Đồng nghĩa của disqualify

Alternative for disqualify

disqualifies, disqualified, disqualifying

Trái nghĩa: qualify,


To make ineligible, as for entry to an examination
ban prohibit debar forbid bar disentitle exclude preclude unfit block interdict disable incapacitate invalidate bate disenable disfranchise eighty-six eliminate except impair nix paralyse paralyze rule out suspend weaken declare ineligible not make the cut prevent stop veto blackball black restrain inhibit put a stop to render declare incapable proscribe outlaw disallow enjoin suppress restrict reject banish boycott embargo hinder criminalize disfellowship shut out impede illegalize curse make illegal halt criminalise close out deprive deny keep out expel count out refuse lock out freeze out check pass by place an embargo on officially forbid put an end to pass up ice out close up close down declare illegal say no to estop obviate forestall refuse entrance to refuse admission to interrupt deter ward discontinue forfend cease quit stand in the way of leave out in the cold give the cold shoulder to make it impracticable for make impossible make it impossible for make impracticable obstruct dismiss thwart cancel taboo give the thumbs down to hamper ostracize ward off stymie counteract repudiate exile ostracise quash turn down negate throw out give the red light to put the kibosh on disregard limit withhold decline negative hamstring circumvent kill overrule censor ignore defeat rebuff nullify disapprove discount hold up blacklist cripple squash crimp arrest thumbs down put an embargo on declare null and void pass on leave out put down set aside foreclose constrain plug rule something out destroy override discard forbid to place injunction on place an injunction on disown overturn countermand reverse shut off avert abolish revoke recant disclaim abjure disavow shut out of throw keep back zing disacknowledge stave off put paid to close one's doors to not consider forget about omit curb disbar remove oust bounce avoid eject evict retard dissuade from hold back down rule against vote against deny access to disclude occlude sideline repulse reprobate get rid of pass over force out put out send to Coventry not count refuse to admit cut out prevent from entering shut the door on drive out miss out refuse admittance snub encumber slow contravene interfere with disrupt handicap cut off stonewall slow down pass cut dissent shoot down discountenance censure burn begrudge consider undesirable give thumbs down not go for throw away refuse permission to refuse to employ steer clear of hit list knock back foil put on hit list give the brush-off to baffle counter spoil disappoint dash scotch crush baulk balk derail freeze oppose spike confront snooker fetter stifle declare taboo discomfit hobble neutralize beat checkmate crool foul up scupper banjax shut down lock up say no render null and void cramp one's style hang up overcome stump lick screw up ruin frustrate upset the applecart conquer put a brake on cramp nip in the bud do for dash one's hope neutralise give the run around put the lid on annul outwit put the chill on


To remove from employment or office
dismiss sack fire discharge cashier remove axe oust release terminate retire can expel ax bounce displace depose unseat boot defenestrate unfrock suspend bump impeach defrock depone deselect disemploy disfrock furlough pension recall shelve boot out kick out throw out pink-slip lay off make redundant get rid of let go muster out send packing turn off turf out show the door give someone the boot give someone their notice give someone the sack give the heave-ho give someone the bullet pay off give someone the push give the elbow give someone notice give someone their cards give someone their marching orders give walking papers bin off give the old heave-ho give notice to give someone his give warning let out shut out turn away wash out give someone the air kiss off give notice give the ax give the gate give someone the big E excommunicate demote drum out drop deprive uncrown unthrone dethrone unmake put away show the door one give someone the gate give someone the ax give someone the pink slip give someone his or her walking papers eject evict topple dislodge out supplant remove from office overthrow overturn discard bring down turn out force out drive out exclude turf ship give the boot cut usurp banish discrown give one notice chuck out let one go give the bum's rush push out remove from power give the sack purge relegate downgrade disbar eliminate break degrade shed replace freeze out give marching orders throw out on your ear pink slip declare redundant give somebody their cards give a pink slip hand walking papers give somebody the boot run out of town deprive of office ride out on rail give somebody the push give the chop put out thrust out lay someone off cast out heave vote someone out deport exile debar sever connections unsettle throw move on court martial triumph overwhelm defeat disthrone disenthrone give the boot to give the bullet to sideline give the push to retire early dehire unhire take over give somebody notice dispatch take off sail chase out throw someone out eighty-six excuse nix supersede bust terminate employment step into shoes of give the sack to give one's cards give pink slip give their cards give the axe unhorse chuck upset subvert give somebody the sack give bum's rush fling out throw someone out on their ear strip of rank give somebody the pink slip relieve of duty lock out move tomahawk downsize reduce hatchet poll decimate cleaver give heave-ho omit transfer delete reposition abolish slur disregard elide erase forget shift evacuate pull relocate expunge detach throw out on ear budge abstract dislocate ship out leave off leave out scale down cut back put an end to slim down take down see the back of give something a miss take out miss out


To exclude (someone or something) from consideration or further participation
eliminate discard dismiss drop exclude discharge reject waive cancel disregard omit ignore rule out cross out leave out set aside throw out cut out shut the door on preclude except debar bar ban suspend prohibit count out prevent shut out expel freeze out forbid interdict disallow bate obviate close out block remove eject get rid of evict keep out blackball proscribe discount refuse stop ward off pass over avert forestall ostracize oust forfend black deter veto disclude disentitle estop ostracise lock out deny miss out stave off factor out declare ineligible leave out in the cold rusticate rule something out overlook inveigh taboo exempt enjoin inhibit outlaw prevent the occurrence of restrict recant abolish revoke mark off leave out of account weed out disfellowship not include fail to include deprive check thwart say no to override circumvent limit exile refuse admission to stand in the way of give the cold shoulder to refuse entrance to shut out of shut off not consider put paid to forget about close one's doors to unfit help counter avoid incapacitate disable invalidate hinder ward intervene interpose restrain counteract foreclose anticipate interfere nix not make the cut disfranchise eighty-six disenable paralyze impair paralyse weaken cut delete elide erase slur forget head off get round make unnecessary leave off let go throw out on your ear give the bum's rush kick out give something a miss chuck out take out turf out boot out send packing take away fend off do away with embargo boycott bounce repudiate disbar banish occlude sideline blacklist deny access to not count refuse to admit send to Coventry prevent from entering put out put an embargo on refuse admittance force out drive out


To deprive someone of a franchise, generally their right to vote


To have a diminishing effect on
impair damage harm mar spoil reduce injure undermine vitiate weaken blunt decrease diminish hinder lessen worsen debilitate deteriorate compromise enervate enfeeble blemish bloody break crab cripple deface disable disfigure endamage flaw hurt impede threaten blight cheapen debase destroy devaluate devalue ding invalidate prejudice queer ruin tarnish total tweak unfit cross up foul up lose strength make useless mess up rough up put the kibosh on mutilate incapacitate wound lame hamstring mangle mayhem hack crush truncate massacre lacerate maul batter deform dismember hog-tie gimp castrate maim put out of action wreck sap sabotage subvert dilute moderate defile erode attenuate taint cut degrade ease abate depress take the edge off disrupt deaden dampen smash lower dull minimize mitigate destabilize thin stifle soften alleviate vandalize temper deplete water down corrupt dwindle destabilise scar trash sully adulterate de-escalate upset minimise dent tone down thwart shake demolish louse up distort curtail wind down ravage vandalise assuage numb lighten be detrimental to drop cut back devastate undo uglify suppress jeopardize limit shatter benumb curb foil check contract paralyse lace allay shrink paralyze taper damp disempower blot disfeature despoil palliate impoverish downsize corrode extend jeopardise depreciate pollute wane denature soothe ebb downscale sophisticate alloy slash make less abridge cut down put a damper on peter out roll back ease off tail off cause detriment to consume scotch scupper eat away emasculate wear away desensitize stultify dilapidate crool blow botch desecrate devitalize scratch repress retard annihilate subside dismantle subdue muffle stun unnerve quell demoralize detract obtund narrow shock stupefy mollify relieve cauterize relax tame cushion be prejudicial to be disadvantageous to wrench desensitise dim torpedo restrain decrement contaminate decline demoralise downgrade make unattractive be deleterious to frustrate shake up make smaller cauterise interfere with dial down have a bad effect on muck up doctor mix slacken taper off drop off dope make ugly screw up be a blot on the landscape spike knock down sink take the bite out take the sting out make impure bring down thin out do harm to pare down make a mess of plant minify transfuse amalgamate dissolve infiltrate blend slow down intermix phony up commingle shave falsify cook mingle clip irrigate doctor up use up nullify inhibit whittle refute stain twist disfashion unsettle poison afflict obliterate dislocate load blast inconvenience scorch wither pull the rug out from under tag gut raze sour color colour drive a nail into the coffin of endanger bend bruise warp undercut belittle demean rebut discredit negate cramp shorten take out detract from smash up smirch nick besmirch imperil contort misshape cost chip away sap the strength of wreak havoc on scale down have a negative effect on cut down on slim down make fewer turn down cut back on hamper handle roughly knock off balance mute bodge throw a monkey wrench into put out of commission cause the loss of cause the sacrifice of result in damage to lead to the end of result in harm to strike at the foundations restrict bankrupt disturb wear down abase soften up axe pare put at risk play havoc with dry up trim run down ax make cutbacks in extenuate amortise take down trim back qualify amortize step down couch trim down mark down cast down tighten dump on do mischief to cow infringe encroach on dispirit defeat bust discount prune overwhelm vanquish overcome overpower quash demote tranquilize anaesthetize smother disrate humiliate quiet exhaust anesthetize etherize chloroform KO drown freeze slow gas deprive tire rain on someone's parade sedate extinguish place a limit on foul bastardize waste plunder depredate sack pillage disgrace squash desolate spoliate knock out put out of order put an end to put to sleep get rid of lay out daze narcotize torpefy drug rout take apart tranquillize render insensitive dullen whittle away mix with bastardise infect tamper with bring to ruin bring someone to their knees cause instability mine dig tunnel sandbag wear challenge fall let up fade grow less drag through the mud dig out hollow out clip one's wings chip away at queer the pitch of remit recede relent poke full of holes grow smaller get less calm cool knock the bottom out of drop away die down quieten pall flag desist die off throw a monkey wrench in the works of throw a spanner in the works of plummet nosedive waste away come down slump go down sate appease slake blur become smaller drain amputate close die out phase down die away fall away crop slack up ratchet down drain away soft-pedal hebetate


To revoke or annul (an action or decision)
recall revoke repeal rescind annul retract withdraw cancel countermand nullify abandon abort abrogate drop invalidate override overrule scrap scrub veto abjure disannul dismantle dismiss lift negate recant reverse suspend void withcall discharge forswear unsay call in call off take back call back cry off take out declare null and void quash undo abolish overturn abate dissolve vacate undermine weaken null overthrow avoid repudiate render invalid terminate blow sky-high render null and void neutralise vitiate strike down annihilate roll back nix impair offset circumduct neutralize counteract X-out render meaningless unfit counterbalance set aside obviate wipe out do away with disallow obliterate put an end to end kill axe remove ax stop renege rule against cancel out backpedal make void disclaim stamp out counterpoise discontinue ditch delete countervail eradicate erase reject renounce destroy dump expunge eliminate discard disestablish countercheck redress suppress extinguish black out blot out defeat bring to an end balance deny upset disaffirm zap cut compensate for efface make ineffective backtrack on throw out get rid of cast aside make up for subvert disown supersede declare invalid rub out blue pencil give something the chop back out of knock something on the head make null and void negative retreat alter trash correct exterminate renig chop refuse torpedo prohibit counterweigh balance out contravene cross deracinate blackball frustrate renege on call ignore finish squash wash out go back on outvote counterorder liquidate weasel out invert bring down wreck ruin demolish dispense with root out sweep away snuff out close down go against put down turn down knock out exclude censor phase out divorce declare discount disobey disregard dishonour break off backwater forget back-pedal on abnegate watergate bleep get off the hook waive dishonor banish refuse to fulfil inter bring to a close KO lay in the grave bury put to rest hold a funeral inhume blow entomb put six feet under wangle out remit rebut cork up hush up bottle up shut down break finish off do in pull the plug crawl out of scratch restrict compensate limit nig confine retire refute redline do a U-turn on put damper on opt out stand down throw over back out worm out shoot down turf belay purge omit knock on the head dominate flout defy predominate prevail put the lid on equalize forget it edit black spool back back up wind back ding impugn traverse stonewall oppose belie disprove ride roughshod over trample underfoot elide dele deactivate subdue overcome equalise conquer defuse counterweight render ineffective put out cast out drive out get shot of trample upon ink out cross out blank out strike out x out put a line through block out blue-pencil stroke out edit out X out white out call all bets off break with square up even up take off pull back take away draw back bring to naught render inert turn thumbs down backtrack be an antidote to rule out wipe slate clean go back on one's word disband ban change adjourn cease overset forbid fly in the face of down prostrate conclude prorogue upend bar debar embargo lay to rest break up wind up disunite junk block proscribe knock down destabilize extirpate shed split up close disorganize loose wrack decimate postpone unmake collapse destruct sever shoot wind down shatter rebuff supplant topple sabotage unsettle jettison disavow excise remedy rewind depose unseat dethrone disrupt oust fade out resolve into render void throw say no to zing taboo preclude outlaw disacknowledge clean up equilibrize even out inhibit squelch pass on keep back give the thumbs down to shut out fix right halt counter reduce stabilize respond rectify lessen stabilise counterwork buck undercut damage put kibosh on depress level raze bring about the downfall of capsize pull down wreak havoc on rebel tumble destabilise put the kibosh on

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