Đồng nghĩa của travel

Alternative for travel

travels, traveled, travelled, traveling, travelling

Đồng nghĩa: go, journey, move, pass, proceed, progress, traverse,


To move, usually over long distances
journey go tour cross voyage traverse trek move roam cover proceed rove cruise globetrot peregrinate backpack hike progress range ride tramp walk circumnavigate course follow navigate perambulate ramble roll track transit wander cut across explore hop jaunt junket migrate sail scour take a trip transmit wend go round move round overnight pass over proceed along cover ground get through go riding knock around make your way pass through set forth set out wend your way go into orbit make a journey make one's way take a boat take a plane take a train drift pass traipse meander gallivant advance knock about float stray depart trip travel over march pilgrimage drive galavant glide push on stroll fly run head journey over do negotiate bat coast hit the road bridge emigrate go along pace motor go across maunder journey across saunter go walkabout prowl continue amble hie travel across mooch gad fare shift gad about go through get kick around travel through range over remove transition forge ahead jet be carried quit speed trudge transmigrate stravaig go on a trip sweep flow leave trog straggle circumambulate push travel along travel around span stump immigrate trundle move along exodus be conveyed get on bum press on move on go off go on run through move forward bum around transport go forward move abroad go over make your way across circuit safari process shuttle scramble barnstorm itinerate wayfare relocate crawl trot gallop spin go on an excursion globe trot go places swan mosey slide steam go on an expedition slog resettle climb ply streel vagabond stream footslog keep on flit skim swim tromp plod trek around tool yomp automobile shoot waft journey through sightsee in hoof tread through hover tread truck move onward intersect globe-trot put behind one set off tramp over transverse press forward carry on plow on make one's way towards move ahead make for move towards move away make headway leg it go ahead be borne go towards plough on crack on move out set out for move over hang hang about hang around bat around repair run around venture go on a journey travel about go on a excursion whirl bowl run over wander over go hither and thither back-pack skip search reconnoitre encompass reconnoiter cut pootle tootle take Shanks's pony go on foot hoof it forge operate fan tread across move through proceed through move across foot trail spread through be transported strike hit the trail follow one's nose make circuit push forward sail over voyage over voyage across sail across voyage through cruise through trek through shuffle dance step bounce leap come stay on direct one's footsteps go forth progress towards push ahead work one's way quarter crisscross bisect decussate struggle along get going keep moving get ahead visit jump sprint scamper scurry scuttle bolt jog nomadize transfer stroke go around be on the move be on the trail gain ground work towards edge make progress make inroads into march on gather way keep going travel round spring approach coach escape bus race road-trip take off bustle gig cab get across thwart pivot make a regular journey swing holiday in holiday vacation voyage around sightsee ride out drag tour in evacuate defect roam in wander through journey round rove through trek round move onwards travel in look round take in tour around look around move around move about go on safari go on a tour potter breeze go on the road go on an excursion in go on a trip through go from place to place betake oneself blow past pass by move overseas waltz canter sit cycle jockey decamp look at run by travel by car ride by car run out toddle slip bob leave your country start a new life make dash off stop in set go by car take in the sights of pick your way find your way wind one's way split aim bear travel on wheels go to wash train move house pack your bags change house go away change address pull up stakes up sticks change residence change jobs passage be supported boat commence move gently slip along smooth along tread water make a beeline for set out in the direction of go in the direction of direct one's steps towards start out for aim for be bound for steer for hitch a ride thumb a ride ferry set sail take a sea trip ride the waves go boating go sailing travel by boat go yachting take a boat trip ship out take a cruise take a sailing trip


To move or proceed very quickly
hasten hurry hurtle race speed whizz belt tear zip bomb go fast hotfoot it whip barrel blast blaze blow bolt bowl breeze bundle bustle buzz cannonball careen career chase course dash drive fly hare hie highball hump hurl hustle jet jump motor nip pelt ram rip rocket run rush rustle scoot scurry scuttle shoot steam step trot whirl whisk zoom drive fast go rapidly whip along belt along bomb along burn rubber crack on tear along get cracking go like lightning go like greased lightning tear up the miles get a move on go at breakneck speed go hell for leather go like a bat out of hell put your foot down dart sprint charge streak gallop boogie post scamper scramble bucket flash clip scud scutter sweep leg it barrel along hightail stampede wing zap shift fleet wheech go like the clappers get the lead out step on it whoosh bound make haste scorch cut along swoop whiz spank along hightail it beetle lay rubber haste make tracks skip spring hotfoot bowl along flit go like the wind shake a leg move jog pound rattle along put on some speed accelerate dive plunge expedite speed up hurry up roll burn fling flutter skedaddle go rage quicken trip boil move quickly spurt beat it fast-track push really move get your skates on fuss lope cannon skitter skirr stir double surge jogtrot leap be quick dogtrot tool beeline spur skim proceed vroom canter bullet amble dust flee lose no time break lash pace bestir press dispatch smoke make time go like a bullet move along step on gas go quickly patter skite roar flow stream gush cascade swoosh kite press on pour waltz push on catapult roll along pass outstrip lunge retreat run fast leave scat vamoose split flood sloosh tumble ride get moving run like mad go like a bomb plunge ahead slip away be off like a shot progress hop it sail rush headlong go briskly rush around hop along step along step lively pump run off bug out run away yeet whish burst sally put foot pass by tear out move forward move rapidly go by stir one's stumps turn on steam make short work of dig in get a wiggle on clear out go away move fast express move apace make a run for it waste no time whip around cover ground not lose a minute take wing rush at make it snappy get on it make oneself scarce storm gust plough slide plow lurch glide thrust whistle pounce wind pitch take flight jostle launch oneself go faster get faster swirl pick up speed make off bluster drift flurry march coast slip hop cruise prance frisk wash gambol float start throw oneself go headlong increase speed gather speed gather momentum advance pass quickly light out pick up the pace rev up take off step up pile barge propel pop shove crack blow fiercely romp steamroller blitz railroad buck scatter heave launch waft go at top speed stride hurdle go like lighting rack thrill move like greased lightning run very fast gear up bowl over go all out exhale frolic circulate flourish flicker billow eddy descend plummet drop well up brandish flick put on a burst of speed book it chuck it down dance caper surge through startle duck dodge head flitter go along show quickly stomp bounce spin swish twist seethe churn rush off speed away nosedive run out flirt smooth along stoop stalk escape gee up play cavort stamp flounce bob scram beat a retreat turn tail contend strive squirt puff squall swing strike attack fall tear around skidoo run for it clear off scarper fall upon make for set upon make depart hover vie hook it skip off levant decamp rev buzz around brush move suddenly dip run round in circles fly down peel out cut and run make a break for it head for the hills make a quick exit cut out beat a hasty retreat set out set forth aim cut head off set off make a break steer bear veer jab prod poke stride angrily scrabble go through shoot through fly the coop show a clean pair of heels do a fade do a bunk kick rocks take a powder do a runner get lost gain momentum move faster tilt continue move past drive faster tilt at put on a spurt open it up jockey for position get a wriggle on step on the gas open up the throttle put pedal to metal put on afterburners peel rubber open up put on speed


To associate or keep company with
associate fraternise fraternize consort run chum consociate hobnob company sort hang around hang out hook up pal around mess around keep company socialize mingle mix go out go around socialise rub shoulders rub elbows knock about hang round run around chum around hang about knock around take up with hang out with spend time step out fall in with pal up keep company with run with be thick with accompany pal befriend mix with have dealings mingle with rub elbows with get together run around with make friends hang with go around with go about be friends with be in knock around with meet hang bring join convoy attend bear carry associate with chaperon conduct meet up pair off fraternize with be thick pal with pal around with chum with clique with hang around with tie up with chum together gang up with pool amalgamate assort frequent throw in together come together spend time with get in on line up with get in with tie in bunch up string along with be involved with swing with join up with truck with go partners gang up go along with play footsie with get into tie up be friends be in cahoots work with buddy up sympathize unite concur sympathise be sociable with rub shoulders with club together socialize with be friendly consort with interact be sociable league network get around entertain club circulate make advances get about make the rounds intermingle meet people communalize engage nationalise nationalize connect move schmooze intersperse associate with others make contacts come together with converse consort with others move around work the room exchange cards introduce yourself meet and greet get out affiliate party collaborate cooperate have people round be a good mixer get out and about partner team up go with work together link up join forces


To travel around the countryside making political speeches etc.


A movement of animals or people from one region to another
migration emigration relocation exodus departure flight movement journey expatriation moving voyage shift transfer passage hegira wandering immigration defection posting trek resettling resettlement roving run transhumance move moving abroad Völkerwanderung trip peregrination expedition tour odyssey excursion crossing hike travels journeying safari march pilgrimage jaunt adventure cruise outing traveling travelling progress spin quest drive junket transmigration exploration sally ramble visit removal tramp commute globetrotting sortie colonization leaving settling transplanting displacement exile wayfaring crusade diaspora uprooting homesteading reestablishment hurl awayday swing colonisation campaign ride mission course slog walk lift procession retreat errand survey patrol caravan stroll saunter voyaging grand tour tootle hop long journey overnight day out weekend day trip shifting drifting withdrawal evacuation settlement entry arrival moving overseas sail sailing transition itineration traversal sea change recce reconnaissance sweep hajj navigation transport holiday turn foray footslog discovery joyride airing yatra undertaking enterprise spree period of traveling minibreak joy ride short journey sashay trudge religious journey holy expedition trog yomp commission exploit operation project assignment frolic wander long haul trail break term hitch stint tenure mini holiday away day mystery tour short break pleasure trip day away picnic cavalcade entrada whistle-stop stump round trip getaway go time road circle tour bout trick roundabout venture scramble commutation route walkabout approach constitutional vagabondage promenade itinerary circuit roaming beat traverse round vagrancy range transit period of travelling exit exiting egress going escape egression retirement mass departure fleeing flow transference leave-taking decamping quitting departing farewell parting decampment leave outgo desertion abandonment congé adieu embarkation goodbye going away lighting out bow out walking out transportation conveyance transplantation transferal leavetaking disappearance transferral repositioning passing outpour outflow outpouring gush advance motion progression offgoing advancement headway onrush process traversing furtherance changeover translocation change substitution switch transmittance flood transmittal transmission traject moving on trajection going out chicken run flit flitting change of job change of house change of address retiral resignation going off running away walkout takeoff withdrawing separation recession taking off start setting off taking leave stampede vanishing act vacation setting forth powder starting out setting out


The action of exploring an unfamiliar area
exploration investigation study examination research probe search survey analysis inquiry inspection scrutiny consideration delving disquisition enquiry examen inquest inquisition probation probing anatomy observation once-over review assessment evaluation reconnaissance check scrutinization audit scan going-over dissection appraisal perusal interrogation quest trial breakdown questioning look checkup recce assay fact-finding legwork view test look-see hearing treatment interpretation experimentation scout deconstruction tryout anatomization cross-examination hunt surveillance testing diagnosis quizzing critique anatomizing reconnoitring patrol forage perlustration handling reconnoiter reconnoitre fishing expedition third degree scanning coverage sifting discussion reconnoitering pursuit poll checking case scouting postmortem work grilling autopsy recon look-over scavenge experiment canvass expedition presentation inventory try-out fact finding pilot study trial balloon dry run trial run shufti test drive watch account sweep investigating vetting check-up maneuvers surveying groundwork report training manoeuvres resolution estimation excursus deliberation quiz snoop lookout attention reflection audition catechizing physical interrogatory reasoning exam analyzing analyzation exercise the eye feeler essay analysing comparison substantiation weighing up verification try R and D Q and A breaking down run-through trial and error information-gathering exploring combing sounding preliminary survey quarry apprenticeship criticism detection dissertation glance discovery novitiate deciphering decoding dissolution musing pondering contemplation fieldwork foray sortie breakup spying out scouting out catechism cross-questioning trial period translation delineation pumping snooping gander postoperative biopsy experiments investigation into screening attempt paper noviciate traineeship initiation final questionnaire make-up analyses tests enquiries indagation studies approval proof examining appraising supervision assessing division giving someone the third degree screen test acid test demonstration outline overview analyzes superintendence overhaul synopsis test period experimental period parade pageant read frisk dismemberment road map post-mortem précis retrospect reappraisal reconsideration reexamination retrospection blue book nose venture procedure health check physical examination physical exam query syllabus digest aperçu compendium contrast careful examination reporting reportage undertaking learning histology medicine etiology biology morphology physiology aetiology embryology cytology genetics zoology juxtaposition differentiation sample pandect sketch operation fling try-on enterprise tab close-up discrimination distinguishing collation prowl scientific test rap reevaluation recapitulation file drill close study request distinction balancing overall picture straw vote research and development dummy run try out R & D close examination eagle eye education differentiating contrasting press commentary poke ferret relating collating paralleling long hard look fresh look second look second thought lessons advisement debate scholarship swotting reading schooling ratio analogizing discernment dividing judgement judgment exposure content broadcasting question tuition cogitation academic work telling the difference pieces reports description articles accounts stories thought memorising schoolwork class lesson course homework weighing subject school work revision cramming abstraction application storeys memorizing book work dig digging foraging scavenging ferreting rummage rifling chase scouring hunting pursual pursuance pursuit of rummaging around seeking after witch hunt rooting around ferreting around ferreting about rummaging about rooting about skim viewing observance sight browse regard cast look through watching monitoring eyeing notice gaze stare leaf glimpse gape flick aspect peep peek read-through eye glance through browse through skim through leaf through flick through looking ordeal display stocktaking glare dekko fact checking look at valuation measurement rating intent look medical regarding census visitation fixed look lookover perception tour of inspection sampling cognition critical examination critical investigation tally doctor's visit staring at recognising heedfulness ascertainment overlook recognizing noticing looking over public opinion poll opinion poll looking at gazing at critical analysis

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