Đồng nghĩa của maintenance

Alternative for maintenance


Trái nghĩa: abandonment,


A confident and forceful statement of fact or belief
assertion claim declaration affirmation contention profession statement insistence avowal pronouncement asseveration attestation protestation postulation proclamation submission allegation announcement argument assurance averment avouchment opinion thesis defence predication stressing swearing vindication asservation defense mouthful okay report positive statement say so stamp of approval two cents' worth oath testimony vow pledge confirmation disclosure recognition persistence emphasis reiteration stress averral plea revelation manifestation acknowledgement proof validation certification guarantee acknowledgment deposition bomb explanation presentation publication enunciation pitch utterance admission broadcast remark advertisement spiel saying notice expression answer speech information exposition story hot air evidence affidavit representation confession sworn statement witness testimonial case promise account justification reason excuse word indication apology corroboration troth charge demonstration pretence commitment verification show divulgence substantiation rationalization testament pretense concession exposure bond undertaking rationalisation allowance self-confession exhibition expostulation word of honour word of honor accusation showing revealing illustration covenant alibi espousal display song and dance acceptance unbosoming reasoning admitting exposé ratification logic voucher concurrence assent documentation polemic narration rationale grounds owning up accounting pretext support extenuation reasons whitewash pleading palliation mitigation line of reasoning retort fish story cop-out pretension leak view stand position green light remonstrance belief sworn testimony appeal petition intimation imputation hint implication insinuation suggestion news document unmasking demystification uncloseting tossing expounding basis version description impeachment crimination overment censure idea hypothesis solemn promise solemn declaration authority sources narrative interpretation cry complaint protest maintaining authentication appearance exemplification unburdening divulgation surprising fact performance materialization parole discussion advancement contestation hurrah demurrer rumpus ground making out surprise fact say-so monument credential sign certificate warrant reassurance lock shoo-in betrothal legal instrument engagement official declaration telling enumeration squeal assenting disclosing relation squawk song recitation materialisation meaning index phenomenon indicator impression action suit cause showcase spectacle lock on rain or shine sure thing fish tale right out line outing advocacy endorsement explication acceptance of blame acceptance of responsibility making public airtight case cover reply stall defending evidence copout exoneration exculpation pact approval promotion excusing apologia explaining response understanding granting obligation jive apologetics apologising apologizing return cleanup warranty argumentation knowledge acquiescence recognizance awareness cognizance conceding realization appreciation accession allowing compliance issue questioning swear guaranty rejoinder yielding adjuration compact recognisance realisation contract dialectic agreement affiance stipulation agreement with respect for approval of concurrence with acquiescence in cooperation with promissory note sacred word sworn declaration


The process or act of managing, running or governing (something)
operation running management administration control managing overseeing oversight stewardship superintendence supervision care charge coordination directing direction governance governing handling leadership regulating regulation superintendency supervising administering command commanding conducting controlling government guidance intendance orchestrating organisation organization conduct execution orchestration presidency rule ruling upkeep surveillance inspection keeping custody headship working guard aegis check tutelage guardianship keep functioning performance housekeeping manipulation treatment arrangement masterminding planning strategy logistics auspices regimentation plans organizing generalship policy protection organising sway tactics law dominion polity bureaucracy domination systematization power influence patronage politics systematisation political practice dealing coping with approach engineering instruction manoeuvres moves regiment prosecution campaign structuring authority plan regimen mastery sovereignty transaction wielding containment wardship making game plans battle plans reins ward leading guiding statecraft steering comanagement codirection coadministration red tape monitoring policing predominance regency establishment construction ministration carrying out trust safekeeping ordering the feds Uncle Sam formulation assembling formation assembly development methodology use employment executive empire ministry powers-that-be predominanc military science tactic maneuvers adaptation classification alteration reorganisation settlement reorganization reconciliation responsibility for standardisation codification standardization moderation operating performing play utilization exercise application consumption usage utilisation




The action or fact of adopting or being adopted
adoption assumption acceptance approval endorsement espousal support appropriation ratification acquiring acquisition affectation affecting assuming choice embracing selection taking on advocacy arrogation following promotion rubber-stamping validation approbation authorisation authorization backing sanctioning confirmation embracement enactment implementation taking over taking up defence defense championship assistance welcome help favouring aid preferring sponsorship siding with championing wholehearted reception abetting taking to furtherance encouragement enthusiastic reception favoring vouching for aiding and abetting recommendation patronage favour favor auspices advancement upholding calling for arguing for pushing for pressing for boosterism aegis protection boost argument for support for care urging espousing supporting propagation endorsing promoting promulgation recommending sanction activism furthering ward cultivation fostering boosting sponsoring cooperation lift hand assist abetment commendation trusteeship reinforcement backup go-ahead helping hand leg up advocation welcoming embrace development integration preferment progress advance preference exaltation ennoblement advancing proposal betterment prelation campaigning financing stimulation approving justification relief strengthening nurture fuelling forwarding contribution to funding philanthropy fueling campaigning for favourable reception auspice guardianship guaranty egis spokesmanship pleading for benefaction advising in favor warrant agreement subsidy investment grant abettance affirmation succour push succor facilitation guidance advising in favour blessing seconding a helping hand giving comfort deliverance salvation alleviation spurring on a leg up shot in the arm advice rescue service attention fiat signature subscription licence authentication superscription O.K. countersignature qualification nod OK comment accompaniment hubba-hubba okay certification testimonial commercial permission stroke secondment adherence rubber stamp subscription to thumbs up green light pat on back seal of approval the nod moral support


The alleviation of a disease's symptoms without a cure
palliation alleviation abatement mitigation comfort mollification reprieve appeasement assuagement cure balm ease easement solace release allayment softening amelioration lightening succour succor comforting remission palliative rest satisfaction deliverance refreshment respite assistance consolation support sustenance cheer extrication restfulness break breather contentment diversion fix hand happiness help letup lift load off one's mind quick fix aid relief guidance kindness good deed grace goodness use good turn shot in the arm helping hand nourishment soothing remedy easing dulling encouragement reduction lessening allaying compassion relieving sympathy pity commiseration moderation reassurance diminution fellow feeling improvement alleviating salving backing mitigating assuaging moral support a helping hand optimism quelling slackening quenching slaking care repose reassuring secours calming consoling cheering up solacing well-being ministration healing anodyne curative restorative tranquilizer soother something soothing tranquillizer weakening cushioning extenuation deadening concern empathy condolence vindication modification qualification justification understanding warmth kindliness gladdening condolement benevolence inspiration tenderness fortification lenity abetment cooperation abettance collaboration facilitation reinforcement service contribution benefit boost services assist furtherance benefaction ministrations intervention promotion a lift a favour a good turn offices a kindness a leg up a hand a break compensation


Financial or practical assistance given to those in special need or difficulty
relief aid help support assistance succor succour care rescue sustenance charity benefit donations alms benefaction gifts redemption salvation subsidy fix reinforcement a hand a helping hand a leg up quick fix financial assistance debt remission comfort service backing boost abetment hand favor favour assist lift helping hand kindness leg up guidance encouragement blessing furtherance good turn solace grace abettance boon attention refuge facilitation ease patronage mercy ministration good deed goodness shot in the arm convenience benevolence treatment contribution benison cooperation deliverance reprieve welfare benediction advantage compensation services promotion push satisfaction easement ministrations enjoyment good backup advancement interest secours consolation mitigation helpmate benefactor rescuer provider endorsement use nourishment collaboration furthering security intervention reassurance complicity reserves offices a kindness fillip stimulus godsend luxury accommodation asset facility spur impetus hand-holding reinforcements auxiliaries a lift a favour a good turn a break tonic kick amenity supervision therapy buzz espousal giving alleviation advocacy advice stroke of luck piece of luck preservation tending pick-me-up gee-up spurring on additional resources solution plus well-being ministry rehabilitation respite remedy betterment greater good conservation edge resource treasure value helpfulness devotion TLC looking after tender loving care joyfulness sake pleasure felicity melioration utility delight avail manna anodyne joy happiness prosperity growth safekeeping lifeline recovery courtesy bounty indulgence turn philanthropy dispensation honour honor gift deed endowment funding largesse donation grant handout offering subvention sponsorship allowance bursary reward kind act hand-out act of assistance act of kindness goodwill gesture championship auspices aegis protection recommendation defence defense approval championing auspice guardianship favouring favoring financing expertise time ward sanctioning trusteeship boosterism sanction nurture skills cavalry agency abetting guide egis accessory moral support influence acceptance crutch guaranty upholding urging espousing countenance supporting propagation protectorship endorsing promoting promulgation recommending tutelage cultivation fostering activism boosting sponsoring pushing for pressing for arguing for calling for abettal wingman mediation intercession shelter proposal participation intermediation argument for approving justification responsiveness charge keeping umbrella inspiration campaigning for support for aftersales service upkeep post sales service wing safeguarding patronization wingwoman office spokesmanship pleading for adoption supplementaries extras uplift patron finance angel sponsor embracing bolster development good offices profit advising in favour preferment progress welcome taking up preference exaltation ennoblement head start prelation taking to siding with wholehearted reception preferring enthusiastic reception go-ahead contribution to seconding break windfall resort pointer recourse ascendency lead investment aftercare commendation accompaniment vouching for counsel vantage leverage ascendancy secondment adherence side aiding and abetting counseling counselling advance opportunity upper hand kick-start flying start dominance chance opening behalf concern representation place part cause stead account advancing campaigning teaching direction advantageous beginning forestart advantageous position start expediency stimulation strengthening forwarding fuelling input fueling advising in favor

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