Đồng nghĩa của inhibit

Alternative for inhibit

inhibits, inhibited, inhibiting

Đồng nghĩa: conquer, curb, stamp down, subdue, suppress,


To impede the work or progress of
hinder impede obstruct check hamper prevent stop arrest curb discourage frustrate constrain cramp restrain bar bridle fetter hold back interfere with repress restrict shackle slow suppress retard balk baulk block clog deter dissuade embarrass encumber foil halt handcuff handicap hobble hog-tie manacle quash short-circuit slow down smother stifle stymie thwart trammel debar forbid prohibit rein in avert bit enjoin faze hold up interdict outlaw put a brake on reduce sandbag stall taboo tie up ward withhold hang up hold down hold in keep in put an end to nip in the bud put an stop to put on brakes stem the flow of throw a spanner in the works of limit hamstring control delay forestall contain confine cumber keep back interrupt hold cripple keep regulate baffle subdue bottle up curtail preclude derail stay detain silence put a stop to stand in the way of stonewall muffle choke back set back gag crimp ban freeze keep in check shut out disrupt tie oppose disallow moderate get in the way of bork diminish keep under control proscribe squash throw a monkey wrench in the works of bind choke counteract swallow kill strangle circumvent govern squelch fight back get in the way cut off cork straiten stem shut down discontinue exclude scupper muzzle keep the lid on rule out defeat stave off slow up ward off interfere constrict bite back tame brake ruin spoil decrease cramp one's style nullify suspend avoid obviate overcome tie down stamp out crush extinguish veto hold off lessen head off circumscribe forfend still counter dampen conceal hem in delimit shut off cork up button up deny scotch chain measure rule embargo pull in quell cool intercept criminalize sink deaden submerge put the kibosh on make illegal catch bog down pocket overpower criminalise keep within bounds decelerate crack down on choke off throw cold water on clamp down on impair keep lid on pour cold water on keep a tight rein on end hide neutralize rein cap temper damp down throttle fix shush abstain cease entangle conquer neutralise refrain stump cut back forbear resist fend off dam cramp someone's style defend against spike put off put down lock up keep a lid on shut in close off put a damper on steer clear of dull stop oneself inconvenience bring to screeching halt quench damp sabotage pause crab intermit peg snooker dash jam censor desist destroy draw up disadvantage terminate forgo shelve postpone burden pull up weigh down beat eschew put paid to fetch up cut short leash refuse overturn evade be a hindrance to chill abjure estop retardate quiet cancel quit bottle make late block out close up box in put the lid on keep secret rein back hold in check jam up take down do for snuff out put the brakes on slap down give a hard time break off give up keep down sit on deflate place an embargo on mute depress incommode retain quelch discommode stultify staunch bottleneck wreck remit master obscure shorten stunt slacken checkmate entrammel defer demarcate bring up circumnavigate keep waiting bound bring to a standstill deprive contravene divert forswear tie someone's hands escape barricade upset quieten impose limits on set limits on set discomfit reject sidestep skirt blackball drop imprison mire abate close out disqualify occlude close stuff deflect nix shrink negate hold off on lay off keep hold of loiter put back put on hold block up clog up blockade put the stopper on banish boycott shun put a lid on cover up cut down saddle with jail gaol put a limit on specify turn aside forsake put on back burner outwit declare illegal bring to an end put on ice congest stop up bung up annul demark foul up contract box up cool down cool off screw up define delimitate qualify drag your feet clip someone's wings put out tether turn off plug up put at a disadvantage back off pin down put away give the run around keep under wraps fight shy of resist the temptation to dummy up keep inside give a wide berth to swear off put half nelson on place at a disadvantage keep within limits throw a spanner in the works pass up leave off jack in tie-up straitjacket get out of dissuade from inc mar overload bypass cause to wait cause to stay fight charge oppress bother debilitate protract clot waive disappoint blunt sidetrack scrub brace can bilk offset buck prorogue rattle net enmesh ensnare capture prevent from making progress constipate keep feeling inside oneself disconcert prolong sideline calm lower harsh make difficult incarcerate intern juke ditch take wind out of crash unsettle puzzle keep a rein on snag garrote garrotte put a crimp in tie one's hands forefend condemn discipline get bogged down hold over gain control over gain mastery over entrap gum up hold captive knock off confound mystify repulse rebuff keep control of keep at bay stave keep off anticipate not allow to go beyond keep within the limits of pick off affect disturb bite one's lip confront keep on a string nonplus put out of commission give disadvantage take out influence tamper black put straitjacket on save let pre-empt help forbid to lock in coop up fence in necessitate close in immure concuss shotgun plug louse up benumb blanket numb cauterize confuse mess up lag put the brakes on take out of play trouble conflict throw monkey wrench in slacken pace flummox screen hush tongue-tie ice crool banjax place injunction on place an injunction on complicate disadvise scare seal caulk put a stopper in put chill on pass on put a lock on zing gridlock renounce stand fence tone down throw a spoke in the wheel of procrastinate reef embog mothball immobilize immobilise pigeonhole dead-end corner refuse to pay put on the shelf lick ration reserve harness fill up fill censure dry up shut up vanquish overthrow prescribe cauterise cloud allay come down on close down declare ineligible modify narrow cut down on pass by enclose encircle illegalize send up inclose put a ceiling on ice out curse surround prelimit officially forbid make it impossible for make impossible make it impracticable for render null and void dash one's hope upset the applecart hesitate dawdle down loaf falter bog flag poke talk out of act like a wet blanket keep tight rein on cow girdle impound direct hogtie guide choke up pack stanch play for time put a spoke in someone's wheel hang fire except eliminate back-water hit the brakes lose speed lose steam let down flaps wind down anchor it devitalize sap weaken make impracticable triumph over shake indispose monkey with ostracize bung block off stand still pull back crack down overwhelm dominate bury annihilate abolish clamp trample place a limit on finish dispense with kick do without let up come to a standstill stand off peter out not move override ostracise exile keep in line bring under control have on a tight leash draw the line on mark off stopper throw a monkey wrench into drive underground trample on leave alone keep yourself hold out on hold out refuse to give clam up deduct hold on to keep to oneself fail to disclose keep under your hat wrong dumb settle put lid on put kibosh on beat down bring to naught enfetter enchain gyve pinion clam take the pledge go on the wagon sit out pass avoid doing something be temperate not touch have nothing to do with not do take the cure freeze out chain up clap secure cuff treat harshly count out declare taboo shut out of do a disservice to tell against treat unfairly give a disadvantage to be unfair to put in an unfavourable position treat unfavourably inflict a handicap on bring to a stop say no say nothing dock bring to a halt put in irons clap in irons forego put in chains give the thumbs down to put the chill on give the red light to decline cut omit belay truncate retrench withhold from keep from sacrifice abstain from decline to refrain from restrain yourself go easy give over pare down elide abbreviate lop trim syncopate chop abridge minify tighten up crop clip slim down downsize slash boil down get to meat put in nutshell roll back put a restriction on steer clear internalize internalise black out damage injure hurt undermine compromise enfeeble harm subvert smash disable vitiate cross break nobble put the mockers on threaten blight traverse withstand blemish queer bloody flaw endamage cross up cut out guard eat away emasculate isolate undo shatter deteriorate wound root destabilize repel enervate tarnish commandeer disfigure deface challenge invalidate corrode debase adjourn prejudice parry torpedo preempt defend give the slip destabilise dodge second-guess table reschedule rough up be detrimental to skip deny access continue respite put over shake off cordon off do harm to get ahead of get in before extend lay on the table put out of action take a rain check on set aside put on the back burner beat someone to the punch beat someone to it beat someone to the draw put in cold storage provide against steal a march on give rain check head off at pass hold in abeyance switch off erode consume use up wear away finish off act against whittle blacklist scuttle wall off throw a curve make an end of bring to a close keep from happening jeopardize put the damper on obturate elude blank counterplot bring an end to worsen stand in the way act in advance of prepare for be one step ahead of be early impoverish ravage dam up glut silt up slam on the brakes ease up duck buffalo promote bollix gunge up afflict incapacitate taint trash dismantle corrupt temporise temporize dally give a rain check take a raincheck keep in abeyance take wind out of sails get the better of cause setback put end to gainsay duel contradict impugn combat negative disaffirm contest dispute hedge clutter up shuffle off scorch wither batter shock blast give the run-around run circles around run rings around halt in its tracks throw a monkey wrench in the works detract from shake up jeopardise smash up muck up clobber disarrange disorder disorganize devalue tweak unfit devaluate ding cheapen total be prejudicial to be disadvantageous to convulse cause detriment to wreak havoc on be deleterious to derange turn upside down have a negative effect on have a bad effect on hedge out make useless lose strength drive a nail into the coffin of cause confusion in throw into disarray cause turmoil in throw into disorder throw into confusion strangle at birth go against shutdown make a mess of devastate demolish render powerless do in monopolize foresee predict forecast envision preoccupy project expect cruel make a hash of euchre dish monopolise carry over paralyse blow a hole in play havoc with lengthen lay over bankrupt seize put out of business bring to standstill bring someone to their knees wipe out pull the plug on load take stay away from deny oneself make up for break the habit of skip out on get around shrink from shirk desist from stay away restrain from counterbalance shy from forbear from paralyze expropriate grab snatch saddle attack ambush botch strain shut disempower whittle away appropriate interlope shortstop accost interpose hijack tackle waylay buttonhole laden weight lumber demoralise demoralize attenuate mine dig soften tunnel dent wear snafu skin rain on someone's parade pounce on take on lade pile freight drag through the mud dig out hollow out clip one's wings chip away at knock the bottom out of queer the pitch of poke full of holes swoop down on cut in take away yoke lock out make off with dump on snow under bear down on snow overburden make heavy play off cook someone's goose spike someone's guns queer someone's pitch take the wind out of your sails


To try to prevent by action or argument
resist oppose defy hinder impede obstruct block challenge check combat confront contest counter dispute fight frustrate halt prevent protest restrain stem stop thwart battle curb reluct counteract countervail refuse stonewall fight against object to baulk at go against be hostile to contend with dissent with be anti kick against rebel against take on be in opposition to refuse to accept stand up to strive against be in defiance of lock horns with struggle against take a stand against take issue with face down take up arms against put up a fight against speak out against set your face against dig in your heels eliminate withstand end tackle oppugn war resolve repel buck battle against make a stand against cope with bring to an end to put an end to fly in the face of contradict controvert attack deny negate cross gainsay face contravene contend rebut disagree with argue with duel argue impugn counterattack be against beat assail assault ward off argue against quarrel with disaffirm fend off disapprove of negative speak against debate disagree rival refute question call in question stand up and be counted against take a stand disprove traverse dissent from hold out against take up arms balk unseat meet head-on baulk campaign against tangle with oppose action compete against compete with repulse rebuff spare no effort put up an argument stave off wrestle fight off meet repudiate hold at bay match denounce struggle with hold off disclaim disown explode debunk disallow reject disconfirm discredit disavow demur against take exception to call into question demur about enquire come to blows with address be a dissenter from test query face off feud with impeach call out inquire litigate rally against protest against remonstrate throw down accost investigate undermine interrogate fight back hold one's ground against remain firm keep at bay turn down stand firm stand one's ground against face up to put up a fight declare untrue confute try to put out try to extinguish naysay shoot down in flames shoot down shoot full of holes brush aside bar dislike take gainstay dissent expose neutralize disapprove reverse neutralise bombard withstay encounter taunt frown at not countenance search out take issue turn the tables run counter to


To put an end to, especially formally
abolish cancel end destroy dissolve eliminate eradicate quash terminate void obliterate repeal annihilate extinguish invalidate overturn annul ax axe ditch do away with exterminate nullify rescind wipe out expunge get rid of junk revoke abrogate drop extirpate shed stamp out stop discard erase overthrow scrap suppress jettison trash delete throw out vitiate countermand discontinue excise put an end to remove repudiate retract scrub subvert withdraw abate avoid black out blot out chop clean up disannul dispense with dump efface liquidate negate null root out rub out snuff out sweep away vacate deracinate disestablish finish kill nix prohibit roll back squelch strike down supersede undo zap call off close down set aside give the chop put kibosh on knock something on the head put the kibosh on bring to an end reverse recall abort declare null and void squash demolish put a stop to overrule cut obviate override decimate crush abandon render invalid finish off take out take back give up put down do in raze waste quell recant render null and void defeat veto ruin suspend wreck smash dispatch neutralize break off slaughter subdue repress devastate check neutralise cease stifle interrupt thwart shatter cut out renege overcome frustrate dismantle massacre quench total discharge wind up knock off torpedo curb X-out off cancel out crack down on pull the plug on disallow renounce quit lift cut off nip in the bud put paid to break conclude halt pack in put the lid on make void call a halt to wrack silence slay close scratch cry off undermine break up take away wash out cross out call blue pencil blank out shoot down banish beat wipe off the map put to death block out weed out dismiss upset desolate dispose of wipe off the face of the earth nuke blow away disclaim backpedal expire waive vaporize croak conquer phase out call back assassinate butcher murder overwhelm leave off vaporise belay strike out snuff put out clamp down on bump off slap down wipe from the face of the earth shut down disaffirm deny pulverize forget impair cream die backtrack on reject execute abjure bring to a halt go cast aside ignore smother scotch get shot of uproot rout clobber offset knock out can KO declare invalid pulverise ice tear down whack pull down desist top stiff purge elapse lapse smoke score out blue-pencil pass determine dead-end scrag back out of do to death let up wink out wind down wrap up pack up take the life of ink out lay off mow down close out do for bring to naught disrupt cripple spoil hamper hinder mar renig control foil counteract refrain from prevent ravage stymie postpone part renege on obscure intermit harm overpower forget about counterbalance get shut of conceal disregard disown counterorder forswear blow go back on obstruct cover turf mess up omit vanquish trim gut sabotage exclude complete weasel out rule against adjourn disunite relinquish countercheck redress censor prorogue dele screw up muck up disconnect queer take off scratch out leave out edit get shoot bring down crack down sink end the life of desist from shut off give over cut down blow sky-high polish off wrap ultimate pull the plug round off round out rule out chuck in cut to pieces put away give someone the works run out cut short terminate with extreme prejudice put a line through bring to a close sit on remove all traces of blow someone's brains out white out call it quits slash bin declare take retreat back-pedal on weaken rid strip clear disobey dishonour reduce drastically go against kayo withhold cast out drive out shelve scrunch squish disband exsect wipe unfit circumduct disqualify get off the hook backwater dishonor deaden black do a U-turn on cause the death of make away with expel refuse to fulfil watergate snow under elide abnegate put out of your mind remit bleep wangle out render meaningless x out stroke out edit out X out opt out stand down throw over back out worm out put to sleep bring to a conclusion prorogate come to an end recess bring to an untimely end clamp down put an stop to bring to screeching halt countervail rebut cork up hush up bottle up put damper on retire refute redline crawl out of erode fade redact wipe off bowdlerize pull back draw back split up disorganize loose unmake collapse destruct sever level counterpoise restrict compensate limit nig confine make null and void hit unload cover over resolve blank strike bowdlerise blot scrape off launder wipe off face of earth blow to bits mark out destroy root and branch take apart rub off damage alter smooth away wear away rub away make ineffective forgo forget it fade out resolve into render void sunder shade obfuscate darken batten eclipse change subjugate overset clear away contravene ding blackball impugn traverse stonewall cross oppose belie disprove douse down prostrate settle attack topple scupper crown consummate pass over murk wax brush aside call all bets off cow render inert wipe slate clean go back on your word get done call it a day pack it in switch off sew up end up top off break with turn thumbs down turn down fly in the face of hang behead decapitate chill do knife asphyxiate dust off garrote electrocute take a life garotte garrotte lynch guillotine cool strangle incapacitate dash put at risk triumph over arrest choke knock down botch put lid on bottle trample on dominate keep inside clamp hold in shush bury keep in trample spike stem drive underground hold down beat down abstain from shake off do without give something a miss render needless disable threaten make a mess of render ineffective play havoc with block foul up cover up make dark pass out hold back keel over blow out dampen skin crimp have impoverish throw a monkey wrench in the works of craze unbuild balls up injure blow a hole in overreach outmaneuver rain on someone's parade outmanoeuvre outfox work against throw a spanner in the works of cramp outsmart make waves louse up bollix interfere with break down turn out detect stub out damp down intrude on put to the sword send to the gas chambers ethnically cleanse send to kingdom come benothing kick pause lay off of depart discount surcease disjoin dissever intervene separate interpose bar except debar demise decease exit flatline perish fall succumb bag it blow off avert forfend proscribe preclude forestall forbid ban deter bate wane stave off count out ward off not consider shut out freeze out close one's doors to kick in conk out pass on kick off peg out pass away step out pop off check out restrain reduce lessen dull diminish muffle soften moderate still impede contain mitigate tone down bridle decrease mute quieten allay blunt temper constrain assuage quiet retard alleviate tranquilize damp cushion rein in soothe oppress lower ease tranquillize mollify regulate calm gag muzzle take the edge off keep in check relieve hush depress discourage slow numb stall keep back discipline govern palliate hold up benumb outlaw lull clog interdict curtail stay enjoin lighten baulk keep under control balk slow down close up put a damper on shut up choke off master pipe down lick dummy up throw cold water on pour cold water on hold paralyse mellow embargo paralyze blanket appease tame absorb fight back mask attenuate circumvent put a lid on occlude pacify bring to a standstill drown throttle criminalize catch jam dam placate soft-pedal tongue-tie congest stuff counter criminalise put the stopper on taboo stop up fill get the better of keep a lid on make illegal rein repulse decrease the volume clog up put a brake on bung up pull up compose say nothing plug up hold your tongue order devitalize keep stun unnerve retain fetter choke back delay bring to a stop stupefy cauterize stultify humble abase shake buffer handicap dumb trammel censure staunch gentle anaesthetize bolster boycott plug keep the lid on refuse clam cauterise keep down anesthetize buttress quelch intercept freeze barricade pull in get a grip on checkmate bear down on clot keep it down bung block up fill up blockade relax hold off control strictly regiment draw up dry up get under control repel fetch up brake take the sting out stem the flow of place an embargo on gain mastery over keep a tight rein on stopper clam up stand in the way of hush-hush quiet down strike dumb put a spoke in someone's wheel hush one's mouth gum up come down hard on gulp sate condemn cork desensitize hamstring slake best surmount estop cloud dish chasten pillow get in the way of debrief overawe keep under run down call a halt punish sedate sidetrack fix brace bring up dispel screen hide shroud prevail over cool it rise above modify dilute help satisfy dispirit sap daze torpefy narcotize obtund drug lenify mortify calm down chill out settle down dampen down gain control over pad seclude guard insulate detain win against rein back ail demoralize deject trouble dishearten dismay sweeten surfeit desensitise render insensitive dullen swallow gain control of reduce the effect of tread sadden daunt enervate bottleneck becalm salve lullaby make nice snooker scuttle derail seal caulk rebuff soak up pour oil on discomfit confound baffle hold off on keep hold of chagrin debilitate perturb bother weary distress floor whelm overmaster swamp rattle parry outwit nobble constrict measure destabilize slacken pace bite back disappoint counterplot rule tread on close off choke up pack stanch jam up put on hold refuse to pay put on ice put on back burner put on the shelf obturate weigh down demoralise bum out cast down supplant unsettle play for time block off take wind out of sails put the mockers on cause setback upset the applecart put end to stunt dam up gibbet gunge up wring noose squeeze silt up dethrone oust depose unseat grind down cast a pall over simmer down slacken modulate reconcile solace make up adjust comfort dispose console tune down balm ease up force down bring someone to their knees push back defend resist reply beat off defend yourself retaliate fight off put up a fight riposte shackle deprive consume tire dope dim exhaust etherize chloroform gas undercut reclaim bust rebel tumble destabilise bring about the downfall of capsize invert wreak havoc on encumber manacle hog-tie dissuade embarrass hobble handcuff short-circuit lay out water down faze sandbag ward bit tie up manipulate manage systematize organize indispose divert depreciate quieten down illegalize curse put out of order hold in check minimize hang up declare ineligible make quiet methodize ebb minimise put on brakes pass by declare illegal ice out pass up officially forbid de-escalate systematise bring into line rule with a rod of iron organise put off fend off take the bite out ease off turn off make less intense


To outwit, confuse, deceive, or intimidate
buffalo browbeat frighten intimidate cow bully coerce threaten terrorize terrorise scare terrify daunt subdue pressure pressurize harass awe unnerve bulldoze domineer hound force harry menace railroad dragoon hector oblige compel constrain bullyrag blackjack badger bludgeon overawe bogart strong-arm bluster enforce pressurise lean on use strong-arm tactics on mau-mau dismay abash alarm disconcert deter nag press push discourage hustle goad prod pester brainwash persuade influence impress psych out overbear despotize bring pressure to bear on take your breath away blind someone with something act on prevail on put the screws on put the squeeze on put pressure on walk heavy press-gang work on ride roughshod use pressure on fast-talk put under an obligation turn on the heat tyrannize oppress persecute torment ride ruffle steamroller affright spook appall plague tyrannise appal push around push about scare off twist someone's arm scare the bejesus out of pick on hassle bother drive impel bait worry trouble annoy make tease needle chivvy victimize bug provoke heckle bedevil give a hard time victimise irritate urge obligate vex squeeze muscle sandbag nudge keep on at eat devil prompt distress heavy be on your back disturb irk criticize induce go on at incite petrify breathe down someone's neck dog discomfit rattle molest chivy criticise faze aggravate stir agitate goose pursue blackmail taunt put up to scold egg on drive up the wall get at henpeck nettle upset perturb exasperate peck at harp on at keep after gripe attack insist require instigate pick at whip twist one's arm find fault with trigger tighten the screws on sic give someone grief force one's hand make things hot for someone make it hot for someone shake subjugate admonish discriminate against carp spur boss around boss about confuse encourage berate importune grumble at ramrod fuss unsettle embarrass bounce abuse growl motivate disquiet beset niggle fluster carp at necessitate ride roughshod over rag inspire peeve discompose single out issue threats to perplex rile disrupt nark be down on concuss grate pique rasp itch frost get spite gall chafe throw stress move mither wring bind key up put heat on exploit beleaguer find fault put off insist on shake up excite put out try turn the screws on flummox fleece fret cause burn up hack off hunt have a down on have it in for throw off balance order demand gnaw command rowel sound put the frighteners on fire up bleed be on one's case burden get to bend someone's ear put the heat on rattle one's cage give the business prey on drive round the twist drive round the bend impose on extort take advantage of get on someone's back hog keep at cajole dominate swagger give someone hell lean compress harp on remind constrict condense squash castigate sell politick repress restrict hinder suppress shotgun shanghai come at frighten off work over mistreat antagonize high pressure lord it over antagonise rouse stimulate be on at someone punish repeatedly and unfairly anger chide flurry put the wind up put through the wringer put the chill on inflame prick sting challenge cavil put the arm on discountenance tighten the screw on high-pressure have turn the screw on prevail upon have someone do something effect will stress out hold a gun to one's head make an offer they can't refuse affect noodge jerk around burn macerate give a bad time despoil pain foray strain shock panic scarify horrify fright alarum startle discombobulate miff make nervous make fun of be critical of roust lash titillate jeer interrupt work up stump put into a flap put someone off their stroke furbelow abrade floor wind up get across frill cause someone to lose their composure throw into a tizz wear throw into tizzy fuddle warn foment barrack boo strike terror into strike terror in scorn rib chaff shout down toy with fiddle with overcome dishearten bewilder crucify aggrieve outrage injure expel wrong beat exile haze hiss fill with terror inspire panic in anguish afflict besiege curse torture rack excruciate harrow agonize charge overwhelm nonplus venture peril jeopard adventure jeopardize imperil risk compromise endanger hazard snarl comminate fulminate scowl caution forewarn occasion impose foist confound dis gibe ridicule use duress on conscript use force on urge by force choke apply obtrude contract enjoin hurt agonise punish break smite bone scare to death put the fear of God into frighten out of your wits jibe at shout at exert force on get the knife into stick the knife into make uneasy make anxious be a nuisance to bear down bear hard on put screws to put squeeze on bring pressure to bear upon pin down put the bite on upbraid portend jeopardise chill gamble with impend lower loom bad-eye jolt baffle destabilize unbalance butt in shout catcalls at make game of get in your hair be in someone's hair be a pest to drive bananas make threats against threaten to harm flex muscles look daggers make threat threaten to kill make threats to advise implore mystify promote beef grouse yowl holler mutter grumble kvetch complain squeal crab yammer wail moan caterwaul whine grump scream grouch repine kick squawk inveigh whimper bellyache bleat murmur yaup croak keen grizzle yawp whinge maunder beg put through wringer take aback blind destabilise advocate expedite lead someone a merry dance play cat and mouse rub salt in wound shake fist at whip around utter threats to egg moan at inspan beseech solicit recommend moan on at keep complaining to catch put off one's stroke pull the rug out from under pull the rug from under adjure propel entreat steamroll exhort bust someone's balls bust chops take it out on speed up try to persuade put the screws to scare hell out of manipulate railroad into pour it on dragoon into misuse cheat steamroller into push for swindle bulldoze into turn on enslave appeal to sell one on exert influence on curdle treat unfairly step on suck dry walk all over play on walk over live off the backs of ill-use take for a ride put one over on rip off withhold rights from ill-treat take advantage of somebody preoccupy live off haunt depress load plunder feed on depredate seize consume live on kill devour tax raid weigh go to town on browbeat into bear down on be at yap at scratch around rag on search high heaven

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