Đồng nghĩa của disburse

Alternative for disburse

disburses, disbursed, disbursing

Đồng nghĩa: pay out,


To pay out, usually from a public fund or treasury
spend pay expend give outlay drop splurge donate contribute blow dispense defray deal acquit lay out shell out pay out part with fork out ante up cough up pony up dish out stump up dole out foot the bill put out hand out give out lash out spend money come up with invest hand over put up lavish squander remit put in pay up fork over fork up render dissipate waste splash out spring for chip in advance pledge foot blue stake spring pay for kick in pay down plunk down devote use up lend shell something out supply furnish lay something out up pay something out distribute fritter away out allocate settle knock down come through venture endow grant gift speculate gamble risk offer spend like water throw around like confetti pitch in sink in pick up the tab plough in throw down the drain pour down the drain ante throw money at spend money as if it grows on trees spend money as if there were no tomorrow spend money as if it were going out of fashion spend money as if it were going out of style front up relinquish deliver surrender give up cede bestow yield turn over come across with make with sacrifice provide transfer settle up entrust commit transmit pass assign afford leave defray the cost of pass on let someone have produce allow come across spare stump something up dedicate consecrate forgo forfeit offer up set aside lay down turn in lose delegate depute consign convey offload dump alienate foist decentralise get rid of hand down fob off devolve pass to decentralize sign over let go of hand on be handed down hand to pass down give to palm off make over present accord hand bequeath share impart bequest volunteer sponsor award throw in fund subsidize confer proffer extend give a donation of make a donation of purvey give away subscribe gift with mete dower tender provide with enrich sweeten the pot sweeten the kitty subsidise furnish with present with


Give to others
hand out distribute dispense allocate apportion bestow present provide deliver administer donate mete prorate award portion devote disseminate deal out give out dole out mete out parcel out dish out hand over give away allot issue pass out pass round share out assign supply circulate give furnish divvy up hand round confer divvy lot partition share shell out offer deal divide up give round dish something out dish up dole something out hand something out discharge pass spread proffer extend measure out tender divide out measure divide dispatch equip fit up consign diffuse fix up outfit disperse stock begive pay out afford pass around provision accoutre send appropriate endow favour rig out accommodate ration yield arm kit out fit out favor grant give with fork out come across with rig array appoint gird gear hand apply implement inflict enforce serve accouter impose exact designate feed admeasure fit turn out portion out ration out set up kit up contribute entrust allow dole parcel earmark prepare deck budget come up with lay on cut slice purvey make available manage transfer pony up put up set aside rig up split up turn over pour out give something out suit wreak impart cut the pie transmit convey invest designate for earmark for tote measure something out shower endue curb quota regulate proportion save budget for appropriate for get up trick out trick up pass on dispose of pack load kick in set aside for trap out plan gift load up come through arrange for lug iron heel up pack a rod rod up ready procure put a ceiling on accord advance spare part with add bring forth lend put forward ante up lay out line attire cede organise deed ply with instal make over render stake operate direct kit man stock up line up stump up rustle up come with install make up raise cater to organize execute prep adorn put at disposal put forth put at someone's disposal deck out gear up undertake carry out effectuate commit delegate trust leave wield swing manipulate handle command vest intrust confide commend repose recommend commission authorize bequeath place remit put authorise hand down put in charge of give over


To have on offer, or available, as a resource


To pay off (a debt or creditor)
satisfy recompense compensate settle indemnify meet pay remunerate repay requite balance clear discharge equalise equalize foot recoup reimburse square liquidate atone close end fix pay off clear up make good pay back pay for pay in full square up dispose of pay up compensate for make reparation for take care of give payment to make reparation spring for tide over honour honor ante up defray pony up quit stand account for reward redress guerdon remit settle up return redeem make amends make amends to make restitution to make up for pay something off acquit exchange clear off eliminate amortize cash out amortise erase solve relieve repair fee tip refund vouchsafe award accord grant make redress for bear the cost make good on bear the expense foot the bill come through with make payment settle accounts with settle up with shell out dish out comp expiate counterpoise counterbalance countervail offset overcompensate propitiate atone for make restitution for pay money to make amends for make reparation to reciprocate respond retaliate match get even make restitution make restitution give in return even the score return like for like give tit for tat pay someone back in his get your own back restore correct give back make recompense for make up even up balance out pay something back rectify replace right mend rebate make reparations recover give money back pay dues square accounts with pay compensation pay damages pay costs make good for put right counteract neutralize cancel out answer nullify reconcile cancel apologise appease apologize annul negative make redress make recompense pay one's dues pay the price pay the penalty do penance redeem oneself absolve oneself say sorry take one's medicine even out equilibrize obviate decorate be equivalent charge outweigh allow for negate neutralise set off equal equipoise counterpose counterweigh account recognize recognise stroke give a present to give a bounty to make something worth someone's while give an award to


To distribute or spread over a wide area
disperse scatter spread strew diffuse disseminate distribute broadcast sow besprinkle circulate bestrew pepper sprinkle deal discharge divvy eject intersperse partition propagate radiate rout scramble shed spray throw about cast forth dole out measure out send off take off in all directions promulgate spread out publish communicate transmit publicize publicise fling promote separate pass on proclaim dispel put about allocate allot make known dissipate toss impart spread around send out bruit abroad disject proliferate propagandize preach propagandise throw divide blow away peddle regionalize devolve reorganize tell split up broaden expand disclose cast stagger transfer develop apportion carry be distributed bear make public dispense space out decentralise decentralize reorganise give transfuse send forth purvey fan out give out dot announce blaze herald blazon declare trumpet advertize annunciate advertise plant seed drill litter interlard intermix bruit about commingle infuse combine intersprinkle intersow interfuse intermingle lodge put on the air put on the airwaves implant dibble inseminate put in pitch grow raise mix together break up put in the ground repeat spread about break out leak out get out get round get around get about come out discuss rumour suffuse cascade toss about bandy rumor issue air post report exchange shower convey conduct pass around be passed around blazon abroad go the rounds bring out noise abroad bandy about bruit spot spatter share out set expend pour throw out throw around

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