Đồng nghĩa của awash

Alternative for awash

awash /ə'wɔʃ/
  • tính từ
    • vị ngữ trôi nổi trên mặt nước
    • bị sóng cuốn đi, bị sóng đưa đi; bị ngập sóng


Containing, soaked in, or covered in water
drenched saturated soaked sopping waterlogged wet bathed bedraggled doused dowsed dripping logged saturate soaking sodden soggy soppy soused washed watered water-soaked watery afloat big flushed sopping wet wringing wet wet through dripping wet dank water-logged damp moist soaking wet wringing-wet soaked to the skin marshy boggy humid squelchy wringing swampy clammy miry droukit soaked through muggy oozy streaming fenny soft drowned like a drowned rat slushy squishy pulpy gooey pappy sloppy mucky gloopy doughy squidgy mushy squashy spongy pasty inundated heavy sticky quaggy sultry pulpous over-moist soft and wet semi-liquid flooded moistened dewy aqueous slimy teary slippery steeped hosed quenched wetted irrigated showered sprinkled sprayed dampened muddied splashed muddy teeming rainy drizzling misty pouring stormy showery raining snowy foggy flavorless colourless colorless waterlike dim anemic bloodless hazy flavourless anaemic serous watered-down impregnate brimful overloaded full overwhelmed brimming packed marinated overfull replete streaming wet steamy close sweaty paludal dampish airless stuffy moisture-laden suffocating oppressive soupy stifling gelatinous wettish yielding like a Turkish bath flabby like a sauna mossy claggy drizzly drippy irriguous sludgy uliginose sloughy peaty marish moory glutinous viscous clarty squooshy fleshy cushy cushiony downy mucous muculent sweltering fuggy thick gummy unstable paludine uliginous drunk bloated stewed boiled seethed clogged perspiring warm chilly musty perspiry sweating dirty scummy filthy bemired unaired fusty not dry hot mucid yukky gunky subfuse greasy diaphoretic sudoric stinky thin liquid runny clayey clay boiling tropical covered with sweat viscid splashy slap very damp smothering cloudy gluey vaporous mashy pap semi-solid paste-like jelled semisolid semiliquid pastelike difficult hot and humid cloggy gloppy caked murky mucilaginous treacly syrupy


Filled or well-supplied with something
teeming swarming abounding replete thick rife abundant lousy fraught flush thronging packed full overflowing filled crowded brimming bursting stuffed crawling thronged jam-packed plentiful chock-a-block crammed alive chock-full jammed brimful seething plenteous loaded overrun solid heaving generous profuse lavish abounding in flooded superabundant bounteous bristling well-provided saturated swamped congested rich full of like Piccadilly Circus bursting at the seams chock-full of flowing ample copious prolific inexhaustible galore luxuriant exuberant overloaded well-supplied multitudinous populous chocker mobbed overfull laden well supplied well stocked overcrowded pullulating abundant in chockful inundated overrun by chockablock wall-to-wall compressed full to bursting full to capacity filled to capacity bulging at the seams packed like sardines numerous fruitful liberal hopping infested bustling pregnant jumping flushed dripping buzzing hoaching hotching rolling deluged cram-full fat stinking big lank hoatching covered knee-deep bundled full to the gills up to the rafters tumid to the roof overwhelmed arranged rammed consigned chock up to the hilt full to the gunwales wrapped choked close dense compact heavy tight deep serried lush heaped great populated charged crawling with like sardines cram-full of having a considerable amount of having a copious amount of in plenty cramped stocked glutted well-stocked crushed sufficient stacked gorged burdened well provided imbued suffused padded plethoric weighted impregnated running over solid with people jammed full filled to the brim filled up topped up packed to the gunwales overfed supplied complete luxurious opulent infinite bountiful boundless considerable in abundance rife with bursting with a gogo overflowing with loaded with replete with rich in prodigal munificent overloaded with well provided with crammed with brimful with awash with well stocked with teeming with crowded with jam-packed with chocker with brimming with chock-a-block with charged with swarming with jammed with stuffed with thick with packed with well supplied with solid with fraught with flourishing thick on the ground aplenty plenty cornucopian bumper comfortable large voluminous no end countless innumerable myriad huge extensive substantial fulsome sizeable commodious many excessive manifold riotous unstinting extravagant multiple multifarious alive with productive a dime a dozen superfluous spilling over legion occupied immoderate fertile gushing handsome rank multifold extreme sumptuous profusive openhanded broad incalculable various uncounted numberless unnumbered crammed full several full to overflowing uncountable sundry lined full up unlimited overfilled full to the top full to the brim surplus in excess overabundant extra groaning whopping mucho no end of thumping whacking effusive plenitudinous wealthy affluent permeated filled with level with encumbered inordinate open-handed gushy unrestrained entire weighed down stinking with competent swimming lousy with appreciable enough improvident over the top no end in sight weighted down fecund spacious endless roomy unrestricted expansive capacious unabridged decent immeasurable limitless diverse vast varied assorted prevalent enough and to spare fructuous proliferative overpopulated overpeopled measureless miscellaneous disparate large-scale multiplied rampant unremitting incomputable motley frequent mixed unbounded generative proliferous whole scaturient inundant torrential inundatory reproductive generating reproducing breeding yielding proliferant high-volume spawning wordy prolix verbose umpteen multiplex innumerous untold beaucoup unnumberable divers heaps like the Black Hole of Calcutta a mess of a thousand and one all kinds of quite a few coming out of ears more than enough


Wide-ranging or extensive
large-scale broad extensive sweeping wide-ranging far-reaching global wholesale comprehensive exhaustive expansive mass wide wide-reaching nationwide universal vast across-the-board all-encompassing ample big brimming bulky bull burly capacious chock-full colossal commodious considerable copious crowded detailed enormous fat full gigantic good great healthy heavy-duty heavyweight hefty huge hulking humongous husky immense important intercontinental international jumbo large leading major mammoth massive mondo monster oversize packed ponderous prodigious roomy significant sizable spacious strapping stuffed substantial thundering tremendous voluminous walloping whopper whopping worldwide super colossal a whale of a complete inclusive all-inclusive all-embracing thorough sizeable widespread grand substantive immeasurable profuse tidy all-round deep abundant blanket general total plentiful overall indiscriminate lavish superabundant solid plenteous astronomical all-around boundless handsome monumental sufficient unlimited astronomic titanic long noticeable catholic monstrous oversized marked outsize appreciable goodly extended rangy outright far-flung encyclopedic prosperous transnational profitable advantageous interdisciplinary entire multidisciplinary lucrative elephantine compendious across the board whole cross-disciplinary broad-brush encyclopaedic king-size herculean king-sized bumper expanded king size much respectable biggish largish outsized exorbitant reasonable whacking not to be sneezed at pervasive heavy bountiful generous prevalent umbrella scopic scopious serious common generic coast-to-coast company-wide unconditional absolute panoramic cyclopedic in-depth straight-out broad-gauge countrywide cover-all broad-gauged embracive all-in omnibus unmitigated prominent macro adequate worthwhile enlarged rewarding sturdy paying weighty stout comfortable widened stiff everywhere mesomorphic robust boxcar remunerative gainful fair outspread spread worth taking into account tolerable decent pretty far-ranging whopping great steep gargantuan populous inordinate overflowing numerous teeming opulent galore multinational giant pronounced whacking great consequential extraordinary measureless booming excessive rampant rife immoderate unwieldy Himalayan extravagant all-out unbounded profound broad-based non-selective mega cumbersome epic high Brobdingnagian pervading overwhelming lengthy protracted foreign popular pandemic epidemic thoroughgoing overarching generously proportioned unrestricted comprising transcontinental unexclusive wall to wall powerful bulk quantitative in quantity in bulk in the mass mountainous gross mighty ginormous towering stupendous thumping humungous leviathan thumping great supersize cosmic Herculean cyclopean pharaonic supersized gigantesque cosmical galactic super-duper very large super oceanic heroical vasty heroic planetary very big beefy imposing almighty cumbrous princely awkward brawny grandiose overgrown stellar liberal giant-sized well-built chunky infinite extra-large tall fleshy powerfully built burdensome hunky thewy stark magnificent behemothic giant-size extremely large kingly clumsy full-size dirty great portly ungainly hulky bounteous strong muscular solidly built notable lumbering unhandy muscly rugged statuesque unmanageable corpulent thickset l laden gravid expectant loaded enceinte built heavily built lead-footed meaningful thick buff stalwart ripped broad-shouldered hearty limitless terrific sinewy stocky mastodonic incalculable man-size of considerable size man-sized blimp very great prolific extremely big endless bonny Gargantuan mahoosive rich illimitable super-colossal extreme formidable multitudinous magnific lofty barn door megalithic brobdingnagian good-size good-sized meaty whale of a Homeric goodish tubby chubby competitive material oafish lumpish excellent maxi loutish clodhopping clunky filling OS cracking unco extra large steady heavy-laden decent-sized muscle-bound eternal rip-roaring dense overweight unsparing fairly large legit spectacular sky-high billowing whaling not inconsiderable sensible shredded measurable baggy behemoth obese porcine awesome interminable phenomenal titan majestic glorious through the ceiling muscled well muscled jacked bruising impressive splendid stately mundo square larger-than-life jumbo-sized Cyclopean striking noble superb Bunyanesque swelled great big socking great fair-sized family-sized family-size massy fair-size economy-size life-size economy-sized staggering countless spacey loose-fitting cavernous unfettered spread-out never-ending stretched-out big and strong sturdily built obdurate tough lusty manly pumped up legion sundry several convoluted many multifarious swelling simple covering various palatial eminent fine regal august resplendent elevated imperial gorgeous lordly superior proud royal ambitious sublime gallant baronial dignified splendiferous exalted haughty illustrious unreal awe-inspiring something else unmanoeuvrable incommodious girthy

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