Đồng nghĩa của big time

Tính từ

Having significant influence
big commanding critical crucial important influential central consequential considerable core distinguished integral key leading major powerful prominent seminal top vital celebrated conspicuous dominant essential fundamental illustrious intrinsic noted noteworthy pivotal preeminent pre-eminent principal reputable requisite trusted eminent far-reaching indispensable mighty monumental necessary needed noble notable outstanding superior top-ranking earnest foremost heavy-duty high-level highly regarded high-powered high-priority high profile high-ranking honorable honoured honored honourable major league major-league serious top-notch well known big league big-league big-time high-up of high standing top-drawer puissant skookum great famous renowned significant respected acclaimed chief grand famed exalted esteemed well-known prestigious elevated heavy grave revered exceptional main paramount star high-profile prime heavyweight primary glorious august venerable weighty legendary notorious feted big-name big-shot premier cardinal substantial predominant supreme overriding lofty storied lionized historic admired world-class lionised VIP capital focal urgent recognized respectable meaningful first imposing material high especial telling professional lauded of note reputed senior sovereign salient signal popular momentous superstar recognised strictly business front-page four-star playing hard ball high-power life-and-death name remarkable well thought of much-publicized high-flying highest master dignified large pertinent pressing ponderous appreciable acknowledged arch greatest sizable top-level lead large-scale dire intense exigent uppermost striking primal ruling eventful instrumental all-important overbearing sovran overmastering visible aristocratic recognizable peerless head of consequence luminous number-one blue-chip tough redoubtable bright memorable decisive recognisable astral potent number one numero uno widely known redoubted celeb in the limelight special of distinction dynamic well-thought-of big-gun big name celebrity public authoritative venerated vaunted estimable upper ranking iconic brilliant marked stately energetic underlined famous name applauded valued singular high-grade presiding extensive germane imperative invaluable emphatic strong infamous laureate unforgettable shining extraordinary hot-dog winning immortal trendsetting dominating governing regnant big-wheel of mark supereminent nonpareil talked of arresting well received lordly much touted of repute worthy of mention having made a name for oneself highly rated worthy of note up there stand-out well-regarded patrician refined premium sweeping profound inflated fine familiar apex regal transcendent higher accomplished severe pronounced genteel elite magnificent posh biggest largest pointed impactful immediate top-priority acute almighty burning determining worthwhile difficult extolled grandiloquent high up higher up highbred gentle highborn huge upmarket wellborn fateful landmark solemn super overshadowing of concern life and death life-changing dangerous grievous established strategic of great import no joke of moment sober sombre earth-shattering hefty tectonic super colossal hard valuable no laughing matter of significance mammoth somber earthshaking widely praised well born upper-crust silk-stocking high-born blue-blooded upper-class of great consequence prevailing prior topmost stellar controlling champion effective leonine lionlike page-oner celebrious impressive formidable alpha worthy in the public eye resonant highest-ranking intellectual good immodest exaggerated excessive high-minded fabled prized distinctive historical well-connected prevalent of influence incomparable ascendant surpassing sublime something else superlative talked about number ideal of considerable importance splendid ascendent predominating executive not to be ignored high-status prodigious resplendent known common high-end glamorous everyday magnanimous of importance to be reckoned with far-famed much publicized responsible on the map heroic triumphal idealistic learned in spotlight in limelight self-important pompous overblown uplifting superb proud interesting conferring prestige expensive decision-making sensational unparalleled gifted matchless unexcelled unequaled unequalled first rate arch- of the first rank unsurpassed preponderant topical a hard nut to crack top-tier well paid dynamite super-duper something unreal mondo fab fat doozie exciting relevant buzzworthy omnipotent official of greatest importance reigning imperious predominate supervisory directing all-powerful absolute holding the reins overpowering efficacious arbitrary newsworthy solid gold out of the ordinary of substance to the max eloquent first-class rich oratorical majestic royal marvelous towering cogent successful magnific phenomenal deciding rudimentary underlying ultimate marvellous basic elementary chad most important most prominent most obvious most noticeable most influential

Tính từ

Excelling above all others
best finest leading outstanding top dominant greatest premium prime apex complete consummate first-rate foremost number 1 preeminent premier principal superior unparalleled unprecedented unrivaled unsurpassed chief matchless perfect primary prominent supreme terrific transcendent unequalled unequaled ace champion dominating head highest main noted number one peerless primo second to none A-1 boss capital choice choicest crown exceptional Grade A incomparable inimitable optimum select super superlative best possible crack distinguished first first class first-class illustrious nonpareil notable out-of-sight paramount prize-winning sans pareil top drawer topflight top-notch top-of-the-range top-tier unbeaten undefeated beyond compare big-time blue-ribbon estimable exemplary top-class top-drawer tops world class high-class industry leading a cut above the rest number-one of the highest quality one-in-a-million optimal par excellence pre-eminent record-breaking star surpassing top of the line top of the range unbeatable unexampled unexcelled unrivalled unsurpassable without equal superfine utopian vintage ultimate predominant lead ideal utmost quintessential topmost unmatched model excellent key central cardinal grand maximum major most commanding overriding master big sovereign arch numero uno supereminent overbearing primal overmastering sovran archetypal absolute largest unique peak biggest maximal idyllic presiding prototypical uttermost great high essential prior eminent max uppermost classic important ruling elite towering precise right proper very requisite definitive prevailing rare front greater better exquisite arch- record larger typical winning only fitting higher representative classical faultless exclusive extreme top-ranking pure copybook paradigmatic bigger world-class high-quality outside best-case beyond comparison mostest preponderant exact crucial core appropriate headmost full utter singular opportune vital flawless extraordinary senior last successful correct governing furthermost nth suitable ranking all-time noteworthy unparagoned unblemished transcendental idealized idealised out of sight topnotch just right on the money on the button renowned winner's famous celebrated grander loftier marquee stellar best in class in first place No. 1 lion's share elder worthiest reigning perpetual everlasting enduring regnant authoritative ascendant predominate unassailable upper domineering controlling prevalent bulkier weightier longer more bestselling top-level crowning underlying rudimentary simple constitutional initial decisive beginning opening aces solid-gold gilt-edge alone total directing untouchable inaugural A-number-1 unconditional relevant favoured favored chosen A-list heavy hotshot hotdog heavyweight of note hugest upmost highest ranking mother of all unequalable unmatchable pertinent apt unchallenged heavy stuff hot stuff significant apogean pie-in-the-sky best-example dream come true fairy-tale quality all-time best final without an equal in a class of its own culminating hors concours stand alone without peer stereotypical executive maxi victorious at the cutting edge at the leading edge all-out thoroughgoing concentrated determined imitable standard stock textbook conventional archetypical traditional venerable well-suited spot on made to order tailor-made just the job triumphant conquering of greatest importance the most high-up to the fore selected ripe mature fundamental novel special untainted unsullied untarnished one-off standout irreplaceable vanquishing extraordinaire signal sui generis one of a kind true to type unvanquished top-scoring far-out unimaginable fresh unheard-of unconventional one and only purpose-built once-in-a-lifetime new one-of-a-kind unrepeated something else separate amazing without precedent remarkable unordinary incredible phenomenal unrepeatable in a class by itself newfangled loftiest urgent pivotal critical apical zenithal tiptop highest-ranking seamless immaculate irreproachable impeccable indefectible imperative invaluable picture-book without fault picture-perfect letter-perfect exigent have-it-all of the essence basic focal salient intrinsic influential necessary indispensable consequential integral elemental staple weighty elementary must-have pressing material powerful burning serious high-priority high-ranking momentous lofty overruling high-level radical all-important exalted of great consequence top-priority life-and-death in charge well-known elevated grave compelling meaningful immediate acute required major league original high-grade far-reaching basal root determining dignified respected esteemed noble alpha regal potent substantive telling needed honoured germane imposing prestigious pronounced mighty seminal striking of prime importance mandatory honored dire intense necessitous conspicuous prerequisite highly regarded vitally important marked of the utmost importance effective especial august large almighty considerable popular famed recognized constitutive guiding characteristic inherent honourable honorable profound sublime revered pointed substantial fine iconic imperious ponderous first and foremost of supreme importance reputable foundational operative needful strategic five-star resonant of concern heavy-duty large-scale monumental formidable recognised acclaimed importunate historic compulsory obligatory of consequence life and death big league emphatic called for well known of the first rank well thought of high profile high-powered everyday accomplished expert finished particular noticeable arresting axial over above oustanding comprehensive intervening superseding of greatest significance strongest initiative chad bread-and-butter unlimited all-embracing all-encompassing obvious keynote richest in demand top-rank royal pioneer glorious managing moving intrusive projecting protruding impressive arrestive jutting obtrusive actual infinite unrestricted boundless unrestrained unbounded skookum tough imperial kingly omnipotent official supervisory all-powerful overpowering efficacious arbitrary magnanimous fabled stately high priority second-to-none earnest extensive dynamic prototype sweeping appreciable monarchical monarchal legendary trusted heroic triumphal idealistic puissant learned notorious desperate categorical severe sizable majestic monarchial prized valued structural holding the reins emergency drastic sore impelling upper-level applicable overarching eventful impactful worthwhile instrumental rudimental natural empyrean empyreal gifted high-minded well-connected redoubtable first rate highly rated admired terrible clamant driving crying parlous emergent constituent deciding apposite apropos demanded overshadowing life-changing dangerous grievous big-league major-league high-profile component connected innate prodigious prototypal earliest determinative climactic higher-ranking of higher rank first-string higher-level superordinate called-for very great meat-and-potatoes all important at the heart of respectable patrician refined aristocratic distinctive historical public relative genteel of interest definite posh appurtenant applicative much needed earth-shattering very important life-or-death highborn upmarket highbred gentle huge wellborn in the public eye solid vigorous of influence of mark pointful associated creative ad rem to the point to the purpose blue-blooded upper-class formative innovative widely praised well born upper-crust of distinction silk-stocking high-born imaginative groundbreaking pioneering productive ground-breaking germinal epoch-making inspiring inspirational generative most excellent most important most influential most prominent most favorable most favourable most advantageous most appropriate most expensive most successful most outstanding most skilled most illustrious most significant most powerful most obvious most noticeable

Phó từ

To a great degree or extent
vastly enormously hugely greatly highly largely massively monumentally much stupendously tremendously astronomically big-time broadly colossally considerably extensively monstrously sizably staggeringly utterly immensely prodigiously a lot exceedingly very much seriously really by half substantially mightily appreciably terribly significantly far markedly well extremely particularly to a great extent supremely no end incredibly intensely majorly a great deal way remarkably awfully especially eminently decidedly severely so immeasurably frightfully surpassingly abundantly very fiercely right heavily wildly to a great degree blisteringly fantastically achingly super plenty fabulously roaringly uncommonly exceptionally most desperately too sorely specially vitally full materially notably signally archly extra extraordinarily stinking awful mighty real thoroughly quite jolly filthy wicked exceeding profoundly thumping deadly spanking that almighty bloody dang ever mortally badly unco sore noticeably lots in great measure inordinately a fair amount distinctly incalculably ultra singularly terrifically devilishly by a great amount by a great deal strikingly mega too-too madly mucho dead devilish overly fair monstrous cracking roaring whacking bone corking passing beastly rattling rather positively darned oh-so easily absolutely indeed such powerful somewhat ever so altogether head and shoulders by leaps and bounds by far by a mile on a grand scale to the nth degree by a long way widely excessively deeply expansively hellish truly dirty plumb incomparably emphatically completely conspicuously superlatively strongly lekker fully totally immoderately acutely downright by a long shot far and away without question by much by a considerable amount by all odds on a large scale too much by a good deal by a long chalk to the highest degree far and wide one hundred per cent to a large extent beyond a shadow of a doubt rotten much too unusually that much so much outstandingly critically entirely painfully dreadfully exorbitantly drastically wholly gravely firmly wonderfully vehemently prominently heartily unduly perfectly intently suitably ridiculously dramatically unnecessarily fearfully unreasonably dangerously obviously unconscionably grievously hopelessly chronically fatally hysterically hard over perilously passionately precariously mad uniquely clearly parlously irretrievably beyond outrageously disturbingly to a fault all that par excellence very badly as all get out to too great an extent in excess in the extreme in a marked degree good and to the core extremely badly in all respects in every way in every respect a hundred per cent as all get-out principally mainly primarily chiefly to the hilt to too great an degree like mad every inch over- like crazy predominantly loads tonnes tons heaps through and through a ton to a marked degree a good deal to a marked extent basically typically overall liberally comprehensively usually prodigally generously generally essentially copiously voluminously extravagantly preponderantly mostly lavishly for the most part by and large in a grand manner almost entirely on the whole above all as a rule in the main in a big way sizeably glaringly powerfully infinitely inimitably famously cosmically heroically gigantically titanically giantly gargantuanly mountainously grandly whoppingly superly amazingly pharaonically awesomely galactically phenomenally oceanically planetarily marvellously astonishingly marvelously ginormously hulkingly astoundingly bigly toweringly miraculously wondrously thumpingly stunningly epically impressively sublimely sensationally heftily stellarly spectacularly magnificently surprisingly grossly bulkily breathtakingly rarely imposingly mind-blowingly overwhelmingly portentously weightily unbelievably abnormally superbly superiorly mind-bogglingly excellently splendidly atypically oddly grandiosely brilliantly formidably noteworthily gloriously handsomely strangely preternaturally peculiarly unprecedentedly amply finely bizarrely boundlessly anomalously profusely magically distinguishedly aberrantly almightily unimaginably unreally tidily limitlessly memorably majestically uncustomarily weirdly transcendently unwontedly uncannily ponderously plentifully loftily matchlessly solidly peerlessly plenteously inconceivably superhumanly wickedly divinely indescribably supernaturally huskily dazzlingly goodly jaw-droppingly unsurpassedly substantively importantly momentously unlimitedly superabundantly unfamiliarly longly nobly measurelessly distinctively freakishly unnaturally radically untypically beautifully unutterably heavenlily pronouncedly curiously preeminently queerly commodiously primely smashingly exquisitely statelily supernormally meanly unaccustomedly fascinatingly capitally pre-eminently healthily capaciously gorgeously thunderingly unthinkably magnifically royally spaciously impossibly fatly ambitiously novelly toppingly unforgettably neatly consummately classically endlessly utmostly respectably fantabulously consequentially unaccountably eccentrically transcendentally unexpectedly outlandishly bountifully coolly thrillingly excitingly augustly statuesquely startlingly unconventionally cumbersomely unboundedly imperially innumerably regally illustriously unwieldily roomily enthrallingly supercalifragilisticexpialidociously exaggeratedly insanely refreshingly baronially resplendently crucially profitably mysteriously disproportionately resoundingly admirably irregularly sweepingly decisively originally leadingly lovelily plethorically steeply choicely obscenely inexplicably illimitably unknownly slickly historically commandingly palpably peachily richly proudly interminably dandily bodaciously sterlingly groovily renownedly elegantly spankingly improbably spiffingly corkingly exaltedly rippingly extendedly palatially implausibly keenly heart-stoppingly theatrically cumbrously splendiferously lankly movingly countlessly ominously newly prosperously numberlessly invaluably sufficiently advantageously pricelessly uncountably soaringly lucratively reasonably wholy conclusively indeterminably paramountly unrestrainedly urgently incommunicably unfathomably delightfully intemperately pretty unqualifiedly unmistakably inestimably stiffly globally funnily fundamentally centrally fathomlessly eternally incongruously valuably preciously extortionately discernibly gallantly superfluously supernally niftily multitudinously visibly dreamily profligately cavernously burlily thickly meatily strappingly monolithically ghostlily defly absurdly unsurpassably righteously dignifiedly revolutionarily groundbreakingly freshly thunderously cardinally uber dearly soundly unspeakably hotly overweeningly intolerably crazily sovereignly très prolifically unbeatably faultlessly flawlessly overabundantly numerously preposterously pioneeringly untouchably mystifyingly ineffably ludicrously uncharacteristically bounteously inexpressibly imprudently unmeasurably bravely winningly bonnily effusively swankily luxuriously solemnly celestially idiosyncratically enchantingly bewitchingly queenlily detailedly sensorially stirringly opulently exotically sumptuously megalithically captivatingly maximumly adequately comfortably lastingly lumberingly rewardingly enduringly inexhaustibly bottomlessly pressingly infrequently laboriously undoubtedly veritably certifiably fairly immortally puzzlingly dauntingly boomingly deafeningly ear-splittingly exhaustively providentially clumsily humblingly hellishly paranormally decently ably harshly horrifically arduously electrifyingly inconsistently appallingly ascendingly multiply manifoldly devastatingly measurably competently touchingly universally nationwidely ostentatiously shockingly numinously mystically metaphysically lengthily horribly prolongedly too … for words earthshakingly incomprehensibly bewilderingly exemplarily fancily baroquely unmercifully tolerably exhilaratingly enviably showily splashily boldly perplexingly bafflingly spookily creepily divergently laudably thaumaturgically abidingly permanently irresistibly remuneratively dynamically gainfully nicely in general commonly pleasingly exclusively catchily flamboyantly undescribably prettily ethereally beguilingly stimulatingly invigoratingly charmingly daggily blissfully stoutly beefily fleshily brawnily chunkily sturdily muscularly alpinely internationally crowdedly intercontinentally deviously aberrationally first and foremost for all intents and purposes unrelentingly unyieldingly unmitigatedly loudly haughtily occultly crushingly paralyzingly paralysingly worthily direly celebratedly saliently portlily venerably blindingly quintessentially legendarily catholicly ecumenically cosmogonically intergalactically eldritchly meaningfully airily unmatchably aerially indefinably hiddenly privately ultimately eximiously applaudably bionically omnipotently flabbily fubsily hunkily paunchily dominantly jarringly unorthodoxly foreignly unmissably earnestly tellingly buxomly hauntingly eerily unbridledly unwarrantedly unrestrictedly fancifully notedly pivotally influentially foremostly seminally awkwardly grotesquely dubiously unrealistically freakily rumly gratuitously needlessly newsworthily burningly forcefully honorably focally honourably reputably iconically integrally nonsensically whimsically irrationally doubtfully unhandily uncontrolledly improvidently wantonly secretly inspiredly scarily ghoulishly comically zanily wackily foolishly unmanageably resonantly prestigiously redundantly dissipatedly wastefully indulgently dizzyingly incommodiously stratospherically uninhibitedly unfetteredly sillily overindulgently overgenerously daintily delicately publically subnormally purposefully aspiringly enterprisingly ardently big

Phó từ

In a manner of affluence
large affluently luxuriously comfortably wealthily extravagantly lavishly opulently expensively fine fatly grandiosely grandly immoderately imposingly impressively indulgently intemperately magnificently ostentatiously palatially plushly pompously pretentiously prodigally richly splendidly sumptuously wantonly wastefully big-time high largely well wonderfully princely regally majestically foolishly plentifully greatly exquisitely elegantly gorgeously resplendently elaborately swankily poshly ritzily stylishly fancily glitzily swishly classily abundantly handsomely plushily luxuriantly lushly silkenly recklessly ornately exclusively profligately chicly thriftlessly lusciously finely excessively statelily preciously improvidently valuably dearly showily profusely pricelessly unthriftily wildly imprudently sybaritically smartly choicely unrestrainedly exorbitantly hedonistically glamorously extortionately heedlessly sensually voluptuously flashily snazzily fashionably rashly trendily splashily overindulgently superbly irresponsibly beautifully highly carelessly uneconomically decadently outrageously pricily splendiferously exuberantly sensuously easily glitteringly prosperously steeply shiftlessly thoughtlessly aristocratically refinedly negligently invaluably impetuously inconsiderately cavalierly delicately dazzlingly inestimably brilliantly modishly unreservedly dissolutely rarely spectacularly daintily shortsightedly sharply snappily hedonically brightly unreasonably unfetteredly pleasurably supererogatorily genteelly tastefully gaudily riotously formally breathtakingly superiorly spaciously specially bountifully prolifically amply flamboyantly prestigiously illustriously short-sightedly colorfully comfily superly pottily snobbishly snootily snobbily snottily persnicketily classically in comfort impulsively capriciously gracefully nobly monumentally heavenlily plummily colourfully abandonedly cozily stiffly myopically incautiously fecklessly debauchedly spiffily stuffily dignifiedly irreplaceably licentiously sophisticatedly audaciously hastily pleasantly inordinately executively dissipatedly in ease in luxury flourishingly freely volatilely frivolously exaggeratedly greedily parsimoniously effetely copiously without hardship cosily in the lap of luxury gratuitously effusively openhandedly needlessly ruinously fussily fickly fitfully floridly baroquely busily incontinently liberally overgenerously inefficiently destructively uselessly dissipatively fancifully detailedly complexly complicatedly flowerily overelaborately decoratively metaphorically wordily sparklingly superficially flauntingly meretriciously tawdrily ornamentally glossily verbosely

Phó từ

In a large amount or to a large extent

Trái nghĩa của big time

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