Đồng nghĩa của sideline

Alternative for sideline

sideline /'saidlain/
  • ngoại động từ
    • cho ra ngoài, cho ra ngoài lề (không được tham gia vào cuộc đấu...)
      • he was sidelined by his injury: anh ấy bị thương phải cho ra ngoài


An activity done in addition to one's main job, especially to earn extra income
subsidiary hobby distraction diversion recreation side job byproduct leisure activity leisure pursuit moonlighting offshoot pastime secondary occupation second job spinoff income supplement secondary activity side project second string to your bow amusement pursuit relaxation avocation entertainment sport divertissement interest thing game activity hobbyhorse enthusiasm fad fun whimsy play obsession craze kick occupation pleasure leisure interest resource passion leisure mania bug side interest fun and games fancy specialty whim craft bag quest vagary shot weakness art schtick amateur interest speciality pleasurable pastime pet topic favourite occupation favorite occupation labor of love enjoyment delight frolic lark caper disport merrymaking jest festivity relief merriment jollies romp dalliance gaiety rage beguilement endeavour scene endeavor gratification frolicking picnic ball games rollicking rec preoccupation celebration grins laughs regalement penchant revelry inclination predilection treat preference R and R high time cup of tea junketing horseplay jollification feast beer and skittles engrossment jollity fixation project rollick racket joy zeal adventure kicks thrill escapism outdoor activity special interest source of fun joyride hobby horse exercise cheer interruption restoration satisfaction refreshment undertaking partying source of pleasure drive relish fetish blast spree escape athletics action good time business task physical exercise competitive games physical recreation physical activity trend larks vogue skylarking romping capering playfulness sensation buzz style whoopee merry-go-round hoopla levity dissipation delectation frivolity gaming chic impulse flavour fashion flavor gambling foolery humour prank happiness humor gamboling gambol joking sports frisk sportiveness rest and relaxation go mode gambolling thing to do teasing me-time a good time living it up match field day escapade party conviviality hot ticket dernier cri last word festival bash shenanigans fete ceremony gala taste pick propensity liking partiality custom proneness aptness turn-on desire bent disposition choice like position what floats one's boat nature good times high jinks jubilation carnival indulgence frolics show jamboree hijinks joviality wassail revels jubilee soiree great time shenanigan cavorting


(usually in plural form "
edge periphery border boundary fringe margin rim verge perimeter skirt brim circumference bound hem borderline brink edging compass frame confines skirting end marge bourn bounds limits limit lip confine extremity selvage side bank trimming sides flange extremities outermost edge line outskirt outskirts ambit outside circuit covering outer reaches outer regions outer edge outer limits frontier termination extent outline threshold terminus fringes limitation outer limit pale barrier circumscription cap demarcation line cut-off point dividing line boundary line march ceiling curb flank demarcation bounding line divide extreme term radius precinct terminal borderland divider horizon embankment restriction cusp partition line fence edges borders margins trim point marches parameter restraint line of demarcation crossover end point surround enclosure range partition reach ring purlieus scope top mouth orbit tip division mark constraint confinement state line levee farthest point boundaries watershed hand distinction apex approach skirts foot head ridge precipice contour ledge band strip marchland mount mantle tail end ring-fence furthermost part butt environs fine line connection crossing point depth finality absolute conclusion end of the line outer fringe outside limit restrictions limitations link sweep purlieu farthest reach furthest bound interface maximum stretch realm sphere purview check control regulation curtailment perspective outlook ken trammel restrainer containment bridle damper rein brake constrainment fetter constriction inhibition prospect perception cramp hindrance repression stricture cutoff point upper limit range of experience tops


To put aside
shelve suspend put aside put off slow pedal put on the back burner postpone defer delay adjourn table mothball pigeonhole hold dismiss lay aside put on hold hold up hold off hold over put on ice put back put in cold storage file put on the bank burner put on one side remit reschedule prorogue stay respite continue prolong freeze lay on the table stand over slow up put off the evil hour put to one side hold off on carry over do later put on back burner hang up tie up take a rain check on put off the evil day put over set aside hold in abeyance keep in abeyance lay over stall interrupt discontinue break off terminate procrastinate retard bring to an end intermit dissolve stop halt protract cut short hang fire cease detain give rain check end call a halt to extend hold back arrest withhold put a stop to disband recess check prorogate put on the shelf pause waive slow finish hinder impede dally break up put in abeyance give a rain check call a halt park reserve put something on hold hold something in abeyance get across put across reprieve forestay hold something over put something off retain suppress cool it temporise temporize hang cool contain save take offline abort cut break keep block lengthen obstruct neglect leave renounce avoid cancel sever take a raincheck set back slow down leave off curtail cut off suspend proceedings dawdle tarry linger dillydally loiter lag poke curb knock off take a break restrain let up come to an end take a recess take five take a breather bring to a halt bring to a close bring to a standstill stop dead stop short take a rain check take a breather from bar quit pink-slip omit inactivate can call it a day leave to another time drag one's feet put on a back burner rule out stave off push back lay off count out shut up put out of commission pack away decommission put into storage put an end to


To demote or downgrade
demote dismiss downgrade exclude relegate lay off ostracize banish ostracise freeze out leave out leave out in the cold disown displace disregard invisibilize marginalize expel marginalise oust cast out cast off throw out cut out excommunicate exile disfellowship cut expulse expatriate cut dead drop deport bar ban reject debar eliminate prohibit embargo blackball shut out keep out except omit forbid refuse boycott veto bounce proscribe repudiate remove disallow ignore disbar black evict eject preclude interdict close out discount get rid of shut the door on disclude block send to Coventry not count suspend estop refuse to admit put an embargo on occlude obviate stop rule out count out ward off prevent drive out miss out bate pass over force out blacklist prevent from entering put out lock out set aside refuse admittance deny access to outlaw snub spurn cancel shun discharge inhibit drum out taboo rebuff kick out boot out turf out enjoin avoid coldshoulder deny restrain turn out delete out rout chase halt criminalize slang kill make illegal cold-shoulder criminalise disqualify erase send packing discard run off place an embargo on revoke nix forfend renounce recant deprive cross out disclaim abjure take out obstruct put an end to put a stop to give the cold shoulder give the bum's rush discontinue efface excise forestall check restrict cashier expunge blank obliterate scrub scrap suppress shut off reverse push out thrust out blue-pencil cut off strike out censor keep off take back elide disavow keep at arm's length leave off quash annul rub out say no to countermand invalidate retract block out chuck out close one's doors to ink out refuse entrance to give someone the push give someone the boot put down pass up throw out on your ear show the door hinder interrupt quit cease overlook impede vote against rusticate limit oppose rub negative squeeze out condemn withdraw scratch curse rescind deter isolate dele edit recall declare ineligible negate abolish freeze spike stymie transport forgo sack repeal blot out edit out overrule shoot down hold up lock up declare illegal nullify dispossess renege fling out purge backpedal override dislodge squash forswear refrain from drive off give the thumbs down to bin off strike destroy abnegate give the cold shoulder to score out steer clear of x out stroke out wipe out white out drive away give the elbow let go do away with declare null and void pass on back out of ice out keep back black out zing call off put a line through hand someone the frozen mitt not buy give a wide berth to cast aside pass by give the boot have nothing to do with give someone the big E give someone the air disacknowledge deny entry look straight through deny admittance to turn on attaint foreclose rule something out exempt inveigh press out unchurch express gouge out lock someone out counteract waive denounce anathematize prohibit from entering give somebody the cold shoulder takfir overturn disentitle turn against thwart weed out censure down circumvent throw turn down avert put a price on someone's head illegalize shut out of ward give one the gate consider undesirable mark off make it impossible for make it impracticable for make impossible defenestrate factor out refuse admission to close down close up officially forbid leave in the cold thumbs down hit list refuse to employ leave out of account sling out not include fail to include turn your back on brush off stay away from hold aloof from abstain from wash one's hands of impose sanctions withhold patronage refuse to take part in repatriate extradite fordrive bust fire heave out stand in the way of put on hit list make impracticable ask to leave forget slur extrude extradict sequester stave off put paid to not consider forget about end break can throw out on ear give the hook give walking papers show you the door cover axe conceal hide mask chase away send away veil give something a miss shake off see the back of shroud ax give the sack to give someone their P45 eighty-six ditch unloose force to leave give the chop give someone the bullet bump give the heave-ho irrupt dump throw overboard give the old heave-ho toss kiss goodbye send off throw someone out on their ear give someone their marching orders give someone their cards show the gate to hang up put a lock on put a stopper in bottle up keep lid on box in bring to screeching halt put half nelson on gridlock jam up pour cold water on put chill on cool cork throw cold water on tie up seclude break off carve desist from extirpate usurp break up knock off exsect sever extract give over close blockade screen beleaguer void abrogate null unsay contradict undo call abandon vacate abort unpublish eradicate gainsay give up do without take away disannul make void dismantle lift counterorder render invalid desert jilt scorn cry off call back refute repulse disdain repel eschew forsake despise burn unfollow unfriend strike down declare invalid blank out cancel out blue pencil stamp out render null and void roll back root out sweep away X out snuff out score trim X-out snip scratch out bleep decontaminate terminate squelch sterilize sanitize clean fence off give someone the brush-off give someone the go-by scoff at break with swear off kick someone in the teeth have nothing more to do with foreswear rebut disprove shed subtract pack up pack in sanitise sterilise explode disaffirm debunk contest discredit challenge withhold renege on back down reel in have change of heart retrograde welsh fall back retreat take in back off eat your words change one's mind recede eat one's words forget it apologise nig go back on change one's tune back out do a U-turn on apologize retrocede draw back row back on withcall backtrack on do an about-turn on declare untrue controvert counter disconfirm dissent from clean up Tippex out declare taboo disagree with confute shut down say no contravene begrudge disbelieve shoot full of holes withsay curb take exception to call on enjoin from shoot down in flames doubt disagree turn thumbs down stand in the way hold back sacrifice put the chill on give the red light to put the kibosh on bundle off remove by force pack off give the 1-2-3


To render physically powerless, injured or unable to move
cripple incapacitate disable immobilise immobilize hamstring lame maim debilitate disfigure handicap injure mutilate paralyse paralyze prostrate damage impair torpefy attenuate blunt deface disarm dislimb dismember mangle palsy sap stifle undermine unstrengthen make lame weaken enfeeble enervate mar spoil hurt ruin harm exhaust put out of action tire deform batter distort soften knock out wreck shatter fatigue drain devitalize do in blemish break vitiate knacker wear out wound weary indispose contort etiolate reduce waste destroy total flaw crush overtire frazzle halt poop deactivate disqualify make feeble tire out lay low hack lacerate hock butcher twist overtax freeze torture stop disenable dilute diminish cut emasculate misshape make weak crab compromise scar arrest bloody endamage mangulate lessen unfit take it out of wash out wear down take out bring to a halt fag out cross up hack up water down warp vandalize bring to a standstill impoverish buckle tax maul rend squinch erode trash screw hog-tie malform blight amputate whack disempower gnarl uglify numb lower deaden inactivate jam smash adulterate kibosh unbrace muzzle pinion sabotage hogtie overextend conk out overdo run ragged overexert draw overfatigue tucker overwork poop out bankrupt burn out peter out deplete knot skew decrease hinder scratch temper calm lay up demolish render inoperative bruise eviscerate thin abate wince benumb tear apart render infirm cut up make inoperative invalidate extenuate vandalise assuage make powerless shoot down render incapable soothe tucker out throw monkey wrench in tear limb from limb take the edge off put out of commission hobble unhinge unnerve defile tarnish hospitalize sully restrict make unfit spike render powerless bend jade subvert bow disfeature bush encumber hamper obliterate bring to a grinding halt disfashion invalid hospitalise exenterate disembowel lay someone up tag confine to a wheelchair confine to bed make unattractive make misshapen distort the shape of clip wings eat away wear away rob from make ugly tear bend out of shape dilapidate wear to a frazzle seize chop crumple outwear bust harass wear kill root put on the sick list suck dry use up dull take it out of one wear oneself to a frazzle make tired nearly kill wear oneself to a shadow wipe out run into the ground do up carve slay cut about hash slit separate mash slice flay slash dampen chop up become unable to move become immobilized grind to a halt seize up become stuck crool scathe expurgate censor bowdlerize clamp wheel-clamp pique aggrieve foul prejudice burn grieve pain wax torment distress sting cool tie action render inactive bowdlerise ravage allay moderate muffle prevent from moving prevent from working disjoint dissect sever mollify sate appease relieve slake damp alleviate cauterize ease contract foul up draw blood shake up do mischief to tone down make feebler cut to pieces mess up hash up mayhem massacre gimp castrate truncate appall transfix bemuse daze close stun anesthetize petrify astound anaesthetize stupefy daunt defuse nonplus appal hebetate desensitise cauterise desensitize obtund put a damper on anatomize joint disarticulate grimace reduce the power of deprive of force sunder limb constrict shrink deflate mitigate devaluate rarefy lighten dissipate offset reduce the powers of pull the teeth of remove the sting from dislocate part stop dead make inert shut down make nerveless bring to grinding halt cut off the limbs of disband deescalate remove the fuse from skin subdue neutralise render defenseless strip make safe subjugate occupy make harmless neutralize unarm fell floor drop level down depress overthrow mow defeat knock down knock over mow down bowl over bowl down make weary make helpless make impotent bring someone to their knees bring low


To briefly stop or interrupt an action
pause cease halt hesitate break delay discontinue rest wait desist waver adjourn stop deliberate falter interrupt break off hold back drop hang back linger mark time pull up reflect shake suspend take a breath tarry let up stop briefly take a break take a breather call time have a breather take five take ten think twice break it up catch one's breath come to standstill put on hold stop what you're doing prorogue prorogate break up take time out dissolve suspend proceedings take a recess knock off recess terminate drop it pigeonhole rise stall vacillate end dither finish relax shilly-shally ease off put your feet up conclude stay hold up come to a standstill stagger scruple dilly-dally be indecisive take a rest come up for air arrest defer come to a halt teeter quit curb check wobble wabble leave off wind up hold off fluctuate postpone haver impede obstruct sit tight close hamper block restrain still elapse frustrate pass expire catch die shelve hang fire balance shut down come to an end hum and haw brake come to a stop give over put off lay off oscillate draw up hem and haw shut off have a break slow down fetch up hold on pack up pack in retard inhibit be uncertain thwart baulk hinder dawdle swither demur tergiversate lapse determine go equivocate come to rest bar shillyshally balk can hover yo-yo hedge dead-end refrain from belay be irresolute be undecided sway remit wink out draw to a close be over cut short hold cut off hold over cut out desist from peter out pussyfoot around bring to an end call a halt to sit on the fence blow hot and cold bring up interfere with call it a day put a brake on stand in the way of temporize pussyfoot doubt procrastinate dally hang on alternate restrict seesaw dillydally limit give up kick stumble be suspended trammel abandon stymie hold your horses hold your fire stem foil tremble boggle be reluctant be unsure be doubtful fetter derail reel prevent bridle hang slow temporise shackle be unwilling encumber hamstring hobble repress withhold staunch get cold feet freeze surcease fizzle out come to a close fade away ease up put back dispense with intermit whiffle draw to a halt choke stand abate put over shy away close down cool it die away reach a standstill put a stop to waffle change put an end to pull in keep back be unable to decide bring to a standstill bide one's time hold off on be unable to make up your mind stand still nip in the bud run hot and cold pull the plug on land settle be put on hold close shop stop work clock off finish work finish working park hang about hang around abstain flicker vary leave work forbear refrain quiver do less lay over swing straddle fence-straddle rock trim whiffle waffle palter shudder arrive keep adopt Fabian tactics forgo eschew keep changing your mind chop and change change mind detain retardate tumble straggle lag slacken release relax one's efforts relent cripple cramp protract relinquish avoid yield resign have done with lurch roll quaver bobble refuse shy jib crimp deter cumber complete drag your feet shrink back stay back drag your heels stay in the background be reluctant to come forward clog handcuff confine prolong get there haul up express misgivings express reservations express reluctance stop dead culminate finish off wrap up close out wind down set back slow up finish the working day mothball table close off stave off back off hog-tie take down throw a monkey wrench in the works of bring to screeching halt make late get in the way of bog down choke off throw a spanner in the works of get done run out die down die out pack it in collapse end up stop in one's tracks run its course cancel withdraw axe call a stop to not do continue respite hold in abeyance abolish put something off take no action scrap cut lay off of control put on ice phase out lay on the table put in cold storage ax do away with scrub disjoin dissever get rid of intervene separate interpose disunite disconnect bring to a halt kill part suppress change one's mind avoid doing something play a waiting game call a halt take a rain check on take a rain check put on the back burner drag one's heels wait and see be cagey rein neutralize stifle bag it blow off give something the chop contain reduce muffle squelch smother swallow constrain knock something on the head call it quits forestall keep from doing something govern fight back bottleneck moderate counteract repulse discourage tame rebuff choke back neutralise bottle up circumvent regulate checkmate hold one's horses rein in keep in check stonewall keep a lid on hold in keep under control slacken pace bite back hold down unwind sabotage bork put a spoke in someone's wheel play for time stem the flow of fence repose idle chill refresh not move stand off have a rest kick back await abide look forward lie in wait be patient lie low sweat it out keep shirt on hold one's breath waste time kill time save it sweat it hang onto your hat pass the time hold everything wait in the wings hold the phone sit up for twiddle one's thumbs stand by wait on kick your heels cool your heels stay up for bide your time take it easy have time out immobilize limp immobilise put a sock in be broken off be abandoned wiggle-waggle blow the whistle on draw to a stand bring to a stop hold at bay put a cork in stem the flow bring to standstill put the kibosh on flounder ponder mammer debate weigh be hesitant pull back think about sit on fence


Act as an impediment to
handicap hinder hamper impede hamstring limit encumber restrict obstruct disadvantage hobble hold back impair stymie trammel block bridle burden check clog constrain cramp curb curtail embarrass fetter handcuff hog-tie inhibit manacle retard shackle short-circuit bork cripple hold up interfere with tie up put at a disadvantage give disadvantage take out place at a disadvantage put out of commission restrain frustrate thwart cumber baulk slow down slow balk delay foil prevent hang up bar stop baffle throw a spanner in the works of confine tie get in the way throw a monkey wrench in the works of stall get in the way of set back disrupt arrest interrupt interfere cramp one's style detain weigh down crimp bind put a brake on forestall stay prohibit deter entangle stonewall stand in the way of decelerate straiten inconvenience halt derail keep back oppose charge crab choke reduce overload scupper bog down saddle with cut off give a hard time saddle weight brake overwhelm circumscribe intermit postpone incommode slacken constrict regulate moderate discommode suspend load discontinue suppress wrong laden lumber strain lade freight overburden lessen decrease mire retardate slow up stifle hold loiter leash sandbag repress treat harshly treat unfairly debar be a hindrance to crush hem in choke off rein in forbid be unfair to contravene counteract close off shut off shut down chain faze drag one's feet tie down interdict put an end to put in an unfavourable position do a disservice to cramp someone's style hold down throw a spanner in the works ruin straitjacket tie someone down inc tie-up catch oppress bother debilitate cap ensnare enmesh net capture entrammel control preclude snag entrap make difficult delimit tie one's hands dissuade from tether ward off bottleneck freeze discomfit rattle dam muzzle neutralize put off prevent from making progress keep within bounds set limits on impose limits on neutralise resist put a crimp in disconcert discourage pile snooker hold captive clip someone's wings drag feet foul up screw up not allow to go beyond keep within the limits of defer defeat puzzle temper stunt yoke put straitjacket on box in shut out louse up confound stump spoil mystify throw monkey wrench in put back snow scotch nonplus throw a spoke in the wheel of dissuade smother quash abate lag diminish flummox dump on snow under bear down on make heavy treat unfavourably tell against down hesitate loaf falter dawdle flag poke bog ward avert taboo bit withhold outlaw enjoin reef quiet qualify procrastinate embog dead-end pigeonhole corner upset shelve affect disturb remit tamper influence give a disadvantage to put paid to confuse put on brakes put an stop to hold in nip in the bud stem the flow of keep in jam conflict trouble inflict a handicap on let up back off take down hold off put the kibosh on hang fire put the brakes on lose steam cut down wind down cut back back-water keep waiting lose speed anchor it put on hold throw a monkey wrench into put on back burner give the run around sabotage let down flaps hit the brakes bring to screeching halt throttle obscure screen complicate hurt maltreat ill-use punish unfairly disadvantage worry monkey with put at an unfair disadvantage make someone suffer circumvent head off put a stop to dash stave off counter obviate beat intercept nullify damage mar close injure fend off keep checkmate disappoint weaken undermine barricade compromise enfeeble harm rule out do for block off destroy clog up outwit subdue squash fill avoid mess up deflect shake plug subvert blockade smash squelch forfend disable vitiate cross stem contain break wreck nobble gag congest seal stuff block up negate occlude stopper ban quell put the stopper on cordon off isolate divert shut in stop up anticipate stultify defend against put the mockers on turn off pick off bung up put a spoke in someone's wheel threaten plug up keep lid on pause muffle deny stamp out blight sap traverse withstand strangle bilk blemish queer overturn pre-empt govern tame bloody flaw endamage guard clot evade choke back protract cancel help prolong make late cork cross up sidestep skirt cut short defend cut out upset the apple cart steer clear of gum up hold over proscribe hold off on pour cold water on put a damper on throw cold water on still sink estop exclude swallow eat away unsettle emasculate undo shatter staunch deteriorate quelch rein make illegal damp down kill root wound deny access destabilize banjax buck disallow repel enervate embargo nix blunt draw up tarnish confront disqualify commandeer measure rule circumnavigate pull up disfigure deface prorogue challenge fill up fetch up invalidate get out of repulse corrode debase put the lid on keep under control adjourn bung annul escape bypass prejudice take wind out of parry torpedo turn aside make impossible pull in keep in check crash fight back bottle up juke ditch preempt give the slip deprive block out close up close out destabilise upset one's apple cart dodge second-guess table chill reschedule disadvise scare cool rough up be detrimental to skip keep a lid on bite back mothball continue lock up bring to a standstill respite put over shake off cool off do harm to get ahead of get in before extend talk out of lay on the table put out of action take a rain check on set aside put on the back burner beat someone to the punch beat someone to it put on ice beat someone to the draw put in cold storage provide against steal a march on give rain check head off at pass hold in abeyance close down switch off strangle at birth erode consume use up wear away clobber crack down on finish something finish off act against nip something in the bud offset cause to wait cause to stay caulk veto whittle silence deaden pocket submerge extinguish constipate boycott blacklist scuttle wall off choke up pack stanch jam up quench mute overpower throw a curve forefend ostracize make an end of bring to a close get bogged down put the brakes on take out of play keep at bay stave keep off jeopardize put the damper on obturate stand fence crool criminalize bury blank counterplot garrote garrotte shush bring an end to worsen conquer overcome lick elude bottle terminate stand in the way impoverish ravage dam up glut silt up slam on the brakes ease up peg discipline beat somebody to it act in advance of prepare for be one step ahead of be early discountenance bring up duck buffalo promote bollix gunge up spike censor afflict incapacitate taint annihilate devitalize depress trash dismantle corrupt temporise temporize dally give a rain check take a raincheck keep in abeyance imprison incarcerate intern rebuff quit cease take wind out of sails get the better of beat down cause setback put end to dash one's hope upset the applecart ostracise disfavour disfavor warn indispose frighten deprecate gainsay duel contradict impugn combat negative disaffirm contest fight dispute hedge render null and void declare taboo criminalise clutter up stand still scorch wither batter shock blast put a limit on come to a standstill shuffle off make it impossible for make it impracticable for stand off peter out not move slacken pace give the thumbs down to declare illegal put the chill on give the red light to say no lock in coop up fence in jail necessitate gaol close in immure concuss shotgun give the run-around run circles around run rings around detract from shake up jeopardise smash up muck up halt in its tracks throw a monkey wrench in the works cool down devalue tweak unfit devaluate ding cheapen total be prejudicial to be disadvantageous to button up keep the lid on keep a tight rein on keep tight rein on make impracticable cause detriment to wreak havoc on damp be deleterious to play for time disarrange disorder disorganize have a negative effect on have a bad effect on hedge out save let make useless lose strength put half nelson on drive a nail into the coffin of convulse go against shutdown immobilize dampen derange turn upside-down refrain from cause confusion in throw into disarray cause turmoil in throw into disorder throw into confusion render powerless monopolize foresee predict forecast envision preoccupy project expect make a mess of devastate demolish monopolise carry over immobilise paralyse do in waive lengthen lay over act like a wet blanket bankrupt cruel make a hash of euchre dish seize put out of business bring to an end bring to standstill bring someone to their knees bring to naught wipe out bring to a stop pull the plug on blow a hole in play havoc with take withhold from stay away from refuse make up for deny yourself break the habit of skip out on kick get around steer clear shrink from abstain renounce keep from desist eschew shirk shun desist from stay away forbear give up abstain from restrain from counterbalance do without shy from leave off forgo forbear from paralyze expropriate grab snatch attack ambush botch shut disempower whittle away appropriate interlope shortstop accost interpose hijack tackle waylay buttonhole snafu skin demoralise demoralize attenuate mine dig soften tunnel dent wear rain on someone's parade pounce on take on drag through the mud dig out hollow out clip one's wings chip away at knock the bottom out of queer the pitch of poke full of holes swoop down on cut in take away lock out play off cook someone's goose make off with spike someone's guns queer someone's pitch


Not relating to the most important part of something
peripheral marginal secondary incidental irrelevant minor superficial tangential borderline inessential unimportant subsidiary ancillary external immaterial lesser non-essential outermost outside exterior extraneous outer perimetric bordering nonessential surface beside the point of little account subordinate insignificant extrinsic supplementary inconsequential trivial auxiliary petty unrelated unnecessary neither here nor there trifling not pertinent not germane inapplicable inferior subservient unconnected small inconsiderable small-fry inappropriate foreign accessory slight lower-level fringe negligible off the subject outward inapposite lower pointless inapt second-rate less important dinky not to the point supplemental wide of the mark nugatory frivolous additional extra fiddling little foolish minute impertinent alien paltry second-class contributory irrelative smaller unassociated small-time second-fiddle Mickey Mouse indirect collateral out of place of no moment outlying of no importance of no consequence of no account outmost second-string side off the point adventitious light nickel-and-dime unconcerned on the edge attendant piddling lower-grade minimal junior visible less casual subject meaningless adjuvant of little importance bush-league minor-league dependent tributary low third-string nothing to do with it of no matter over outdoor lightweight parenthetical supervenient by-the-way by-the-by background non-operational apparent frontier by the by accidental by the way expendable of less importance occasional dispensable sub satellite outranked mean slighter related contributing out second-banana inconsiderate covering footling piffling needless redundant superfluous inadmissible lower than no big deal all the same matter of indifference a matter of indifference no never mind makes no difference vague lateral loose oblique minus tacky under substract second reserve unessential unneeded top of lesser importance than less important than intrusive liminal below the mark skin-deep branch cooperative aiding appurtenant helpful serviceable useful backup tributory assisting assistant verging rimming facial exotic undersized subjacent nether reduced bottom bush not to the purpose on the surface extraterrestrial extraterritorial exoteric skin deep not the main on the side a notch under divergent digressive diverging worthless insubstantial picayune low-ranking frothy not worth mentioning of little consequence zero useless zilch tinpot zip nothing twopenny-halfpenny shoestring null indifferent no great shakes not worth speaking of of no great concern inconsequent detached disconnected remote independent unapt disparate dissociated separate inappurtenant inapropos not applicable not connected with off base not pertaining to off the topic not connected not related nothing to do with out of order

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