Đồng nghĩa của pay for

Alternative for pay for

Đồng nghĩa: invite,


Held responsible for
atone answer for suffer for be punished for make amends for take the rap atone for square redress compensate recompense make good make restitution for make up for make reparation for make amends correct rectify amend remedy mend offset fix pay one's dues expiate put right suffer the consequences of comp counterpoise counterbalance indemnify countervail reimburse pay money to make amends to remunerate make reparation to overcompensate repay satisfy make restitution to requite propitiate reform repair right adjust balance ease cancel regulate balance out cure dial back set right even out patch up turn over new leaf sort out harmonise vindicate settle make restitution countercheck make right harmonize change put to rights negate recalibrate level out resolve neutralise recompense for even up restore the balance annul frustrate turn things around improve counteract revise retrieve negative heal restore turn around relieve deal with better neutralize ameliorate make reparation compensate for redeem appease excuse absolve forgive purge square things make good for make redress for do penance do penance for make recompense for nullify cancel out outweigh equalize equilibrize counterweigh make recompense equalise set off redeem oneself make up undo equiponderate tip the scales counterweight pay answer reconcile repent apologise apologize make redress pay the price for pay back make reparations redress the balance pay the price pay the penalty absolve oneself say sorry take one's medicine cleanse purify exculpate pardon shrive lustrate unburden sanctify free from obviate be equivalent charge allow for equal equipoise counterpose account


To lose or be deprived of something, especially as a penalty for wrongdoing
forfeit lose pay with be deprived of be stripped of forgo withgo drop pass up lose out on part with sacrifice deliver up renounce hand over say goodbye to give up abandon go without yield give over relinquish surrender quit pack in stop discontinue halt cease end terminate cancel break off break forsake desist from knock off cut out leave off throw up lay off pack up resign cede concede finish conclude axe kick scrap abort shake can turn over call off break up wind up interrupt ax call it a day put an end to have done with lay off of cry off withdraw from pack it in bring to an end retire from get out of cut off dispense with shut off cut short finish with put a stop to call a halt to throw away withdraw leave renege back out give notice retreat drop out waive abdicate dissolve betray forego complete prostitute eschew spare render close desist resolve suspend expire elapse annul abolish belay sunder do without close out consummate wind down dead-end crown pass round out wrap up pull the plug lapse sew up round off settle get shut of wind something up nip in the bud get done wrap wink out give something the chop knock something on the head end up ultimate get shot of put the lid on switch off pull the plug on put paid to let up top off nip something in the bud shut down determine finish off dispose of bring to a halt stop trying bring to a close pull out of throw in the sponge abstain from get off throw in the towel put the kibosh on call it quits forlet let go sign away lay down turn in cough up sacrifice something kiss goodbye kiss goodbye to cast aside leave behind scratch shelve rescind ditch shun scrub repeal remit revoke ignore jilt divorce part from turn your back on wipe out resign from break with eighty-six write off dust off forget about


To provide with money for a particular purpose
back endow finance support capitalise capitalize fund sponsor stake subsidise subsidize donate money for leave money for settle up for defray the cost of furnish credit for provide capital for provide finance for treat someone to ante up for cough up for foot the bill for fork out for pony up for shell out for bankroll underwrite promote pick up the tab float guarantee pick up the tab for pick up the check patronize patronise grubstake invest in juice provide security put up money put up the money for bank put money into go for loan shark provide funds lay on one prime the pump subscribe provide money for be a patron of provide security for act as guarantor of put up money fo give treat pay the bill maintain absorb prop up crowdfund crowdsource kickstart insure buy into sink money into be responsible for vouch for help answer for lend your name to act as a guarantor for pay spend money on lay out money on collateral angel secure dower provide for provide financing contribute to take the risk for enrich bequeath kick in for give money towards chip in for settle money on stump up for support financially donate money to bequeath money for will vest in pitch in for splash out on buy shares in plough something into get a piece of buy a stake in take a stake in raise dough set up in business assist aid nurture give money to bolster advocate further feed champion buttress endorse foster nourish encourage invest shore up keep set up give support to look after care for keep alive give a donation to take care of currency financially support obtain revitalize revitalise prop bolster up facilitate benefit favour favor sustain abet sanction make a contribution to pay a subsidy to contribute give a grant to mind board advance succor succour shelter cherish safeguard pave the way for give backing to lend support to indorse provide board for provide sustenance for provide food for befriend protect plump for plunk for subscribe to make affluent make prosperous make wealthy make rich make richer feather nest line nest make well-off plough money into put up dough provide cultivate go in for get into salt away money in buy stock take good care of keep in existence

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