Đồng nghĩa của hedge

Alternative for hedge

hedges, hedged, hedging

Đồng nghĩa: border, borderline, boundary, dodge, duck, limit, sidestep,


A physical barrier that blocks or impedes progress
barrier barricade wall fence obstacle boundary hurdle bar screen railing palisade hedgerow block panel roadblock stop partition rail windbreak enclosure stockade rampart blockade obstruction jump divider defence separator protection bulwark defense fortification cordon room divider blank wall gate blocking object impediment stretch curtain blind ditch pale arras shutter fencing limit dividing wall trench moat dam dyke facade curb bank embankment surface restriction limitation panelling levee side retainer paneling façade paling guard groyne railings shield circumvallation chains posts cyclone backstop net dike balustrade boards trellis groin pickets stakes barbed wire earthwork barrage breakwater banister parapet guardrail bannister jetty hindrance causeway mound division weir head separation ridge mole handrail sea wall support check bastion breastwork hill slope post encirclement fort security outwork vallum vallation projection fireproofing sluice sea cliff purdah handle wedge shaft sentry post shelter border perimeter firewall banisters baluster balusters chainlink fencing drain channel watercourse conduit gutter redoubt berm buttress stoppage battlement barbican stronghold rails bannisters deterrent precipice cliff scarp scar escarpment barranca barranco crag bluff blockage windshield citadel buffet buffer fortress infarct clog embolus closure infarction snag defensive wall bartizan elevation beleaguerment grade milldam boom millpond investment siding pole rest besiegement leaguer septum ring-fence windscreen line of defense defenses verge pier boundary line siege defences wharf spur seawall harbor wall offshore barrier


To avoid providing a clear answer or statement
equivocate prevaricate tergiversate fudge pussyfoot dodge vacillate flannel waffle quibble evade sidestep weasel duck stall avoid temporise temporize stonewall tergiverse hesitate shuck shilly-shally be evasive be non-committal dodge the issue parry questions evade the issue fudge the issue hum and haw pussyfoot around sidestep the issue beat about the bush be vague duck the question sit on the fence cop out hem and haw flip-flop be noncommittal blow hot and cold beat around the bush be indecisive shuffle around cop a plea pass the buck give the run around hedge one's bets mince one's words fence shuffle cavil beg the question duck the issue parry palter falsify be ambiguous avoid the issue lie elude eschew circumvent misrepresent fib waver shift shirk jive con balk mince words baulk shuffle about stall for time put off skirt fake gloss over shift ground about ramble deceive feint baffle maneuver foil contest outwit manoeuvre fabricate skirt the issue play it close to the vest invent distort dither misstate exaggerate dissemble garble misspeak belie fight off escape adumbrate double-talk phony up put on stretch the truth blather play one's cards close to one's chest dodge the question straddle an issue give nothing away blandish blarney beguile run around cover up straddle the fence bypass tell white lie give run around cloud the issue give a false colour to fend off skirt round avoid answering be equivocal about be evasive about quibble about use flattery talk blarney butter up fast-talk get out of not pay not give a straight answer to cop out of beat around bush find a way round beat about the bush about welsh renege flee get around sneak away tap dance lay low slip out give the runaround dance around an issue worm one's way out of change yo-yo change one's mind fudge and mudge back and fill dance around euphemize tapdance bargain haggle negotiate deal chaffer dicker babble wheel and deal cut a deal horse-trade


To pause in indecision before doing something
hesitate waver vacillate dither falter delay stall fluctuate teeter haver stagger pause swither wobble oscillate halt scruple dawdle equivocate temporise temporize dally wabble linger wait alternate shillyshally tergiversate demur dillydally hover seesaw pussyfoot stumble defer deliberate doubt stop baulk balk boggle flounder debate hang mammer ponder weigh shilly-shally be indecisive dilly-dally hum and haw hang back be unsure be uncertain think twice hold back be doubtful hem and haw be hesitant shy away be reluctant hold off be unwilling pull back think about sit on fence procrastinate prevaricate gain time play for time use delaying tactics beat about the bush stonewall hang fire be irresolute filibuster be undecided balance sway yo-yo tarry change waffle pussyfoot around palter put off blow hot and cold sit on the fence run hot and cold be unable to decide be unable to make up your mind kick the can down the road flicker vary tremble quiver trim shudder get cold feet whiffle waffle be evasive reel fence-straddle rock swing whiffle straddle play a waiting game avoid committing oneself change mind chop and change use Fabian tactics stall for time avoid making a decision take your time keep changing your mind postpone divert distract buy time drag one's feet take one's time avoid the issue beat around the bush hold over veer shift flutter see-saw vibrate wave mutate shake undulate switch pivot go from one extreme to the other faff about be ambivalent morph lag trifle mess about be in two minds deviate quaver hang about hang around waste time flip-flop move to and fro drag your feet change one's mind alter turn evolve faff around digress idle pulsate ebb and flow move transform snap shy straggle wag loiter drift palpitate slip diverge metamorphose rise and fall ripple drag go up and down poke convert transmogrify progress have doubts goof off modulate stir jib differ flap heave twirl shiver totter quake loll recoil from shrink from flinch from swell surge be unsteady flow diddle creep crawl while away time hang back from vacillate about waggle wigwag lollygag have misgivings about have scruples about think twice about have reservations about lallygag come and go tremor mope putter shy away from move back and forth have qualms about mark time kill time drag one's heels be dilatory lag behind drag your heels put off doing something let the grass grow under one's feet wobble about be on the fence will and will not potter discontinue cease dodge trill tumble teeter-totter lurch roll bobble warble hold on keep changing one's mind mess around move slowly be on the horns of a dilemma slouch thrill shrink back swerve change direction um and ah second-guessing oneself doubt yourself have misgivings doubt oneself flourish sit around be tardy be long fool around sit tight twitter move backward and forward brandish wield adjourn retard prolong protract hesitate to scruple about goldbrick cool adopt Fabian tactics raise dangle refuse stay billow be chary of be coy about be cagey about be shy about be reluctant about flinch quail note judder express misgivings express reservations express reluctance shrink back stay back stay in the background be reluctant to come forward postpone action defer action suspend action let slide take a raincheck wiggle move backwards and forwards convulse jiggle flit waft swirl flail thresh jerk jolt be tentative sweep whirl twist flick thrash blow ruffle agitate jar be divided fly stream pulse bucket jounce joggle better turn around deteriorate reverse diminish second-guessing yourself wait and see be cagey feel uncertain wonder about think something unlikely be dubious lack conviction be sceptical worsen harbour suspicions about express reservations about harbour reservations about fluctuate on have doubts about feel uneasy about have hesitations about express suspicions about entertain doubts about have suspicions about have one's doubts about rotate loaf interchange intersperse swing backwards and forwards swing back and forth chill footle bum drone lazy laze lounge curl take turns baulk at stick at be loath swish demur about stickle question demur from stick fret balk at worry gag follow one another act reciprocally act in sequence follow in turn relieve be staggered occur in rotation work in sequence take it in turns occur in turn substitute move between be interspersed fill in for follow amble plod coil motion disrelish something boggle at waver about mind doing something have qualms hack around kick around veg out kick back drag one's feet over drag one's heels over horse around potter around hang on be slow fall behind stay put potter round potter about not keep pace wait around be unstable fritter hang out


To bet money or something else in a gamble
wager gamble bet risk stake venture hazard chance speculate play lay punt put adventure game go set pledge plunge spec hustle parlay shoot put on the line have a flutter lay a bet place a bet put on lay odds lay a wager make a bet put money on shoot the works play the market put up put one's shirt on back jeopardize lay bets jeopardise imperil endanger dare lay down tempt fortune compromise menace peril jeopard expose stick one's neck out gamble with put at risk expose to danger put in jeopardy skate on thin ice play with fire dice ante jockey brave challenge lay money play the ponies put your shirt on lay money on toss up cast lots try chance one's arm go for broke take a chance gamble on put in danger go out on a limb lay bare take a plunge run the risk have a fling at take a chance with finesse exploit stab shot in the dark back in stake down place a bet of place trust put money pledge money risk money place bets pony up play for play against plan move engineer manage guess suggest ask threaten jeopardy tempt buy in on throw out propose presume suppose submit go out on limb essay stake money go out of one's depth run the chance run the risk of leave to luck leap before looking hang by a thread be caught short take a chance on roll the dice take shot in the dark put eggs in one basket put it on the line tempt fate try one's luck with draw lots defy lot face back the horses try your luck stake money on something put trust in buck the odds put faith in try one's luck flip the coin cut the cards trust to luck shoot the moon invest wildcat make book pour money into take risks stick neck out take a flier take a risk take a fling take a venture margin up play assay take the liberty take the liberty of take a crack at stick your neck out experiment with make a stab at lay open risk doing go ahead make bold to attempt have the temerity pluck up be bold pluck up courage take the risk make so bold as have the nerve have the effrontery go so far as try one's hand take the liberty of doing have the cheek make bold undertake be brave enough have the guts hazard doing be so bold as take heart face up to brave doing have the audacity have the courage endeavour be so bold endeavor take a flyer

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