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To prohibit or interdict the use, participation or inclusion of
ban forbid prohibit bar proscribe outlaw veto disallow block interdict debar enjoin suppress black restrict banish boycott embargo exclude prevent stop blackball criminalise criminalize disqualify preclude restrain curse halt illegalize inhibit make illegal declare ineligible close down declare illegal ice out officially forbid pass by pass up place an embargo on put an end to put a stop to shut out rule out reject ostracize taboo ostracise blacklist refuse deny keep out nix obstruct repudiate expel close out dismiss kill eliminate exile except throw out suspend hinder check deprive estop cancel snub disfellowship forfend refuse entrance to pass on put down freeze out impede count out give the thumbs down to deny entry remove oust limit disentitle overrule negative invalidate shun avoid quash censor freeze spike stymie vote against censure down squash spurn deny admittance to zing turn down hold up lock up obviate forestall say no to forbid to shoot down cold-shoulder declare null and void give the red light to bate lock someone out put the kibosh on thumbs down leave out in the cold steer clear of put an embargo on give the cold shoulder to condemn curb interrupt foreclose sentence doom destroy let counteract unchurch eject denounce ignore evict cashier drum out anathematize felonize misdemeanorize takfir consider undesirable get rid of force out place injunction on place an injunction on refuse to employ hit list lock out unfit cast out excommunicate penalise penalize nullify rule against put on hit list refuse admission to pass cut negate dissent decline defeat disapprove discountenance burn incapacitate disable give the cold shoulder make something punishable gridlock cool cork thwart throw away refuse permission to stand in the way of disfranchise eighty-six paralyze impair weaken disenable paralyse disown overturn countermand rebuff reverse oppose withhold override circumvent give thumbs down not go for disclaim abjure disavow discard discount declare something a punishable offence cut off declare taboo bottle up box in hang up jam up tie up throw set aside disacknowledge shut down say no keep lid on put chill on avert abolish revoke recant shut off bring to screeching halt put half nelson on put a lock on put a stopper in throw cold water on keep back shut out of put the chill on stave off leave out put paid to ward off close one's doors to not consider deter forget about strike pour cold water on withhold patronage not make the cut abstain from refrain from turn your back on stay away from brush off have nothing to do with impose sanctions wash one's hands of hold aloof from give a wide berth to refuse to take part in


To put an end to something, especially one's ability to speak or express oneself
silence suppress quash subdue repress quell squash crush squelch extinguish check stop curb stifle kill inhibit arrest deaden halt censor dumb settle abate clam dull crack down on put down snuff out clamp down on put an end to put a stop to slap down choke off cut off keep down cut short say nothing quiet quieten hush still mute muffle gag muzzle lull overawe dampen shush shut up soft-pedal tongue-tie clam up hush-hush pipe down quiet down sit on dummy up dry up strike dumb cool it hold one's tongue keep it down hush one's mouth decrease the volume stamp out overcome conquer end thwart defeat nip in the bud destroy overpower quench terminate abolish annihilate overwhelm control put the lid on put the kibosh on frustrate vanquish get rid of wipe out shut down restrain beat constrain demolish finish scotch extirpate hinder smother hold back rout subjugate clobber overthrow queer stem quelch strangle put out rein in put an stop to trample on snow under block out eliminate scupper censure scrunch trash squish dismiss reject torpedo dish clamp down bring to screeching halt crack down bring to an end put paid to hamper impede restrict prevent limit throttle submerge interfere with swallow sink pocket throw cold water on pour cold water on gain mastery over gain control over discontinue cow triumph over choke back garrotte damp down garrote trample clamp bottle dominate spike interrupt overturn bury wreck oppress swamp prostrate overmaster whelm floor devastate drive underground obliterate break ruin bridle put lid on hold in put kibosh on bring to naught hold down keep inside beat down keep in contain reduce ice master force down bring someone to their knees blot out bear down on blow away grind down govern moderate lick soften mellow damp lessen diminish keep in check tone down keep the lid on hold in check get under control quieten down keep a lid on


Only a short distance away or apart in space or time
neighbouring neighboring close immediate near nearby close-up next-door nigh proximate beside local next next door adjacent at hand adjoining contiguous close by handy convenient accessible abutting close at hand near at hand near-at-hand direct nearest imminent impending upcoming approaching ready around nearly alongside within reach close-at-hand close-by proximal warm not far off not far away in close proximity at close quarters within spitting distance within sniffing distance just round the corner a hop, skip and a jump away flanking closest to hand intimate in by hard walkable in the neighbourhood of not far from on the doorstep within reach of hard by within earshot in the vicinity of bordering within close range of within sight a stone's throw away around the corner within walking distance under one's nose across the street in spitting distance give or take a little on your doorstep in the ball park cheek by jowl within striking distance vincinal almost practically about coming abreast available coterminous conterminous touching approximal get back on one's feet regain one's health nearly here within range side-by-side not remote within stone's throw on hand present on deck at your fingertips reachable here get-at-able attendant existent there attending in attendance on board readily available attainable obtainable at the ready on tap acquirable procurable in easy reach getatable usable round the corner just a stone's throw away surrounding connecting conjoining approximate vicinal very near in the vicinity central practical in existence close to near to handy for on-the-spot made the scene there with bells on show up in view easy to reach within walking distance of just around the corner from a stone's throw from in neighborhood within easy reach of well placed for at close quarters to well situated for adjacent to next to within spitting distance of a hop, skip and a jump away from in place in line on the brink champing at bit at beck and call close to hand easily available at fingertips on call in order in the saddle covered in position waiting time-saving labour-saving user friendly trouble-free popular user-friendly hassle-free user-oriented open approachable forthcoming feasible gettable realizable offered possible unrestricted securable public employable easy to get to wide-open graspable at one's disposal easy to use realisable manageable in hand open to utilizable easily reached utilisable easy to access achievable at one's fingertips ready for use


Critical observation or examination
scrutiny inspection study scan search survey analysis audit examination exploration investigation perusal review check going-over look-see probe checkup dissection enquiry inquiry once-over research view careful examination sifting close-up perlustration surveillance tab close study close examination eagle eye the eye long hard look evaluation observation inquest assessment inquisition scrutinization appraisal probing consideration delving assay disquisition look test breakdown interrogation examen trial probation glance recce scanning legwork quest contemplation reconnaissance interpretation anatomization deconstruction fact-finding questioning checking anatomy anatomizing poll diagnosis verification hearing testing look-over skim reading experiment viewing inventory observance cross-examination reconnoitring vetting check-up browse read canvass sight supervision scout regard cast shufti surveying fishing expedition resolution reconnoitering experimentation critique gander quizzing scouting watching look through work pursuit recon estimation tryout quiz expedition monitoring eyeing third degree notice gaze fact finding stare maneuvers report superintendence reconnoiter reconnoitre manoeuvres balancing leaf glimpse hunt read-through gape reflection attention forage flick treatment aspect peep peek discussion proof exam groundwork case analyzation call reasoning eye deliberation glance through browse through essay judgement postmortem grilling autopsy try-out catechizing judgment substantiation interrogatory try questionnaire exercise analyzing skim through leaf through flick through comparison analysing sweep pilot study weighing up run-through trial run trial balloon dry run test drive R and D Q and A breaking down trial and error patrol looking ordeal preliminary survey criticism sounding display stocktaking travel glare breakup fact checking detection combing spying out scouting out look at quarry musing pondering excursus dissertation final make-up retrospect reconsideration reappraisal reexamination retrospection dissolution handling coverage decoding deciphering snoop snooping dekko valuation measurement rating intent look audition screening attempt paper physical biopsy postoperative investigation into discovery medical approval feeler regarding outline overview census blue book rap recapitulation file drill reevaluation fixed look experiments lookover synopsis translation delineation perception précis analyses tests enquiries indagation studies screen test division acid test syllabus digest aperçu compendium sampling post-mortem road map analyzes demonstration visit cognition fresh look second thought second look sample sketch pandect dismemberment contrast health check critical examination critical investigation tally doctor's visit differentiation juxtaposition staring at recognising heedfulness ascertainment overlook recognizing noticing venture procedure medicine etiology morphology genetics zoology histology biology physiology aetiology embryology cytology looking over examining investigating appraising assessing public opinion poll opinion poll discrimination distinguishing collation undertaking learning overhaul distinction fling operation try-on enterprise looking at gazing at differentiating contrasting scientific test parade pageant frisk query paralleling relating collating overall picture verdict opinion research and development dummy run R & D try out education ratio analogizing discernment dividing conclusion telling the difference advisement scholarship swotting lessons debate schooling account visiting visitation official visit request tuition cogitation academic work dig critical analysis tour of inspection result pronouncement prognosis digging training class weighing subject cramming abstraction application thought memorising schoolwork lesson course homework school work revision question foraging deliverance determination decision award scavenge memorizing book work scavenging solution ferreting rummage rifling chase finding summary scouring hunting pursual pursuance rummaging around witch hunt ferreting around ferreting about pursuit of seeking after rooting around rummaging about rooting about


Opinion, judgment, or belief
view opinion belief feeling notion conviction sentiment thought attitude idea persuasion reckoning thinking impression judgement viewpoint concept conception judgment verdict hypothesis theory angle conclusion estimate estimation eye mind observation point remark slant standpoint statement thesis approach point of view posture stance assessment close-up consideration deduction inference interpretation say-so twist understanding way of thinking judgment call value judgment two cents' worth position perspective outlook perception philosophy supposition stand thoughts assumption presumption conjecture ideas evaluation picture mindset postulation apprehension principle surmise guess suspicion inclination take doctrine appraisal creed ideology image dogma hunch presupposition speculation sense frame of mind credo cogitation intellection fancy leaning aspect beliefs vantage point contemplation analysis awareness knowledge reaction disposition contention reflection side abstraction premise school of thought feelings sentiments conceptualization faith line intuition tenet reading canon bias discernment mood conceptualisation standing regard determination teaching theorem mind's eye postulate appreciation proposition eye view predilection study frame of reference facet vision comprehension part appraisement shoes argument direction inkling convictions grasp policy matter deliberation prediction comment conceit examination temperament assimilation precept bent review sneaking suspicion component detail character note factor explanation axiom valuation generalization musing particular consciousness principles gospel system testament say so observance tenets attention article of faith opinions ideals cognition generalisation considered opinion rule reasoning ethics prejudice theme forecast tendency declaration proclivity clarification context orientation insight trust air headset demeanor code notice gauging funny feeling presentiment rumination demeanour ingredient rating item suggestion prospect temper perusal representation accepted wisdom call grip meditation fundamental expectation imagination portion guesstimate resolution respect kaupapa way of looking proposal generality fix stereotype tradition ethic teachings imagining mental state mental outlook idealogy guesswork input where one is at gaging light mental picture construct once-over values critique model basis rationale morals canons plan standards world view construal way shot in the dark element account scrutiny response notions elucidation characteristic manner excogitation preconception vagary caprice feature say rationality subject pondering concern partiality pronouncement weltanschauung wisdom profession projection calculation worldview heed belief system topic feedback inspection attribute recognition utterance unit piece convention sensibility participation maxim cerebration truth care constituent views investigation signification voice predisposition esteem version member shot trait question framework fool notion section posit apriorism logic debate mind-set sensation heedfulness bit way of looking at things divination design taste diagnosis cognizance decision like it is sight reason custom culture prognosis realization paradigm clue particle root material basic hint drop subdivision stem trace ascertainment comeback rough guess virtues educated guess Weltanschauung ground colour cogitating apperception envisaging feel orthodoxy line of reasoning realisation supposal color code of belief big idea brain wave stab gut feeling maxims mores axioms rules conventions sixth sense ethical codes moral principles moral philosophy guidelines mental representation ethical values code of behaviour rules of conduct moral beliefs POV value-system moral values moral law moral code code of ethics set of beliefs code of behavior code of conduct standards of behavior ballpark figure moral standards attidue meaning instinct attitudes certainty certitude formula connotation message underpinnings finding definition premonition hand vein lesson emphasis emotion acceptance avowal reverie fantasy dream tenor drift trend contribution bet translation look glimpse impulse admission assent guideline ethos moral spin one-sidedness reply mental attitude fashion humour humor deliverance inspiration intimation pattern riff variation prepossession instruction indoctrination setting emotional state surmisal induction reflections line of thinking answer will personal feeling construction identification recollection liking tone strain way of looking at it text provision self-conviction deportment article law phantasm involvement situation vent wish vote desire option building block integrant credence acknowledgement pose firm stand contestation morality learning inculcation propensity penchant brainchild wrinkle vantage anticipation inclining preference suffrage long view counter scope hue guise complexion appearance apprehending hold percipience sizing up summing-up visualization visualisation gut reaction mulling over view of the world choice set of principles credenda think interest point of observation realizing expectance specific line of argument conclusions acuity indulgence surmising acceptation vantage ground from the perspective of sympathy articles of faith scheme attribution foundation realising acknowledgment experience vox populi influence promise expectancy assurance survey monitoring lemma antecedent layout assignment derivation advisement point of vantage where one stands practice if given hypothetical premiss philosophizing fancying dreaming communing meditating considering philosophising mental grasp deliberating exposition speculating concentrating command flash tentative law starting point interestedness carefulness right of speech viewpoints level fine point information agonizing brooding watching surveillance religion mental image mental vision mental visualization reassurance reliance an eye two cents worth broad view overview right of free speech component of a theory effort pensiveness agonising brainwork absorption received wisdom guessing likelihood condition possibility doubt suppose particularity info circumstance datum technicality nicety data confidence rationalization rationalisation line of thought ideation introspection quality prevailing attitude accepted belief accepted view viewing scrutinization specification property points of view motive intention connection exploration surveying score essence itemized information piece of information nitty-gritty fact subject matter gen dope low-down action concentration honor approximation honour supervision recognising probe overlook recognizing noticing stab in the dark value essential admiration assertion credit diligence assiduity application industry mindfulness science scholarship announcement aside articulation proclamation word reverence veneration verbalism backtalk criticism vocalization animadversion commentary quip verbalization saying lore argumentation ciphering estimating arithmetic informed guess predicting computation stock figuring rough calculation calculating intentness advertence attentiveness advertency studying ear rudiment legend superstition crack interpolation wisecrack vocalisation mouthful good opinion legendry myth aesthetics esthetics dialectics folklore mythology spotlight sayings truths dictum obiter good word attitude to life part and parcel chain of thought know-how process of reasoning way of life basic idea traditional wisdom oral tradition logical thought how-to folk-wisdom formal system chain of reasoning

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