Đồng nghĩa của stop dead


(of an event, action, or process) To come to an end or cease to occur
stop cease end finish come to an end come to a stop conclude draw to a close terminate be over close pause come to a close come to a halt come to a standstill complete wind up break off close out come to rest culminate desist discontinue draw to a halt fade away finish off halt peter out wind down wrap up close down collapse cool it cut short die die away die down die out elapse end up expire fizzle out get done let up pack it in pass reach a standstill run its course run out shut down stop in your tracks hold stand suspend abort curtail freeze put a stop to bring to an end stop short call a halt quit interrupt check postpone shelve stop cold break short stop in full flow bring to an untimely end leave unfinished bring to a premature end lapse break up leave off dead-end determine wink out round off dissolve abate dwindle fade ebb wane bring to a close round out subside lessen settle disappear diminish decrease go taper off slacken melt away tail off ease off drop evaporate consummate vanish pall recede weaken knock off ultimate relent pack in sew up break decline ease wrap cut off moderate finalize lay off adjourn top off call off finalise come to nothing bring to a conclusion call a halt to relax call it a day fall away axe can fail cancel abolish annul belay cut out desist from shut off ax die off give over crown remit give up pack up shrink taper lower fall de-escalate scratch scrub put an end to trail away drop away drop off recess sink give out trail off prorogue ratchet down drain away phase down put the lid on pull the plug on go away wear away finish up put a period to ease up slow down land cinch become invalid eliminate extinguish prorogate become obsolete become void do liquidate lose intensity lose strength evanish draw to close put to bed discharge accomplish climax grow dim grow faint depart cap be at an end clean up bring down curtain play out run down clear run your term polish off put the finishing touches to tie up pass away blow over cease to exist shutter clinch wear off fold slow be no longer valid drain fall through rebate tie up loose ends come to the end be through with cut loose fold up button up button down be put to bed put a lid on attenuate build up to lead up to come to a conclusion round up dry up grow sterile become unproductive grow barren lose its effectiveness lose its effect carry out quell become weaker decelerate unlax chill out slack coast cool off cool subdue dull run dry reach a finale come to a head carry through bring to fruition hang up cease to yield come to a halt end come to a an end be used up set the seal on calm quieten do less rest calm down quieten down end its journey relax your efforts take a breather release hold back take a break take a breath wither wilt decay evanesce degenerate deteriorate retrograde crumble bate droop dilapidate molder moulder run low fade out go down grow less go dead go downhill resolve scrap relinquish sunder put paid to dispose of switch off pull the plug knock something on the head give the chop get shut of nip in the bud get shot of


Hold one's attention
transfix fascinate hypnotise hypnotize mesmerise mesmerize stun spellbind bewitch captivate engross paralyse petrify enthrall enthral entrance hold astound enrapture grip rivet stupefy freeze gorgonize halt immobilise immobilize enchant palsy paralyze root root to the spot rivet the attention of stop someone in their tracks stop in your tracks numb anaesthetize benumb anesthetize render motionless become rooted to the spot stop stand stock still go rigid stand still become paralysed stop suddenly become motionless become horror-struck become horror-stricken incapacitate cripple hamstring prostrate disable appall arrest appal bring to grinding halt knock out destroy disarm debilitate bemuse daze make inert shut down close deaden weaken make nerveless demolish enfeeble daunt nonplus lame charm beguile absorb delight bedazzle allure dazzle intrigue magnetize hold spellbound enamor magnetise please ensnare wile rapture grab wow involve catch up ravish attract thrill draw divert transport entertain witch engage entice occupy interest tickle pink enamour enwrap amuse busy knock dead immerse hold in awe win lure compel hook preoccupy titillate kill seduce pique enslave carry away win over tantalize infatuate excite gratify distract delectate overwhelm tantalise gladden appeal to subdue slay subjugate take turn on bowl over put under a spell tickle sweep off feet ensorcell impress strike satisfy fix fixate monopolize fill be unable to take one's eyes off subject affect influence tickle your fancy obsess engulf monopolise tempt hold your attention animate fire intoxicate interest greatly attach arouse appeal invite kindle stir overpower provoke stimulate catch hold the attention of grab the attention of forspeak awe voodoo scintillate capture bedevil vamp send trick control put under magic spell put horns on cast a spell on tickle to death put the whammy on own make happy make a hit with get under your skin

Trái nghĩa của stop dead

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