Đồng nghĩa của lagging

Alternative for lagging

lags, lagged, lagging

Đồng nghĩa: dawdle, delay, dillydally, linger, loiter, poke, tarry,

Tính từ

Falling behind, not keeping up the pace
crawling creeping dallying dawdling dilatory dillydallying dragging laggard languid leisurely pokey poking poky slow sluggish snaillike snail-paced tardy unhurried arrested behind checked delayed dense dull feeble-minded imbecile late moronic stupid subnormal underdeveloped underprivileged undeveloped deliberate measured loitering plodding slothful leaden slow-moving easy slow-going lackadaisical delaying ponderous idle slack indolent procrastinating phlegmatic listless lethargic slow-paced torpid moderate tortoiselike postponing drowsy dreamy passive supine apathetic inert behindhand gradual backward unrushed lazy stagnant sleepy heavy snail-like lingering inactive unhasty unpunctual remiss slow-footed relaxed gentle comfortable sedate undemanding steady sluggardly tortoise-like casual lollygagging belated lax overdue delinquent latish behind schedule long-delayed held up too late behind time moving slowly not on time running late restful disadvantaged poor impoverished laid-back easy-going effortless languorous painstaking patient slow and steady on hands and knees free slackened relaxing time-wasting putting off tarrying trailing problem moratory neglectful negligent flagging deferred put off hung up later jammed last-minute eleventh-hour postponed long-overdue falling behind worming skulking writhing slithering shuffling quailing slinking wriggling squirming inching sneaking shambling groveling hobbling grovelling on all fours barely moving laboured leaden-footed laggy labored imperceptible impassive indifferent unconcerned uninterested limp enervated spiritless languishing calm energyless unenthusiastic feeble moony offhand careless leisured pococurante easygoing nonchalant weary blah weak dopey comatose uncaring shiftless snoozy nebbish lymphatic faint blahs pining sickly infirm wimpy sleepyhead insouciant inattentive slapdash slap-happy disinterested fainéant faineant laid back otiose workshy regardless do-nothing peaceful at your own pace in your own time chilled unexciting lumbering cumbersome recreational even regular still tired laborious amusing frivolous entertaining loafing fun work-shy good-for-nothing bone idle non-job related non-work related derelict inefficient slipshod procrastinative incompetent disregardful disorganized neglecting sloppy disorderly asleep at the wheel disorganised slovenly quiescent asleep on the job unprofessional permissive dormant cavalier artless detached unstudied blasé loose cursory flippant superficial complacent light carefree cool disimpassioned breezy simple informal abstracted half-hearted lukewarm happy-go-lucky devil-may-care free and easy passionless bloodless aimless incurious sentimental romantic laissez-faire halfhearted Laodicean daydreaming easy going spring fever

Tính từ

Characterized by laziness, indolence, and a lack of ambition
shiftless idle indolent lazy slothful aimless good-for-nothing incompetent inefficient inept lackadaisical unambitious unenterprising apathetic feckless improvident irresponsible lethargic spiritless worthless dallying deceitful devious directionless dishonest dubious inattentive laggard lifeless loafing procrastinating slack suspicious unenergetic unindustrious unmotivated untrustworthy workshy work-shy slow-moving languid listless inactive do-nothing torpid inert sluggish heavy slow enervated dull snoozy otiose tired passive supine comatose bone idle languorous impassive fainéant indifferent useless laid-back dormant sleepy somnolent lax drowsy careless unenthusiastic easygoing slumberous dopey faineant no-good no-account feeble limp lousy negligent remiss leisurely lukewarm lymphatic insouciant abstracted stupefied fatigued quiescent dreamy half-hearted uninterested narcotic phlegmatic languishing moony energyless leaden blah stupid stuporous hebetudinous out of it sluggard ne'er-do-well vigourless vacant lumpish plodding stagnant drony resting slow-going mopish effete absent neutral bored heedless motionless numb insensible hibernating drugged sleeping benumbed lacking energy inconscious cold out paralyzed static sodden latent unhurried paralysed unworksome unoccupied unaspiring parasitic procrastinative bone-idle ineffectual uncaring vegged out dead to the world out to lunch out cold offhand passionless bloodless debilitated hopeless futile unconcerned slap-happy casual relaxed hamstrung weak inexpedient inefficacious counterproductive ineffective disinterested incurious sentimental pococurante romantic laissez-faire slapdash halfhearted Laodicean daydreaming weary easy going laid back lacklustre nebbish draggy lackluster stretchy exhausted unmoving stolid dilatory wimpy sleepyhead meaningless incautious unpurposed fustian uncareful spineless carefree unreliable reckless wild spring fever without energy having spring fever

Động từ

Present participle for fail to keep up with another or others in movement or development
delaying lingering dawdling loitering dallying trailing idling sauntering straggling tarrying hanging back shilly-shallying crawling creeping decreasing diddling dillydallying dilly-dallying diminishing dithering dragging dropping failing falling back falling behind flagging lallygagging lollygagging moping poking dragging behind ebbing slackening trailing behind waning faltering hobbling inching jellying limping lounging moving slowly plodding procrastinating retarding shuffling slouching slowing staggering staying tailing tooling trudging bringing up the rear dropping behind falling off inching along putting off slowing up dragging one's feet losing strength getting no place fast dragging your feet pausing lagging behind hanging about stalling ambling waiting hesitating hanging around taking your time drifting hanging fire vacillating marking time taking one's time wandering meandering nosing snailing wasting time rambling oozing temporizing killing time puttering temporising hovering halting frittering away fooling around creaking along hanging out staying put holding back playing for time holding off remaining lolling losing ground loafing biding straying moseying roaming toddling roving whiling away time trifling wavering traipsing going slowly filibustering resting postponing deferring stopping walking slowly lodging pottering about pottering around hanging round adjourning pottering round horsing around warming a chair sitting around dragging your heels waiting around humming and hawing playing a waiting game using delaying tactics hanging on putting off doing something goofing off strolling slacking following shirking stonewalling schlepping along skulking mooching dragging oneself tottering pottering lurking dabbling shambling sloughing dragging yourself tagging along dragging along tagging along behind diddle-daddling buying time wabbling teetering demurring passing time frittering time away scrupling wobbling draggling boondoggling poking along shlepping along scrounging around bumming around havering prolonging protracting sitting on one's butt fooling with trifling with whiling away swithering goldbricking cooling limping along staying in the background staying back shrinking back shying away creeping along wearing on advancing slowly hanging heavy playing games with fooling about appearing to pass slowly slowing down going on and on going on too long taking a raincheck suspending action postponing action letting slide deferring action kicking the can down the road becoming tedious shelving remitting ranging dangling drooping sagging losing time stopping over goofing around putting over holding up holding over laying over spreading erring scrambling straddling hanging down maundering holding the phone putting back holding off on rescheduling putting on the back burner leaving to another time putting on hold suspending putting on ice proroguing standing abiding poking around dwelling sticking settling awaiting residing hanging strining out putting down roots enduring remaining behind squatting sitting tight bunking sweating it out sticking around staying out establishing oneself keeping on staying behind continuing roosting nesting holding on establishing yourself outstaying perching holding the fort haunting pootling tootling frequenting swanning bimbling spending time walking tramping tromping fannying about kicking around lounging about doing nothing much passing the time fribbling doodling promenading perambulating stravaiging hiking puttering around fiddling around beating the meat monkeying around stumping kicking your heels percolating sashaying taking a walk messing around spinning one's wheels farting around taking a stroll taking the air ankling going for a walk creeping around prowling twiddling your thumbs idling away the hours filling in time frittering frittering away time taking one's own sweet time whiling away the time fiddling about piddling burning daylight streeling coasting floating trilling going for a stroll kicking about fluctuating lying in wait for strolling along taking it easy hemming and hawing pussyfooting around blowing hot and cold twiddling loitering along going aimlessly living playing stumbling waiting about staying close waiting nearby lumbering staying nearby moving at a snail's pace waddling doddering lying around galumphing floundering clumping barging scuffing scuffling slogging stamping lumping stomping peregrinating flogging shifting lurching changing pounding boogying getting some exercise walking casually hoofing it getting some air boogieing relaxing chilling out fiddling acting the fool amusing oneself mucking about faffing about playing the fool clowning lounging around lazing around mucking around playing around larking around pratting about having a lark mooching around having a laugh clowning around resting up lolling around keeping it up gripping latching on holding fast clinging on clinging carrying on persisting holding out going on grasping keeping a hold on seeing it through clutching persevering sticking it out

Động từ

Present participle for to deplete, or be depleted, in physical strength or energy
fading flagging wilting failing weakening withering languishing decaying drooping sinking sagging emaciating going wasting away declining dwindling waning diminishing ebbing deteriorating lessening fainting shrivelling shriveling wasting tiring melting away going downhill slumping falling abating degenerating decreasing perishing rotting dropping collapsing disintegrating crumbling petering out dying slipping faltering disappearing sickening regressing retrograding atrophying subsiding depreciating disimproving spoiling vitiating debasing pining worsening receding evaporating devolving tapering off melting dying away succumbing depressing growing weak wizening fizzling out growing faint growing dim growing less folding trailing off drying up becoming limp dying out tailing off fading away breaking down going to pieces fagging out dying on vine breaking up falling off eroding descending wearying palling dying down dying off becoming moribund having one foot in the grave mummifying dimming vanishing losing courage dissolving giving out caving in drying bending dangling evanescing shrinking bowing hanging flopping dispersing desiccating stooping hanging down flying dematerializing fleeing deflating blighting aging contracting shriveling up blasting constricting ageing etiolating draping becoming marcescent deliquescing trailing thinning tapering moderating growing feeble hushing rarefying clearing evanishing quieting attenuating slouching settling lopping slinging suspending leaning falling down becoming stale becoming unimportant becoming flaccid pooping out slacking off becoming less loud vanishing into thin air passing off fading out tuckering out wearing out letting down tiring out lowering letting up easing up retrogressing losing giving way relapsing limping impoverishing trembling crippling tottering halting minimizing relaxing minimising stagnating degrading sliding debilitating wearing off thinning out losing spirit slowing down growing weaker lapsing impairing putrefying dilapidating becoming debilitated mouldering going backwards falling apart becoming worse tuckering wearing away getting worse hungering longing yearning hankering growing worse going bad teetering brooding desponding ailing moldering losing quality going into decline falling to pieces going down the toilet falling apart at the seams going to pot hitting the skids withering away knocking out going into a decline conking out going soft easing falling away dropping off coming to an end slackening remitting relenting de-escalating ratcheting down phasing down draining away reducing ending dissipating passing easing off ceasing going away stopping terminating draining plummetting plummeting closing quelling dropping away passing away departing running out ceasing to exist finishing growing smaller dispelling softening withdrawing dulling becoming smaller calming down winding down going down trailing away slackening off becoming less expiring dipping running low coming to nothing cooling off blurring checking lightening tailing away devaluating depleting elapsing wearing down discontinuing concluding tempering subduing quitting settling down rebating determining quietening calming leaving plunging ceasing to be running dry curbing coming to a halt dropping out of sight becoming obsolete drawing to a close dead-ending breaking off turning down leaving off winding up winking out curtailing vaporizing restraining scattering narrowing down losing edge disassembling losing strength parching concentrating diffusing giving in desisting alleviating slowing becoming weak bedimming exiting paling allaying downscaling downsizing bating retroceding vaporising darkening quietening down mitigating becoming emaciated blowing over nosediving cooling becoming weaker minifying giving up retiring decrementing receding from view becoming extinct getting smaller clearing out making less intense passing into oblivion toning down coming to a stop disappearing from the face of the earth melting into thin air levelling off making faint slashing setting cutting down modifying clearing up fizzling packing up breaking stalling malfunctioning losing intensity petering ebbing away sinking into oblivion disappearing slowly peaking falling through lulling rescinding shaping elongating lolling swagging pining away decomposing dehumidifying dehydrating relieving assuaging becoming invisible stilling mollifying becoming unproductive growing barren growing sterile denting abbreviating retrenching extenuating flowing away losing its effect losing its effectiveness slaking dampening banishing squandering disbanding thinning down phasing out taking a nosedive closing out retreating running its course numbing driving away unmaking going by becoming void becoming invalid ending gradually ceasing to yield volatilizing getting less slacking decelerating unlaxing coasting spreading going missing disappearing from sight going through the floor making smaller hitting the floor making less knocking down paring down becoming shrunken coming down guttering chilling out cooling it coming to a halt end coming to a an end becoming blurred becoming vague becoming indistinct soft-pedalling abridging amputating clipping cropping soft-pedaling cutting breaking into pieces becoming enfeebled returning pulling out falling back backing away freshening allying frosting freezing infrigidating going back moving away boiling away becoming shadowy falling short cutting back rolling back slacking up becoming confused moving back retracting backing going south leaving no trace coming to naught ceasing to be known muting taking the bite out taking the sting out backing off moving further off paling into insignificance decreasing in importance losing significance flowing back drawing back drawing away making dim losing lustre vanishing from sight getting ill again suffering a relapse getting worse again taking a turn for the worse having a relapse passing from sight going dead packing in making less bright ceasing to be visible vanishing off the face of the earth growing dull

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