Đồng nghĩa của apex

Alternative for apex

apices, apexes

Đồng nghĩa: acme, crown, peak, summit, tip, top, zenith,

Danh từ

The highest point of achievement
climax culmination acme apogee height zenith peak pinnacle summit crown top apotheosis capstone crescendo crest head meridian noon noontime sum tip-top high point culminating point greatest high noon high-water mark max maximum most roof spire sublimity superlative tops crowning moment ne plus ultra highest point high water mark up there vertex tip extremity brow limit mountaintop cap ultimate epitome utmost ceiling ridge high spot perfection brink highlight crowning point aiguille serac optimum extreme consummation tiptop nonpareil uttermost best upper limit quintessence prime tor highest part end pitch best part upper extremity hilltop flower crag fastigium depth elevation nonesuch ascendancy nadir edge termination highest degree highest level maximum height peak of perfection heights pole bloom finest eminence finale furthest point last word denouement boundary copestone best bit payoff nth degree pink dernier cri margin mountain top critical mass the last word greatest degree top form point cope apoapsis apocenter apsis best example perfect example ultimate example needle nab success achievement extreme case utmost extent latest most fashionable floodmark watermark tidemark verdure pay-off hoodoo inselberg puy steeple tower cusp excess verge newest cream feature heyday intensification capsheaf le dernier cri crowning glory very top inordinancy top part highest extent best condition triumph rim brim upper surface upper part upper layer most up to date completion full flowering finish conclusion accomplishment high best moment all-time flowering close maximum point outside blooming bitter end result capper exemplar classic idolization exaltation ideal glorification deification byword memorable part golden age most memorable part icing on the cake most outstanding feature record supremacy highest preeminence maxi immortalization idealization blow off crème de la crème beau idéal crowning touch greatest extent top figure the end punch line idealisation beau ideal very limit mother of all best of times terminal acuteness marge ambit bourn cat's whiskers cat's pyjamas the bee's knees best thing since sliced bread butt last extremes end point farthest point cut-off point springtime blossom salad days best days florescence flush floruit golden years best years time glory days day in the sun halcyon days day prime of life maturity spring vigor vigour youth vitality prime of one's life prime time blossoming flourishing strength record level superiority high level choicest part finest point greatest point spike past adolescence youthfulness tender years world record lead breaking point leader maximum value greatest possible extent pick prize pride elite choice chief first place highest rank

Danh từ

The top or highest part of something, especially one forming a point

Danh từ

The edge or extremity of an area or land mass
end boundary edge border bound extremity limit margin extent periphery confines extreme fringe perimeter borderline brim edging hem line rim skirt skirting termination verge circumference compass foot frame head terminus confine term terminal brink bounds limits frontier limitation marge bourn cap ceiling side lip threshold outline outer limits outskirts ambit circuit flange selvage curb outer limit demarcation line cut-off point fringes barrier radius extremities pale outside trimming circumscription outskirt sideline boundary line bounding line end point trim march precinct horizon bank borderland purlieus mark top outer edge tip upper limit ring dividing line partition line farthest point state line parameter parameters edges sides point divide margins approach skirts enclosure partition division ridge thresholds barriers contour surround maximum demarcation covering outermost edge environs ledge band strip restriction outer reaches outer regions butt mouth tail end marches borders check line of demarcation furthermost part restrictions limitations fine line reach orbit range sweep purlieu scope restraint control depth highest permissible level highest permissible value finality absolute constraint conclusion confinement fence farthest reach furthest bound boundaries perimeters compasses circumferences verges rims brims borderlines peripheries lines ends skirtings edgings brinks frames hems frontiers termini marges bourns extents outlines constraints sidelines terminals curbs borderlands precincts outsides flanges apices terms extremes feet trims rings bands ledges tops banks trimmings ambits demarcations proportions neighbourhood suburbs suburbia marchlands pales divides dividing lines restraints vicinity absolutes conclusions end points radii fences horizons neighborhood border line front line containment maxima strictures bridles reins checks caps inhibition brakes trammels fetters dampers restrainers ceilings curtailments cramps hindrances repression constriction upper limits regulation

Danh từ

A point in a network or diagram at which lines or pathways intersect or branch
node intersection branching confluence convergence fork interchange junction vertex criss-crossing crossing connection join joint meeting point point link bond union juncture joining coupling tie interconnection seam jointure weld meeting nexus hinge suture splice brace bracket articulation commissure yoke relationship coming together linking alliance combination synapse elbow coherence annexation assemblage conjugation tie-up pivot combine dovetail gore concatenation concursion miter hookup mitre collocation interface linkup attachment concourse coalition plug-in tie-in terminal gathering knee reunion mortise knot linkage coupler vinculum abutment bridge fastening ligature loop unification hitch fusion connector network closure connecting ligament stitching affixation binding seal entanglement kink twist snarl interlacement tangle intertwinement bow line cord mixture blend splicing merger channel merging connective assembly construction combining consolidation conjunction fitting together piecing together jointing junctive edge fixing repair affixing clamping pairing catch dependency juxtaposition clamp gusset tuck hem pleat ring cement contact relation stitch sew branch conduit ligation section association extension span transit copula rosette spiral braid twirl snag arch means of uniting contortion coil perplexity screw whirl reef knot square knot granny knot portal mapping fixture conjointment partnerhip uniting port amalgamation amalgamating integration synthesis blending fusing confederation federation commingling melding incorporation amalgam mingling compound correlation agglutination joining together centralisation commixture coadunation conciliation symbiosis congregation centralization mash-up swivel butt spring turning point center ball-and-socket hook centre crux axis pin fulcrum

Tính từ

Superseding others in importance or status
greatest best supreme top dominant head lead peerless prime unequalled unequaled utmost biggest finest matchless optimal peak predominant preeminent premium reigning ultimate unparalleled unsurpassed ascendant authoritative chief consummate foremost highest incomparable leading record regnant superior transcendent unrivaled unrivalled complete core inimitable key major optimum perfect predominate premier prevailing principal ruling unassailable unprecedented big central commanding controlling dominating domineering governing maximum overriding presiding prevalent primary prominent supereminent unexampled unexcelled unsurpassable utopian arch capital cardinal exemplary grand main master nonpareil paramount primal select sovereign unbeatable unbeaten undefeated furthermost largest overbearing overmastering sovran best possible second to none without equal beyond compare industry leading number one pre-eminent top-class top of the line top of the range top-tier first class first-class record-breaking top-drawer a cut above the rest number-one numero uno par excellence top-of-the-range number 1 sans pareil top drawer topflight prize-winning illustrious notable first superlative eminent distinguished star top-notch champion great outstanding topmost loftiest first-rate elite super ace uppermost crack world class crown apical high-class big-time prior better stellar maximal senior higher greater larger bigger elder zenithal tiptop highest-ranking arch- top-ranking winning winner's terrific No. 1 primo noted exceptional choicest boss choice A-1 Grade A out-of-sight of the highest quality one-in-a-million surpassing blue-ribbon vintage estimable superfine tops upmost exalted august elevated noble dignified respectable honoured venerable patrician refined esteemed aristocratic culminating furthest up respected revered famous celebrated regal renowned genteel focal posh highbred gentle highborn huge upmarket large lofty honored grave wellborn highly regarded well-known blue-blooded upper-class major league widely praised well born upper-crust silk-stocking well thought of of distinction high-born excellent superb fine marvellous marvelous wonderful fantastic splendid fabulous awesome sensational sterling fab quality cool cracking divine neat tip-top mean heavenly fantabulous swell dandy lovely nifty groovy peachy topping radical hot phat slick beautiful classic dynamite crackerjack supernal dope corking prizewinning immense top-of-the-line top-shelf keen gilt-edged righteous blue-chip frontline five-star jim-dandy bang-up banner prize wizard A-OK first-string gilt-edge bumper bully gangbusters gangbuster four-star peachy keen boffo bonny brag bonnie down hype brave gone magnificent brilliant out of this world smashing wicked world-class exquisite glorious admirable sublime good impressive tremendous brill high-quality very good extraordinary top-hole supercalifragilisticexpialidocious amazing phenomenal high-grade remarkable rad topnotch incredible too much magic worthy beaut schmick spiffing top-quality delightful dazzling of the first water exclusive accomplished striking spectacular valuable mega rare bosting special A1 on fleek ripping bonzer meritorious formidable mind-blowing bodacious deluxe gorgeous flawless applaudable amazeballs exo sik masterly commendable crucial stunning stupendous high elegant splendiferous of the first order skilful skillful ideal sound laudable breathtaking noteworthy unreal prodigious majestic belting pearler imposing barrie honourable enjoyable nice praiseworthy honorable attractive priceless def dreamy unique awe-inspiring of high quality chillin' desirable precious bad memorable invaluable spanking thrilling exciting of the highest standard grade A far out out of sight important reputable pleasing powerful virtuoso pleasant top-level top-grade beezer luxurious highest quality too good to be true dainty clever luxury ingenious enviable distinctive stately inspired class classical unmatched cream fancy expert blissful model royal able selected proud crowning profound marvy creditable solid goodly hunky-dory fabby splendorous lank kif fly of the highest order of a high standard way-out the dog's bollocks the best astonishing enchanting genius satisfying influential smart quick creative standout radiant agreeable favorable satisfactory sharp gratifying singular talented gifted pleasurable delicate rapturous extreme bright recherche arresting deserving chic worthiest shipshape faultless monumental congenial gnarly pick outrageous resplendent classy upscale inventive state-of-the-art massive extravagant unbelievable inspiring awesomesauce magnific adept mighty rich bosker favourable mind-boggling outside moving extraordinaire very best super-duper high-end out-of-this-world award-winning zero cool top quality extremely good top-end top-flight grandiose reliable certified high-level high-ranking staggering imperial positive brainy intelligent plum entrancing prestigious acceptable epic baronial ravishing intellectual heroic welcome gallant charming fascinating masterful astute stirring super-eminent super-excellent heroical fair coruscating enthralling alluring delectable exhilarating fantastical especial first-line up to snuff irreproachable profitable Homeric unimpeachable acute high-up affecting VIP untouchable deft advanced pretty sunny idyllic wondrous plush astounding effusive excessive knowledgeable learned scholarly solid gold decent blameless eventful worthwhile foxy pure scrumptious quintessential honest exaggerated inflated not bad flagship precocious intense trusted adroit penetrating educated erudite discerning cerebral perspicacious momentous really good signal costly dear pricey expensive paradisal paradisaic A-list copacetic paradisiacal paradisiac competent banging rational fast alert knowing eloquent rousing unusually good Einstein sharp-witted spendy big-ticket impassioned best ever in a class all by itself eggheaded supersmart very intelligent ultraexpensive something else high quality mostest whip nimble most one in a million hyperintelligent quick-witted far-out whiz kid deep ka pai like wow worthy of admiration worthy of commendation spiritual whip-smart salt of the earth not too shabby ultrasmart above and beyond of highest order pricy in a league of their own high-ticket tough heavy world definitive piked impeccable hand-picked elect captivating bewitching popular preferential favored 10 preferred mint legit unforgettable well-made handpicked favorite agile fat thoroughbred sweet favoured cherry-picked favourite uncommon unusual rewarding colossal grade-A rocking juicy meritable dream carefully chosen unblemished good quality high-caliber a cut above the very best a standout eclectic sophisticated to die for eximious skilled polished ritzy really nice handy apt stylish well-designed natty convenient spruce high-test tophole bestselling 24-karat A-grade high-profile covetable marked cat's meow five star of the highest type top grade best-quality highest-quality fashionable unorthodox with it pretty cool wild hunky dory cat's pajamas awing consequential above average slap-up diverting particular chur rockin good-quality high-calibre portentous miraculous theatrical up to standard up to scratch up to par cordon bleu significant refreshing insane gee-whizz forcible vital crash-hot cushy archetypal imaginative very fine eye-popping awe-striking heart-stopping eye-opening jaw-dropping paradisic ambrosial superhuman yummy lush adorable saintly surprising agitating strong crazy effective well-done essential traditional entire unimpaired uninjured unharmed unhurt unbroken undamaged whole intact innovational innovative plump plummy preferable capable innovatory ripe mature ridiculous enterprising original uttermost max resourceful daring bold delicious lavish absorbing touching dramatic major-league front-page lordly virtuosic pukka well-connected notorious prized valued upright propitious auspicious transcendental sacred uplifting inspirational the most holy abstract virtuous of genius opportune recognized of influence high profile historical oratorical towering integral alpha all-important high-powered upper fabled puissant cogent successful famed potent seminal of note deciding moral dependable ethical unmarred principled optimistic advantageous hopeful opulent ambitious palatial haughty pompous sumptuous ostentatious pretentious trustworthy upstanding resonant recognised iconic likable appealing rosy heartening encouraging providential conscientious up to the mark reputed suitable palmary nasty batting a thousand believeable organic well-thought-of trusty roseate upbeat promising likely justifiable justified fitting incorrupt joyous comforting lovesome flashy affable comfortable photogenic amiable hunky clear mild tasteful tempting euphoric glamorous seductive presentable engaging high-minded of good report law-abiding true right-thinking squeaky clean high-principled right-minded paragon sup rior all very well well and good fortunate A-number-1 hundred-proof dollish amusing glossy snazzy flamboyant fetching taking aesthetic well-favored showstopping OK cheery drop-dead splashy good-looking beauteous glamourous intoxicating showy in order dishy relief unspoilt glad comely knockout blessed pulchritudinous statuesque fun cunning cute eye-catching zingy soothing hospitable sightly prettyish full of promise golden one-off rose-colored genial passable delightsome telegenic elating copasetic esthetic savory grateful darling dulcet blest paradisaical calming recreative ecstatic relishable likeable irie savoury better than usual improved enhanced of the best quality better than average most excellent most important most influential most outstanding most prominent most elevated

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