Đồng nghĩa của not to be sneezed at


Not to be rejected without careful consideration
biggish considerable fairly good fairly large largish passable significant sizeable substantial worth having moderately good not bad OK reasonable worth taking into account tidy goodly large respectable ample handsome sizable good generous decent great substantive extensive major appreciable hefty serious big abundant plentiful voluminous lavish plenteous healthy fair bonny superabundant noticeable massive profuse whopping bulky oversize hulking outsize oversized marked outsized decent-sized bountiful enormous full much prodigious adequate astronomical worthwhile jumbo huge immense bumper large-scale bounteous comfortable sensible vast tolerable grand boundless tremendous commodious pretty whacking great unsparing thumping whopping great thumping great ginormous liberal whacking princely kingly copious husky spacious capacious ponderous not inconsiderable strapping gross boxcar burly comprehensive okay acceptable presentable fine satisfactory serviceable fairish all right profitable prosperous colossal monumental elephantine solid titanic long sufficient advantageous mammoth gigantic astronomic lucrative monstrous rewarding whole entire king-size herculean king-sized complete paying immeasurable king size remunerative gainful important consequential weighty heavy critical crucial far-reaching grave momentous material urgent vital meaningful pivotal key decisive high-priority earnest profound life-and-death of consequence severe historic heavyweight all-important acute rich of moment prolific powerful eventful teeming fundamental influential portentous galore solemn heavy-duty exigent notable overflowing earthshaking earth-shattering of great import of significance essential abounding intense of great consequence excessive telling paramount somber pronounced sombre sober central pressing principal conspicuous prominent deep life and death exceptional aplenty sedate staid numerous no joke no laughing matter plenty strong outstanding humourless noteworthy humorless expansive sweeping innumerable countless no-nonsense luxuriant of great importance big deal flush myriad inexhaustible impressive high-level lank tectonic cornucopian cardinal extraordinary palpable potent extreme perceptible roomy striking infinite broad forceful fat detectable rife dire capital visible impactful tough major-league fateful exorbitant good-sized prime big-time big league emphatic extravagant underlined uncomic life-changing measurable exhaustive many obvious opulent dominant thick on the ground immoderate core high integral intrinsic conclusive multifarious exuberant convincing especial uppermost multitudinous leading humongous overriding purposeful imposing munificent eminent useful mighty difficult special burning discernible distinguishable unlimited memorable major league in abundance necessary hard discernable a gogo crawling with measureless no end apprehensible populous global wholesale goodish commanding no end of sturdy exceeding tangible wide-ranging sound top replete effective manifold wide wide-reaching legion persuasive ponderable distinctive flowing incalculable cogent multiple steady pertinent fierce landmark valuable compelling signal awash definite primary intensive remarkable prodigal effectual thick main vigorous harsh valid untold salient grievous authoritative requisite determining high-ranking top-level foremost innumerous umpteen forcible rare uncommon unusual detailed sundry several various elevated top-ranking operative instrumental almighty unnumberable uncountable imperative dangerous sensational indispensable dramatic robust big-league unforgettable worthy of attention of importance front-page newsworthy alive with headline dynamic super colossal meaty responsible quantum a dime a dozen competitive distinct legit excellent supreme phenomenal overwhelming utmost filling stout billowing resounding hearty super mesomorphic careful baggy filled very great page-one unmissable relevant determinative overabundant surprising unexpected mountainous proliferous rank fraught spacey loose-fitting cavernous of import of great moment invaluable kenspeckle apocalyptic mucho swarming thronging convoluted swelling simple covering germane trenchant giant hulky grandiose unrestricted over the top epochal strategic stink with executive head out of the ordinary square lousy revealing concentrated focal ultra in-depth thorough relentless senior prestigious earth-shaking pithy epoch-making indicative world-shaking world-shattering sententious satisfying flourishing all-out endless enough and to spare mass booming maximum unfathomable bottomless limitless unbounded distinguished seminal well-provided well-supplied unwieldy Himalayan universal nationwide illimitable devastating undoubted mega Brobdingnagian cumbersome epic middling immediate top-priority pointed of considerable importance inestimable assiduous considered meticulous scrupulous diligent preeminent noted trusted pre-eminent reputable celebrated illustrious packed walloping bull across-the-board international whopper chock-full thundering stuffed monster intercontinental a whale of a mondo all-encompassing worldwide brimming crowded overshadowing of concern high-profile of note average so-so protracted rigorous decision-making moderate real generously proportioned honoured noble needed superior arch intensified mediocre indeterminable fathomless firm not to be ignored redoubtable formidable violent cosmic never-ending horizonless interminable indefinite immensurable durable glum medium ordinary common high profile honourable well known top-notch high-powered honorable highly regarded honored fulsome stern jillion unreckonable unmeasurable zillion evident ascertainable recognizable clear-cut perceivable usual multiplex multifold numberless unnumbered uncounted beaucoup gloomy dour grim riotous gushing intermediate mean high-up big time puissant skookum top-drawer of high standing austere heaps divers apparent observable manifest estimable plain pretty good good enough fair-to-middling quiet downbeat sad no end to beyond measure to be reckoned with big-deal wordy prolix verbose lush cold sober moving competent stirring provocative swaying capable enticing contributory encouraging motivational energetic able inducing stimulating impelling animating motivating hard-hitting inspiring swayful formative guiding successful inspirational rousing controlling alluring masterful touching efficient seductive efficacious affecting recognisable fair to middling up to standard run-of-the-mill O.K. matter of life and death milestone a thousand and one all kinds of quite a few thick with disastrous life-threatening distressing carrying a lot of weight a mess of terrible painful brutal a hard nut to crack glaring bad awful hazardous arduous strenuous toilsome threatening bitter bleak ugly taxing coming out of ears preponderant resonant keynote unordinary climacteric glorious particular sobering worrying perilous exacting punishing menacing precarious grinding peracute more than enough most important


Something that is decent, acceptable, or worthwhile

Trái nghĩa của not to be sneezed at

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