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Alternative for ante

ante /'ænti/
  • danh từ
    • (đánh bài) số tiền tổ trước (đánh xì)
    • ngoại động từ
      • (đánh bài) đặt tiền tổ trước (đánh xì)
      • đánh cược, đánh cuộc
      • thanh toán (nợ)


    To make a bet or wager on something


    A price or cost of doing or participating in something
    payment price fee charge cost figure pay pot damage freight raise price tag amount rate expense sum bill outlay total quotation toll tariff fare assessment dues tab monetary value value expenditure worth valuation consideration levy estimate terms appraisal selling price salary percentage remuneration allowance cut share stipend slice compensation honorarium account piece take quote disbursement bite hire chunk expenses commission budget asking price score retail ransom demand sticker tune ticket appraisement rake-off face value piece of the action outgo quantity number aggregate costing offer spend setback bounty rental squeeze duty bid payment required hire charge market price bottom line an arm and a leg portion estimated price bid price tidy sum quoted price dividend price ticket price sticker whack apportionment premium brokerage bonus tip divvy gratuity royalty moiety quantum royalties vigorish factorage wage cut-in slice of the cake emolument handout reward meed earnings recompense handle subscription juice take-in house end gravy prize exaction return reckoning wages costs estimation tax ticket price average standard usual charges spending check going rate investment entrance fee evaluation entry fee admission tender overhead statement invoice outgoings fees impost overheads pricing excise packet book paycheck liability monetary worth debt economic value payments payoff pay-off imposition pay envelope customs tally money spent throw ballpark estimate estimated value list of charges estimated cost ballpark figure label financial value equivalent rates guesstimate levies tariffs debit set-back surcharge pledge obligation note of charges running total judgement judgment survey lease amount of money injection of capital highway robbery out of pocket rent entry starting price marked price ask price bill of fare import tax customs duties export tax menu due rent payment oncosts consumption entrance slug token passage using output use application money ticket money transport cost passage money cash on barrelhead kickback splurge outflow squander come to entry charge upkeep running costs operating costs admission fee bribe contribution liberation money approximate cost approximate price approximate value tribute tithe ledger reimbursement emoluments receipt balance register remittance requital income revenue profit inventory itemization computation cess bad news checking account bill of sale amount due statement of indebtedness request for payment statement of charges itemized account note of charge IOU net pay takings gross pay profits gain take-home pay lucre proceeds capitation giveaway towage salvage custom proportional tax pork barrel fine alimony advance pension annuity down amends defrayment support restitution subsidy cash repayment refund amortization amortisation redress indemnification reparation retaliation defrayal part acquittal award quittance


    In the front
    fore before antecedently beforehand ahead precedently forward previous near nearest in advance earlier already previously anteriorly afore preliminarily formerly advanced sooner prematurely early inopportunely precociously unseasonably earlier on ahead of time in readiness before now in anticipation precocious in front onwards at the fore at the head of the queue in the lead at an advantage in the foreground at the head progressing foremost in the van to the fore precedent in the vanguard preceding advancing heretofore hitherto once a while ago until then in the past at one time back when in days gone by until now in days of yore aforetime erstwhile in times past up to then before then in former times once upon a time in bygone days long ago way back when some time ago time was a while back in years gone by time was when in times gone by in the olden days at an earlier time before this back in the day in earlier times prior to this so far then onetime anciently up to now before present back then in old days last time in the old days on a former occasion away back eons ago one time before of yore in the good old days in times bygone at one point in times of yore now former sometime ere since erst whilom in one case but once one time by that time lately back by then ago as was by the time by the time mentioned thus far theretofore yet erewhile radically of old olden days water under the bridge used to be down memory lane as yet to date till now up until now till then up until then ages ago up till now prior to now prior to the present time in those days before the present one time previously from way back at one stage on one occasion since God knows when prior to this time years ago

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