Đồng nghĩa của proffer

Alternative for proffer

proffers, proffered, proffering

Đồng nghĩa: offer, proposition, suggestion,


To put forward for consideration or acceptance
offer extend tender present propose submit advance volunteer bounce pose proposition suggest give propound vote put forward make a pitch trot out hit on table posit introduce lodge raise state prefer come up with recommend adduce moot set forth put up bring forward lay file broach move bring enter deliver advocate air propone press register cite produce hold out impart pitch put place throw up advise put forth declare expound express provide postulate ask render lay out bid counsel ventilate float bring up set before make a motion hand in exhibit put in query question mount expose carry discuss exhort stage outstretch name show assert solicit intimate prescribe nominate announce roll out put on contend bring about commit put on the table record lay before move for venture put out stick out put on record stretch out reach out sell supply have in mind ask about allege forward get the answer to seek the answer to illustrate demonstrate display plug outreach unveil convey project initiate relate issue demo canvass take out throw out lay forward ballyhoo throw spotlight on make a pitch for hype publish offer as a suggestion build up make known put on the map serve puff aggrandize exalt beat the drum for turn vent translate transpose argue promote hypothesize mention peddle report refer run something up the flagpole test the popularity of run something up the flagpole to see who salutes launch opine speculate advert conjecture essay say urge promulgate invite affirm spitball yield request kibitz spread furnish stretch reveal preview hypothesise evoke dare to say represent cast contribute manifest thrust out hand out organize set out put to lay down bring out press for put on display put before the public make an offer of put in a bid of make an offer acquaint detail recount frame explain speak one's piece send in set do lay on the line establish describe explicate elucidate delineate give an introduction inquire enquire make acquainted with get together fix up open to view acquaint with organise spell out hold forth give an account of give an explanation of proclaim pronounce divulge disclose maintain aver avow communicate asseverate claim profess broadcast tell utter insist purport touch on hold voice swear attest allude to publicize enunciate testify avouch sound acknowledge give out publicise articulate point out talk about advertise advertize trumpet post protest annunciate recite formulate blare herald blazon release specify warrant stress repeat emphasize indicate speak disseminate pass emphasise give voice to make public set down tell of speak of advert to refer to touch upon come out with point to remark on comment on approach vow narrate certify rehearse placard flash blaze support preach vocalize phrase verbalize word notify quote note couch designate circulate depose guarantee give utterance to give expression to instance asservate inform admit confess verbalise vocalise reassert allegate reaffirm notice hint at speak about put into words make out call attention to let anyone know of speak out talk of give testimony make reference to go into shout from the rooftops let on about pop off bear witness charge dictate uphold bring something up reference confirm identify witness reiterate reproduce define drop vouch talk sound out validate enumerate reason interpret spiel enounce give rundown chime in be specific about give blow-by-blow stipulate be emphatic enforce tweet address explore open cover catalogue particularize plead expostulate spring preconize purvey get out print send out bruit abroad put in circulation bruit about churn out chronicle defend challenge blast noise abroad issue a statement about give notice of call drum canvas chart interject embark on enter on interpose sound off spread around pass the word read out blazon abroad run off at mouth deliberate about exchange views about talk through make mention of converse about exchange views on bring in treat talk over confer about deal with imply remonstrate open up raise the subject of try out raise subject appeal mouth debate denote prevail upon particularise catalog look import give reasons for make a case for make a case mutter connote inflect intone insinuate bespeak hint intonate modulate yell cry shout clothe roar give utterance put over get over give expression bring into the open give away get across attest to pour out put in words testify to give vent to put across infer predicate speak briefly of clarify outline let someone know of shoot one's wad mouth off shoot off one's mouth


To provide, or transfer possession of, something to someone
give grant bestow present provide confer offer donate accord contribute hand furnish yield leave pass award impart gift surrender transmit devote relinquish bequeath extend pledge lend vouchsafe will volunteer slip hand over turn over put up fork out present with make over cough up lay out shell out chip in ante up give away stump up kick in gift with furnish with provide with supply with pony up let someone have give out supply tender deliver dispense hand out afford come up with purvey bear entrust produce advance assign submit render transfer bring pay provision serve share pitch in throw in trot out commit resign dole out issue make available give up bequest endow show vest distribute allow dish out lay on free discharge disburse release subsidize sacrifice allot allocate subsidise sell put at someone's disposal stock put forward accommodate bring forward deal in trade in avail fund sponsor cater arrange give a donation of part with make a donation of subscribe trust pass on come through sweeten the pot sweeten the kitty dower put forth concede cede forbear forgo forsake consign replenish treat endow with venture abdicate recommend intrust repose delegate confide apportion run by allocate to allot to give over renounce lay aside raffle clear deal assign to award to place at disposal prorate divvy portion relegate commend convey lot administer let oneself in for deal out mete out exhibit display parcel out deploy measure out extract expose free up unveil declare carry store lavish minister stake have pull out roll out bring out handle market keep cater in draw out bring to light keep on hand have for sale keep in stock have a supply of stow away have available put out cater to return generate earn net realize fetch accrue create beget make occasion engender prompt catalyze effect spawn induce invoke effectuate do breed work cause realise catalyse admit beam blossom bring in bring on pull in bring about result in draw on haul in translate into gather in rake in pay out turn out bring forth give off sell for invest spend expend put in endue favor favour splurge confer on donate to pay up come across with bless indue outlay drop make a gift of promise do your part spend money make a donation make a contribution give to get rid of loan feed remit credit fork over shower speculate make a contribution of give of gamble risk inject put oneself down for squander dissipate get it up feed the kitty pass the hat sub pay in advance supply on credit waste fork up get in the act grace sink in plough in accommodate someone with pay for pick up the tab enable use up club together have a whip-round empower devise demise equip legate arm bestow on leave in one's will hand down hand on leave to leave to by will enhance begift blow present to accord to defray back finance sign autograph ink acquit distribute to bequeath to consign to invest in vest in apportion to afford to lavish on honour with commit to impart to entrust to heap on underwrite honor with render to foot the bill lash out enroll set register buy chip into make a deal contribute towards enrol signature make a subscription second sign up pitch into give money


To advise as the best course or choice
recommend suggest endorse advocate propose offer advance commend nominate pose proposition table plug prescribe tip tout extol favor favour mention praise present push submit exalt sanction second put forward vouch for approve of big up offer a suggestion put up speak highly of think highly of front for give a tip go on record for hold up speak favourably of speak well of tip off be all for beat the drum for look with favour on stand by big something up put in a good word put in a good word for advise tender name counsel move slate encourage urge prefer bounce float put exhort steer vote put down for put on to put in two cents back support champion promote espouse stand up for approve further press for argue for lobby for subscribe to be in favor of campaign for countenance uphold speak for stump for root for stand behind defend indorse patronize accept sponsor patronise adopt plump for side with plunk for go to bat for go with welcome take to stick up for throw your weight behind enjoin bid push for esteem value plead for appreciate honour honor approbate speak favorably of ride shotgun speak in favor of okay eulogise eulogize take a shine to think well of ally oneself with back up care for look on with favor be on one's side regard highly buck for thumbs up be in favour of take up the cudgels for receive favorably tilt toward look up to vote for receive gladly rubber-stamp OK take a liking to flash on give the nod to admonish speak in favour of prompt opine adjure charge command protect call for battle for contend for crusade for thump for fight for hold a torch for be in agreement with forward offer recommendation give support to give approval to agree with give moral support to announce one's support for advocate for go along with give moral support formally support be with embrace look on with favour abet maintain receive wholeheartedly receive enthusiastically take up smile on fall in with aid and abet go in for get into be on the side of take on take to heart justify depend on it count on believe in put your faith in have faith in go on the record for bank on trust swear by be satisfied with compliment be certain depend on rely on boost vindicate bless bolster go for run interference for spread around build up brace up say so hold with campaign on behalf of give a leg up be in corner hold a brief for give a lift get on bandwagon


To mention as an example or reference
quote cite instance mention name reference specify give adduce relate invoke identify recount detail drop enumerate exemplify itemise itemize list note notice advance offer present propose proclaim recall recollect refer to allude to point out advert to attest to bring up put forward speak of touch on touch upon make mention of make reference to spell out call attention to state indicate recite lay out point to particularize catalogue designate comment on tell of introduce tell reveal raise moot declare set out tick off catalog particularise talk about speak about remark on make known inventory define discuss rehearse say divulge utter refer acknowledge broach numerate intimate specialize specialise impart individualize communicate give as an example reel off individualise set forth get down to brass tacks hint at reproduce describe finger stipulate frame draw attention to individuate disclose report summarize suggest recapitulate evidence advert treat propound tabulate summarise draw up be specific about notify go into deal with throw out let out circumstantiate let on about breathe a word of let anyone know of namedrop namecheck remark record allege speak briefly of document address explore illustrate with appeal to cover let someone know of show off number give as example narrate delineate canvass argue canvas air register count extract excerpt repeat ventilate speak expound elaborate explain enter tally portray depict show announce exchange views on deliberate about exchange views about bring in talk through talk over confer about converse about exhibit uncover embellish epitomize spread analyse fly speck give an account of quote chapter and verse report on epitomise sweat details analyze produce sum figure run through rattle off check off run off run down count noses keep tabs allude take account of use point interpolate talk of insert implement apply initiate make allusions to write about direct attention to treat of execute launch run turn to resort to enforce put into effect call into use call in have recourse to put into use determine fix set establish require tag settle prescribe postulate ordain order agree slot make condition limit specificate specificize peg command tab explicitize precise blueprint explicitise lay down set down insist on pin down put one's finger on put down show clearly button down be specific draw a picture get to the point come to the point go into detail mark denote distinguish chronicle classify pinpoint display label chart characterize impose illustrate outline demarcate arrange select convey decide characterise represent mark off brand demand paint express promise guarantee contract appoint recognize pledge picture decree assign provide signal mark out bound point at signalize insist upon differentiate delimit stamp choose nominate categorize circumscribe feature highlight single out recognise spotlight emphasize signalise flag instruct relay categorise unfold put down for recap spot verbalise verbalize emphasise show us tell us separate remind of place engage covenant bargain collate judge singularize sift extricate know discriminate pronounce locate set apart promulgate make out tell apart style signify read demonstrate typify publish demark symbolize give details of class terminate pick out symbolise render make a point lay finger on evoke retail share bill constitute authorize authorise make distinctive track break a story personalise give an account personalize put it on record account for star ensure make it a condition underwrite have as a condition give details earmark devote schedule asterisk admit initial publicize give particulars of enroll restrict delimitate measure pigeonhole model personify draw character typecast reply count down rehash echo unload sign watermark set aside image lay bare manifest bare publicise dictate pervade permeate inform suffuse gesture towards tell the story of run by again play back say again give a report give verbal account hold forth come out with make it known interpret sketch call write alphabetize poll set the limits spin map out emblematize embody instantiate peculiarize realise realize enrol minute reiterate calender review recommend rule direct enjoin elect term retell sling spill transmit break down keep count make a list of note down write down formulate diagnose divide qualify estimate ascertain part dub din act chime iterate restate ready lay it on the line spin a yarn shoot the breeze clue in give the word spill the beans get off your chest let your hair down elucidate underline pick install delegate put into words conjure up go over christen entitle ascribe broadcast commission handpick allot ID guide enunciate paint in words articulate assert give a description of reenact test hone experiment resolve employ denominate give a rundown of give a account of tell from determinate figure out set off diagnosticate sort out tell between instal conclude pass on provide details of give the facts on put in words testify to give details on inform of advise of paint a word picture of trot out state clearly title baptize make a condition of study decide on peach make provision for write prescription make a precondition of make a proviso of go through showcase expose brandish make clear evince point toward tap clepe settle on settle upon write a prescription for customize opt for cognominate nickname deputise baptise deputize vote in cherry-pick sign up take on localise localize discern modify change give a personal touch to be attentive make to order customise find exactly difference secern evaluate assess narrow down compare contrast tell the difference segregate discern a difference recognize a distinction know what's what separate the sheep from the goats sever discrepate separate the wheat from the chaff contradistinguish severalize split hairs perceive draw a distinction compass confine border envelop encompass enclose encircle rim belt surround verge edge curb flank gird girdle fence in stake out wall in set the boundaries of set the limits of set bounds to


To appoint a person to a position
make appoint designate assign elect instal install name nominate ordain delegate select choose decree entitle establish christen constitute denominate employ enlist label pick place title cast as engage enroll enrol hire induct post recruit set sign up tender vote in invest in commission detail tag tab empower deputize deputise co-opt attach tap promote to elevate to install as depute flag identify earmark authorize peg opt vote prefer point out settle on put down for favour pin down indicate finger decide on charge plump for button down favor mark adopt slot cast promote create dub authorise select for install in ordain in institute in choose for detail for induct in decide on for hold responsible allocate allot entrust consign commit intrust trust inaugurate task appropriate crown apportion relegate contract accredit order take on invest classify find employment for find a job for send station conscript ascribe refer burden enjoin encumber saddle load mandate specify determine decide announce declare handpick brand resolve denote book fix recognise conclude recognize propose figure warrant give nod swear in licence place trust in license farm out settle upon opt for single out point to put one's finger on cherry-pick give deliver pass deposit hand vest leave transfer confide submit transmit grant shift repose offer relinquish dispatch convey move confer destine promise call term style baptize hand over turn over give up leave to give over address clepe hail nickname characterize define baptise cognominate characterise give a handle identify as knight give the title of describe as give a name to ticket put tag on hail as


An amount of money that someone is willing to pay for something

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