exuberant take-charge efficient hard-driving porcine upholstered plenitudinous committed steadfast blocky temerarious rash reckless overbold resourceful venturesome foolhardy raring to go glowing meaningful material dedicated unwavering devoted on the large full of energy unswerving trusty true unfaltering hard-working real worthwhile key exciting electrifying flamboyant alive zesty dazzling bustling eventful historic momentous substantive extraordinary respectable monumental consequential marked true-blue unhesitating happening stirring impassioned vehement zealous colorful passionate humming colourful buzzing vivid rousing hopping coruscating intensive stimulating busy astir abuzz much serious heavyweight valuable principal storming resounding ballsy sensitive vibrating emphatic radiant responsive bound unafraid earth-shattering tectonic superabundant abundant vast earthshaking abubble aboil full-blooded all-out have-a-go hard-hitting full of pep high-octane full of spirit big-deal major-league tried and true hanging tough bound and determined tried and tested dead set on keen chirpy eager frolicsome cheerful merry bright happy ebullient alert quick ambitious zingy sunny cheery excited sportive gamesome jumping zappy persistent persevering jolly ardent blithe dogged hyper frolic boisterous driven go-ahead joyful on the go light-hearted swift motivated progressive rapid aspiring crank rollicking thrilling in high spirits unremitting unwearied diligent inexhaustible assiduous pioneering assertive pertinacious weariless blithesome striking carefree wild as merry as a grig earnest unrelenting smart self-starting hungry purposeful festive sharp sparkly occupied hectic exhilarating light speedy lightsome elated unwearying single-minded unshakeable hasty fun-loving avid hurried bubbling unflinching full of fun as lively as a grig exhilarated incessant unfailing lighthearted inspired buzzy fast-moving scintillating militant sedulous rip-roaring grind invigorating eager beaver energized swinging inspiring lightning breakneck self-assertive gladsome happy-go-lucky charged striving fleet employed energised blistering galloping ingenious alacritous imaginative intoxicating galvanizing riotous intent inventive breathtaking going strong gripping brash action-packed desirous exhilarative uncompromising on the move obstinate thirsty galvanic envigorating creative unceasing fierce power-hungry kicky electric alive and well surviving around still with us peppery mind-boggling mind-bending heart-stopping hair-raising mind-blowing on the make ruthless self-seeking engaged galvanising innovative debonair rowdy showy goal-oriented self-driven nippy dramatic gleeful fleet-footed hot breathless frenetic unruly rocking skittish working frantic full rattling animating energizing enthralling suspenseful tumultuous raucous mirthful uproarious undeviating in good spirits ludic supple joyous hustling jocund obdurate ready unbending acrobatic budding excitable stubborn original growing feeling one's oats energising fun hell-bent busy as a bee tied-up activated strong-willed sexy self-asserting get up and go bent upon power-loving high-reaching entrepreneurial new jovial theatrical up-and-coming patient youthful demanding fervent flying euphoric glad entertaining chaotic noisy clever exacting challenging jubilant whirlwind disorderly exultant loud coltish talented devil-may-care splitting rapid-fire dizzy arduous gifted dapper impish interesting laborious hopeful jocose heady crowded graceful frenzied enlivening relentless swarming rumbustious perk magnificent difficult poignant dexterous devilish extravagant pushing romping exhausting trying smiley game rakish kittenish teeming gumptious genial insouciant severe taxing winsome thronging dutiful frolicky roisterous prompt expeditious dextrous bent onerous eupeptic canty awake warlike resolved scrappy prankish inspiriting turbulent furious involved obsessed vitalized anthemic larkish cracking gladiatorial fanatical robustious unconcerned of good cheer express inexorable at work forward hardworking impressive volatile nifty engrossed hard at it rambunctious good-humoured emotional good-humored hell-raising on the hop accelerated full of joie de vivre like Piccadilly Circus on the job hard-pressed full of go full of commotion strong-minded like a ball of fire hard at work stop at nothing full of determination high-pressure dead set desiring success pulsating self-directed eye-catching uncomplaining long-suffering gregarious neat ambulatory outgoing expressive violent stylish unstinting fairylike grooving sporting self-motivated noteworthy fluid conscientious excellent high-energy outstanding marvellous whopping wonderful marvelous remarkable exceptional party salacious fancy jazzlike psychedelic glitzy hilarious liberal modern disruptive advanced forward-looking burning nonchalant heated pertinent dull relevant tight enlightened forward-thinking piquant rich tasty pungent distinctive tart tangy witty casual flippant sassy saucy unending unretiring enlivened turnt romantic attractive raffish ostentatious heaving deedful rising practical aware participating high perceptive full of vim and vigor swish elegant fervid zoolike unthinking untroubled unworried indifferent uncaring unconsidered heedless full of the joy of living frivolous ripping wanton still going strong avant-garde hardline fast-paced adrenaline-fueled cheering convivial pleasure-seeking slaphappy laughing jocular mischievous deviceful full of zip jumpy wicked full of activity urbane never-tiring waggish consumed compelled unrestrained insubstantial unserious puckish plugging unstinted continuing undeterred fireball continued plodding high-speed camp fancy-pants contributing devout activist presuming thrusting rushing thronged set unbendable unshaken possessed obsessive roguish overexcited fast-track exclusive swank fay sportful tricksy antic elfish larky rascally galvanized monomaniacal impelled outdoor outdoorsy fanciful whimsical elastic as happy as a clam on top of the world as happy as a sandboy gymnastic naughty funny unsinkable remorseless ironclad painstaking to the point inspirational decided intransigent headlong volant tantivy productive combative induced fixated compulsive insistent obsessional comical espiègle elvish argumentative absorbed interested immersed sprouting burgeoning expanding augmenting amplifying up-tempo sports-loving competitive tense belligerent expeditive going harefooted uplifting quarrelsome pushed steered guided impulsive besetting galvanised grandiose bellicose clamorous undisciplined uncontrolled wayward abandoned uninhibited pugnacious die-hard stiff-necked encouraging contentious cutthroat sustained urged on confrontational febrile truculent motivating bloodthirsty unabated stringent assured impetuous wilful roistering disputatious limber light-footed defiant bullheaded brutal motivational affecting elaborate toilsome nose to grindstone agonistic deft in full swing heartening emotive over the top over the top OTT tied up chippy clangorous obstreperous intensely competitive iron-willed in-your-face fiercely competitive having killer instinct cut-throat dog-eat-dog hang-tough self-willed go for broke self-assured can-do gung ho self-possessed self-confident visionary lofty hellish pretentious discordant willowy provocative impactful riveting provoking memorable shocking jolting startling knife-edge assaultive upwardly mobile brawly impelling stimulative quick-moving lissom featly light-foot lissome gracile nimble-footed feline lithesome strident vociferous vociferant over-the-top brawling explosive adrenalized cliffhanging killing knackering ornery touchy viral arousing instigating affective touching instigative exalting refreshing time-poor twinkle-toed urgent power-driven AC DC juiced captivating electronic battery operated absorbing motor-driven electrical magnetic plug-in rechargeable optimistic intending aspirant wannabe potential would-be wishful awakening piquing inciting triggering quick-thinking twinkle toes clear-headed quick on the trigger spright winged mercurial quick on the draw easy-moving good at sports up to one's ears rushed off one's feet overloaded in demand rushed off your feet having a full plate snowed have one's hands full having many irons in the fire slaving busy as a beaver at it on the run having enough on one's plate harried having fish to fry easy natty quick-witted flip joking spruce soul-stirring emotion-charged thought-provoking tiring future possible prospective likely living gutty adroit live breathing inflammatory thin-skinned on the warpath high-strung hot-blooded longing craving advancing itching yearning lusting termagant agitational existing expectant endeavoring endeavouring restless testing harsh unsparing sentient wild and woolly subsisting biological organic existent stem-winding spark plug hard ball burdensome flustering madhouse coming on strong viable mortal bumpy full on wearing imperious among the living having life in the land of the living not dead engrossed in wrapped up at work on rushed off one's feet with preoccupied with absorbed in immersed in

Tính từ

Strong enough to withstand rough work or treatment
stout strong tough robust solid substantial cast-iron durable hard hard-bitten hardened hard-wearing hardy imperishable inured long-lasting resilient rugged serviceable sound stable toughened vigorous indestructible resistant staunch strongly made well built well made built to last impervious reliable firm heavy-duty bulletproof made to last unbreakable stalwart seasoned resolute well constructed perdurable mighty dependable rigid stiff inflexible iron cynical case-hardened unsentimental hard-boiled steeled indurate well-built indurated callous impenetrable hard-edged hard as nails stark infallible foolproof safe perduring diuturnal long-continued tenacious inexpugnable secure reinforced bombproof fortified error-tolerant strengthened well-made galvanized galvanised tempered leathery accustomed habituated fit brawny strapping lusty cohesive tight dense moulded healthy molded conditioned withstanding desensitized deadened experienced tough as nails coarsened used acclimatized desensitised unfeeling heartless uncaring irreverent benumbed inaccessible hardhearted prepared coldhearted contemptuous cruel acclimatised hard-as-nails unrepenting disdainful impious unsubmissive unashamed obtuse uncompassionate unemotional hard-nosed hard-headed shrewd realistic practical down-to-earth matter-of-fact world-weary uncompromising consolidated stubborn adamantine set compressed compact concentrated compacted rocky hard-handed packed stony lacking sentiment toughened by experience as hard as nails as tough as old boots

Tính từ

Resolute and steadfast in one's will or ambition
steely resolute determined steadfast firm dogged unyielding unbending tenacious obstinate unflinching staunch inflexible strong unwavering persevering unrelenting bold undaunted unswerving fixed unfaltering unshakable purposeful rigid vigorous hard gutsy assertive hardened forceful gritty unshaken ruthless fierce untiring zealous hearty fanatical emphatic steady aggressive iron lusty fiery grim bitter burning ferocious furious granite stony unquenchable single-minded tough persistent solid indefatigable stubborn obdurate unflagging relentless robust formidable dour hardy hard-nosed thick-skinned cast-iron toughened bullheaded rugged hard as nails pertinacious strong-willed patient intransigent insistent tireless sedulous adamant sure unshakeable diligent assiduous uncompromising implacable importunate stiff-necked immovable cohesive inexorable coherent rock-ribbed persisting mulish true spunky stout possessive meaning business set bound stalwart unforgetful spirited dedicated resolved earnest committed indomitable strong-minded driven intent constant unremitting unhesitating decided mettlesome valiant industrious plucky active undeviating courageous enthusiastic perseverant brave stout-hearted lionhearted intense full of determination keen eager doughty energetic strenuous enduring willful dead set ardent motivated avid decisive unfailing ambitious manful dynamic focused purposive enterprising indurate bent feisty pushy deliberate bent on focussed intrepid go-getting stiff bent upon self-assertive dead set on unwearied unchanging weariless serious devoted unflappable inexhaustible bulldog hard-working self-starting hard-driving self-driven goal-oriented eager beaver bound and determined high-spirited conscientious fearless demanding unbendable unwearying aspiring obsessed four-square rigorous heroic militant sustained out do-or-die hell-bent hell-bent on hell-bent upon passionate exigent urgent pressing clamorous Herculean wholehearted unfluctuating incessant painstaking studious entreating settled laborious thirsty inspired dauntless unswervable desirous hungry striving pigheaded clamant unvacillating obsessive loyal faithful iron-willed gung ho abiding unqualified never-failing confident self-confident stop at nothing invincible unconquerable attentive resilient unsurpassable invulnerable unstoppable gallant busy game valorous exacting compulsive continuous never-tiring unceasing set on ballsy fixated adventurous monomaniacal even uniform consistent unvarying unmalleable positive imperious dire imperative crying undefeatable vehement daring self-willed heroical high-powered unafraid progressive pioneering resounding full-blooded perky jumping grind hyper bustling undeterred intractable hardworking unappeasable invariant pat regular high-pressure independent plugging plodding assured brick-wall lion-hearted ironclad operose undismayed irrepressible red-blooded self-asserting as game as Ned Kelly two-fisted self-seeking power-loving get up and go high-reaching power-hungry set in stone firmly-based repeated headstrong great self-disciplined restless direct hanging tough unshrinking unbeatable unquestioning unending unretiring violent muscular radical stouthearted undauntable manly greathearted gutty unstinting fervent devout hellbent self-motivated going all the way immoveable unblinking undiscouraged careful cocksure iron-jawed on the go ball of fire definite immutable straight trusty reliable thrusting pig-headed stanch hardboiled buckled down sagacious impregnable not put off not discouraged unintimidated vital telelogical mean business calculated be out for blood playing hard ball nose to the grindstone meticulous in for long haul like bad penny sticky competitive absorbed engrossed firm in spirit perceptive keen as mustard animated tough-minded resourceful certain take charge mean thorough punctilious particular clear-sighted all out flat-out straight out like a ball of fire on the make desiring success fervid impassioned sworn tried-and-true true-blue responsible pious tried inveterate dyed-in-the-wool cutthroat bulletproof unassailable insuperable untameable insurmountable heedful compelling instant necessitous emergent nagging acute critical intent on unabated bloodthirsty stringent pleading consumed compelled determined to committed to the idea of tall in the saddle on one's mettle insistent on hell bent on intent upon engaged hang-tough intensely competitive go for broke warlike in-your-face self-assured can-do fiercely competitive gladiatorial defiant brutal having killer instinct self-possessed scrappy cut-throat dog-eat-dog impassable concentrated possessed employed beseeching begging disturbing annoying troublesome suppliant overeager solicitous harassing galvanized impelled observant concentrating slogging swotty working obsessional induced persuasive entire preoccupied all occupied enrapt exclusive whole undivided good hopeful continuing go-go unstinted fireball continued impulsive besetting pushed steered galvanised guided overly solicitous deep alert watchful immersed urged on pushful peremptory unsinkable remorseless reiterative monotonous uncontrollable nose to grindstone intensive wrapped up fit powerful tough as old boots cynical as tough as old boots hard-bitten brash brazen undying venturous nervy brassy audacious daredevil dashing adventuresome unblenching venturesome frightless unfearing devil-may-care sporting unfearful everlasting unconstrained unfading inextinguishable eternal imperishable indestructible lasting unmanageable insuppressible unrestrainable uncontainable unrestrained unmovable incorrigible out of control wild

Tính từ

Able to be depended or relied on
solid dependable firm reliable stable steadfast strong trustworthy committed durable enduring immutable secure unchangeable unfailing fixed rigid true established faithful tried constant responsible stout lasting resolute sure unshakeable balanced permanent stalwart staunch equable trustable unwavering settled sound steady bulletproof calculable honorable honourable perdurable trusty unfaltering long-lasting long-lived long-standing well balanced well-balanced well-built deep-rooted good reputable tried-and-true go-to sensible loyal unswerving safe conscientious rocklike competent copper-bottomed certain always there to be counted on good as one's word carrying the load tried and true tried and tested honest upright true-blue trusted devoted never-failing infallible predictable consistent dedicated tried and trusted unimpeachable truthful impeccable righteous principled dutiful high-principled tested effective safe as houses straightforward credible clutch likely to perform unmistakable uncompromising fast unshakable adult rational capable of being trusted qualified efficient able self-reliant capable proven proved attested virtuous ethical incorruptible recognized approved certified demonstrated classic failsafe mature guaranteed foolproof used recognised straight saintly fail-safe fly right worthy of trust to be trusted above suspicion level-headed true blue boy scout up front down home on the level straight-up full of integrity sure-fire rock solid as good as one's word tried out put to the test time-honoured decent decisive determined respectable unequivocal sincere positive incorrupt careful veracious true-hearted

Tính từ

In an undamaged state
like new whole unbroken faultless sound undamaged pristine solid unimpaired flawless good preserved uninjured unmutilated unsevered untouched undisturbed unruffled unscarred unspoiled mint stable unhurt unspoilt safe undented uninterrupted unscratched firm unmarred unsullied regular unmarked unscathed untroubled intact unharmed steady together unblemished unremitting as new ship-shape as good as new in good order without a scratch ongoing secured ceaseless inviolate continuous undivided unshaken thorough constant unceasing endless perfect immaculate spotless virgin untarnished pure unflawed undefiled entire clean unaffected unstained impeccable unpolluted stainless fresh unchanged untainted unmoved seamless unaltered uninfluenced incorrupt unstirred virginal spick-and-span secure in one piece complete full total comprehensive consummate unsoiled squeaky-clean integral grand unagitated ideal brand-new undiminished compleat unimpeachable without blemish plenary unspotted scatheless picture-book absolute exemplary picture-perfect irreproachable letter-perfect indefectible uncut chaste spic-and-span model uncontaminated without fault unused unimpressed in perfect condition safe and sound brand new in good condition clear unviolated new glowing imperforate indiscrete lily-white antiseptic fair all in one piece as good as before blameless unopened uncorrupted unblackened innocent sinless guiltless bright burnished shining polished unworn whiter than white not liable to impervious not influenced not subject to immune well mint condition modest above reproach squeaky clean beyond reproach pure as the driven snow decent shiny excellent first-class smooth span-new spanking spanking-new original unlined superlative superb accurate correct masterly unerring error-free copybook tip-top natural as sound as a bell just so indifferent unconcerned dry-eyed exhaustive unabridged completed overall detailed out of danger sanitary shipshape untried outright conclusive uncondensed unexpurgated unqualified maximum broad inclusive extensive gross unreduced unabbreviated utter aggregate all-inclusive wide-ranging full-length full-blown full-scale

Tính từ

Of great size
large big colossal enormous giant gigantic huge great massive monumental humongous sizable grand immense super astronomical cosmic elephantine gargantuan ginormous grandiose inordinate lofty mammoth mighty monster monstrous overgrown oversized prodigious sizeable tall titanic towering tremendous vast astronomic beefy brawny broad brobdingnagian Bunyanesque burly cavernous chunky commodious cosmical cyclopean extreme fleshy formidable galactic heavy heavyset heavyweight Herculean hulking hulky humungous husky leviathan mastodonic meaty monolithic mountainous muscly muscular pharaonic powerful staggering stellar stout strapping strong stupendous thick thickset vasty walloping weighty wide capacious liberal roomy spacious thumping well-built appreciable biggish boxcar Falstaffian flabby fubsy hunky jumbo largish oversize paunchy solid buxom greater larger outsized whopping zaftig blimp dirty great giant-size giant-sized goodly gross king-size king-sized man-size man-sized of considerable size thumping great whacking great whopping great barn door big and strong broad in the beam broad-shouldered bulky corn-fed muscle-bound not inconsiderable powerfully built roly-poly solidly built well fed well upholstered king size hefty lumbering heavily built well built imposing thewy stark clumsy ungainly ponderous awkward oafish lumpish mesomorphic clodhopping substantial outsize voluminous clunky handsome considerable loutish cumbersome unwieldy tidy unco extensive muscled bruising well muscled rugged buff hearty jacked sinewy lusty tough sturdily built manly robust obdurate herculean ripped pumped up stocky stalwart whacking mega bumper Brobdingnagian supersize supersized gigantesque oceanic super-duper heroical planetary heroic epic Himalayan very large very big immeasurable generous boundless extraordinary almighty expansive infinite excessive princely terrific limitless ample very great behemothic major significant impressive high fantastic magnificent mondo exorbitant unlimited incalculable cumbrous super-colossal lavish notable measureless titan kingly serious stiff great big rip-roaring thundering steep substantive endless intense eternal abundant jumbo-sized plenteous extremely large extremely big interminable extra-large illimitable extravagant conclusive outstanding roaring striking decisive emphatic long overwhelming Cyclopean unbounded resounding remarkable unmistakable memorable phenomenal noteworthy complete unqualified comprehensive full-size mahoosive good-size good-sized megalithic awful awesome out-and-out thorough terrible dreadful Gargantuan cracking fearful a whale of a socking great whopper super colossal larger-than-life whale of a unhandy unmanageable unmanoeuvrable incommodious girthy high-cost inflated extortionate OS Moby moving august dynamic eminent majestic renowned illustrious irresistible behemoth statuesque plentiful bountiful astounding respectable healthy bounteous daunting laborious whaling appalling good full widespread frightful bonny unsparing thrashing expanded severe over the odds deep life-size horrific fierce harsh sweeping prolific mundo detailed unfathomable fathomless elephantic remunerative lucrative fat profitable massy fair-size fair-sized family-sized through the ceiling sky-high thunderous never-ending family-size not to be sneezed at swelled economy-size magnific economy-sized far-flung spread-out stretched-out far-reaching all-inclusive empyrean global interstellar cosmogonal interplanetary catholic cosmopolitan space intergalactic cosmogonic ecumenical large-scale paying moneymaking economic money-spinning gainful profuse pronounced consequential juicy

Tính từ

Fulfilling its function adequately
serviceable functional usable useful operative practical workable working efficient helpful practicable profitable useable actionable applicable applicative applied available beneficial convenient durable employable exploitable fit functioning operable operational ultrapractical viable advantageous dependable hard-wearing utilitarian aiding assistive effective handy invaluable in working order stout utile valuable of use good suitable appropriate fruitful running productive constructive adequate worthwhile feasible going utilizable operating valid active utilisable effectual instrumental up and running proper expedient sensible in force consumable of assistance gainful efficacious ready alive worthy rewarding capable accessible in operation potent of service sound live fitting of help apt favorable powerful successful living doable in action on favourable in use prepared relevant in effect current open neat wieldy adaptable unused right meet at hand nifty expendable pragmatic seemly user friendly user-friendly acceptable in order significant important becoming remunerative lucrative decent qualified vital propitious opportune benefic benignant auspicious beneficent adapted suited meritorious accomplishable of value conformable worth it exhaustible subservient healthy purposeful at disposal commodious realistic positive well-designed user-oriented easy-to-use versatile influential paying pragmatical moving wholesome able indispensable salutary competent in working condition crucial possible reasonable correct apposite fitted befitting ready for use needed economic realizable dynamic advisable priceless critical essential pivotal toward strong virtuous kindly friendly central behooveful timely money-making in business deserving pertinent due key estimable of benefit apropos decorous rightful in process realisable good enough win-win telling requisite conducive correspondent hot forcible in gear worth its weight in gold just equal equitable decisive determinative conclusive comme il faut no-nonsense sufficient disposable made well comfortable exploitative exploitatory exploitive available for use enforceable at your disposal in running order fit for use manageable forceful enough illuminating enriching natty multipurpose high-functioning well-functioning ideal perfect informative satisfying respectable desirable on line in commission wearable workaday in service fit to be eaten comestible brave fit for human consumption safe to eat approving common edible effecting accomplishing achieving fulfilling easy to use ready for action well spent meaningful justifiable able to function in full swing on track on the job on fire ordinary everyday purposive practiced easy breeze cinch snap healthful congruous commendatory salubrious tolerable hygienic all right favoring commending unobjectionable protean ample paramount imperative utility exercised empirical utilized used acquirable related correlated experiential tested empiric in demand strategic appreciated fundamental necessary respected admired exigent favouring offered attainable gettable on hand obtainable opened moneymaking commercial energetic puissant practised utilised no sweat duck soup loved esteemed best held dear of the essence prosperous excellent substantial money-spinning procurable open to securable achievable getatable reachable to hand around derivable from on tap untaken on deck easy as pie piece of cake simple as ABC enforced agreeable benevolent supportive cost-effective worthful hot property scarce exemplary worth the effort brought to bear hands-on non-theoretical precious acting existing vacant derivable forthcoming in hand encouraging gratifying promising nice profit-making inestimable sane orderly systematic integral consequential irreplaceable solvent fat juicy equipped solid plain unromantic factual unidealistic uplifting inspiring benign turning rolling stirring pushing movable simmering progressive traveling engaged flowing exertive travelling astir involved probable graspable winnable spendable rare choice preferable down-to-earth level-headed matter-of-fact real-world bankable extremely helpful all-important beyond price extremely useful -worthy vitally important of great consequence in one's interests of the utmost importance treasured in one's best interests vigorous alert spirited alive and kicking lively animated spry on the go occupational vibrant diligent industrious sprightly nimble in play at work non-inert non-passive within the bounds of possibility within the realms of possibility nuts and bolts both feet on the ground step-by-step well-paying paid off sweet financially rewarding self-sustaining sustaining assisting in the black paying well commercially successful contributive saving vivacious quick well-oiled bright-eyed and bushy-tailed full of beans standing indicative at play

Trái nghĩa của sturdy

sturdy Thành ngữ, tục ngữ

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