Đồng nghĩa của overloaded

Alternative for overloaded

overloads, overloaded, overloading

Đồng nghĩa: clog, overburden, overcharge, surcharge,

Tính từ

Loaded too heavily
bogged down burdened encumbered full laden loaded weighed down weighted down jammed stuffed crowded filled jam-packed chock-full crammed teeming swarming packed overflowing brimming congested overcrowded chock-a-block brimful overfull thronged bursting bursting at the seams cram-full replete filled to capacity overfilled packed like sardines inundated full to bursting overwhelmed full to the gunwales abounding chockful chockablock fat clogged heaving fraught crammed full full to overflowing flooded like Piccadilly Circus choked bulging at the seams seething charged overpopulated weighted hoatching flush beset plentiful beleaguered plagued overburdened running over spilling over like the Black Hole of Calcutta swamped up to the rafters overrun overpeopled stacked solid rife thick awash mobbed stocked profuse alive bountiful abundant supplied glutted superabundant saturated wall-to-wall complete plenteous gorged filled up full to capacity full to the brim up to the hilt full to the gills filled to the brim full to the top oppressed worried troubled overladen taxed bounteous lousy well-provided well-stocked thronging overbuilt well supplied chocker well stocked well provided cramped lined copious hampered permeated suffused padded plethoric covered occupied overfed luxurious lavish full up jammed full topped up loaded down torrential exuberant inundatory scaturient cornucopian inundant blocked plugged obstructed gridlocked impeded blocked-up piled high fully charged thick on the ground stuffed-up packed out massed mucous stopped closed stoppered blocked up jam-full stuffy occluded stopped up snarled up mired saddled besieged lumbered overcome overinvolved caught up snowed under knee deep consigned bundled chock compressed wrapped tumid arranged rammed to the roof freighted populous crushed busy huddled sardined elbow-to-elbow filled to the rafters fit to bust level with held back full of abounding in groaning topfull heavy set fixed slanted entire bloated satisfied tight crawling overrun by abundant in unabridged landed bristling dense sufficient bulging fit to burst full of commotion imbued impregnated filled with stuck brimming with stymied loaded with thickset SRO clean mob scene up to here lousy with standing room only full house sold out stiff with topped off solid with people packed to the gunwales cram full completely full whole strained multitudinous packed to capacity humming deluged jampacked overtaxed harassed imposed levied subjected

Tính từ

Busy or occupied with business or activities
engaged busy occupied employed working active diligent engrossed involved preoccupied absorbed assiduous bustling committed industrious unavailable hopping immersed laborious sedulous snowed taken tied-up tied up wrapped up at work tied down hard at work have a prior engagement up to one's ears at it busy as a bee have one's hands full on assignment on the job busy as a beaver hard at it hard-pressed have a previous engagement on the go on the move on the hop with a customer tireless time-poor lively energetic rushed off your feet hard-working rushed off one's feet hardworking slaving having many irons in the fire hustling having fish to fry efficient harried in demand having a full plate having enough on one's plate on the run painstaking persevering unflagging utilized in use utilised conscientious attentive thorough ultra-careful persistent studious careful meticulous constant keen punctilious elaborate close rigorous searching minute scrupulous particular interested indefatigable pedantic strict fussy religious zealous plugging in harness reserved being used unremitting determined operose dynamic productive vigorous spirited jumping in full swing participating hired signed operating laboring labouring selected inked devoted enthusiastic focused on dedicated dutiful ardent influential fervent devout faithful activist motivated contributing in place on duty in collar on board plugging away clocked up on the trot in a job on the payroll head over heels forward too much on plate go-getting go-ahead two-fisted swotty demanding accurate untiring exacting correct unwearied steady grinding whiz eager beaver

Tính từ

Holding as much water or moisture as can be absorbed
saturated soaked drenched dripping sodden soaking sopping waterlogged awash bathed bedraggled doused dowsed logged saturate soggy soppy soused washed watered water-soaked watery wet dripping wet droukit brimful brimming flooded full impregnate inundated marinated overfull overwhelmed packed replete soaking wet sopping wet steeped wet through wringing wet streaming wet like a drowned rat soaked to the skin dank moist water-logged marshy boggy miry swampy squelchy oozy humid damp fenny wringing wringing-wet soft clammy soaked through streaming heavy muggy mushy quaggy pulpy slushy drowned squishy gooey pappy sloppy mucky gloopy doughy squidgy squashy spongy pasty dewy slippery sticky sultry pulpous over-moist semi-liquid soft and wet moistened aqueous slimy teary big flushed afloat hosed quenched wetted irrigated showered sprinkled sprayed muddied splashed teeming rainy drizzling misty pouring stormy showery raining snowy foggy muddy flavorless colourless colorless waterlike dim anemic bloodless hazy flavourless anaemic serous watered-down dampened drunk boiled bloated seethed stewed succulent ripe lush sappy fleshy luscious tender mellow sauced thirst-quenching liquid juicy viscid oily syrupy perspiring sweating perspiry drippy stinky covered with sweat sweaty paludal sudoriferous mossy covered glowing sludgy marish uliginose hot greasy gunky gummy yielding sparkling unstable bemired squooshy flabby paludine beaded clogged claggy clarty sloughy subfuse thick moory peaty uliginous thin soupy runny immersed gelatinous cushy cushiony downy splashy slap diaphoretic sudoric plunged dunked coated viscous glutinous mucous slithery mucilaginous mucoid dipped slippy lubricous yukky slick scummy muculent

Động từ

Past tense for load with too great a burden or cargo
overburdened burdened overcharged encumbered strained taxed oppressed overfilled overworked overwrought saddled overtaxed surcharged overexerted piled weighed down put too much in pushed to the limit loaded overstrained overstretched exhausted weighted laded overreached lumbered overwhelmed laden loaden charged overstressed pushed overextended tired tested wearied tasked stressed cumbered weighed freighted trammeled trammelled exerted overtasked stretched straught pressured tried entrusted weakened hampered exploited overdone overdid tired out handicapped fatigued wore out worn out obstructed put a strain on preyed on crushed dumped on snowed snowed under put pressure on forced surfeited drained sapped enervated prest pressed embarrassed extended emptied worried retarded made demands on racked overdid it overdone it overused challenged wrenched tensed knackered distended pushed too far weighed heavily on yoked tightened exerted to the limit bore down on worked oneself into the ground pressed down hindered added weight to saddled with exerted excessively pressed hard on pulled down snew loaded down made heavy impeded knocked oneself out worked too hard run oneself into the ground made too many demands on piled it on snown made heavy demands on topped borne down on held down weighed upon went too far gone too far bit off more than you can chew bitten off more than you can chew overdriven overdrove drave driven druv drove bore down borne down ran oneself into the ground drove too far driven too far troubled landed imposed on thrust imposed inflicted put demands on sweat put great demands on thrust something on put upon worked wrought invested endowed overstepped frayed thrusted flogged worked over sweated used up made severe demands on fobbed something off on to exceeded the range of imposed upon inflicted something on made excessive demands on exceeded the scope of exceeded the limits of imposed something on unloaded something on driven too hard drove too hard driven into the ground drove into the ground gave responsibility for given responsibility for

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