Đồng nghĩa của can

Alternative for can

cans, could, canned, canning

Đồng nghĩa: container, receptacle, tin,


A place for the confinement of persons held in custody or detention
gaol jail prison jailhouse lockup penitentiary slammer clink hold pen stockade bastille big house brig cooler coop hoosegow joint slam bridewell calaboose hock nick quod stir tolbooth guardroom jug pokey reformatory pound house of correction inside penal institution guardhouse dungeon lock-up cell glasshouse up the river borstal bird roundhouse chokey detention centre boob correctional facility tollbooth boot camp place of confinement young offender institution place of detention keep approved school skookum house youth custody centre solitary bullpen detention camp black hole correctional institution confinement choky poky secure unit detention center icebox tank penal colony detention facility house of detention labor camp city hotel big cage big school the river statesville penal complex top-security prison young offenders' institution police cell oubliette rack enclosure yard cage camp fort open prison detention home remand home sty protection palisade corral paling fence barrier fenced area enclosed area chamber vault concentration camp prisoner-of-war camp prison camp POW camp military prison cells gulag Konzentrationslager death camp killing fields gas chamber internment camp forced-labor camp donjon hole bocardo underground prison underground cell torture chamber thieves' hole compartment cubicle stall room bay cube cabin peter cavity container den burrow booth alcove nook drunk tank receptacle jail cell small room antechamber tower prison cell retreat recess crypt cloister crib


To discharge from a job or position
sack fire dismiss terminate axe discharge release ax bounce remove retire boot expel cashier pink-slip kick out let go give notice to give the heave-ho muster out oust turn off show the door boot out throw out give someone the boot send packing lay off give someone their marching orders give someone the push eject get rid of displace turf out depose give the elbow evict make redundant defenestrate unseat give someone the bullet out give the old heave-ho give someone their cards drop defrock drum out give someone their notice give someone the sack suspend dethrone bump discard topple unfrock supplant turf impeach chuck force out give the boot give someone the big E give someone the air give walking papers give one notice bin off disqualify pension deselect disfrock shelve recall disemploy furlough depone dislodge overthrow overturn pay off deprive uncrown unthrone unmake cast out break ship bring down drive out give notice turn out freeze out run out of town give the bum's rush give the ax let out give the gate chuck out eighty-six show the door one discrown wash out give the sack ride out on rail let one go shut out give someone notice give a pink slip give somebody the boot give somebody their cards turn away give warning give somebody the push remove from office give marching orders sever connections move on retire early heave unsettle throw terminate employment give someone the gate put away give someone his or her walking papers give someone the ax give someone the pink slip disthrone usurp step into shoes of take over disenthrone dehire unhire shed court martial excuse give somebody notice nix supersede replace bust give their cards give the axe give the chop hand walking papers give one's cards give the sack to give somebody the sack give pink slip give somebody the pink slip pink slip give bum's rush purge demote banish relieve of duty deprive of office declare redundant lock out eliminate move relegate transfer downgrade degrade reposition abolish reject shift evacuate pull relocate expunge detach tomahawk cut downsize reduce hatchet poll decimate cleaver yeet rout throw out on your ear budge take down see the back of abstract dislocate unhorse throw out on ear strip of rank give heave-ho upset subvert sling out run off put out send away give one the gate throw someone out on their ear show the door to chase out toss out scale down cut back put an end to slim down kiss off give someone his transpose exclude exile disturb deport chase expulse thrust out push out slang heave out dispossess debar ostracize fling out transplant ostracise dispel push remove from power dissipate misplace ban eradicate uproot bring low defeat knock over overwhelm knock out of place knock out of position disestablish transport force to leave bring about the downfall of do away with throw out on the streets rusticate throw someone out disbar keep out bar consign triumph blackball expatriate blacklist prohibit from entering black put out of place put out in the street hand someone his hat chase off give the boot to give the bullet to expropriate fordrive get going set going give the push to extrude move out of place ask to leave separate rummage perturb disunite divide unhinge disarticulate interrupt drive away change the position of give the hook show you the door extricate disentangle show out heave-ho toss out on ear pack off give the 1-2-3 bundle off remove by force free quell rearrange dig out get out shuffle position disregard disperse allay knock loose change scatter explain reshuffle reorganize redistribute alter resolve clear adjust redeploy reorder redispose rejig readjust overcome beat master roll stir toss ditch unloose shake off lay aside irrupt dump lick conquer crush destroy level put out of your mind throw overboard kiss goodbye send off squeeze out drive off clear up ruin trounce undo subdue overpower demolish withdraw give someone their P45 show the gate to subjugate upend dissolve raze vanquish reorganise slide locomote tip liquidate exterminate tumble overrun propel take away move out knock down put paid to shove inch nudge remove from clear from bring to ruin give way change position send to a safe place


(of an action or operation) To bring to an immediate end
stop drop quit cease discontinue end halt break cut off cut out lay off break off break up desist from knock off leave off pack in give over pack up shut off terminate finish interrupt conclude wind up suspend close bring to an end elapse give up lapse expire pass determine put an end to dead-end let up wink out go pull the plug on die abandon axe cancel cut short scrub ax block put a stop to call a halt to obstruct withdraw check pause abolish belay bring to a halt scrap kick cut come to an end give something the chop knock something on the head nip in the bud prevent withhold stay impede stall hamper curb intervene arrest still catch surcease desist abort relinquish kill stem freeze hold up hold back call off lay off of disconnect dispense with come to a stop come to a halt be over wrap up draw up interfere with bring to a standstill pull up shut down call it a day come to a standstill bring up fetch up call it quits draw to a close close off renounce refrain abstain bring to end adjourn recess disrupt abate bring to a close disturb fizzle out fade away peter out cut into say goodbye to break into die away delay limit dissolve hinder slow inhibit complete hold restrict resolve retard annul suppress restrain thwart baulk sunder wrap ultimate settle fix sidetrack put a brake on brace balk slow down close out consummate crown round out pull the plug sew up round off get done end up get shot of put paid to nip something in the bud finish off dispose of wind down get shut of wind something up pack it in put the lid on switch off top off intermit phase out forgo get rid of do away with separate interpose disunite refrain from disjoin dissever part scratch rescind ditch shelve shun forsake repeal revoke ignore remit forfeit divorce jilt shake sacrifice bag it blow off turn your back on have done with part with resign from cry off withdraw from throw up eighty-six retire from finish with dust off part from wipe out break with write off forget about frustrate bar hobble staunch hesitate falter waver immobilize teeter dither scruple balance wabble stagger vacillate wobble limp stumble whiffle immobilise be abandoned wiggle-waggle come to a close be suspended close down blow the whistle on put a sock in draw to a stand hang back stand still be broken off bring to a stop shilly-shally hold at bay put a cork in stem the flow bring to standstill come to rest put the kibosh on foil repress stymie forestall stifle constrain bridle fetter control hamstring avert quash trammel encumber curtail circumvent intercept deter subdue cramp prohibit counteract squelch head off stave off stonewall quell shackle crimp squash clog shut out contain ward off derail baffle regulate obviate cripple handicap preclude set back crack down on detain keep brake fend off stand in the way of defeat avoid crush choke counter nullify keep back oppose neutralize overcome rein in slow up neutralise beat resist hold off hold down hang up reduce govern smother handcuff cumber conquer moderate stamp out confine forfend debar hold in silence interdict hog-tie forbid turn aside keep in check choke off put down clamp down on snuff out slap down throw a spanner in the works of discourage manacle embarrass master extinguish rein tame lessen spoil dam evade scotch pre-empt lick short-circuit ward tie up defend against keep a lid on pull in put out of action block out scupper ruin cool bog down anticipate negate steer clear of throw a monkey wrench in the works of keep the lid on decelerate postpone bottleneck clobber defer repulse bork circumscribe mire fence sabotage peg retardate cap save interfere vanquish checkmate put back bottle up dash deflect muzzle stem the flow of stanch put off constrict damp bite back divert set decrease keep under control forbear eschew overturn close up dodge refuse hold off on deactivate contravene snooker sidestep skirt back off take down help diminish keep in escape bottle chill rule out cork dominate do without bring to screeching halt pick off triumph over make late stump be a hindrance to put out hold in check keep down keep a tight rein on withstand keep at bay pour cold water on gain mastery over get in the way of keep off throw cold water on strangle at birth stunt embog protract dissuade from dissuade prorogue keep waiting circumnavigate tie obscure prolong faze bit sandbag taboo outlaw enjoin keep lid on stave cause to wait cause to stay mothball retain deny waive best park bilk offset buck compose collect disappoint surmount measure rule hold over turn back put on brakes put an stop to throttle slacken dispatch put the brakes on set limits on take out of play impose limits on rein back keep on a string keep control of simmer down put the brakes on plug arrive keep hold of confront gain control over barricade seal caulk down loaf loiter bog dawdle flag poke discomfit prevail over gain control of get the better of get a grip on win against let clog up blockade fill jam fill up put on hold refuse to pay put on back burner put on ice put on the shelf deaden crool foul up banjax overpower demarcate disadvise scare dampen stand cramp one's style dash one's hope outwit render null and void screw up upset the applecart do for give the run around dumb censor get there draw to a halt haul up reach a standstill stop up choke up pack jam up block up stuff bung up dull clam delimit bound repel disable muffle swallow block off bung occlude preempt turn off bring call recall fight back bulwark defend guard overthrow burden talk out of act like a wet blanket put a damper on congest plug up stopper gag say nothing rebuff choke back withhold from stay away stay away from make up for get out of deny yourself abstain from shake off restrain from counterbalance skip break the habit of skip out on shy from get around steer clear shrink from bypass keep from shirk forbear from commandeer parry screen quench cow crab not move stand off keep from happening specify straiten demark prescribe duck cover fend slacken pace overwhelm clamp shush bury annihilate trample spike destroy delimitate define girdle incapacitate disenable be early put lid on trample on keep inside put kibosh on bring to naught sit on drive underground beat down get in the way be one step ahead of beat someone to the draw beat somebody to it beat someone to the punch get ahead of beat someone to it provide against second-guess steal a march on act in advance of prepare for get in before head off at pass shield against safeguard against secure against stand up for defend oneself against fight off guard against protect against keep at arm's length skirt round paralyze paralyse box in louse up place a limit on tie down hem in stop midstream keep within limits keep within bounds draw the line on mark off put a spoke in someone's wheel play for time render inoperative put out of commission bring to a grinding halt soften throw a spanner in the works throw a spoke in the wheel of mellow knock it off call a halt tone down quieten down get under control abjure forswear stop oneself reject leave alone sit out fight shy of resist the temptation to take the pledge be temperate give a wide berth to pass up swear off not touch have nothing to do with go on the wagon avoid doing not do take the cure jack in


(of edible substances) To preserve


To give up or abstain from something
renounce cease quit discontinue stop end forgo abandon halt finish drop break desist conclude eschew avoid forbear refuse check curb reject kick abjure abstain forego desist from break off give up refrain from knock off cut out lay off leave off forbear from abstain from give over keep from do without pack up call it quits lay off of pack in let up withhold from restrain oneself from kick the habit stop oneself from kick over quit cold swear off not give in to prevent oneself from prevent yourself from go without keep off cease to indulge in break up cut off shut off call a halt to call it a day suspend skip forsake eliminate shun resist pass up restrain from belay steer clear of not continue stay away from get off rein in shy from hold off put a stop to skip out on jack in surcease give a rest pass on waive deny yourself not touch ditch leave out dispense with achieve head off complete leave stop work succeed down tools stop doing leave alone spell lie by rest kill bring to a halt have done with bring to a stop bring to an end back out of lay aside pull the plug on set aside snub carve excise isolate exsect sever exclude marginalize extirpate extract usurp delete remove ignore overlook oust terminate close determine elapse withdraw dead-end wrap up sew up hang it up take the cure cut it out wink out pack it in get on the wagon wind up take away take out marginalise cut dead relinquish shirk preclude bypass axe break the habit of back off from sidestep dodge pull out of get out of avert shrink from check out from ax put an end to kibosh call it quits on skirt surcease from escape from nip something in the bud forswear refrain decline give a wide berth to keep hold back repudiate pass yield spurn resign withhold sacrifice surrender have nothing to do with cast aside rebuff abdicate restrain resist the temptation to stop oneself disown inhibit evade sit out give something a miss forfeit cede disavow repulse shake neglect omit fight shy of arrest desert cut scorn not do disdain excommunicate discount pass by unfollow part with escape say goodbye to steer clear cast out shut out break with have nothing more to do with cold-shoulder come off hold back from starve fast constrain fence-sit resign from disincline jack something in refuse to recognize refuse to abide by endure dispense pause stay neutral call a stop to keep away from manage without chuck bridle not take sides go cold turkey sit on one's hands give the go by restrain oneself restrain yourself decline to go easy disregard dislike pass over give a miss skim over throw something up concede lose don't want betray withgo antedate spare prostitute render precede dismiss antecede preexist predate interrupt deny hinder stay away interfere with fend off stave off negate make up for circumvent get around nullify obviate ward off prevent neutralize shake off block impede counterbalance withstand help prohibit neutralise counteract anticipate let go pay with sign away lay down turn over turn in sacrifice something hand over kiss goodbye leave behind be deprived of cough up be stripped of kiss goodbye to disapprove avoid doing be temperate demur reprobate take the pledge say no to knock back baulk at demur at turn down brush aside go on the wagon balk at not accept miss out on opt out refuse to take advantage of look down one's nose at opt out of send one's regrets shake one's head give the thumbs down give the red light blackball ostracize blacklist jilt repel blank veto abnegate disfellowship ostracise unfriend despise burn kick someone in the teeth freeze out give someone the brush-off give someone the big E give someone the go-by scoff at put down give someone the air send to Coventry hand someone the frozen mitt not buy bin off give someone the push leave out in the cold give the cold shoulder give the elbow disinherit discard turn tergiversate defect apostatize tergiverse dump apostacize throw off wash your hands of sell out walk out on toss over divorce oneself from cast off wash hands of throw over


To formally bring to an end (at least temporarily)
suspend adjourn arrest delay postpone defer interrupt shelve cease prorogue discontinue intermit pigeonhole break off put off reschedule table disband dissolve prorogate recess terminate withhold hold over mothball put aside bar check cut short file halt hold hold in abeyance inactivate keep in abeyance omit pink-slip procrastinate protract put in abeyance put on ice quit retard stay stop waive break up bring to an end call a halt to count out hang fire hang up hold off hold up lay off lay over push back put back rule out stave off lay aside put in cold storage put on hold lay on the table put an end to put a stop to put on back burner put on the back burner put on the shelf take a rain check on remit put over respite hold off on continue carry over stall prolong detain extend hold back end sideline pause stand over set aside suspend proceedings take five knock off take a break take a breather retain suppress set back give rain check curb cut off restrain break keep slow rise hinder impede dismiss take a recess dally give a rain check slow up do later put off the evil day put off the evil hour park reserve hold something in abeyance rearrange reorganize put something on hold hang hold something over cool forestay reprieve be suspended contain be put on hold deny constrain take offline temporise temporize cool it save inhibit keep back cut block lengthen obstruct cancel sever refuse bridle keep hold of repress stifle leave off refuse to pay put on the bank burner put on one side finish let up take a raincheck slow down come to an end reorganise bring to a halt bring to a close bring to a standstill shake drop slow pedal take a rain check call a halt take a breather from call it a day put on a back burner take time out drop it call time take ten freeze dawdle tarry leave to another time linger dillydally loiter lag poke drag one's feet shut up put out of commission pack away decommission put into storage put to one side tie up avoid perpetuate drag out sustain draw out stretch out spin out string out carry on extend the duration of keep something going go on with elongate stretch outstretch pad wire-draw keep going keep up make longer get across put across put something off neglect leave renounce prolongate draw expand drag on repel deflect run on increase the length of refrain keep from fend off ward off change the date keep at bay persist increase let it ride


To imprison, confine or incarcerate someone
jail imprison confine incarcerate detain intern immure constrain lock up hold commit jug put away hold prisoner impound put in prison bastille book cage hold captive prison railroad send down sentence take into custody bang up clap in irons put behind bars put in chains put in irons put inside put into detention lock away send to prison send up take away put on ice throw in dungeon throw away the keys throw the book at put under lock and key restrain remand put in jail pen arrest trap take prisoner coop up capture commit to custody return to prison release on bail throw in jail apprehend bind return to custody bust nab nail shut up collar nick pinch cop fence in wall in do send up the river run in take in pull in pick up hold in custody lock in haul in put the cuffs on chain institutionalize keep stockade seize tether fetter coop shackle handcuff consign mew up institutionalise ice shut in take enslave keep under lock and key sentence to prison secure keep in custody restrict mew slough settle pen in throw into irons inter cloister entomb seclude wall throw book at take captive put into irons close in shut away deliver send assign certify circumscribe trammel closet catch put in custody enthral enthrall lift pinion indenture beslave bethrall enchain bar quarantine sequester strap lash manacle truss crib bag toss in jail hook feel your collar roust take in for questioning get pull grab lay hold of round up net glom put the arm on snag rail in bottle up detain at Her Majesty's pleasure hold hostage keep captive chain up reduce to slavery condemn to servitude sell into slavery subject to forced labour tie up condemn to slavery wall up hog-tie clip someone's wings withhold buttonhole reserve mire place in custody feel someone's collar put into custody remand in custody gaol ensnare land corral nobble prehend snare abduct snap up bring in place under arrest snatch appropriate entrap stop grapple rap carry off enclose take hostage hem in reel in put in solitary run down pound kidnap take hold of take possession of keep under constraint grab hold of beach house take downtown lasso entangle get one's fingers on pounce on hold under custody keep under custody cage in tree corner get hold of lay hands on get a hold of


To complete or fulfil
consummate complete finish achieve conclude accomplish crown effectuate perform discharge execute fulfill fulfil finalise finalize perfect cap clinch close end polish ultimate wrap carry out sew up wind up wrap up knock off mop up polish off put away put into effect take care of top it off button down put finishing touch on put the finishing touch to put the tin lid on put to bed set the seal on call a day clean up fold up put lid on round off terminate finish off top off round out settle bring to an end realize close out nail realise bring to fruition stop halt bring to a conclusion call it a day add the finishing touch to cease discontinue culminate do lapse actualize complement expire elapse quit break off establish secure dead-end carry off sort out get through break up let up leave off wink out add the final touch to seal dissolve pass come to an end bring to a close call a halt to make good go whole hog go the limit put the last touches on make perfect make up put the finishing touches on go through with bring to maturity do thoroughly ensure guarantee decide confirm cinch assure carry through resolve tie up determine get done shut down pack in shake hands on call off be over wind down put the lid on draw to a close win seize insure desist suspend climax adjourn die recess reach bring down curtain draw to close put a period to ice guaranty prorogue clear make cut loose button up be put to bed put a lid on engineer cap off nail down walk off with come away with walk away with be the climax be the climax of be a fitting climax to add the finishing touches to be the culmination of stamp drop work out broker agree negotiate axe agree on make certain reach terms on shake hands thrash out hammer out cancel abort abolish scrap break annul desist from pull the plug ax relinquish give up give something the chop knock something on the head end up sunder get shot of put paid to shut off cut short nip something in the bud put a stop to dispose of belay put an end to get shut of cut out wind something up nip in the bud pack it in lay off interrupt cut off switch off pull the plug on give over pack up put the icing on the cake come to terms on firm up complete the arrangements for put the finishing touches to reach an agreement shutter scratch fold scrub chalk up bring about pull off rack up log notch up ring up hit clock up bring off come to a close come to a conclusion round up hang up abandon go disappear fade vanish peter out withdraw call a halt check bring to a halt pause dwindle close down forgo refrain from quash fizzle out run out die out fade away renounce kick call it quits stay diminish eliminate prevent ruin destroy lessen cut dispense with curb wane melt away surcease arrest evaporate abate block bring to a standstill nullify run down pass away frustrate obstruct lay off of ebb decrease put the kibosh on hold up quell recede avoid die down die away disrupt get rid of wreck cease to exist demolish do away with repeal be no more undo rescind postpone shatter shelve stem bring to a stop eradicate sever ditch freeze eschew ease off hold back wear off kill come to a halt scotch annihilate hamper forsake remit spoil become obsolete remove delay hinder refrain stall mar do without dash thwart abstain from abstain crush intermit devastate impede come to a stop stymie suppress curtail dump disperse subside revoke vacate sabotage evanish leave come to a standstill pull up restrain slacken run its course interfere with mess up stop dead screw up sink nix cease to be weaken dissipate tail off blow over have done with cry off withdraw from retire from get out of phase out damage discard hold stop trying fail ease defer deactivate dispatch forbear invalidate immobilize go away still impair void collapse catch extinguish inhibit immobilise decimate disunite negate abrogate intervene slow shorten withhold ignore drop off recall decline shake disannul prorogate exit depart null put off drop away obliterate blight come to rest evanesce put back queer banjax dish scupper suspend proceedings crool shrink cool it become invalid draw up leave unfinished delete cruel euchre do in disconnect moderate become extinct bring up foul up become void fetch up make a mess of louse up cool off strike down roll back decay dry up play havoc with bite the dust blow off throw in the towel throw in the sponge subdue grow less bring to an untimely end take a break be suspended fade out put on ice cut it out take five take a breather liquidate dispel stop short make a hash of not continue put in cold storage bring to naught blow a hole in forbear from escape from finish with quit cold say goodbye to give a rest fall away throw a spanner in the works of kick the habit throw a monkey wrench in the works of cast aside throw up wipe out disappear from the face of the earth kick over run your term close off kill off bin keep turn back junk call bring top bring to end transpire clear up blow yield resign wrap-up back off settle down disturb lift dissociate quit cold turkey surrender despair lose heart capitulate admit defeat be beaten give in concede defeat be at an end be put on hold succeed draw to a halt wrap something up truncate not do fly by do for stifle disjoin interpose part dissever separate stop midstream limit perish stop in one's tracks reach a standstill lay aside relieve forlet result slip away be gone be no longer valid bag it stand call a stop to rise down tools head off stop work knock it off die off restrict be forgotten get on the wagon hang it up take the cure deal with cut into break into retard tie up loose ends come to the end be through with finish up raise put the stopper on cripple reverse extirpate snub exsect marginalize oust carve isolate exclude usurp extract overlook excise turn out give up hope abandon hope shut back out renege baulk abbreviate clip abridge pull out of get off go cold turkey sink into oblivion disappear slowly stop doing lie by rest leave alone spell retreat drop out pigeonhole undermine smash take a breather from sidetrack fix balk brace cut something short wither wilt give notice hold over attack subvert turn out to be countermand dismiss slow down mothball table cut dead take out marginalise take away put on a back burner remove gradually withdraw gradually replace gradually eliminate gradually stop using incapacitate ravage foil melt continue respite put over hold in abeyance be brought to an end put a brake on retract go by degenerate wither away dematerialize relent disable threaten upset deteriorate droop retrograde crumble bate bring to a premature end set aside declare invalid obviate declare take a recess disband relax break short stop cold stop in full flow trail off molder dilapidate moulder cease to be known come to naught go south be done for leave no trace pass into oblivion lay on the table hold off efface render null and void blot out declare null and void expunge get off the hook vitiate erase vaporize taper de-escalate taper off pall lower fall disestablish sell out harm bollix be exhausted be consumed flag take a rain check shun run low go downhill wear away go down go dead fly flee attenuate have an abortion take a rain check on put on the back burner overthrow forfeit divorce sacrifice jilt close the door on terminate the account close the books break down decelerate slack phase down dull coast drain away become weaker chill out unlax ratchet down cool dismantle contract fight intrude on muck up concentrate vaporise parch oppose split up loose wrack shoot disorganize unmake destruct scar become smaller become less grow smaller disfigure stain give out phase something out be depleted be used up withstand resist counter defy afflict taint disappoint trash injure resign from part from part with tackle resolve into render void eighty-six dust off forget about turn your back on break with write off confront refuse oppugn war glitch up bar reject repel put a damper on abjure forego combat buck get rid of by stages hobble staunch hesitate battle against falter waver escape desert dither stagger vacillate wabble teeter balance wobble scruple limp stumble whiffle strive against bail make a stand against bring to an end to cope with struggle against put up a fight against keep from withhold from prevent oneself from cease to indulge in go without swear off restrain oneself from prevent yourself from not give in to stop oneself from keep off be gone from be done with brush off depart from check out from bail from go away from drop out of clear out from bow out of walk out of walk out on disappear from run along from take off from move from abscond from exit from absent oneself from break off with cast off step aside from set out from shilly-shally put a sock in be abandoned blow the whistle on stand still hold at bay put a cork in stem the flow bring to standstill be broken off wiggle-waggle draw to a stand hang back

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