Đồng nghĩa của guaranty

Alternative for guaranty

guaranties, guarantied, guarantying

Đồng nghĩa: guarantee,


An assurance of a particular outcome, or that certain conditions will be fulfilled
pledge bond contract guarantee security covenant gauge gage pawn promise warranty word agreement assurance deal surety undertaking attestation certification oath warrant certificate charter testament earnest collateral pact commitment bail compact insurance indemnity deposit token stipulation vow avowal obligation bargain understanding indemnification settlement treaty engagement accord convention affirmation concordat troth asseveration swearing arrangement word of honor hostage transaction disposition entente word of honour indenture swear espousal profession affiance promissory note sacred word parole backing solemn word recognisance recognizance protocol handshake account down payment betrothal consent marriage plight protection commission debenture cover safeguard advance written promise record payment underwriting endorsement negotiation paper asylum custody financial guarantee compromise gambit forfeit terms accommodation captive prisoner counter monetary deposit prearrangement quid pro quo poker chip safety measure hostage to fortune detainee scapegoat internee victim sacrificial lamb proclamation declaration alliance avouchment affidavit trust deed dicker papers adjuration testimony assertion deposition sworn statement sworn declaration concord document gentleman's agreement instrument resolution gentlemen's agreement truce lease armistice acknowledgment concession acknowledgement decision legal document statement league business schedule pactum purchase concordance adjudication meeting of minds approval entente cordiale conveyance acceptance piece of paper meeting of the minds adjustment tacit agreement verbal agreement unspoken agreement unwritten agreement official document trade-off happy medium modus vivendi rapport consensus reconciliation sanction cartel resolve writ insurance contract permit codicil recognition international agreement appointment committal binder waiver task note title privilege licence the nod friendly agreement good understanding common view right franchise voucher release proof insurance policy package deal accordance concurrence mutual understanding legal agreement title deed harmony assent prerogative balance policy composition deed of covenant endowment grant allotment license patent fifty-fifty middle ground halfway house half measure win-win situation neutral ground half and half half measures toast health nonformal agreement affair conclusion matter proceeding sale action enterprise event trade coup proceedings occurrence determination finding ruling establishment intercourse happening activity buying act selling purchasing step play disposal completion termination confirmation judgment reimbursement working out expenditure pay showdown quietus compensation judgement payoff remuneration disbursement business deal


underwriter backer bankroller benefactor financier guarantor promoter sponsor advocate angel godparent mainstay patron supporter surety sustainer grubstaker subsidizer Maecenas subsidiser friend champion benefactress investor warrantor voucher bondsman guarantee insurer helper donor protagonist endorser subscriber booster donator well-wisher sugar daddy fairy godmother stakeholder another adherent stockholder shareholder capitalist venture capitalist bailsman philanthropist protector defender contributor guardian upholder broker witness leader fan partisan guide sympathizer financer head encourager sympathiser front fairy godparent patron saint signatory signer insurance agent insurance company second advocator gospeller apostle exponent tub-thumper hierophant espouser proponent ally herald gospeler expounder paladin true believer high priest follower money staker white knight meal ticket adherent campaigner apologist proposer enthusiast disciple believer votary spokesman propagandist devotee benefactrice benefactrix spokesperson philanthrope member seconder giver liegeman pleader convert vindicator pupil acolyte almsgiver altruist cohort epigone votarist standard-bearer spokeswoman crusader rooter torch-bearer sectary sycophant advertiser publicist seller assenter admirer fanatic grantor bestower janissary assistant groupie savior collaborator saviour accessory prime mover nominator Santa Claus representative evangelist participant stalwart humanitarian henchman satellite provider missionary partizan worshipper servant companion pioneer habitué knight pursuivant speaker plugger presenter conferrer vassal guru arranger organizer worshiper good Samaritan heavy hitter organiser Good Samaritan propounder zealot lobbyist bolsterer fighter hero arguer subject reader maintainer favorer funder supplier battler challenger heroine mark aid saver depositor banker lender nominee warden escort ambassador do-gooder patroness apologizer justifier attendant soldier propagator pillar support suspender paraclete bearer brace abider gift giver converter messenger sidekick hanger-on minion lackey man regular reader attester customer interested party partner colleague torchbearer facilitator toady retainer mortgagor hostage entrepreneur impresario idol character exemplar warrior agonist combatant idolizer page squire agent developer marketer counsel moving spirit associate bleeding heart Lady Bountiful good scout regular customer lead character leading role good guy PR woman PR man stooge bootlicker protege client parasite proselyte team member coordinator counsellor reformer activist camp follower counselor moneymaker speaker for battler for spokeswoman for spokesperson for spokesman for campaigner for chela fighter for crusader for enabler designer referee cash cow character witness money-spinner source of steady profit golden goose


The support given by a patron
patronage backing sponsorship support aid championship help promotion aegis assistance encouragement financing advocacy funding philanthropy auspice auspices egis furtherance guardianship protection benefaction defence defense espousal grant investment recommendation subsidy shelter charge keeping umbrella guidance care trusteeship protectorship favour supervision agency safeguarding favor wing ward tutelage endorsement championing advancement sanctioning favouring favoring approval furthering boosting arguing for calling for pushing for pressing for cultivation fostering boosterism responsibility authority argument for support for abetting urging boost safe keeping upholding forwarding espousing supporting stimulation acceptance propagation endorsing promoting promulgation recommending development betterment sponsoring activism control influence cover countenance oversight refuge proposal approving justification patronization advocation campaigning for custody providence spokesmanship pleading for wardship preferment progress preference exaltation ennoblement advising in favour safe haven go-ahead contribution to prelation sanction blessing seconding cooperation lift hand assist abetment adoption commendation accompaniment embracing helping facilitating aiding assisting backup secondment adherence nurturing pushing acceleration succouring improvement hastening moral support helping hand leg up expediting elevation welcome taking up pursuit enhancement augmentation succoring preferring taking to siding with wholehearted reception enthusiastic reception prosecution speeding up carrying-out maintenance vouching for aiding and abetting advance advancing campaigning strengthening nurture fuelling reinforcement fueling advising in favor


To make sure or certain of
secure guarantee ensure insure cinch ice assure warrant promise affirm pledge certify attest assert swear avouch aver avow declare vow maintain endorse confirm testify vouch underwrite undertake profess state pronounce vouch for stand behind give assurances give an undertaking give an assurance lay down give a pledge take an oath give one's word protect cover indemnify reassure wager prove stake safeguard get behind swear an oath swear to the fact shield guard register hedge provide establish verify validate effect arrange set out commit nail down clinch contract sew up authenticate make safe lock up asseverate seal show corroborate lock on witness set the seal on uphold allege claim proclaim contend stipulate insist support back defend purport protest delegate sponsor argue back up stand by bear out bear witness answer for give grounds for substantiate justify vindicate announce ratify depose swear up and down hold give credence to acknowledge evidence predicate demonstrate say so say rationalize attest to sustain testify to swear to bear witness to rationalise covenant explain plight advance admit represent advocate okay bind oneself stand up for make out cross one's heart give proof of swear on bible pretend engage indicate agree excuse document put forth move adduce confess cite legitimize asservate rubber-stamp repeat propound check emphasize accredit tell commit oneself emphasise give substance to legitimise put forward lend weight to cross heart show to be true second reassert reaffirm approve charge manifest suggest plead imply postulate ascertain be responsible for submit own express notify extenuate stress convey recognize countersign evince appear give evidence speak for opine swear on the Bible recognise allow accede settle press betoken make a deposition sing plead for stick up for provide evidence of argue for make excuses for do justice to give an explanation for account for give reasons for be proof of give a justification for point to witness to own up demonstrate the truth of state under oath make evident give your word show beyond doubt give an apologia for bear something out qualify buttress concede grant reiterate bargain bespeak ground insist on authorize give assurance of show the truth of sanction set encourage authorise reveal be emphatic enforce request prove to be genuine concur have a lock on put on ice be liable for go bail for assert under oath stand bail for invoke be evidence of mount give facts token pledge oneself determine sign give someone your word provide insurance for posit plight oneself take a stand press for lay down the law solemnly promise adjure voice bind espouse assent challenge venture volunteer consent to initial O.K. enter into an agreement trust promise under oath make secure give security to agree to pay utter obligate subscribe pledge yourself swear blind disclose find pass render inform allegate depend on give witness swear by rely on shoot one's wad mouth off pop off shoot off one's mouth insinuate accuse intimate hint impute make an affidavit have confidence in swear to God agree to cross your heart live up to give an undertaking to fix result develop convince throw one's weight behind depose to speak out bring forward give testimony make sure of soapbox stump spout spiel croon constate offer lay present recount recite submit proof show once and for all have a case add up submit evidence show clearly establish evidence produce evidence produce proof suss out hold up double-check make certain of give weight to give force to pin down talk big open up act as if get off chest get on soapbox blow hot air come out legalize legitimatize seem legalise legitimatise clear avert cosign signify mean palliate reason exonerate refute disculpate confute rehabilitate whitewash disprove impersonate import intend exculpate show just cause for provide a rationale for show to be reasonable speak in favor of make good on be answerable for prove to be reasonable make allowances show cause lay claim personate denote give word of honor give your word of honour bind yourself make a commitment undertake solemnly swear under oath bear testimony act as a witness give an affidavit sign for offer grounds for urge blast rip report dictate cross zap mix debate dispute prescribe enjoin set oneself up pose as be ostensibly be apparently exculpate oneself mitigate resolve give a rationale for throw light upon acquit oneself shed light on give a reason for exonerate oneself explain away absolve oneself give an excuse for clear up attribute give an alibi for throw light on answer to vindicate oneself clear the air about have at sock it to one lace into set to put up argument have bone to pick lay into jump on come at lock horns with stick it to gang up on light into let have it fly in face of go at mix it up take on masquerade as pass for set oneself up as be disguised as allege that one is say in defense speak on behalf of cover for prove a case make a case for give the rationale behind speak in support of apologize for imply that one is assert that one is proclaim that one is maintain that one is represent oneself as feign the identity of pass oneself off as

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