Đồng nghĩa của drive underground


Forcibly put an end to
suppress subdue crush quell conquer quash stop overpower extinguish repress squash check defeat stamp out overthrow put down vanquish cow discontinue end inhibit quench silence squelch arrest clamp down on crack down on halt terminate triumph over abolish annihilate bottle bury clamp destroy dominate interrupt kill overcome overturn overwhelm put out shush slap down snuff out spike stem trample trample on block out cut off hold down hold in keep in keep inside put an end to sit on beat down bring to naught put kibosh on put lid on put the lid on stifle curb restrain control thwart put a stop to nip in the bud put the kibosh on restrict hold back frustrate contain obstruct block subjugate prevent impede bridle limit hinder oppress deaden gag scotch still beat muzzle choke get rid of wipe out constrain regulate close smother discipline finish bar shut down choke off mute clobber quieten keep in check clog rein in curtail slow stymie tone down put paid to govern moderate close up stop up shut up demolish master bring to an end hamper censor extirpate lick clog up dummy up eliminate quiet settle hush rout plug up dull soften muffle reduce keep under control plug stay stall occlude dampen throttle do for barricade jam dam tongue-tie congest stuff put the stopper on get the better of blockade block up hold up retard stopper bung up say nothing withhold hold your tongue mitigate mollify order deny temper foil hold eradicate tranquilize lessen mellow bring to a stop abate bring to a halt tame dumb lull put a lid on queer circumvent bring to a standstill ice scupper keep the lid on clam keep down ruin tranquillize intercept counter baulk soft-pedal caulk crack down snow under catch get a grip on keep a lid on banish clot bung fill close out fill up balk control strictly regiment interfere with weed out dry up close off choke up shut off get under control block off cut short pull up gain mastery over keep a tight rein on clam up pipe down blot out hush-hush quiet down strike dumb hush one's mouth decrease the volume gum up come down hard on scrunch trash squish dismiss reject censure fetter torpedo stultify trammel cork best soothe dish assuage confine allay surmount appease exterminate ease expunge debrief keep under dispatch overawe palliate clamp down bottle up brake remove put an stop to bring to screeching halt prevail over cool it keep it down run down call a halt wrap up complete wind up conclude delay hush up alleviate gain control over pour cold water on throw cold water on rein back blunt win against tread suspend gain control of chasten bring to a close detain retain measure dispel punish abase wreck prostrate overmaster floor devastate swamp whelm rule tread on keep fix scrub sidetrack draw up freeze drop brace bring up can fetch up constrict rise above break obliterate calm keep back cease quelch strangle slow down obturate knock off put a brake on mortify pacify stunt die squeeze dam up gibbet drown gunge up wring silt up noose grind down refuse hold off on lay off damp gentle diminish humble blow away force down bring someone to their knees bear down on reclaim bust put on hold refuse to pay put on ice pull in staunch water down manipulate manage organize systematize quieten down seal hold in check methodize stanch pack jam up hold off mask bring into line rule with a rod of iron systematise organise neutralize forestall shut out stonewall contravene obviate debar scuttle snooker invalidate derail discomfit repel nullify upset deter confound baffle damp down repulse undo spoil parry outwit rattle nobble dash checkmate make quiet blank neutralise counterplot disappoint cross put a spoke in someone's wheel mess up take wind out of sails foul up cause setback screw up upset the applecart put end to stand in the way of put the mockers on louse up

Trái nghĩa của drive underground

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