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Alternative for armor


Đồng nghĩa: armour,


A measure, means or method to protect someone or something
aegis ammunition buckler cover defence defense egis guard protection safeguard screen security shield wall ward breastplate mail panoply plate reinforcement armor plate body armor body armour bulletproof vest chain mail flak jacket protective clothing coat of mail suit of armor suit of armour buffer shelter safety bulwark safeguarding fortification shielding guarding cushion bumper armament immunity sanctuary refuge barrier fence pad shock absorber stronghold weapon resistance deterrent deterrence preservation haven conservation fastness salvation safekeeping safeness protector surety fender insurance rampart armour indemnity safety device cushioning cocoon hedge apron mask shade support invulnerability absorber protective device safety guard protecting strength precaution guardianship weaponry warfare munitions preventive reassurance stability assurance palladium fail-safe caution prophylactic provision citadel arms asylum hiding concealment housing self-defense safe keeping harbour harbor retreat convoy escort safety measure harborage safe harbor hiding place upholding upkeep safety net saving bastion parapet buttress barricade breastwork fort earthwork defender embankment mainstay prop care outwork supporter stockade palisade bartizan battlement fortress barbican preventive measure self-preservation obstruction block precautions circumvallation vallum self-protection maintenance partition redoubt keep sponsorship backing building up hindrance preparation castellation impediment patronage championship curb restraint check precautionary measure safety measures aid keeping dyke preventative embattlement auspices assistance remedy auspice advocacy bank guaranty protective measure castle defensive wall backstop impregnability vallation suspension system big stick buttressing bolstering continuation underpinning continuance shoring up garrison hold outpost crenellation buildup disarmament ordnance hardware deployment rearmament fielder buffet mobilization wicket-keeper arming isolation sequestration segregation dam material gun heat leaf springs torsion bars spring balustrade safeguards separation weir secludedness privacy aloneness solitariness solitude separateness seclusion escarpment tower strengthening canopy divider awning curtain quarantine detachment exclusion closeting guards surveillance gate measures sluice promotion help cloak blind mantle shroud separator arras guarantee charge umbrella guidance catcher mobilisation encouragement financing welfare setting apart insulation unassailability protectorship wing mound hill supervision ridge trusteeship warranty agency favour elevation shutter windbreak philanthropy funding intermediary a roof dike assertion barrage furtherance prudence forethought anticipation veil envelope panel defences freedom blockhouse covering dividing wall prevention protective battlements benefaction espousal tutelage preserving bastille conserving sustentation favor foresight wariness providence circumspection hideout hideaway oasis projection rock berm den sanctum foxhole middleman go-between obstacle neutralizer room divider investment perpetuation grant subsidy recommendation zoar port covert querencia ravelin fieldwork discreetness canniness regard fortalice discretion well-being inviolability resort hole church convent insistence on trench preserval disincentive evaporation safe haven presidio canal protective wall bolt-hole upholder ditch care and feeding gully defenses safe house public safety tower of strength something to fall back on channel freedom from danger fosse ivory tower moat preventative measure entrenchment belt and braces port in a storm storage tanning anticipatory measure hole-up refrigeration


Protective armor for the hands, formerly thrown down as a challenge to combat
gauntlet trial ordeal cross fire crucible test armour challenge glove onslaught baptism of fire burden gantlet affliction trouble hardship tribulation load albatross headache misery difficulty misfortune adversity torment trauma suffering hassle calvary inconvenience pain bother predicament worry woe bane curse millstone vicissitude sorrow stress cumber agony nightmare labor labour torture grief toil thorn in one's flesh hell anguish visitation painful experience distress calamity unpleasant experience task hell on earth responsibility onus function work mission difficult task obligation job exercise effort charge assignment undertaking calling chore duty tragedy problem blow mishap misadventure setback reverse heartbreak travails rigor complication aggravation crucifixion rigour bad luck cross to bear ill fortune stroke of bad luck hard time trying time trials and tribulations severe test hard times wretchedness travail scourge plague heartache vexation straits disaster persecution anxiety discomfort unhappiness hurt sadness struggle strain excruciation catastrophe Gehenna privation rack bummer depression despair blight dolor grind martyrdom drudgery horror punishment pestilence purgatory exertion uphill battle murder pest nuisance drag discouragement dejection angst disappointment dolour execution drain encumbrance shock despondency battle evil upset long haul downer slog disease endeavor melancholy desperation canker gloom cancer annoyance weight forlornness care despondence endeavour accident irritation oppression disheartenment despond desolation living hell bitter pill hopelessness failure tall order hard work uphill struggle tough grind tough assignment passion dolefulness blues bad news dashed hopes harshness severity killing victimization marathon cataclysm issue retribution terror vengeance infliction penalty upheaval wronging disturbance abyss hellhole bleakness victimisation fiasco jolt endurance test desperateness reversal of fortune hurting double whammy rainy day hard knock big trouble comedown letdown debacle drama disorder contamination sickness pollution down dud ache harsh conditions strife ills hardness conflict sad event hard luck painfulness bad break rotten luck corruption menace traumatization confusion derangement outburst collapse perturbation irritant harassment infirmity crux condition weakness plight deprivation mildew contagion fungus concern throe worriment malaise uneasiness perplexity mortification stew unconsolability pang disquiet asperity soreness bad experience embarrassment disquietude twinge shame infestation provocation nag nagging nemesis poverty want need penury squalor austerity eyesore sight withering dump indigence mischance sordidness destitution inclemency intolerance obduracy roughness self-sacrifice martyrization devotion sacrifice death poison blot on the landscape thorn in someone's side pain in the backside pain in the rear thorn in someone's flesh pain in the neck pain in the bum difficult time reverse of fortune sweat slavery dread bogey phobia dispiritedness resignation hallucination dismay drudge moil tears fatigue donkeywork demoralization melancholia resignedness disconsolateness miserableness dreariness fantasy vision pet hate succubus phantasm fancy dream illusion joylessness defeatism glumness rue cheerlessness doldrums pessimism industry striving bad dream mopes sorrowfulness demoralisation heartsickness dumps gloominess mournfulness downheartedness pains pangs graft blue devils low spirits night terror

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