Đồng nghĩa của succumb

Alternative for succumb

succumbs, succumbed, succumbing

Đồng nghĩa: acquiesce, comply, decease, die, expire, give way, perish, submit, yield,


To yield to an overpowering force or overwhelming desire
yield surrender capitulate submit relent concede bow quit budge blink give in knuckle under cave in be overcome by be overwhelmed by be beaten by be conquered by give in to show white flag throw in the towel acquiesce give way defer back down give up admit defeat fall cede fold throw in the sponge accede concede defeat raise the white flag assent lay down arms show the white flag comply be beaten agree go down climb down go under buckle under accept relinquish bend lose be defeated suffer defeat bow out fall victim accept defeat cry uncle be conquered be overcome wave the white flag collapse crumble abandon resign cave kowtow knuckle come off second-best be vanquished be trounced say uncle buckle be overwhelmed fall victim to let go come up short toss it in pack it in put up white flag give up the struggle concur fail soften make concessions approve keel indulge be the loser be bested by weaken truckle deliver lose out come round abdicate roll over adapt eat crow give yourself up go along with hand over do a U-turn throw in your hand lay down comply with be humbled crash out do an about-turn change your mind admit bow to come to terms resign yourself pay homage die of give vail retreat throw up one's hands consent throw up the sponge chuck it in fall in line adhere break compromise change surrender to conform waver hesitate vacillate retract proffer stop drop despair desist tender cease waive present forswear come to grief default get the worst take a licking have the worst be worsted fall short entrust consign leave forego be submissive hoist the white flag bend the knee humble oneself give ground honour respect honor give oneself over fold up cry quits turn over turn in call it quits leave off pull out hand in bail out cut out chicken out play dead heed observe ease off ease up eat humble pie suffer come a cropper be taken to cleaners meet one's Waterloo be outdistanced take a beating be deferential knuckleunder adjust cringe fawn accommodate agree with obey eat your words drop a bundle be overthrown cooperate with acquiesce in act in accordance with be servile concur with be overthrown by be defeated by be taken by eat dirt be destroyed by be vanquished by melt lie down be a casualty to be smitten by pass into the hands of backpedal unbend fall to pieces forbear pass into enemy hands lose one's position to have mercy become merciful slow sympathise give quarter show pity sympathize have pity become lenient show mercy be merciful allow agree to die away mellow out come around let it happen give some slack let happen change mind lay back cool it go easy on take a softer line ease up on lighten up give away the store withdraw recoil back out retire recede balk wimp out beg off yield to give way to back off renege pull back baulk cancel cop out recant back away backtrack go back on back pedal lose your nerve welsh draw back get cold feet wuss out have no stomach for worm out weasel out bottle it funk out wiggle out shy from see eye to eye give oneself up to lose oneself in shrink subscribe drop out bottle out indulge in crap out pike on subjugate genuflect subdue shy away go backward move away be converted lose oneself to grant be persuaded turn yellow scratch think better of avoid blow it off demur fink out reconsider row back do an about-face sing a different song have second thoughts admit that one is wrong retract one's words be converted to be persuaded by be won over take back hold back touch terminate drop back mollify relax disarm be won over by admit you were wrong have no fight left withdraw from agreement or statement run away retrograde fall back back regroup ebb retrocede give back affect move knock off forgive wallow in resign from back out of refrain from drop out of give rein to abandon oneself to give free rein to


To stop living
die perish decease fall depart demise expire flatline croak part drop go pass end wilt exit pass away pass on conk out check out peg out pop off kick off kick in step out give up the ghost cease to exist go under give up give way go down meet waterloo pack it in bite the dust kick the bucket buy it snuff it buy the farm depart this life meet your maker cash in one's chips cross the great divide cease living go the way of all flesh go belly up shuffle off this mortal coil be no more go the way of the flesh be lost go to glory cark it breathe one's last bite the big one pop your clogs collapse kick it peg it go belly-up go bung hop the twig hop the stick meet your end lose life go to the great beyond go the way of the dinosaurs meet one's death faint be killed swoon cease drop dead flake out pass out relinquish life push up the daisies draw one's last breath go to one's last resting place rest in peace pass over be six feet under keel over drop off fall unconscious turn up one's toes cross the Styx lose consciousness go out black out farm buy the plot buy the ranch punch one's ticket kick in [slang] exterminate wane desist ruin abolish decline invalidate vanish disappear cash in cave meet one's Maker run through fold up strike out up and die go to one's reward waste be destroyed OD shove off go to the wall go west push up daisies die a death be slain run out call off all bets cool off buy a one-way ticket deep six take your last breath be a fatality be a casualty conk suffocate drown sack out go to sleep nod off zone out doze off go out like a light fall asleep suck the kumara go to meet one's maker go way of all flesh be taken lay down one's life hand in one's dinner pail sink down fall down slip away fall dead breathe one's last breath die unexpectedly die suddenly stall fail hit swat straighten knock


To accept or consent by silence or by omitting to object
acquiesce accept allow approve submit comply yield concur conform surrender accede agree assent consent permit tolerate capitulate respect brook subscribe accommodate adapt adjust bend buy concede ditto jibe OK okay reconcile suffer yes cave in give in abide by agree to assent to bow to comply with consent to concur with conform to go along with yield to play ball stand by submit to toe the line accept tacitly cooperate with give in to give the nod to go along let pass say yes to come round give the green light to give the thumbs up to hoist the white flag cry uncle give approval to give consent to give one's assent to give one's blessing to say the word say uncle shake on cut a deal roll over and play dead give the go-ahead to defer to surrender to sanction authorize endorse grant warrant pass license bless licence authorise accede to give the nod give permission ratify validate confirm acquiesce in rubber-stamp enable empower give the OK to countenance admit give someone leave clear approve of condone charter humor humour have give the green light thumbs up go for sign say yes abet give the go-ahead sanctify indulge sign off on take kindly to recognize back support mandate espouse accord adopt embrace second recognise greenlight homologate accredit finalize approbate formalize finalise give the thumbs up favour formalise favor concur in knuckle under subscribe to pass on give the stamp of approval to give one's leave give five let entitle qualify legitimatize legitimate endure give someone authorization legalize cause legalise legitimatise boost privilege give your blessing franchise give carte blanche grant the right wink at leave green-light blink at admit of facilitate acquiesce to


Conform, give in
obey follow observe comply with mind abide by accept adhere to keep submit yield embrace heed respect surrender conform to accede accord acquiesce acquiesce in agree agree to answer assent cave in comply concur conform consent to fulfil fulfill goose-step to hold to respond serve stick to keep to act in accordance with act upon be ruled by come to heel get into line give in give way hold fast live by take orders toe the line be loyal to do one's bidding do one's duty get in line knuckle under play second fiddle do as one says play it by the book do as you are told do what one is told do what is expected honor honour defer to pay attention to stand by meet uphold carry out go along with fall in with submit to pay heed to execute agree with satisfy yield to regard perform cooperate with fill acquiesce to note take heed of discharge be in accordance with acknowledge implement assent to attend stick with be heedful of accede to be guided by bear in mind watch make good on keep faith with bow to complete be true to notice stick by redeem do as told be in conformity with fall in line with follow orders take notice of be mindful of adopt take to heart mark be faithful to live up to accord with follow through with listen to consider concur with effectuate accord to take into consideration attend to take note of take into account follow the rules match act according to pay regard to play by the rules play the game respond to be faithful be true recognize support recognise effect act honestly have regard to hearken hear harken hark dig act on pay attention accommodate be bound by abide by the rules keep in step carry through have regard for concentrate on pick up stay in line behave according to get a load of give ear to bear out make good be as good as don't rock the boat be in agreement with see through be governed by measure up to match up to make it through give in to get through conform with go through with back go by play fair be fair give allegiance to acquit heel answer to give backing to go to the wall for believe listen appreciate show consideration for give heed take heed show regard for hold take notice take note take as a guide give heed to do as one is told by hang on give a thought to maintain remain faithful to practice have due regard for acquiesce with consecrate sanctify come around to cave in to concur in knuckle to fit in with play ball remember practise adhere be aware of be cognizant of sympathize with bow capitulate make allowances for keep in mind take cognizance of call to mind think of allow for be a good sport keep to the rules adapt to stick to the rules go by the book adhere to the rules go with the flow accommodate to be dutiful to comply with the rules observe the rules act in accordance with the rules obey the rules kowtow to don't make waves adjust to truckle be loyal remain true to cleave to be devoted be devoted to sticky by be attached be constant brook appease indulge concede to baby-sit see sit catch spot suffer endure humor wear stomach tolerate kowtow be deferential concede adapt knuckleunder adjust defer admit cringe knuckle fawn buckle cave humour withstand fit cohere correspond be cautious of give ear watch over watch out keep tabs be aware give care be alert to watch out for put up with grin and bear it lump it be subject to take it lying down stoop to be regulated by mind the store keep eye peeled watch your step ride herd on watch the store coincide harmonize check dovetail comport rhyme reconcile chord tally listen up go suit level jibe rime consist balance harmonise gee sort square be in harmony be consistent with square with be consonant be congruous be consistent be compatible align with match up check out fit in be in agreement eye perceive view behold discern clock give thought to take in witness contemplate look at remark scrutinize survey distinguish study eyeball inspect think about examine spy gaze at scrutinise look on take a dekko at pick up on detect scan espy sight descry case focus on beware pay heed stare at recce peer at eagle-eye be cautious about keep a weather eye on keep one's eye on watch like a hawk keep an eye on endorse slang grant approve of lend an ear become aware of flash on give attention to pore over register look to shake on glimpse turn one's thoughts to ogle at gape at feast your eyes on make eyes at not take one's eyes off have a look-see give the once over take stock of scope out catch sight of glance at rubberneck leer at take a butcher's at be attentive to devote yourself be all ears for tune in to hearken to listen up to lend an ear to occupy oneself with be careful of exercise restraint about look out for be careful about exercise care about beware of exercise caution about keep one's mind on apply your mind to care about take care with be wary of be watchful of exercise caution over be vigilant of be on alert over be watchful over monitor discover surveil reconnoitre twig reconnoiter keep watch on spy on keep a tab on keep under surveillance get an eyeful of keep a beady eye on keep under observation keep track of take a shufti at take a gander at keep under scrutiny keep tabs on


To experience sudden and severe fatigue, especially in endurance sports
bonk fatigue exhaust drain knacker shatter debilitate deplete enervate overtire bust kill languish poop bush fizzle flag frazzle whack hit the wall tire out knock out wear out conk out do in shag out tucker out drain of energy fag out peter out poop out wear down wear to a frazzle take it out of weary tire prostrate weaken wear jade sink disable droop tucker drop bedraggle sag burn out wash out overtax tax harass outwear break make sleepy make weary take wear on do up bore sap enfeeble devitalize incapacitate overwork cripple etiolate waste soften immobilize paralyse strain undermine paralyze lay low immobilise indispose overexert overextend torpefy make weak make feeble overfatigue overdo impair burden run ragged overburden encumber weigh put out of action handicap defeat bankrupt draw unnerve pain fail reduce stretch emasculate attenuate blunt push load try suck dry task make tired test oppress eviscerate grow weary overload render infirm saddle lade beat impoverish use up exasperate unhinge diminish plague vitiate drowse fold faint overstrain wilt ennui collapse disempower root fade glut disembowel destroy exenterate wipe out nearly kill get the better of give out go stale cause ennui grow tired sap your strength wear oneself to a shadow run into the ground put to sleep wear oneself to a frazzle injure hinder hurt harm extenuate hamper mar lose interest unstrengthen confine to bed confine to a wheelchair run out of steam run down get tired become drained break down stress out become exhausted exert fell floor extend drive overreach overtask level charge rack down distend lumber wrench tense hamstring entrust tighten overdo it exert excessively run yourself into the ground drive too far make too many demands on work too hard work oneself into the ground exert to the limit knock oneself out push to the limit ruin disarm wreck depress overthrow mow knock down knock over mow down bowl over bowl down make powerless make helpless make impotent bring someone to their knees weigh down overwhelm empty bring low make demands on weight overuse stress pressure overstretch cumber challenge push too far press hard on weigh heavily on ask too much of prey on make heavy demands on put a strain on put pressure on


To be humble or humbled
sink stoop abase cheapen debase degrade humble chasten demean descend discredit disgrace dishonour dishonor foul lower shame smirch bemean humiliate be reduced debase oneself debase yourself demean oneself lower oneself lower yourself cast down be reduced to take down mortify belittle denigrate devalue embarrass put down disparage cut down to size abash take down a peg smear condescend deign shoot down taint take down a peg or two tarnish corrupt crush reduce debauch prostitute deflate diminish own blot bring down tear down bring low make someone eat crow show up put someone in their place subdue defame sully slander stigmatize demote pervert deteriorate bastardize squash lessen profane warp vitiate deprave subvert derogate canker besmear chagrin poison snub defile stigmatise bastardise cause to lose face reflect badly on bring into disrepute drag through the mud run down bring shame to give a black eye stain downgrade resort besmirch concede discomfit slur break injure demoralize blemish blacken attaint libel mudsling reproach disfavor drag down disfavour pull down make a fool of demoralise slam pan ridicule drag through the mire put to shame make someone eat humble pie bring shame upon give a bad name put in a bad light come down from one's high horse humble oneself settle someone's hash go as far as lower the status of bring shame on depress unbend crawl demolish subjugate brand cow disconcert scandalize make uncomfortable make someone feel ashamed curb cast a slur reduce the status of spot dump on lower someone's status lower someone's dignity let down take apart disconsider disoblige tame disregard deride desecrate disrespect scandalise mock vouchsafe quash blister wither rip discountenance discipline restrain soften flatten confound confuse vanquish downplay abase yourself give a bad name to tar and feather lose face take to bits take to pieces afflict check repress depreciate betray put out of countenance take the wind out of your sails play down cause to feel small make ashamed minimize undervalue minimise make lose face sell out be untrue to oneself beat down put in one's place abandon one's principles accommodate harm damage mar brutalize spoil weaken dehumanize desensitize undermine dehumanise decry desensitise destroy detract brutalise sink as low as act beneath oneself cut down silence overcome upset squelch put away strike dumb pop one's balloon make eat dirt put one away bring down a peg make one feel small cut to the quick fix someone's wagon force to eat humble pie vilify malign calumniate censure soil insult expose compromise disesteem cast aspersions on ruin the reputation of pooh-pooh do a hatchet job on destroy someone's credibility detract from bring into disfavour damage someone's reputation show in a bad light blacken someone's name traduce asperse bring discredit to bad-mouth knock rubbish befoul slag off speak ill of blotch breathe on attack muckrake sling mud at fling mud at do a number on cast a slur on assail rip up and down spread scandal about run smear campaign blacken the name of pollute blight hurt dirty smudge mark contaminate denounce daub offend spatter scorch ruin roast prejudice vilipend deprecate bring dishonour to displease tar condemn damage the reputation of poor-mouth revile label muddy begrime grime pillory characterize annoy scorn slight splash discolour vex impair class classify splatter dismay back-bite muck gaum mire distain bemire contemn horrify appal dis get dirty disfigure speak evil of characterise blackguard affront deface dismiss mark out despoil trash belie make filthy make dirty get filthy reflect negatively discolor appall pour scorn on criticise have the last laugh on mess up waste cast in a bad light harm the reputation of get the better of muddy the reputation of ravage criticize blacken the reputation of adulterate badmouth bedaub distort dilute influence despise bestialize infect misrepresent touch darken anoint mongrelize sling mud impugn be prejudicial to lower in rank slag gossip about vituperate drag through mud drag someone's name through the mud disappoint deform lower in status lie about blacken the character of villainize throw mud at stamp designate tag tell lies about relegate blot your copybook faze fluster rattle nonplus run a smear campaign against crumb bedraggle maculate mess muss make mucky muss up muck up knock down cloud cast slur on put zingers on underestimate get one's comeuppance take the wind out harass declass worry underrate do discredit to cast a slur upon shock outrage disgust trivialize bump set back revert perturb disdain treat lightly blemish the reputation of tarnish the reputation of be a discredit to disrate bust mark down reduce to the ranks kick downstairs discompose scoff at make light of discount trash-talk diss cry down do down sneer at slate sicken repel revolt nauseate minify sell short misprize tinge rap abuse trivialise dispraise have a go at find fault with look down on pull apart write off clamor against hold cheap kiss off talk down spurn hit out at fault pick holes in become a stain of the escutcheon of become a blot of the escutcheon of irk backbite give offence to raise eyebrows amongst blackball cause raised eyebrows lampoon cause a few raised eyebrows amongst irritate miff zing disquiet chop insinuate push cap peeve dissatisfy categorize kick in the teeth skin alive blow off cut up identify describe slap in the face hit where one lives wreck scar call categorise name flaw total blow undo bloody crab cripple endamage crool disfeature label negatively accuse of being cross up make useless be a blot on the landscape devastate plunder screw up depredate sack pillage smash put a damper on desolate spoliate

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