Đồng nghĩa của roaming

Alternative for roaming

roams, roamed, roaming

Đồng nghĩa: drift, gad, meander, ramble, rove, stray, wander,

Tính từ

Moving around
ambulant ambulatory errant fugitive galavanting gallivanting itinerant nomad nomadic perambulatory peregrine peripatetic ranging roving vagabond vagrant wandering wayfaring discursive drifting meandering migratory prodigal travelling traveling vagarious moving around on the move migrant unsettled mobile floating rambling moving migrating touring rootless transient journeying homeless gypsy displaced perambulant voyaging restless itinerate jet-setting shifting on the wing on the go walking footloose strolling globetrotting of no fixed abode of no fixed address trekking seasonal wayward stray driving flying hiking Romany destitute erratic fly-by-night down and out afoot traversing kinetic advancing motile progressing in motion pastoral lost ambling idle tzigane didicoi shiftless cruising commuting riding locomotive Gypsy expatriate constantly traveling rubbernecking globe-trotting gadabout on tour excursioning immigrant desultory digressive arrant sweeping spanning extensive widespread covering on foot jaunting winding rangy strayed riding the rails landloping devious deviating planetary straying able-bodied unstationary promenading marching movable plantigrade ambulate digitigrade strutting going unfixed running refugee straggling sauntering mendicant aimless down-and-out fancy-free temporary changing tramp casual migratorial immigrating migrative emigrating impermanent abandoned derelict migrational transmigratory houseless unhoused adrift living rough sleeping rough without a roof on the streets passing over passing through translocating relocating active bustling having itchy feet unclaimed exiled dispossessed gone astray dossing outcast poor unwelcome estranged disinherited friendless forsaken desolate deported uncared-for banished forlorn without a roof over one's head

Tính từ

Tending to digress
excursive rambling digressive wandering discursive desultory devious digressional digressionary errant leaping maundering meandering roving diffusive episodic indirect verbose roundabout diffuse circuitous convoluted tortuous anfractuous nomadic travelling circular traveling long-winded prolix lengthy circumlocutory long periphrastic wordy loose waffly ambagious logorrhoeic pleonastic musing broad free erratic spreading deviating conversational informal windy garrulous logorrheic tedious protracted long-drawn-out tautological circumlocutionary overlong palaverous redundant repetitious voluble loquacious chatty gabby bombastic prolonged oblique turgid interminable gassy wearisome boring tiresome evasive talkative divergent flatulent inflated rhetorical drawn-out tangential expansive ponderous repetitive talky sesquipedalian dragged out implied full of verbiage flowery ambiguous superfluous gossipy prosy vague circumlocutional circumlocuitous circumlocutious waffling iterative laborious unending verbal endless anecdotal drifting extended very long spun out profuse copious exuberant random lavish dull king-size elongate oversized elongated king-sized lengthened tangent orotund padded longish king size dragging prattling blathering jabbering babbling prating gushing mouthy loosely related yakking multiloquent big-mouthed gobby wittering multiloquous effusive magniloquent fustian grandiloquent tautologous pompous yacking repeating involved pretentious collateral non-linear obliquitous full of air with the gift of the gab having kissed the Blarney stone taking the long way winding deviant zigzag serpentine curving backhanded sidelong unforeseen eventual subsidiary duplicitous sinuous snaking complicated understood underhand sinister long way home inferred out-of-the-way unplanned twisting sneaky obscure sneaking crooked tacit vagrant hinted at

Danh từ

A trip or a set amount of traveling
journey adventure campaign expedition trip voyage venture pilgrimage course quest crossing journeying odyssey travelling traveling exodus exploration peregrination progress scramble excursion globetrotting jaunt roving transfer travel travels wayfaring approach commutation commute departure drive emigration errand flight migration movement outing passage procession retreat ride route shift slog sortie spin visit walk walkabout constitutional hike lift march beat caravan circuit itinerary junket patrol promenade round run tour transmigration traverse trek vagabondage wandering ramble range safari sally saunter stroll tramp transit vagrancy grand tour period of travelling trekking traversing hiking touring journeys expeditions trips odysseys tours sightseeing pilgrimages excursions sailing voyaging safaris voyages treks jaunts cruising moving itinerancy backpacking jet-setting gallivanting peregrinations vagabondism nomadism seafaring navigation globe-trotting driving flying wanderlust weekend hop riding overnight biking swing drifting rootlessness holiday vacation floating rambling migrancy cruise hurl awayday relocation advance sashay airing day trip progression crusade advancement mission expatriation day out passing motion transition defection transportation immigration process operation turn joyride tootle traversal flow spree headway sail commission assignment resettlement move undertaking transport leaving transplanting pleasure trip onrush hegira forward movement displacement arrival resettling hitch withdrawal picnic diaspora encroachment spread break going promotion expansion away day day away survey job movement forward onward movement sojourn rise removal onward motion forward motion task enterprise colonization settling exile charge conveyance uprooting reestablishment homesteading evacuation shifting whirl chore tool business duty getaway roundabout colonisation moving abroad unfolding frolic long journey transference transporting round trip mystery tour growth proceeding coming nearing buildup furtherance evolvement breakthrough momentum Sunday drive wanderings itineration sweep pilgrimmage recce reconnaissance discovery settlement entry transferal foray hajj footslog pickup distance escapade sea change trudge yatra exploit project leisure industry service sector vacation industry holiday business short journey touristry minibreak transferral repositioning moving overseas trog yomp short trip long weekend moving forward car ride holy expedition religious journey trail wander joy ride breakout cavalcade entrada resorting term stint tenure pass long haul stage leg step cycle advent period of traveling posting carriage boat trip stride stream flux drift stepping forward gain increase plane trip message elevation jaunting stump go trick whistle-stop time road bout shipment sea trip sailing trip transhumance climb Völkerwanderung haulage change freightage shopping collection delivery tourism circle tour changeover portage conversion alteration upgrading aggrandizement aggrandisement exit work carrying penetration permeation osmosis infiltration rounds mini holiday search field trip preferment hunting expedition emanation hunt short break labor labour outpour outflow outpouring retirement gush calling exercise development vocation post pursuit perambulation tour of duty regular journey bounds egression egress escape exiting offgoing fleeing brief objective goal purpose order trust end aim office succession sequence mass departure detail lifework profession trade continuity emergence person's task chicken run going out spreading evolution maturation flourishing metamorphosis transformation evolving advancing unraveling blossoming maturing upgrowth burgeoning flowering forwarding extension chain growing scheme fruition consecution escalation string unravelling steps forward step forward

Danh từ

A change or development
movement fluctuation change flux variation alteration changing development evolution evolving shift unrest wandering fall rise rise and fall oscillation instability inconstancy swing unsteadiness variability motion undulation see-sawing yo-yoing rising and falling vacillation wavering alternation changeability ebb and flow ripple swell rolling fluidity changeableness unpredictability fitfulness irregularity modification unreliability fickleness continuous change transition mutation mutability shifting dynamics activity stirring agitation mobility motility stir kinesis drift sway kinetics move coming and going toing and froing to and fro full swing modulation variance vicissitude upheaval switch distortion ups and downs unevenness seesawing regulation swaying chanciness vicissitudes adjustment reversal veering adaptation changes deviation transformation revision diversification amendment reformation recasting swap diversity variety readjustment correction rearrangement conversion refashioning displacement flip-flop about-face deformation swinging imbalance volatility disequilibrium capriciousness uncertainties waving rotation uncertainty downturn reverse interchange repetition transposition systole and diastole peaks and valleys wax and wane wave reworking metamorphosis revamping transmogrification makeover transfiguration rectification life's ups and downs review wobble refinement transmutation remodeling good and bad times remodelling repeated rotation mid-course correction deviations waverings waves displacements realignment turnaround reshaping turn renewal redirection rectifications refashionings wobbles reviews revolution retraction about-turn reordering rowback changeover substitution permutation bend yaw deflection sea change U-turn

Động từ

Present participle for to travel unsystematically over, through, or about (a place)
drifting meandering rambling ranging roving wandering maundering cruising peregrinating prowling traipsing travelling traveling walking stravaiging batting floating galavanting gallivanting knocking about mooching moseying pootling straying streeling strolling tootling tramping traversing vagabonding bumming circumambulating gadding hiking journeying perambulating sauntering straggling swanning trekking gadding about kicking around knocking around trekking through bumming around struggling along hitting the road ambling promenading going walkabout dawdling bimbling jaunting marching touring trudging moving pottering going for a walk taking a walk tromping treading striding toddling trailing departing deviating trooping pacing taking the air plodding digressing veering diverging ambulating stepping swerving globe-trotting parading proceeding following one's nose footslogging shifting going divagating travelling around traveling around backpacking yomping coasting prancing strutting slogging rolling shuffling tripping circumnutating hopscotching loitering sashaying patrolling hoofing hoofing it milling around milling round milling about crossing mooching around walking the tracks running around globetrotting filing cantering voyaging advancing footing it lagging schlepping padding lumbering puttering trogging migrating circumlocuting dallying moping lingering batting around hitting the trail percolating ankling footing stumping getting sidetracked getting some exercise getting some air taking a turn hitting the bricks legging it making your way tailing tarrying falling behind walking slowly stretching your legs dragging oneself going on foot traveling on foot travelling on foot bringing up the rear taking a stroll going for a stroll dandering travelling about flitting running pilgrimaging going hither and thither idling twining extravagating changing recoiling loafing sweeping exploring scouring progressing dilly-dallying galloping passing reconnoitering searching reconnoitring encompassing wandering aimlessly winding zigzagging trilling oozing wandering about clambering boogying boogieing getting off the point pounding going off at a tangent twisting and turning passing over spreading through mincing moving aimlessly stepping out trotting skipping ascending descending tiptoeing scuffing racing locomoting shambling stalking stooging pounding the pavement walking casually making circuit plodding on breezing aberrating swinging walking up and down marching up and down socializing raving partying waltzing pressing on going by foot moving forward going down going up going forward walking to and fro walking back and forth toiling wending one's way trucking jaunting around roaming around socialising flitting around wending going partying going clubbing itinerating emigrating wandering away turning away turning aside making one's way finding one's way going for a constitutional limping staggering hobbling raving it up living it up leaving transferring immigrating nomadizing transmigrating crawling painting the town red sidetracking slouching following having a night on the town dragging along tagging along behind moving slowly dragging one's feet getting no place fast hanging back dragging yourself tagging along moving about moving around dangling drooping sagging spreading erring scrambling straddling hanging down poking lagging behind dropping behind trailing behind poking around strining out

Động từ

Present participle for to travel, usually with some measurable distance
journeying travelling traveling going flying sailing traversing voyaging jaunting proceeding cruising heading jetting scrambling wandering advancing passing peregrinating trekking approaching backpacking barnstorming bussing busing bustling cabbing coaching continuing departing escaping galavanting gallivanting getting gigging globetrotting junketing junketting migrating motoring moving navigating perambulating racing rolling speeding springing taking off touring traipsing transitioning transporting trundling wending roving circuiting hopping processing rambling ranging safariing faring hying hieing going on an excursion going on an expedition going on a tour going on a trip going on safari going places knocking about making one's way meandering pushing on taking a trip wayfaring wending one's way crossing covering transiting tracking coursing passing over cutting across proceeding along passing through hiking following negotiating spanning bridging traveling over travelling over going across going over journeying across travelling across journeying over traveling across tripping pilgrimaging tramping progressing walking setting out setting forth pacing treading intersecting making your way across moving over straying prowling ambling trudging drifting going on a journey sauntering repairing going on a excursion venturing hitting the road cutting running over wandering over running through tramping over ranging over going walkabout proceeding through moving through treading across moving across riding circumnavigating transmitting scouring exploring moving round overnighting going round covering ground getting through wending your way making your way going riding knocking around going into orbit making a journey taking a boat taking a train taking a plane plying bisecting crisscrossing transversing decussating doing quartering getting across

Động từ

(of a person or animal) Present participle for to move about restlessly and stealthily, especially in search of prey

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