Đồng nghĩa của clog up


To completely physically block
block clog choke obstruct jam congest stop up fill up clutter up close plug occlude dam bung up stuff fill stopper stop plug up block up seal bung clot gum up impede pack shut off dam up bar caulk barricade blockade cork cut off block off stem check curb close out hinder suppress block out close off gunge up restrict hold back slow halt shut close up choke up obturate arrest contain curtail stifle restrain stymie squeeze inhibit prevent ram repress control cram choke off overfill load crowd make airtight stick make watertight jam-pack brim silt up retard charge seal up heap confine hold in brake throttle cut out lock out obscure stand in the way of get in the way of hedge cumber hamper glut leash entrammel tie burden overcrowd overburden seal off gum waterproof plaster paste enclose stick down stopple shut up constrict top ram in lade top off fill in gibbet kill stunt die drown noose wring wedge shove push force compress stow pile crush press shoehorn fill to overflowing upholster pad load with fill to the brim thrust line wad sandwich overstuff staunch stall intercept stay jam up bridle hold off stanch shut out interfere with limit stonewall thwart bottle muzzle gag guard wall off isolate shut in cordon off defend fence off lessen reduce trammel fence wall secure deter diminish deny access decrease bring to a standstill foul cover screen cap resist attack hang on keep at bay hold the fort oppose withstand resist hedge out cloy wall up hold up brick up fortify smother bolt lock stuff up strengthen latch protect fasten fence in hold the line sequester lock up screen off seclude tape off rope off curtain off bottle up cork up tape up bind up quarantine separate separate off segregate partition off set apart

Trái nghĩa của clog up

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